SOME QUERIES To all the Teachers and Professors of Christianity TO ANSWER.

QUERY I. WHere did ever the Christians in the primitive times set up Dancing-Schools and Fencing-Schools, and send their Youth to learn to Dance and Fence, as those called Christians have done since the primitive Times; let us see where such things were practised in the Scriptures by the True Christians?

QUERY II. Where was any Instruments of Musick allowed of God to be invented and used by the Jews to themselves, but unto the Lord? Indeed David used them as unto the Lord, and Danced before the Ark of the Lord? But what's the Use and End of all the Mu­sick and Dancing in Christendom? Was not the Melody the true Christians made in their Hearts to the Lord?

QUERY III. Where did the primitive Christians invent Playes and Shews, as those called Christians have done since the Apostles dayes?

QUERY IV. Whether any of the Jews under the Old Testament ever invented Playes and Shews to get Money by them, as those called Christians do now? We desire you will produce your Rule and Example out of the Old or New Testament, among Jews or Christians, for these things?

QUERY V. Where did the Jews or Christians in the Apostles dayes set up or use Bear-Baitings, Bull-Baitings, Cock-Fightings, Nine-pins and Bowls, and Cards and Dice, and such like Sports and Games, as those called Christians do now, to make themselves Merry withal, and to spend their Pretious Time away, and call it Pastime, and Rejoyce, and stir up Wantonness in People? Shew Scripture for these things, seeing you profess it your Rule? Are not those that live Wantonly upon Earth, and in Pleasure, dead while they live? Are not those that Rejoyce to Rejoyce in the Lord?

QUERY VI. Where did the Christians in the Apostles dayes make and use Matches at Foot-Ball, and Wrestling, and appoint Horse-Races, and Hunting for Pleasure, and such like, and so glory in their own Strength, and abuse the Creatures? Are not these things contrary to the Practice of the Holy Men, who rejoyced and gloried in the Lord? Shew us your Rule in the Holy Scriptures for these things?

QUERY VII. Whether all these Playes, Games, Shews, Sports, and other vain Exercises, counte­nanced in Christendom, do not Spoil and Corrupt Youth and Men, and Ruin them in Person and Estate?

And doth not Amos say, Wo to such that chant to the Sound of the Vial, and invent to them­selves Instruments of Musick, like David? Amos 6.

G. F▪

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