THE PAPISTS STRENGTH, Principles, and Doctrines (which they are sworn to Preach, from the Councel of TRENT, by the Popes Authority, and after confirmed by the last General Assembly at ROVEN, 1571. All which they have sworn to perform) Answered and confuted. Furthermore their Principles and Do­ctrines Answered and Confuted, as they were laid down in two or three severall Papers, by R. W. Papist, lately sent from HOLLAND. Also a challenge to the Pope and all his Adherents to choose out of all his Dominions some Cardinals, Fryers, or Jesuits to try their Bread and Wine, after Consecration (by watching on their side and on our side) to prove that if afterward they have conse­crated it, whether the Bread and Wine doth not loose its taste and savour, and so not the Body and Blood of CHRIST. Also a paper to all them that fast and afflict themselves who are in the will-worship and voluntary humility. Also some Quaeries to all the Papists upon Earth to be an­swered in writing and sent to them, which all Sects upon the Earth call QUAKERS.


LONDON, Printed for Thomas Simmons, at the Bull and Mouth neer Aldersgate, 1658.

The Papists Principles as followeth, whose name subscribed thereunto, is R. W.

Priest. HE saith, He cannot but admire to see what a power Satan hath over the sons of Adam, and especially [...]ver Schismaticks, and Apo­states, from the union of the Roman Ca­tholique Church.

Answ. The [...] that be in the true Light Chr [...] Jesus, that fa­thoms the world, [...] not admire to see the great power of Satan over the sons of Adam in the fall, and over all the Schismaticks and Apostates; for Schismaticks and Apostates, and the sons of Adam in the transgression be all [...]n the Devils power, where he is in the transgression out of the truth, in one power murderers; for the Devil a murthe [...]er, sons of Adam m [...]r [...]herers, in the fall out of the truth, Schismaticks and Apostates out of the truth, mur­therers, and will all murther, and no [...] [...]dmired at with the chil­dren of Light, who has tryed their spirits: So Devil, sons of Adam in the fall, and Papists, and Protestants, that will all mur­ther; for Religion and worship be all in the Devils power, Murtherers, out of the truth, that Christ and the Apostles was in: so the Roman Catholique Church which will murther, is Satans sy­nagogue, for he is the murtherer, and there he hath his seat: And all the Protestants that be murtherers about Religion and wor­ship, are Satans synagogue, are Apostates and Schismat [...]cks as well as you; they were the first great synagogue of Satan, and the first Apostates and Schismaticks from the life of the Apo­stles, and Christ, though since the dayes of the Apostles you have apostatized from the life, others has professed against you, and so are broken into heaps, and names; Satan has got up many synagogues in many parts of the world, and gotten the sheeps cloathing, and cryed up himself to be the name of Ch [...] ­stian, [Page 2] which is meer Antichrist quite against him, compelling all by sword, or faggot, or prison, or stocks, or whips, or hou­ses of Correction, or Gaols, or Inquisitions, to worship him. This is quite against Christ & the Apostles spirit; in the aposta­sie from them apostatized: So you may strange to see the Devils power over the sons of Adam, Apostates and Schismaticks, and not see your selves swallowed up in the Devils power, doing his work; Thus judging others, not seeing your selves, for the De­vill, sons of Adam in the fall from the truth, and you who are apostatized from Christ and the Apostles Doctrine, and the Schis­maticks that be from you in words, and sects, and names, that be called Protestants, that will murther for Religion and Wor­ship, they be all in the same power which the Devil is in; for the Devil is out of the truth, the sons of Adam out of the truth, and the church of Rome out of the truth, apostatized Protestants and all others that be out of the spirit, that gave forth the Scri­ptures, be out of the truth, such are murthering one another about words, and are Satans synagogues wre [...]ling against flesh and blood. Striking at creatures, in stead of striking at the pow­er that captivates creatures, to the intent that creatures might come into the liberty of the Sons of God, which was the work of the Apostles and Christ.

Pr. No man can discern head or foot of the Quakers method, or order; yet there is some shew of reason in their Quaeries.

Answ. Thus he confounds himself, Babylon: And we do be­lieve that neither the Papists, Apostates, Protestants, nor sons of Adam, nor D [...]vill out of the truth, can know either head or foot of the Quakers principles, with all their thinkings; for the Quakers is come into that which the Devil is out of, sons of A­dam is out of, the Papists are out of, and the Protestants, that which overwhelmes them all, Devill, sons of Adam, Papists, Protestants out of the life of God, with it are they all judged, which Life the Quakers are in.

Pr. He saith, not one Papist that he knows doth call himselfe a de­fender of the Faith: yet he saith in a sense, in writing against our principles, he might call himself a Defender of the Catholique Church and Faith, and yet notwithstanding he could not defend himselfe from the Devill.

[Page 3] Answ. In this thou hast shewed thy faith, and the faith of the Catholique Church, which will not defend you from the D [...]vill; so ye are the reprobates from the faith of the Elect, that quenches the fiery darts of the Devill, and gives victory over the world and the Devill, and is their shield, and with that faith is his Kingdom subdued: And we do believe that the faith will not defend you from the Devill; and if thou knowest never a Pa­pist that is a Defender of the Catholique Faith, what have you done with all the fires and faggots, and inquisitions and kill­ings and slayings, and writing of your great Volumns against them that have protested against you all this time? but now your faith fails, and your wheel is gone off, and the confusi­on of Babylon is confounded, and the faith of Gods Elect con­tended for, witnessed amongst them called Quakers, whose weapons are not carnall, but spirituall. And your wicked Priests, and such as be in the reprobate sence like Judas, betraying the just, have been the Preachers and Teachers which has gotten the form of godlinesse, but are out of the power, and the life, and these are them that have risen against the Saints and overcome them, which are now warring against the Lamb and the Saints, but the Lamb and the Saints shall have the victory.

Pr. And whereas you say you give the title of holinesse to the Pope after the same manner as was given to the high Priest in the Old Te­stament, and wicked Magistrates was called gods, and the Priests wear their titles upon their breasts, and Jacob called his wicked bro­ther Esau Lord, and there is Scriptures enough to give honourable titles to wicked men.

Answ. These are sutable proofs for the Pope, and sutable ex­amples. First, the Priest-hood is ended; they were never in that latitude, neither are you to be measured with them, nei­ther do any true Christians. As for Esau and wicked Magistrates, the fruits of this amongst you has appeared, and the wicked must bow before the just, and Esau the elder must be a seruant to the younger; and salvation is come out of Sion, who judges the mount of Esau, and is gathering the elect Jacob, who rides over the high places of the earth, which have set up your Ima­ges; but you have shewed the fruits of Esau, who are slaying and killing the just; But who be in the power of Christ, who [Page 4] hath all power in heaven and earth given unto him, be out of Esau's, and be o'th top on his mount, and answers the Elect.

Pr. He saith that Purgatory is a temporall punishment to faithfull persons after death, who have not done due pennance for their sins in their life time, so must do pennance after death.

Answ. The faithful persons that be in the true faith of Gods Elect, which is the mistery held in a pure conscience, which gives victory over the world, purifies the heart, by which men are justified, and please God. This gives them victory over death, sin, hell, and all that which you do pennance for. Now they that be reprobate concerning this faith, are doing pennance all their lifetime, and say they must have a Purgatory to do pennance, when their life is ended; and so all poor peo­ple you have a pittiful thing to passe through, a fire, before you be purified: And as for Christs, and the Apostles, and Saints sufferings, you are found in that nature that caused the just al­ways to suffer; and as for your Doctrine of Purgatory, it is come up since the days of the Apostles amongst the Apostates, the De­vill has set it up, who is out of the truth, by his power, since he set up his Synagogue; but who be in the faith, be over his Pur­gatory and synagogues, and the Doctrine of it which is come up since the dayes of the Apostles, for which there is no Scri­pture; for the Saints which believed had passed from death to life, and so from the Purgatory. For purgatory is in the death, he that passeth from it comes over Purgatory and death both, to reigne with Christ; here you shew your selves, you are not believers.

Pr. The receiving of the Sacrament thou saist is not for the clean­sing of you from sin, but for the nourishment of your souls, the body and blood of Christ being in it.

Answ. Why do you and the Protestants kill one another a­bout such things, seeing that you say the body and blood of Christ is in the Sacrament, the bread and wine: And the Protestants say, in it is the spirit of Christ, as you may look in a book cal­led the Scotch Principles, and in their Catechisms, and is it not the same blood that cleanseth, which nourishes? How are you con­fused in this, and put to your shifts. I have heard talk of Pa­pists [Page 5] and Jesuites were witty men; but I see it is at an end, and that which nourishes the immortall soule is not the mortal creatures, ye are deceived in thinking so, and the Pro­testants both; that which nourishes the soul is Christ the power of God, who is the Bishop of it, the life, the truth, the pow­er of God, which is the immortall souls food, and not the bread that will perish, and things that will perish, which those looked after that followed Christ for a time, which was in the perishing minde, which laboured after the perishing things, and laboured not for the bread which comes downe from above, which indures to eternall life, which who eats of it hungers no more. And so that is the Devils doctrine and the apostates, which is got up since the days of the Apostles, which tels people, after they have consecrated the bread and wine, it is the body and blood of Christ; which Christ said bread would perish, for his flesh saw no cor­ruption. Nor his body would not perish, nor his blood that cleanseth from the dead works, through which blood they o­vercome death: and the word and power gives every creature its being without the consecration; but that which nourishes the immortal soul is the mortal; and man lives not by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God; and this is Christs doctrine, and the others is the Devils, and apostates out of the life and power of Christ, that saith, men must live by bread alone.

Pr. Christ useth the Priest in the hands of a workman to make the Sacrament, which is the body and bloud of Christ, he saith, that the formes of bread and wine which will corrupt cannot take away sin, And after consecration it is not bread and wine, but the very body and bloud of Christ.

Answ. In this you have shewed your confusion and unesta­blished state, was it the very body and bloud of Christ that made the Corinthians drunk? and in this thou hast confounded thy self in saying, that the formes of bread and wine which is the very body and bloud of Christ will corrupt after consecration, then the Ministers work in this thou hast spoyled, who are the conse­craters, for the body and bloud of Christ will not corrupt, nor perish, which bread and wine will, but that which gives bread and wine their being, will never corrupt; for bread [Page 6] and wine is a thing that is seen, and though the Apostle said what he had received of the Lord, that did he deliver to the Corinthi­ans, how that the same night the Lord Jesus was betrayed, he took the cup and the bread when he had given thanks, saying, as oft as they did eate that bread and drink that cup they shewed the Lords death till he came, and the Apostles delivered this to the Corinthians; then in the second Epistle he brings them off from the things that are seen, to the things vvhich are not seene which were eternal; for bread and wine were things seen, and temporal, and bids them prove and examin them­selves whether or no Christ was come, know you not your own selves how that Jesus Christ is in you except you be reprobates? and he is the living bread that came down from above, who gives life unto the world, and he that eates of this bread lives and abides for ever. And as for thy word Sacrament, we do not find that word expressed in Scripture, nor where the Apostles spoke by Mary, as you do, who adore your own words, that are Apo­statized from the life & them that witness Christ the substance in them, they see the end of all things is come, Christ Jesus, him by whom all things was made, who is the end of all things, him is possest, Such are not reprobates, but repro­bates and Judas may stick in the outward things, as the Jewes did, whose table was a trap, and eyes blinded, as you do, who are inwardly ravened from the Spirit of God, And are the wolves in sheeps clothing worrying the Lambs that comes to witness Christ in them the substance, and hath proved and examined themselves and found him, and so there people stic­king in that they call the sign, and keeping people from the substance, receiving Christ Jesus in them, for these things was to be done in remembrance of Christ until he came, now if bread and wine be the body of Christ and his bloud, then he is come, how do you that in remembrance of him untill he come, was they to eate his body and drink his bloud till he come? did he go away in the Spirit, and leave his body behind, answer this, whether or no his body did not rise, and whether his body be elementary? there was a Protestant against you that said the body of Christ was corruptible, and you said the bread and wine is the body and bloud of Christ, and that will corrupt, and so we see you all in the error.

[Page 7]Pr. He saith the bare form of bread and wine doth change, And though the light lead up to Christ, they see nothing but that which doth change, namely bread and wine.

Answ. Hear thou hast confounded thy self, and all the Papists, the whole body of them, and confounded your own wisdom and knowledge, and your own faith in things you do professe; fo [...] the body of Christ, and his bloud doth not change, and yet you say that bread and wine after consecration is the very body and bloud of Christ, and hear you say doth change, which is not comparable to the body and bloud of Christ that corrupts not nor changes not; in this you have confounded your selves and blinded your souls in looking at things which are seen, which the Divel and wicked ones out of the light do run into, which you poor Creatures are captivated under his power▪ things that are not seen are invisible, but things that are seen, as bread and wine, are visible.

Pr. Our faith and doctrine is that Jesus Christ hath but one body, and that the same body which is in that Sacrament shall come at last to judge us all.

Answ. The body of Christ which you call the bread after consecration, which thou hast confessed is a changeable thing, the [...]orm of bread, that which is changeable is not a judge, Christ and his body is not changeable, so therefore to judge, and shall remain his body when bread and wine ceases; So in this thou hast overthrown your own doctrine, and faith and foundation, and proved your selves to be stones of Babylon, who with them builds up and throwes down again.

Pr. Whereas thou Queriest whether God is able to make one body to be in two, or two thousand places at once.

Answ. The body of Christ is his flesh which he gives for the life of the world, which they that eat it, and feed upon it, are of his flesh and lives for ever, and are in more places then one, & comes to be of his flesh and of his bone, and at this [...]he Jewes stumbled that followed him for temporal bread, and if temporal bread had been the body of Christ, why would he bid them la­bour not for the meat that perisheth? and that he said well in saying this is may body, this is my bloud, and except ye eat my flesh and drink my b [...]ud ye have no life in you, but he did not tell the peo­ple after they had consecrated bread and wine that it was his [Page 6] [...] [Page 7] [...] [Page 8] body and bloud, and he would drink with them in the King­dom, and did Christ eate his own body and drink his own bloud? answer these Queries, we see that the body of Christ is hid from you all Papists and Protestants, and his flesh and his bloud, and his word [...] are spirit and life, and that remains, and bread and wine it is the elements; did it come down from above, from heaven? after you have consecrated it, is it not the wine that came of the grapes, and the bread which was ba­ked? Christs body which is the bread is above the Manna which is given from heaven, much more far above the bread of man; Christ the true bread, far above Angles-food, is the body of Christ, which who eates it lives for ever; they that eated the Manna the Angels-food perished in the wildernesse, many of them, and far above mans bread thats temporal, and drink, which they may eate and drink and hunger and thurst again, and perish, and which will perish. Which they that decernes the Lords body decernes him that gives every creature its being, the word of God by which all things was made, and none of the figures nor shadowes nor types are the body of Christ; but that which ends them all; to you that is the word of the Lord, which body was before they were, which body is the Church, the Piller and ground of truth, and bread is not the Church after consecration, for the Apostles never told us of that doctrine no vvhere in the Scriptures, but you that of the body of Christ be ignorant, the Top-stone is laid on your heads, and the body of Christ makes us free from the Lavv.

Pr. We do not teach that bread after the consecration is the flesh of Christ but we say that after Christ had uttered these words, this is my body, or after the Priests according to Christs command, do this in remembrance of me, do utter the same words which we call con­secration, then the substance of bread vanisheth and is no more there, but the body of Christ commeth in its place.

Answ. This again is confusion, and you are confused and confounded in your own principles, if the bread and wine, which you say is not the flesh of Christ after consecration, how is his body there, and how can you say it is his body? And thus you confound your selves.

Pr. Thou saist thou dost not find any expresse command of the A­postle [Page 9] in Scripture for observing of dayes, nor meats, nor none of these things, as meats, or crosses, but what the Church shall command, and saith, but the Church hath commanded us to observe dayes and meats, and that a crosse should be made in remembrance of Christs pas­sion, and the Images of Christ and his Saints may be set up and honored, and that we should invoke the Saints, &c. and whatsoever the Church commandeth us; And this is the sure and unmoveable ground upon which our Catholique faith even to the very least circumstance and ceremony is built, &c. And the contrary ground is the ground of all Hereticks.

Answ. We do believe you that all these observing of meats, dayes and crosses is set up by your Churches command, and all your Tythes, Priests, Pulpits and Temples, amongst you and the Protestants which hath been set up by your Church command, which is offended if they be not observed, which is set up since the dayes of the Apostles, which is Apostatized from the Apostles and the true Church, in the Apostacy, and are fal­len into schisms and heresies and lying signes, which is your crosse, who are gone from the power of God, which is the cross of Christ, who are them which the Spirit spoke of expresly before the Apostles decease that should depart from the faith, forbidding eating of meats, and marriage, which is the Divels doctrin, who has given heed to seducing spirits, now you may see it is your Mother which you call the Church which is the Mother of Harlots, which your Mother harlotted from the true Church, the Apostles doctrin, for the true Church of the Apostles did never command that men should abstayn from meats, or set up a crosse of wood or stone, or worship Images, or Saints, or names, or bow down to them, but worship God, and worship not the Angels. Now these things hath been sett up since the dayes of the Apostles, in the Apostacy from the true Church, which has made war against the Saints and o­ver-come them, but now is the Saints and the Lamb come to have victory, and now the Lamb and Saints will have victory, who is come to reign and the holy Prophets and the Saints shall rejoyce over you: sing and rejoyce ye heavens, and rejoyce ye Saints and holy Prophets over her Thats your Church which is inwardly ravened from the spirit of God, and has reigned [Page 10] over the Kings of the earth, and all other that hath had the name of Christianity, & out of the life of Christ, found in your skirts; the Lamb will tread you together in the press without the City of the living God, & the Church which is the Pillar and ground of truth, against which the gates of hell cannot prevail, though they may fall all on heaps one among another about their wor­ships: And we say that your Mother the Church, so called, hath commanded and laid the foundation of tythes amongst the Pro­testants, and all their observing of Saints dayes, holy dayes, and you have been them that has taught them to give the names, yea to their Schooles, Colleges, Steeple-houses, which were your mass-houses, which the Protestants has made their Churches of them, you were the first root and layer of the ground and Au­thor of them, you and they are all judged with the Spi­rit, which is not Apostacy, which was before Apostacy was.

Pr. I say again, that Christ is not without a body, and the same body which is in the Sacrament, is that which was born of the Virgin Mary, which dyed for us, and now sitteth at the right hand of God, and none other.

Answ. Heaven is above, and earth is beneath, there is an earthly body, and there is a heavenly body, a naturall and a spirituall; and if that which was born of the Virgin Mary be your bread after consecration, which body saw no corruption, though put in the grave. Now see if your bread which you call the body of Christ, will not corrupt after it lye a while, though you have consecrated it; then how can you say that is the body of Christ at the right hand of God? and outward bread which will corrupt, which the body of Christ saw none, which was born of the Virgin, the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world; yet he did not corrupt, nor saw no corruption.

Pr. And to say, is Christ to be looked for in the Saints, is so pro­found that he cannot reach the depth of the meaning, the Roman Catholiques use no such manner of speech.

Answ. I do believe you; Since the dayes of the Apostles a­mongst you that are got up in your likenesses and Images, that sayes its so profound you cannot reach the meaning of it to ask you whether Christ be in the Saints, and amongst the Roman [Page 11] Catholiques, you have no such manner of speech, I do believe you; And so you put him in the Sacrament without you, and call the bread and wine his body and blood; so this is to prove your selves to be reprobates, so are judged by the Apostles do­ctrine, and the Scripture. Know you not in your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you except ye be reprobates?

Priest. The more honour we give to Saints, the more honour we give to Christ. Indeed to give godly honour to Saints, is to commit idolatry.

Answ. If that you do not give godly honour to the Saints, it is ungodly; and here in this you have again confounded your selves, and that honour which belongs to the Saints is of God, and godly, and not idolatry; but that honour which you give, which is not godly, is given to such which are not Saints, which is idolatry; and so that honour which you should give to God, you give to Images, in kneeling to them; and so in that you are as the heathen, and are found idolaters, which never did any of the Apostles kneel before an Image; but you that in­wardly ravened from the Spirit of God, and so lost the image of God, and fallen down to Images.

Pr. A Crosse, a Crucifix, or an Image of Chirst or any Saint, whether they be made of silver, stone, or wood, are according to our doctrine but dead creatures; neverthelesse are profitable and honou­rable memorials of them, and do much help our devotion, and demon­strate our love and affection to them, and they are not Idols, but they represent unto us Christ and his Saints.

Answ. So then they being but dead things, and you bowing to dead things, is to Idols; for bowing to a dead stock or a stone is a bowing to Idols, as saith the Prophet, and dead images. Now you having them as you say, to represent unto you Christ, and to put you in minde of him and the Saints, shews that you have not Christs spirit in you, nor him in you, nor his mind in you, so are reprobates, and are none of his; for those that have Christ in them, and his minde in them, need no such re­presentations as to put them in minde of Christ, or to fall down before Crosses, Crucifixes, Images, dead things, to stir up the love towards Ch [...]ist; which the blood of Christ purge [...]h the conscience from dead workes, and not to bow down to dead Ima­ges; [Page 12] but thi [...] shews the love of God is not in you. Dead things do not stirre up the love of God in people, but the faith which works by love, this stirs up the love towards Christ who is the Author of it, and the Saints, to make Images of the Saints, and observing of dayes, shews that you are not come to just mens spirits; which who are, need no other thing to put them in mind, nor observe dayes; for they see over dayes, and so in these principles, I see ye are reprobates concerning the faith which works by love; for the love of God is not in you, you are not come to the j [...]st mens spirits, so not to the Church of the living God, the mind of Christ you have not, his spirit ye have not, and Christ is not in you, and so in the reprobation in the apo­stacy, and are fain to have dead Images and pictures, and cros­ses, dead representations to put you in mind of Christ, and to stir up your love, otherwise it would grow cold; and that is the nature that will murther, and all those things, Images, Crosses, are held up by the spirit of murther, and not by the power of God, the cross of Christ.

Pr. In some particulars he saith, there is no difference between them and the heathens; as first I confesse their Idols are made of sil­ver, wood, and stone, and so are our Images; their Idols were but dead creatures which had eyes and see not, and so are our Images; they bow to their Idols, and we bow to our Images: so far the resem­blance is good, and the heathens do believe that their Idols were able to help them, and we say our Images and Idols stirs up our love to Christ.

Answ. So therein the Images helps you as the Heathens do, and you may see that all those things are got up since the dayes of the Apostles, & you that be inwardly ravened from the spiri of God, and gotten the sheeps cloathing as the Jews and the Gentiles which was astray from the spirit of God, worshipping Images & Idols, which when the Jews was in the spirit of God they kept above them all: So you being gone from the spirit of the Lord, are fallen under Images and dead Idols since the days of the Apostles, and bows down to them as the heathens, & they are dead a [...] the Heathens, and so you are aposta [...]ized from the spirit of God, in which God is worshipped, and apostatized from the true Church, who said, Keep your selves from Idols, [Page 13] for there was never any talk of worshipping of Images, and bowing to Images amongst them; but the Jewes while they li­ved in the law of God, they broke down the Images of the Heathens: so all that be in the life of God will break down the founder of the Images amongst you Apostates, which sees not and hears not: And Jeremiah saying to them that worshipped Images, who said unto a stone, thou art my father, and to the wood thou hast brought me forth. So say you to your Images, Pictures, and Crosses, thou putst us in minde, thou art our similitude, and puts us in minde of Christ, of Mary, and shewing that you have not the minde of Christ in you; but dead stocks and stones must put you in minde, so this (of yours) is a higher mystery of ini­quity then that of the heathen.

Pr. You say you account of the pictures no more then we account of any picture or pictures in our houses.

Answ. That is not so, thou dost not speak with the bit in thy mouth, we do not fall down to them, but deny them.

Pr. And the heathens did all kinde of godly honour directly to their Idols; but the small honour which we do to the Images or pictures of the Saints, is no more then an outward complement as I may say, just as it was the fashion in England to put off ones hat, or bow to the Kings Throne in honour of the King: Neither do we this honour to the pictures simply considered as pictures, but as they are representations of Christ and his Saints.

Answ. That honour which the heathen did to their Idols, was not godly honour; for that which gave the honour to the I­dols, might be confounded before that came up that gave the godly honour (to God) though they worshipped the creatures and served idols, who should have worshipped the Creator, who is God blessed for ever, and served him; and your bowing and kneeling down to Images, and before them, it is the wor­ship of the Beast, and that is more then a complement to kneel down and bow down to Images which you call representations, and this is come up and got up amongst you since the pow­er of God hath been lost, which should have brought you to have bowed down to the Lord, and to have prayed in the spirit, and to have had him in your mindes, and not an Idoll to put him in your minds: And the bowing before the Kings [Page 14] Throne in the Kings absence; and the hat in England, that is but the dead minde that bows the dead hat to the dead throne, and a dead honour, and so all the honour that is given to Ima­ges is but a dead honour given from the dead principle, and not from the living principle of God within, which brings to worship God who never accepts the other; and that bowing the hat before the Kings Throne in the Kings absence is denyed by all that fears God, and judged, and worships him, and bows to him, for that is sup [...]rstition (your bowing before images, and pictures, and crosses) as bad & worse (then that prof [...]sse Christ and have him not in your minds) then the heathens bowing to Molock, Baal, Jupiter, Bac [...]hus, Venus, &c▪ whose spirits are as unclean as theirs, who have set up Images and Crosses to bow down to them. You are the unclean spirits as the heathen, and a higher mystery of iniquity then the heathen; but now is dis­covered by that which hath long been hid by the light Christ Jesus, and the seed of God which hath discovered the mystery of iniquity, which is the mistery of godlin [...]sse, and all these pictures, & crosses, and bowings is come up since the days of the Apostles, for amongst them there was no such things. Amongst you who have lost the power of God, the Crosse of Christ, and the image of God, and has not the mind of Christ in you, so are fain to have dead images, crosses, and pictures, which you call re­presentations, to put your dead minds in remembrance of Christ, and to stir it up which kills and slayes the just, all that be con­trary to it; and the heathen and you do not differ, for they bow to Images, and so do you; but yours (as I have said) is a grea­ter mistery of iniquity, who has fled from the true foundation of the true Church, which is the pillar and ground of truth, and so since have got up your images and idols.

Pr. Now because the main thing which you do carp at is at our bowing before Images or pictures of the Saints, to the end that all your mouths may eternally be stopt, I will shew you out of the Scripture, that notwithstanding the bowing down to Idols is most strictly forbid­den in the second command [...]ment and other places of Scripture; yet was it lawfull both to make, honour and bow down to other images, and other representations, although they were but dead creatures, and the worke of mens hands. The Arke of the Covenant you must confess [Page 15] was but a dead creature made of wood and other materials, by the hands of men; and upon this Arke were placed two Images, or repre­sentations of Cherubims, read the 7 of Joshua, vers. 6. and you will finde that he and all Israel did worship and fall down before this Ark and these Images, after the same manner that we fall down before a Crosse or a Crucifix, or the Images of the Saints.

Answ. Joshua and Israel falling down before the Ark, which was in prayer to the Lord, and the Lord heard him, and spoke to him, and answered him. Now he doth not say that he fell down to the Ark or to the Images, or bowed down to them; for the Law was contrary, which saith, thou shalt not bow down, &c. But he and Israel fell down before the Ark to the Lord; and this is nothing to the bowing now to Images, and pictures, and crosses, for that was the time of the Figure, there was a Temple made, and many things, Tabernacle and Sanctuary, which was all in the types and figures, before the substance was come; But now the substance is come, Christ Jesus, who ends all types and figures, and similitudes, and the patterns, for he is the substance of those things that figured him forth, who hath o­pened their mouths. So now your crosses, and your images, and your pictures, and your bowings before them wch you have made and set up is Antichristian, without any command of God, a­gainst Christ who is the substance. And if Joshua had bowed to the outward Arke, or Altar, or Temple, or any of the Figures, &c. But it was not so, and the command of God was the con­trary; and we say Christ is come, the everlasting covenant, the everlasting Priesthood; for in the first Covenant and priesthood was the Figures, and there was singings, &c. But now they that sing must sing in the spirit, and they that pray must pray in the spirit, and they that worship must worship in the spirit; so it was the work of the Apostles to bring people off the shadows and changeable things, to Christ the substance, where there was no shadow not change, nor variablenesse, and to keep them from I­dols, and so all your idols, images, crosses, crucifixes, representa­tions, are set up since the Apostacy, from the Apostles, and so our mouths are eternally opened; and that Scripture in Joshua the 7. brings nothing for you, for the Jewes Ark is gone, and down now, and their Altar and Temple is down and gone, and [Page 16] denyed by them that be true Christians in the life; but them that have a name, but be dead, are setting up imitations and likenesses that has lost the life of Christ, and his minde, and the image of God, are falling down before dead Idols; but Christ is risen, and those that be risen with him are seeking those things that be above; for crosses, crucifixes, images, idols, be be­low among the dirty mud where the Devill is, in the earth, the murtherer, and murthering one another about their Idols and these dead things which are all out of the truth.

Pr. And even as Joshua and the Israelites made their prayers to God after this manner and Ceremony, so do we make our prayer unto Christ and the blessed Trinity; and because we have, or at least ought to have a sense of our own basenesse, and of the just indignati­on of Christ against us, we turne our selves to his Saints and blessed Mother, who are likewise represented unto us by these pictures, and do humbly beseech them to mediate between us and Christ.

Answ. Joshua his falling down before the Arke to pray to the Lord; your falling down & praying before your Images and Idols, and Crosses, to put you in minde of Christ is not measu­rable nor comparable with Joshua's; but for the Ark which Jo­shua fell down before, it is ended, which Arke was a command of God, but yours God never commanded, but have been in­vented by you that have apostatized from the Apostles, who saith, Little children, keep your selves from idols; so that which God commanded being denyed which they fell before, much more ought yours to be denyed which God never commanded, and both are judged with the spirit of truth in which the Saints pray to God the Father of spirits, who can pray without Ima­ges, or representations, or Idols; and the Saints, and the A­postles, Christ bade them pray in his name, not in the name of Mary, & not in the name of the Saints, nor in the name of his Mother, but ask in his own name; for saith he, Who is my mo­ther, sister, and brother, but those that do the will of my father: So this I say, though people be never so vile, they are not to ask in the name of the Apostles, nor of the Saints, nor in the name of Mary, but in the name of Christ; and he hears such who asks in his name, for there is no other name under heaven given by which any can be saved, then by the name of Jesus.

[Page 17]Pr. He saith, when ye shall see the signe of the Son of man, which is the signe of the Cross in the ayre, &c. then shall all the mockers of this signe of the Cross seeke to hide themselves in the clifts of the Rocks.

Answ. Who be in the Crosse of Christ which is the power of God, they are in Christ, and are made free from the wrath that is to come, and are in Christ, which was before the hills, rocks, and mountains was setled; but your rocks, and your mountains, and hills in the Apostacy hath covered you, and to them you have cryed, and under them you have sheltered, who has drunk the blood of the Martyrs, and Prophets, and Saints since the days of the Apostles; and your Crosse is in the Ayr set up by the prince thereof (who have inwardly ravened from the spirit of God) which is the lying signe and the wonder, and not the signe of the Son of Man; so spirituall Sodome and spirituall Ae­gypt, which is darknesse, mystery Babylon the great mother of harlots which inwardly ravened from the spirit of God, which has reigned over the Kings of the Earth, which have set up her inventions, and turned against them that was in the spirit of God, who be in the lying signes and wonders: And the Son of man is coming upon you like a Thief in the night, the same to day, yesterday, and for ever. And all schisms and heresies in the whole Christendome (so called) is amongst you and such that professe the Scriptures, but be out of the life that gave it forth, which with it, the life, we comprehend you all, which life was before the Scriptures was given forth, and who be in it be of the Church.

Pr. He saith, If you will look upon others, then draw your eyes from the bad and worser sort, and look upon the better sort, whose lives and conversations are without reproof, whose godlinesse, inno­cency, love and charity to all men, &c. more then any other sort, and the very best amongst you in true reall worth and weight may no more compare then lead or dirt may be compared with gold.

Answ. Your works and fruits should praise you (that is the counsell of a wise man) and not thy own tongue, and your own tongues; but how can you speak of innocency, or godli­nesse, or humility, when that Fires, Inquisitions, and Gaols, and killing of such as be contrary to your minds, which was [Page 18] not the work of the Apostles, nor of them that kept the faith of Gods elect, that gives victory over the world; and so those whom you call bad, and those whom you call good, are all found one here, having drank the whores cup, found in the for­nication, without husband, out of the true humility, which is Christ the seed that bears the sin and iniquity.

Pr. You take offence because the Roman faith doth teach it lawfull to punish Schismaticks and Hereticks with the sword; but if you will be mad, and say that those which seduce mens souls, & cause schisms and heresies in the Church, and disturb the peace thereof, must be let alone, and may in no wise be punished, who can help it.

Answ. The faith of the true Church did not teach any such doctrine to punish Schismaticks and Hereticks, or Seducers with an outward sword, but said on the contrary, their weapons was not carnall, but spirituall. Now the carnall weapons who punish them you call Hereticks and Schismaticks, whose Church is di­sturbed by such. You shew you have not the power to convince gainsayers, & stop the mouths of them and make them to confess that God is in you of a truth; and this doth shew that you are reprobated from the true faith which the Apostles were in, and of Christ, who said love your enemies, and if any one smite thee on the one cheek, turn the other, novv the beast and false Prophets and the Anti-christs, Mother of Harlots, should drink the bloud of the Saints, Martyrs and Prophets, and kill them, which the faith and patience of the Saints did not rise against; now again the Lamb and the Saints should have the vi­ctory which should slay with the sword, which are the words of his mouth, not vvrestle against flesh and bloud, killing crea­tures, but over-comming with the bloud of the Lamb, And here is the faith and patience of the Saints whose Kingdom is not of this world, but you that are killing with the sword, fire and fagots, and inquisition, bowing before Images, Idols, Pictures & crosses, these be all of this world and Kingdomes of it, carnal weapons and carnal things, held up by the carnal and not spi­ritual. Now of your speaking of the Magistrates, of the higher power, which is higher then all Image-makers, and Idols, which gave them to see before transgression was, which Trans­gresser set up Idols and Images which they in the higher power [Page 19] broke down, that was the work of the Magistrates, and they had the wisdom to make the true figure, and shadow, which Christ came to put an end to. And they that set up Images, Idols, since the dayes of the Apostles, and Pictures, and cros­ses, and holds them up by an outward power, and Magistrates, and compels others to bow down to them, is the worship of the beast, and not the worship of God, and this I declare, in the presence of the Lord God, and all the Magistrates that be in Gods fear, they will break down your Idols and Images, and cross [...]s and crucifixes, and masse-houses, Schooles and Colledges, which you make Priests and Ministers in, which they that know the Ministers made by the will of God will do this; and the expo­sition of the Scriptures by your Church we cannot own, which is Apostatized from the true Church, which bid the Saints keep from Idols, which all that be of the true Church are so to do; And your Church which is run into Idols, Pictures, and Like­nesses, is run into error, and is not infallible, and so you are gone from the life which gave forth the Scriptures, which Peter was in, and so run into Idols, and must have Images and like­nesses to put you in mind of Christ and the Saints, And you are gon from the Spirit & the holy Ghost which they was in, which over-saw the Churches, who watched for the Souls and had the rule over the Saints, so from this Church are you apostatized & its peace, which Church is the Pillar and ground of truth, the Divel is out of the Pillar and ground of truth, he abode not in it, and all schismes & heresies they cannot disturb the peace of this Church, here comes no sword-men here▪ nor carnal weapons, nor inquisitions, fire nor fagget, stockes and prisons, nor Idols, all such are w [...]thout that deceives Nations, and tells them they are a Church, which slayes the S [...]ints, P [...]ophets and Martyrs, the same nature slew Christ and his A [...]ostles, and A­bel with their carnall weapons, for all are one out of the life and power of God, striking at creatures, wrestling against flesh and bloud in stead of striking at the power that captivates the creatures, to the intent that creatures might come to the li­berty of the sons of God, now you h [...]ving not continued in the Apos [...]l [...]s faith, mind and spirit, but Apostatized from them, you have all lost the guide and rule as they were in, both Prote­stants [Page 20] and your selves that be out of the life and faith that the A­postles was in that led them to give forth the Scriptures, so you have been the wolves in the Sheeps clothing, destroying one another about outward things and powers, but with the power of God, and life of God, by them that are in the wisdom of God are you all judged to be out of the Kingdom of peace, which is the Kingdom of Christ fighting with carnal weapons hailing to the Goals Inquisitions, whips, stocks, houses, of correction, faggots, fires, either Protestants or Pa­pists are you here like the Kingdom of Christ his sub­jects, but like Pharisees, Jewes, and Cain, apostatized from the Apostles, lost the faith, lost the unity, lost the Spirit of God which the Saints was in, which led them to give forth the Scriptures, in which is the unity which is the bond of peace, into which all that is called Christendome must come before they be one, and all the names blotted out that is amongst them given to them in the apostacy, since the dayes of the Apostles, and all their prayers is abomination that be out of that unity; and to you that is the word of the Lord, and the Quaeries thou hast not answered, and your prayers is denyed and your peace also, for you have not abided in that which the Apostles and the Saints was in, which did oversee the Churches, but you are tur­ned strikers, which the Apostle saith they should not be so, And the Apostle saw the comming in of the man of sin, and Christ speaks of Anti-christ and the false Prophets coming in, with their signs and lying wonders, which if it were possible, would deceive the very Elect, which John saw was come and went forth from them, and bid the Saints keep themselves from Idols, for they were them that got up Idols which went forth from the A­postles, which Apostles bid the Saints keep to the anointing in them, and they need not that any man should teach them, but as the same anointing teacheth them which is truth and no lye, and even as it had taught them, so they should continue in the Father and in the Son, and they that went forth from the Apo­stles, went forth from this; and in the Revelations it is declared that all the world went after them who had the lying signes, won­ders and the miracles and deceived them that dwelt upon the earth, and that has been the worship of the beast, and this has [Page 21] been since the dayes of the Apostles, who said some should depart from the faith which is the shield, and so made war against the Saints which was in the faith and over-came them; but now the Devill shall be taken, and with him the beast and the false Pro­phets, and cast alive into the lake of fire, and Babylon the great whore confounded, and the Lamb and the Saints shall have the victory; and the everlasting Gospel shall be preached to them that dwell upon the face of the earth, which is the power of God, and strike down all those that has got the words but not the power, and reach to the life and immortality, that that may come to light through the Gospel which is the power of God, and to you that is the word of God.

The Profession of the Catholique Faith, of the last Councell of Roüen, holden in the year 1571. according to the Councell of Trent, holden the year 1360. which they have taken upon oath and sworn to perform.

Answ. WHich Faith and profession, and Catholique, which is held up and performed by an oath; a company of swearers, which are sworn to perform the Catho­lique Faith and Profession, is got up since the dayes of the Apo­stles, and since the dayes of Jesus Christ in the flesh, and separate from them: for Christ saith swear not at all, though they had sworn in the old time, Christ who was the oath of God, and the Apostle saith, above all things my brethren swear not (who was in the covenant of God the oath of God,) not by heaven nor by earth, nor any other oath, least ye fall into condemnation; so all swearers whatsoever Papists or other that are called Chri­stians, are fallen under the condemnation; And the Apostles contended for the Faith, and was in the Faith till death, and true brethren, vvhich vvas held up vvithout an oath; so all that hold up, or perform their Profession of Faith, vvith an oath, are apostatized from the true Church, Faith and Profession, from [Page 22] it reprobated, and are under condemnation, from the Apostles, Saints and Christ, vvhich vvas never svvorn to perform the Profession of their Church, though the first Priest-hood svvore, and the Angel, and men in strife, and Abraham, and Solomon, and Moses and the Prophets, yet Christ the second Priest-hood, the covenant of God, and the oath of God, is that vvhich ends all o [...]ths and denyed svvearing; and the Apostl [...]s that vvere in the faith of him denyed swearing, and these was of the true Church, and pure Religion: And though the Angell swore, the Angels must bow down to the Son of God, that saith, Swear not at all; who is the end of the Prophets, greater then Solomon, the end of Moses, reigns over the houshold of Jacob and Joseph, and before Abraham, who said, swear not. Christ Jesus, him by whom all things was made before it was made, the Master of the family of Heaven and Earth, who is the Author of the true faith, which is held without an oath; which Author of Faith denies oaths and swearing, and ends them, and they deny swea­ring that be in his faith.

1. and 2. Prin [...]iples. IN. N. believe of firme faith, and professe all and e­very of the things contained in the symball of the Faith, which the holy Roman Church uses, viz.

1 I believe in God the Father all powerful, Creator of heaven, and of the earth, and of all things visible and invisible.

2 And in one Lord Jesus Christ the onely Son of God, and begot­ten of the Father before all the worlds, God of God, Light of Light, true God of true God, begotten and not made, consubstantial with the Father, by whom all things have been made, who for all men, for our salvation is descended from heaven, and hath been incarnated by the holy spirit, of the Virgin Mary, and hath been made man, hath been also crucified for us under Pontius Pilate; hath suffered, and hath been entombed, and is risen again the third day according to the Scriptures, and is ascended into heaven, is set at the right hand of the Father, and again shall come in his glory to judge the li­ving and the dead, the Kingdome of whom shall have no end.

Answ. You are not in the true faith of the Son of God, nor know him not to be come in the flesh that be swearers; and you [Page 23] that be not in the faith of the Son of God, you know not God; but swearers are under the condemnation, and knows not him that was crucified, that said, swear not at all. And knows not him that dyed, and rose again, and him that is the Light of the world, and the Judge of the world, Christ Jesus the Saviour, by whom all things was made; made of a woman, born of a Virgin, who is one with the Father, him ye know not, that be out of the faith of him (and the Apostles) who said, Swear not at all, whose profession, Church, Faith, and Religi­on is held up by swearing and oaths, with all your stuffe and in­vented words, apostatized from Christ and the Apostles Church, profession, and faith, and Religion, under the condemnation; and all professions besides upon the earth, which is held up by oaths and swearing, are under the condemnation, in the repro­bacy concerning the faith which is in Christ Jesus, which gives the victory, and is the shield, and in which men please God without an oath; you cannot please men, nor worship without an oath.

3 Prin. And in the holy Spirit, Lord and quickning power, who proceeds from the Father and the Son▪ who with the Father and the Son is worshipped and glorified, who hath spoken by the Prophets.

Ans. You talk of believing in the Spirit that proceeds from the Father and the Son, or God that spoke by his Prophets, which Christ is the end of the Prophets; and you talk of true worship, as speaks in spirit and truth, which the Devil and en­mity is out of; you talk of these things, who holds up your Church, profession, and Religion with oaths, a company of A­postates from the true faith, which the Apostles were in, which Christ is the Author of; which faith hearing, the spirit is re­ceived, which denies oaths, and then in that spirit is God wor­shipped, and the Scripture known, given forth from it, and the Son and the Father known, the Spirit received, and the spirit of the Prophets, and the end of their words Christ Jesus, these are all known by the hearing of faith, wherein the spirit is re­ceived.

4 Prin. And one holy Church Catholique and Apostolique.

5 Prin. I confess one baptism for the remission of sins, and wait for the resurrection of the dead, and for the life of the world to come.

[Page 24]6 Prin. I admit and embrace most firmely the traditions Aposto­lique and Ecclesiastick, and all the other observations and ordinances of the same Church.

Answ. Your traditions, your word Catholique, your sprink­ling Infants, which you call your baptisme, does not remit your sins, for there is no Scripture for it; so Church, traditions, sprinkling Infants, all have got up since the dayes of the Apo­stles; and so the unholy Catholique and Apostolique Church, traditions, is got up since the dayes of the Apostles, and your fruits declare it in the Apostacy, from the true Church of the Saints and Apostles, and the resurrection Christ, you be ig­norant of, and the power of the world to come, that be gone out of the faith that the Apostles were in.

7 Prin. I admit also the holy Scripture, according to the sense that hath been given by the holy mother Church, to the which it apper­taineth, to judge of the true sense and interpretations of the holy Scrip­ture, and shall never take in hand to interpret them, then according to the common consent of the Fathers.

Answ. Your mother which you call the holy Church, which gives the sense, is the whore, from the spirit of God, which the Apostles was in, and Christ and the Prophets; for that is it that knows the Scripture, and that was in the Saints that gave it forth, and all must have it in them before they know the words again, and come into unity with God again, of whom they learned that gave it forth; and unity with the Scripture, and one with another, and this both Papists and Protestants are out of; the spirit, and falling out about the sense of Scrip­ture, and your Father and Mother, sons which ravened from the spirit of God, and so thou and you all teachers from others inventions; and your teaching is traditions for Doctrine, which are the commands of men; but now to the Lord be glory, ye are all discovered by his life.

8 Prin. More I professe that there is seven (truly and properly said) Sacraments of the new Law, instituted by our Lord Jesus Christ, and necessary for the salvation of humane people, but not all to every one, viz. Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, penitence, the extream unction, the Order and Marriage, and that they confirme the grace, and that among them the baptisme, the confirmation, [Page 25] and the order cannot be rejected without sacriledge.

Answ. In this you have shewed your Apostacy again, from the Apostles and Christs doctrine, which sayes, Go preach the Gospell to all nations, baptizing them, without any limit; and Marriage they that forbid, that is the doctrine of Devils, which is honourable, the Bed undefiled in all; And the Apostles doth not call them Sacraments, neither Baptisme nor Marriage, nor the visiting of the sick, nor the Lords Supper: Your confirma­tion and order, and your penitence, whipping and beating your selves for your sins, is your own invention, a sacrament of your owne making, which the Apostle does not call repen­tance, a sacrament, or confessing of sin, or sorrowing for sin, the nature within should be afflicted, and circumcised in the spirit, which puts off the body of sin, and that brought down; and not to strike the creature, and beat the creature, that is as you wre­stle with flesh and blood; the power of darknesse causes you to do that which guides you within, that strikes at the creature; which power of darknesse should be struck at, that the creature might come into the liberty of the sons of God.

9 Prin. I receive also and admit the Ceremonies of the Church Catholique, receive and approve in the administration solemnly, of all the abovesaid sacraments.

10 Prin. I embrace and receive all and every of the things which hath been defined and declared by the sacred holy Councel of Trent, touching the sin originall, and the justification.

11 Prin. I protest likewise, that in the masse is offered to God true, proper, and propitiatory sacrifice for the living and for the dead, and that in the most holy Sacrament of the Eucharist is truly, really, and substantially the body, the blood, with the soule, and the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ; and that there is made a conversion of all the substance of the bread into the body, and of all the substance of the wine into the blood, and the which conversion the Church Catholique calls Transubstantiation.

12 Prin. I confess also, that under one of these, one receiveth Je­sus Christ all entire, and one true sacrament.

Answ. In these four Principles which ye teach for Doctrine, is but your owne traditions and commandements which are learned of one another, of men at the Council of T [...]ent, and at [Page 26] your Fathers, which is your sin, in the apostacy from the Apo­stles, who was not of man nor by man: And as concerning Justification, ye are ignorant of; for where that is known, the sin is done away which came by the first Adam; And they that believe are passed from death to life. And there are some children of believers which is holy, yet all by nature children of wrath in the unbelief; and your Church is held up by tradition, and traditions, and vows, and oaths, which is all in the Apo­stacy, from the spirit where it seems the root of the word prote­sting is come from your selves who are Apostates, and not ftom the Scriptures; but you have thrust it in, & your offering and mass it is but a dead thing, it is neither good for the dead nor the li­ving, the living do not accept of it but as Cains sacrifice; for are not you murtherers and destroyers of one another about Re­ligion, sacrifice and traditions, as Cain did, whom God did not accept his sacrifice? And as the Jewes did (without the life which gave forth the Scriptures) turn against the just, and all the Apostates since the dayes of the Apostles, which are in­wardly ravened from the spirit of God, who set up all your lying signes and wonders, and traditions, and deceive people with them that dwell upon the earth, who be from the spirit of God, inwardly ravened from it, in which spirit God is wor­shipped, which spirit brings to offer living sacrifice: And the bread and wine after they have consecrated it, which you say is the very body and blood of Christ, and soule, and it's divine, and that ye call Transubstantiation; and he that receives either bread or wine, receives Christ. Now seeing that this Doctrine and Principle is laid down by you the Council of Trent, and tollerated by the great Bishop of Rome, the Pope, and taught by the Jesuites, I shall demand one thing of you out of every Na­tion, and from every Dominion and Island belonging to the Bishop of Rome, the Pope. Let there come forth a Bishop and a Jesuite, and consecrate bread and wine, and after consecration and conversion, which you call transubstantiation, which you say then is the very body, blood, and soul of Christ, which is di­vine: Let that then be set by and kept; and let us take of the same bread and the same wine, of the which you have conse­crated part, and set them both together, and let us have a watch [Page 27] over them, seven of our side, and seven of your side, and see if that bread and wine do not corrupt and perish which ye have consecrated, as well as the other which is not consecrated, and prove not divine, and prove not immortall, but mortall as the other; and if the bread and wine change not its taste, then we will say it's the body of Christ, if it do not; and ye will not prove deceivers: But if it prove bread and wine, and loose its taste, and alter its property, then acknowledg your selves to be deceivers; but if it corrupt not, but prove the body of Christ, then the Protestants may acknowledge they have wronged you, and be of your religion, but if that prove to be bread, and prove to be wine; and mortall, and not divine, then shall you deny all your religion and acknowledge that you have wrong­ed the Protestants, and turn to the Truth: So if you dare ad­venture to try your Christ openly, and bring him out to the Light, and see whether he will stand, and whether he will not corrupt, for the flesh of Christ (which the Scripture speaks of) saw no corruption. So now if you will take a publique conside­ration, and give a publique meeting after, send to any of them in England called Quakers, and let there be a publique tryall; and his word that comes to passe shall be the true Prophet, and his word that doth not shall be the false Prophet; which ye are if the bread and wine corrupt, and prove not divine and im­mortall. These things have been taught for Doctrines, about which there hath been fightings, slaying and killing, and much blood spilt: so that your weapons are but carnall and not spi [...]ituall, and there hath beene a great deale of pro­fession of these things, and a great denyall. Now if you will try them publiquely, if they stand, you will come off with honour, and give over fighting and killing one another a­bout Religion; but in patience and meeknesse let it be tryed, and this will bring truth to light, and honour to God. If you dare not come to the light, to a publique tryall, and ye being so many Nations and Dominions, acknowledge your selves to be Apostates, and Deceivers, and so fall under the truth, and let the white horse go over you.

[Page 28]13 Prin. I hold most constantly that there is one Purgatory, and that the souls that are therein retained are helped by the supplications of the faithful.

14 Prin. Likewise that one ought to honour and invoke (or pray to) the Saints which reigne with Jesus Christ, and that they offer to God their supplication for us, and that one ought to honour their Re­liques.

Answ. The Scripture speaks of no purgatory; and he that be­lieves hath passed from death unto life, and shall never dye, nor come into condemnation. And the wicked shall be turned into hell, and all that forget God; and death and hell must go into the lake of fire, and God who breathed the breath of life into man, by which man became a living soul; he hath all souls in his hand, and the honour which the Scripture speaks of it is owned; but the honour which is given to the Saints, from that are you apo­statized; and so your praying to Saints and for the dead is in the purgatory already, your souls in the death; so your soules are lean, who feeds your fleshly minds with similitudes, ima­ges, Crosses, Crucifixes, old Reliques, pieces of cloath, or old bones, which you call reliques of Saints, so are full of dead mens bones; a generation of murderers, whose souls stands lean, and bound and captivated, and wants the vertue of the im­mortall food.

15 Prin. I assure most firmely that one ought to have and to hold the Image of Jesus Christ, and of the Mother of God, alwayes Virgin and of the other Saints, and render to them the honour and the ve­neration which appertains to them.

16 Prin. I affirm yet that Jesus Christ hath left in the Church the power of Indulgences, and that the use thereof is extreamly healing unto the people christian.

Answ. The power which ye have set up in your Church, which gives the honour to the Image of Mary, the Image of Christ, and the other Saints; that I do believe you, that which you should give to Christ, you give to Images; but this doth but shew and make you manifest to be apostatiz [...]d from the Apostles, who had the minde of Christ, and the image of the Son of God in them; so this Church and its power is apostatized from the true Church and its power, who are giving honour to the i­mage [Page 29] of Christ, Mary, and the Saints, which was not the work of the Apostles; and Mary their saying ever a Virgin, had not she children after to Joseph? and when they said, behold thy mother and thy brethren stand without desiring to speak with thee? &c. Is this the rise and ground of this word, God-father and God-mother, when your children are sprinkled Papists and Protestants?

17 Prin. I know the holy Church Catholique, Apostolique, and Romane, to be the Mother and Mistris of all the Churches, and pro­mise and swear true obedience to the Bishop of Rome, successor of St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles, and Vicar of Jesus Christ.

Answ. I do believe you, your Church as you call it Catho­lique, is the Mistress, and hath been the Mother of all Church­es false of Babylon, and the mother of the harlots; from the true Church the Apostles and Saints was in; in the Apostacy, which hath been held up by the Sword, Fires, Faggots, Inquisitions of the Popes, and quite out of the faith of Peter, who said, ren­der to no man evill for evill; but if any man offend you, ye will render evill again. And for saying Peter was the Prince, will ye give Paul the lye, who said, he came behinde none of the Apo­stles? And Christ said, He that would be greatest, should be least; and that there should be no Lordship exercised amongst them one over another: And every man should have but his penny that went into the Vineyard.

18 Prin. I receive also and professe without any doubt, all other things which have been taught, defined and declared, by the sacred Canons, and Councels universall, and principally by the sacred holy Councel of Trent; & together, all things contrary, and all the heresies condemned, rejected, and anathematized by the Church, I them con­demn, reject, and anathematize likewise.

Answ. I do believe you, who are bound up in the Apostacy from the true Church of the Apostles, to that which your Coun­cell hath set up without doubt; but your tryall is not yet come, and your selves you do not know, as for that, because your Councell, Pope, and Bishop, their traditions of their own in­ventions, and profession and Church, and all things belong­ing to it hath been held up by an outward Sword, Fires, Fag­gots, Inquisitions, and this hath been held up by the same na­ture, [Page 30] and the same weapons, by which the Heathens held up their Idol gods, and the apostate Jews, as the apostate Christi­ans, from the true faith, and from the true Christians of the true Church, whose weapons were not carnall, but spirituall, by whose faith they overcame the world, the kingdomes, and subdued mountains, and quenched the fiery darts of Satan. So your over­coming, and all other Apostates, hath been with outward wea­pons, Gaols, Inquisitions, and death, bound with oaths, out of the Covenant of God, whose Religion is built upon that, who are all the Wolves ravening, devourers, and so doubts; the ground of them in your selves you feel not yet, your pasture and fields hath been so large for the Beast to raven up and down in; but now the Lord God Almighty with his power will hedg you up, and bring you into a narrower compasse: And anathe­matized and hereticks are ye all, from the Apostles, as the Gentiles from the Jewes; but Jewes and Gentiles all come to be one out of the life which gave forth the Scriptures: So Christi­ans that be apostatized, and anathematized from the life that the Apostles were in, be as the Jewes and Gentiles from the life of God, and with the life all comprehended, amongst the Jewes and Gentiles from the life of the Apostles, and true Christians, and with the life of God are all judged, who be out of the life of the Saints. So it is not the professors of the words of the Saints, but they that be in the life that are justified; they are they who have unity with God, and one with another.

19 Prin. And this faith Catholique, out of which any cannot be saved, the which presently I professe of my good minde, and hold truly. I say, promise, vow, and swear for to retain and confesse, God helping, most constantly, intirely, and inviolately untill the last, teach and preach as much as shall be possible for me, through them that shall be subject to me, or shall be in my charge; so God me help, and these holy Evangelists of God.

Answ. All swearers are out of the faith of Christ Jesus, who said, swear not at all; and the faith the Ministers of Christ, and the Apostles were in, who said, swear not at all; and the Mini­sters of Christ was not made by oaths, nor sworn to preach; but you are apostatized from their faith and life that gives vi­ctory: And the Evangelists all of them was against swearing, [Page 31] there is not one example among them all, not among the Apo­stles, that they broke the doctrine of Christ in swearing, and was made Ministers by oaths, but by the will of God, which you all are apostatized from them, and are held under with the Life, and from their faith reprobated; and your faith and Ca­tholique is out of that which saves, and Church, and so come under the condemnation, which was the false brethren went out from the Apostles, and since the world have gone after them, which have had the Scripture, and your own traditions and ceremonies, the sheeps cloathing, which have been fain to binde one another, and tye one another by oaths to uphold what you professe, which is all out of the Covenant of God; and the saving faith you are ignorant of▪ and from it apostatized, wch gives victory over the world: and your teaching and preach­ing hath been out of the true faith, who multitudes hath gather­ed after you, and so deceived the souls of people, telling of a Purgatory, and your souls be in it; and this is all judged with the true Judge of the world, the Bishop of the soul.

20 Prin. Ye say that ye ought to honour the Reliques of Saints, and that God hath not forbidden Images, and that ye ought to honour Images of Saints, because their bodies hath been the organs and temple of the holy spirit, and that God doth by vertue of their holy Reliques many miracles: and because that the honour redounds to themselves, that they represent unto us: and when one worships the Crosse, the honour of the worship redounds to Jesus Christ. But the I­dols ye say are forbidded, which doth represent the false gods which the heathen worship.

Answ. God hath forbidden to make Representations and I­mages of Saints and Reliques; and the Images of Christ and the Crosse is set up by you who are apostatized from the spirit of God, in which spirit God is to be worshpiped, and not the I­mages of Christ nor the Saints, nor Crosses, for those be all out of the power of God; and the crosse of Christ which is the pow­er of God, which all must bend to; and the Crosses and Images of Male and Female whatsoever, they that worship and honour them are as the heathen; for Reliques, Images, and Crosses are set up since the days of the Apostles, by you who are inwardly ravened from the spirit of God by the same nature which went [Page 32] astray from the life in the Jews and Gentiles; which wh [...]n they went astray from the spirit of God, they set up Images which displeased God, as you that w [...]nt forth from the spi­rit of God since the dayes of the Apostles, inwardly ravened from that; who say that after bread and wine is consecrated i [...]'s Christ, so are the Antichrist that hath set up the false Christ, who cries, Loe here, loe there, and so put him in your chambers, deserts, and secrets, and yet you say he was crucified, and rose again, and at the right hand o [...] God, and say he was before all time, and that by him all things was made; And yet ye likewise say, after ye have consecrated bread and wine, which you call Transubstantiation, it is Christ, and thus you confound your selves: And the lying signes and wonders which ye call mira­cles, which ye say are wrought by the Reliques of the Saints, is that which John speaks of in his Revelation: The beast shall de­ceive because of his miracles: And the Apostle speaks of, concer­ning the man of sin, which shall deceive with his lying signes and wonders; and to the Reliques ye have given the honour and worship, and not to God, and so lives in the outward.

Now Jannes and Jambres could do miracles by the power of witchcraft, by the same power the Beast and the false Prophets, the mother of harlots, Babylon, and man of Sin, acted to deceive the Nations, since the dayes of the Apostles, with all which is the mystery of Iniquity; she hath sate as a Queen, Lady of Kingdomes, and hath seen no sorrow, but now she will come to l [...]sse of children; for the Lord God of heaven and earth will be honoured and worshipped, who will not give his glory to any other, and not to Images, Reliques, nor Crosses: And the Apostles, you are all got up since, from them apostati­zed; for when they was adoring of Paul, or adoring of Apollo, the Corinthians came under rebuke by the Apostles, who said, Who is Paul, or who is Apollo? It's Christ that dyed and was crucifi­ed; and bid them prove and examine themselves if Christ were not in them. Know ye not that Jesus Christ is in you except ye be re­probates? And all these things are got up since the days of the Apostles; Representations, Images, Crosses, and Reliques, a­mongst you that are apostatized fr [...]m them, that bid the Saints keep from Idols, that had a sight of your coming up before [Page 33] their decease, which you Papists and Professors hath since reign­ed and drunk the blood of the Saints, and the Saints blood drunk, and hath been Satans synagogue, and out from the Saints. This should be, that the word of God might be fulfilled, and are fulfilling. But now the Lamb and the Saints, the Top­stone is over your heads, and Christ is come to reign, Glory to the highest for ever, who kils with the sword, which are the words of his mouth, conquering and to conquer. And the seed is risen and rising in males and females, the sons and daughters of men.

From them that be of the seed which the Beast makes war against.

The Answer to R.W. his Paper, wherein he vindicates the doctrine and practise of the Romane Church so called, to be the Church of Christ.

In the dark night of ignorance when men hath been as in a deep sleep, & their eyes closed in security, & a spirit of slumber hath seased upon many Nations, the God of this World having blinded their eyes, then the ravinous beasts, have come out of their dens, and hath ranged abroad in the earth, seeking to destroy and to devour the sheep of the Lords pasture, and to kill them that the shepherd hath fed, and to lead them astray as into a great Wildernesse from the fold, that they might worry them and destroy them, and make a prey upon them, and that which Christ prophesied of which Math. hath recorded Chap­ter the 7. vers. 15. and in the 24. of Math. 9.10. and the 11. the false Prophets, the Wolves, which should come and devour, and to the intent, that they may not be so easily descovered by the Sheep, they shall come in the sheeps clothing, but inwardly are ra­vining Wolves, and these John and Peter and Paul saw come in their dayes, and fortold that they should more increase after, and should not spare to make havock of the Church of Christ, & this was long before the general apostacy, and they fortold that there should be a departure from the faith, and likewise that many should make ship wrack of faith and a good conscience, and the spirit spoke expresly, that in the latter time some should depart from [Page 34] the Faith, and should give head to seducing spirits and doctrines of Devils that should speak lyes in hypocricy, forbidding to mary, and commanding to abstain from meats which God hath created, 1 Tim. 4.1, 2, 3. and this doctrine of Devills is found in the Church of Rome, with many more which hereafter may be mentioned which clearly demonstrates, that the Wolves the false Prophets, the deceivers the Anti-christs, the Seducers, & them that taught the doctrines o [...] Devils, & them that were seduced & believed this doctrine, which was apostatized from the doctrine of Christ, and the Apostles, here is your beginning, here is the corner-stone of your foundation, the dead-stones of which your visible Church was made up of, which is none of Gods Temple; but the syna­gogue of Satan, and a residence for the Devill, from whence all these Devillish doctrines have proceeded, that hath corrupted all nations, & hath unsetteled them that they are become like a sea, casting out all this mire and dirt, swelling, raging, tossing, un­stable, the Nations are waters, tongues, languages, kindred, out of these waters, rose the beast with his heads and hornes that hath prevailed and hath over-come the Saints, and hath shed their blood, and filled them, and hath made war against the Lamb (and yet doth) & his followers, so that none hath escaped the rage of the beast; who had not his mark, and upon these waters, kinreds, tongues Nations, and Peoples; the whore sits which is none of the Lambs wife, and she hath made all drunk with the wine of her fornication, so that all Nations have been intoxicated, and inflamed, and have reeled, and staggered, and fallen from the faith vvhich stands in the power of God, and so being erred from the faith that works by love; you have set up another fained faith which works by▪ wrath and envie, mur­ther and cruelty, witness your bloodly mas [...]acring, torturing, racking, tearing, rending, burning, destroying, killing and murdering many thousands since the dayes of the Apostles; so that your faith is manifest to be reprobate by the fruits you have brought forth before mentioned; I challenge all the body of your visible Church (so called) to prove, that ever Christ, or his Apostles, or the Churches which beleeved and received the everlasting Gospel, and were in the faith that wrought by love, where they taught, or practised any such things, as burning, kiliing, destroying, racking, them that were Hereticks, or [Page 35] there was heresy at Jerusalem among the Jewish Church, some that held that their was neither Angel, nor Spirit, nor resurre­ction which was heresy, and yet their is no mention of burning, or killing of such, and (their was heresy in the primitive times, before ever your ruinous heap of visible dead stones were brought together, of which now so great a Babell is builded, or before you had the name of a Church, and yet no mention is made of their burning, or racking, or killing of them; for the faith which wrought by love endured all things, in which the Apostle was in the charity that suffered long and en­dured all things; but your fruits have made your reprobate faith manifest unto many, blessed be the Lord.

But now the night is far spent, and the day is at hand, and is dawned upon many, and the Anti-christs is seen, and the Deceivers and false Prophets, and the Wolves that hath the sheeps clothing the Saints words, and now the table of Devills is seen, and the doctrine of Devills, and they will not be par­taked of, nor harkened unto as they have been in yeares past; for now the heritage of God that hath laid wast, is coming to be tilled, and the threshing-instrument that hath teeth, is put into the hands of the Lambs followers, and now wo to the hills they shall be threshed to dust, and shall be levelled, and wo to the beast his hornes shall be broken, which hath risen out of the Sea, the Sea sh [...]ll be dried up out of which he had his rise, and the mother of Harlots shall become desolate and her Flesh burnt with fire, and wo to her merchants, that have traded by Sea, for it will be dried, the lamentation is heard which shall speedly come when they shall cry alas! alas! and wo to the Kings of the earth that have drunk of the whores cup, and wo to them that have admired the beast, and have said who is able to make war with the beast: he is come who is able to make war in righteousness, and hath showed himself and hath put on strength who treads the wine press of the wrath; who travels in the greatness of his strength, out of whose mouth goes a sharp two-eged Sword which shall dash all to pieces. Consuming fire is before him, ten thousands of his Saints, is vvith him, and he in them; they go on in his strength, Conquering and to Conquer, Arme your selves, cast up your Batteries, come all to the battel of the great day of God. and [Page 36] see if you be able to stand against the Lord; for he hath manifest his wisdome from above, which will confound all your deceit. For we esteem no more of your Arguments then straw, nor of your devised Fables no more then rotten wood: For you are all rounded as with a hoop, and measured as with a line; your beginning is in the Apostacy, your rise in the night of darkness, your strength lies in ignorance, and your end will be utter darkn [...]sse: and this shall stand true, when your place shall be no more found, nor one stone left upon another which shall not be thrown down.

And now I come to the answer of the substance of thy Argu­ments and Principles.

First, thou says, This is good Catholique Doctrine, that a man may have the true faith, and yet lead a sinfull life: And further, that a wicked man and a godly hath true faith, and it doth not differ a whit in matter or substance in the godly and ungodly. Now to say one hath faith, and not the other, is against all sence and reason thou saith.

Answ. I do believe thee that this is thy Catholique doctrine, but I cannot call it good, for then I should erre like thy selfe; for this Doctrine is contrary to the doctrine of the Gospel, for true faith is that which the just lives by, Hab. 2.4. And that which the just lives by is pure; the matter of it, by it he is clean­sed, and the faith of the godly stands in the power of God, and that is a pure thing: And he that hath the true faith, hath the faith of Christ, who is truth from whence it comes, and it leads out of sin, and a sinfull life; gives victory over sin. This is the victory even your faith. By faith the godly stands, 2 Cor. 1.24. And by faith the godly walks, 2 Cor. 5.7.

But on the contrary, a wicked mans faith, if thou call it faith, is called a feigned faith, and a dead faith, and is centred in him who hath the power of death which is the D [...]vill; and this is another thing for matter and substance, and is a distinct thing; and by the fruits and effects the true faith is [...]nown from the reprobates in the different operations; and so this is a devillish doctrine thou hast laid down, to wit, that they are one in matter; for this is contrary to Scripture sense and rea­son, and is an unreasonable position laid downe and [...] ­firmed, from thy unreasonable minde which is erred from th [...] true faith.

[Page 37]And again, the faith of the godly and ungodly differs in ef­fe [...]ts, but not in regard of the faith it self (thou saith;) and here is thy confusion manifest, and thou saist all the five senses will teach you; That a man may be chaste in his minde, and yet be angry; and he may be temperate, and yet want patience. Thou that hath no other thing to teach thee but the five S [...]nses, art sensual, and knows not the spirit: For a man to be chaste, and yet angry, is a false thing; he that is angry and intemperate, is not chast, but joyned to that which adulterates, for these are the Devils conceptions and works; they and in whom these are brought forth is not chast, but is in Cains way, and in Dives way: and thou saist, if you can conceive this, that a man may have true faith, and yet want godlinesse of life and con­versation, thy conception is false:

For he that is temperate and chaste, and lives in that which makes him so, wants not charity nor patience; for the true faith of Gods elect purges from all sin, and that faith is repro­bate where ungodlinesse is brought forth, and contrariwise thou saith, a man may be of an honest and godly conversation, and yet want faith; utter darknesse is thy dwelling place, and thou speaks out of thick darknesse; Is there a conversation godly, or like God lived in where there is no faith or honesty? where there is no faith, that's utterly false, for these are the fruits of faith, of a lively faith; for honesty and a godly con­versation is the works which proceeds from a true and living faith, as the Scriptures witnesse, and these things thou saith thou thought good to commend to consideration. Thou that thought these things good, cals evill good, and good evill, and art in blindnesse, and I have considered of the things, and I never heard of so much blindnesse uttered by one who would seem to be a teacher of others: And now I come to that which follows.

2 P [...]n. That the people or Church of Christ hath been alwayes vi­sible, not only in the beginning, or in the Apostles dayes, But also since the Apostles dayes, even untill now, and shall be to the end of the world: And for this thou saist, Christ hath promised, that the gates [...] shall not prevail against it, but that he will be with them till [...] end of the world: and for this end thou saist the Apostle said, [Page 38] Ephes. 4. That he hath given some to be Apostles, some Evangelists, for the worke of the Ministry, till we all come to the unity of faith, and unto the stature, and fulnesse of Christ.

Answ. The Church of God in the beginning, in the Prophets dayes, Christs dayes, the Apostles dayes, and since the Apostles hath always been in God, and hath always been invisible, as to the eye of the world, which could never discern them, nor wherein their communion stood with God; yet notwithstand­ing there hath always been men, and people, who feared God, and believed in the invisible God, whom the world never knew to be such, but always did persecute: and they that did per­secute, have named themselves to be the Church of God. Yet notwithstanding all this, there hath been in all ages some that hath born a visible testimony against the world, that lyes in wickedness, and against the false Prophets, Seducers, Decei­vers, and Antichrists; and these that bore their testimony a­gainst all these before mentioned, they were in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, and declared against their Idolatry in all ages, and these Christ promised, that the gates of hell should not prevail against them. And although the gates of Hell did not pre­vail against their bodies, or outward man, yet never prevailed against the rock Christ upon which they were builded, but hath always been with them in the deepest suffering▪ and greatest ffli [...]ction, and hath preserved them faithfull unto death, so that they have not denyed his testimony, nor the word of his pati­ence; for they have not loved their lives unto the death: And some­times they have been more visible, and sometimes lesse, yet two or three that know the name of Christ, and live in the pow­er of Christ, Christ is in the midst of them, and they may be truly said to be a Church of Christ; and these God hath pro­mised to be with, who believeth in Christ the power of God, to the end of the world, and against these the gates of hell shall never prevail. And whereas thou saist, He gave some Apostles, and some Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers, for the worke of the Ministry, for the perfecting of the Saints. This is granted, and it did, and doth effect the same end for which he gave it: But when ordained he the Popes, the Cardinals, the Fryars, the Monks, the Jesuites, & the Nun [...], for the work of the Ministry? or [Page 39] whether have any of all these effected the same things which the Apostles did by their gifts: But rather on the contrary, They have perverted the straight way of the Lord, and have made the word of God of none effect by their traditions, and hath introduced and brought in those things to be observed amongst people, which God hath neither commanded nor commended, but on the con­trary forbidden and condemned.

3 Prin. That all those people or Congregations, or meetings, or Churches, which have not been constantly visible from Christs time till now, are not, nor cannot be the Church of Christ; and then thou makes this conclusion, that the Roman Church can shew its constant and successive visibility from Christs time till now; therefore the Roman Church must needs be the Church of Christ.

Answ. By thy own words thou hast proved your Church to be no Church of Christ, neither your officers and Ministers to be Ministers of Christ; for Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Peter, Paul, and the rest of the Apostles, makes no mention of any such officers, as Po [...]es, Cardinals, Fryars, Monks, nor Jesuites, nei­ther of any such doctrine did they allow of as you preach, to wit, the doct [...]ine of Devils, in forbidding to marry, and com­manding to abstain from meats wch God hath created; and also teac [...]ing to make Images, and set up Images and Idols, and also teaching to burn and kill, and destroy them whom you call Hereticks, which Christ nor none of the Apostles ever did: So that it is manifest from the Scripture of truth, that your visible Church was not always since Christs day; for Peter, Paul, and many of the Apostles lived after Christs day, and they make no mention of any such ministry, doctrine, or practice, as is found amongst you, onely foretels of you, and prophesies of you, that Antichrist should come, Deceivers should come, and false pro­phets should come; and Peter, whose successors you say you are, he foretold of you, and hath left his testimony against you, & a­gainst them who preach for filthy lucre, those things the Apostles taught not. (Amongst many things this is one) in teaching and making people believe a purgatory after they be dead, and this was invented by you to get filthy lucre, and to get dishonest gain. Another thing to give pardons, that you may get money, and filthy lucre, so that it is manifest you are none of Peters suc­cessors, [Page 40] but are apostatized from the faith, from the doctrine, from the practice of Christ, of the Churches of Christ in the dayes of the Apostles, and were not visible then, nor counted the Church of Christ by any, in many years a [...]ter the decease of the Apostles. But the false Prophets that Christ spake should come, which John, and Paul, and Peter saw creeping in then, who erred from the faith, and apostatized from the truth, who subverted whole housholds from the faith; there's your origi­nall, they that did subvert, and they that were subverted, and held part of the form of godlinesse, & denyed the power, there is the beginning of your visible Church, Antichrists, false Prophets, Seducers, and seduced, you are their succssors, and from thence your visibility came to be seen in the world. So in that which I have said doth clearly evidence, that you have not constantly & visibly had the name of a Church since Christs time, although you call your selves the ancient Church: And I say unto thee in thine owne words, Except thou be bewitched and possessed with a spirit of blindnesse, here is enough to convince thee, and all thy visible members, that your Roman Church is not so an­cient as Christ nor the Apostles. But you are quite another thing, which hath sprung up since, and are apostatized from the Doctrine and from the Faith, which the Churches which were before you were in, as the Church at Jerusalem, at Antioch, and the rest of the Churches, which had received the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ without respect of persons, from which faith you are now reprobated.

4 Principle. Thou saist, that Luther, Calvin, Memno, Be­za, and others were first popish Priests, and those that followed them was first of the Church of Rome, and these thou saist fell from the Faith, and were accounted by you Hereticks, and sayes they ought to produce more evidence, for their faith which they professed being se­parated from you, then you need to do from whom they sepa­rated.

Answ. They are Hereticks who denies the true foundation, and who erre from the true faith which the Saints possessed, and and lived in: But your visible Church have left the true foun­dation, and have erred from the faith which Christ and the A­postles declared and lived in; therefore you are the Hereticks. [Page 41] Therefore Luther, Calvin, Memno and Beza, and the rest, seeing your Doctrine, Principles, and Faith to be contrary to the Doctrine of Christ, and the Primitive Churches, God opening their eyes, and let them see that you had innovated and brought in another Doctrine and other practices then had been taught or practised amongst the Apostles, therefore they denyed yo [...] in many things, although they were not clearly come off your principles, nor did not see clearly thorow your deceit; yet so far as they saw by the light of the Lord, they bore testimony against you, and gave a clearer demonstration that you were out of the faith then you ever did (or can do) that you were in the Faith: But that is made manifest in this the day of the Lords power, which sees over you, and beyond you, and compre­hends your ground, and all the body of your Religion which stands in imitations, imaginations, inventions, and traditions. And further thou saith; that you can bring more Scripture for your Catholique doctrin then they that are separated from you; and thou brings two Scriptures to prove some of your doctrine, and sayest, that the Church of Rome teaches, that Christs body is reall in the Sacrament, for which thou brings the 11 Cor. 23, 24. verses, which proves nothing to the purpose; for the bo­dy of Christ is incorruptible, and saw no corruption: But bread corrupt [...], and will corrupt, notwithstand [...]ng all your consecra­tion; but as concerning this, I shall refer the Reader to that which is written in answer to the former pap [...]r.

Again, Thou saith, that the Apostles and their successors had power to remit sins, according to John 20.23. The Apostles who believed in the Son of God, unto whom all power is com­mitted, and had received power from God, could do nothing against the power, which was their life, and what they said and did from that power, st [...]ndeth for the same power that Christ received of the Father, the same he gave unto them; and the same that they did remit was remitted.

But what is this to the Pope, who is out of the power of God, who follows his Successors, the Antichrists, Deceivers, Apostates and vagabond Jewes, and Exorsists, who would have cast out Devils in the name that Paul preached, but could not. When did Christ or any of his Apostles say to the Pope, or any of the [Page 42] Cardinals, Fryars, Monks, Jesuites, whose sins ever you remit are remitted. Or when did he give the Pope, or any of his Cardi­nals, Fryars, Jesuites, Monks, power to sell Pardons for money; Is not this a doctrine of the Devill, which Peter, whose succes­sors you say you are, who declared against you, and such as you, who said concerning you; that you taught those things for filthy lucre, which you ought not to teach.

And further thou saiest, thou conf [...]sses that there are other points of Popish Doctrine which you teach; that there is not such evident Scripture for; as for those before mentioned, if thou hadst said there had bin none at all, thou had spoke truth & this is the Popish doctrine, which thou sayest you have not clear Scriptures for; for Purgatory, & praying to Saints, and baptizing of Infants, &c. I say there is no Scripture at all, except it be your own devised Fables, For the blood of Christ cleanseth from all sinne them that do believe; and there is no need of any other thing to cleanse, and so your Purgatory is a feigned fiction, and a lying invented thing, invented by the Pope to get money by. And as for praying to the Saints, there is no Scripture for, but against it: For it is written, th [...]u shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him ONLY shalt thou serve; and cal upon me in the day of trouble. It doth not say, call upon the Saints. And farthermore Christ said, Whatsoever [...]e aske in my name, it shall be given you. And farthermore Christ said to his Disciples, Whatsoever you aske my father in my name, it shall be granted unto you. He exhorteth them not as the Pope doth, to ask in the name of St. Mary, and St. Pe­ter, and St. Dominick.

And as for baptizing of Infants, that is an invention of your own, framed and formed since the dayes of the Apostles. For the Apostles were commanded to teach and preach before they baptized any; but you baptize those that are unt [...]ught, and unlearned, and these they call members of you [...] visible Church, and so all this f [...]igned doctrine before mentioned is denyed and and condemned by the spirit o [...] the Lord, which you are erred from.

5 Prin. That the Scripture doth no where clearly teach, that we must do nothing, nor believe no [...]hing whi [...]h is not written in the Scri­pture, so thou saith even by our own rule, the whole foundation of all [Page 43] our n [...]w faith falls to pieces: For if I am bound to believe nothing but what stands in Scripture, then thou sayest, thou art not bound to believe this maxime of Heretickes, because it stands not in Scri­pture.

Answ. Paul was no Heretick, and he said; If I or an Angell from heaven preach any other Gospel, let him be accurst. And Mo­ses he was no H [...]retick; and he said to the Church of the Jewes concerning the book of the Law given unto them, Thou shall not adde thereto, nor take therefrom. And John he was no H [...]retick, and he said; If any man shall add unto these things written in the book, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in the book. (And yet all these were H [...]reticks in thy account) & their faith stood in the power of God; and this the Scripture bears wit­ness of, and those things were written in the Scripture, that they might be believed, and from the spirit of truth they were written: And so if thou professe thou have the spirit of truth, thou art bound not to believe any thing contrary to the Scrip­ture; and here your foundation and doctrine is dashed to pie­ces by the spirit of God who spoke for the Scripture.

And farther thou goes on in thy blindness and ignorance, and sayes, thou art not bound to believe that the Bible is the word of God; because it stands not in Scripture, is not the Scri­pture that which is written in the Bible? And dost thou not call the Scriptures the Word of God? and yet foolishly saith, the Bible stands not in the Scripture.

Thou goes on and says it is most clear, that we are bound to believe and receive some things that are not written in the Scri­pture; they who know the bond of the spirit are not bound by i [...], to beli [...]ve any thing which is contrary to the spirit, which speak forth the Scripture. Further thou brings 2 Thes. 2. and 15. & 21 John & 25. to prove that we are bound to believe some­thing that is not [...]ritten in the Scripture, because the Apostle exhorts the Thess [...]lonians to stand fast, and to hold the traditions which they had been taught, whether by word or writing. Now if thou can produce thou may, the words that he taught to the Thessalonians, which was spoken by the same spirit which he wrote the Epistle [...] by: and that which he spake, doubtlesse is not contrary to that which he wrote, and so this proves nothing [Page 44] that every one is to believe your vain traditions which you have invented in your carnal minds, being erred from the faith, and having lost the spirit. And although John say, that there were many other things that Christ did, which are not written: Yet what doth this prove, that your innovated stories and devised fables ought to be believed? And I say unto thee, and unto all you, it is meer madnesse to aver, or to believe that which is contrary to that which is written: And then thou says, if any man ask thee what those things be which Christ and the Apo­stles taught, and have not written, thou gives an answer thy selfe, that they taught to baptize Infants, and that we must san­ctifie the Sundays, and other holy days, and to fast in Lent, and acknowledge Sr. Peters successors for the governours of Christ-Church, and to say Masse, and with all other points of Ca­tholique doctrine; all which pack of lyes, and foolish fopperies, and invented imaginations, which is all contrary to that which Christ spake, and the Apostles wrote of him. For these are all invented stuffe, some from the Heathens you have by traditi­ons, and the rest has been invented, both the words and the things themselves since the Apostles dayes, wherein there hath been a great Apostacy, and all the world hath wondred after the Beast.

And thou saith, If any ask thee upon what ground thou be­lieves that Christ and the Apostl [...]s taught all these things be­fore mentioned. Thy answer is, upon the same ground thou believes they wrote the New Testament, even the testimony of all Christians in all ages. Here thou hast shewed thy faith, that it is but reprobate, & is but by hearsay, and is builded upon hear­say and tradition. And for your testimony of Christians in all ages, let us have your testimony from the Christians of Jerusalem, from Antioch, from Thessalonica, Colossia, and Corinth, Phi­lippia, and the rest of the Churches and Christians, which lived in the age of the Apostles: And likewise let us have the testimony of the Churches of Asia, which if thou dost bring to prove these fore-mentioned things, then thou brings a testimony against Christ and the Apostles, to make them transgressors, to build those things which they have destroyed: And thou saith, by that which thou hast written, we may see the firmnesse of the [Page 45] Roman faith: By that which thou hast written, I see the blind­nesse, and the ignorance, and the rottennesse, and the foundati­on of the Roman Church to be but rubbish, and sandy, for it stands upon inventions, mens traditions, and devised fables, and lying stories, and is not founded upon the Rock of ages, and stands in the waters, which are moveable and unstable upon which the whore sits, which has made all Nations drunk, which the great Kings thou speaks of, which hath been converted, have drunk of, and so came to be Protectors of the Pope, & defenders of your Religion by carnall Swords, by Fires, Murthers, and Inquisitions, and killing them who keep the word of Gods pati­ence, and deny all your Idolatry, and this has been acted a­mongst you since the Apostles dayes, in the Apostacy. But the Lord in his power hath appeared, and hath dryed up some of the waters out of which the B [...]ast had his rise, and hath bro­ken some of his horns with which he hath pushed; and all the Kings which have given their power to the Beast, have made war against the Lamb and his followers: But the time is coming when the Beast, and the Whore, and the false Prophets and An­tichrists shall be taken, and cast into the Lake, and the Lamb, and the Saints shall have the victory.

6 Prin. Your Church, thou sayest, is proved to be the true Church, by the great sanctity and power of godlinesse, and mortification, as hath appeared in the Roman Church in all ages, and how they have lived in pure and perfect chastity, and how they have left their pride, and thou challenges to shew thee such among all those thou calls He­reticks.

Answ. More ungodliness hath not appeared, neither hath been acted by any heathens in the world, then hath been acted amongst you, as blood shed, murther, killing, burning, destroy­ing them that would not worship your Idol; and you have made the name of Christ which you professe in words, and christiani­ty to stink among Heathens by your barbarous cruel [...]y, and your unhumane usage of them in many places of the world; and as for sanctity and holinesse you are altogether strangers unto. Is there not tolleration for whoredome in the principal Cities of the Popes Dominions, and cruelty, the like is not to be found in the whole world? Witnesse your devill [...]sh Inquisition, and [Page 46] hellish devices, to torture, and kill, and destroy them which will not submit, and follow your foolish imaginations, and deny the living God; and for pride, he which you call your holy Father, hath exceeded, many Kings hath been made to kisse his feet; and in most of the Nations where the Roman faith is professed, no such pride appears in any Nation except them.

And furthermore thou saith, the mighty power of God hath appeared in converting whole Kingdomes into the Christian faith; your conversion we know, and your converts have been made manifest by their fruits, that they are two-fold more the children of the Devil, and have but only turned them from one sort of Images to set up another; and that which you call conver­sion, more hath been turned for fear of your swords, faggots, and fires, being afraid of death, then hath been by any of your do­ctrine which hath been taught. And as for your fasting, thou boasts of, we know what it is, denying one sort of meat, and ta­king another; and fasting one day, and riotous another: And as for your voluntary humility and poverty which stands in your own wills, which is onely to deceive people, that thereby your Cloysters and your Cels might be enriched, that your Fryars and your Monks might live in pride, and idlen [...]sse. A [...]d thou saith by this doctrine which Austin the Monk taught, that is to say, to fast from lawful meats, and to confess their odious and secret sins unto him, have converted whole Nations by this Doctrine from the vanities and pleasures of the world, as I said before, they are but turned to outward shews, and Images, and the pleasures and vanities of the world are still standing in their hearts, and shews themselves forth in their actions.

And as for thy Saints, Boniface, Wil [...]road, and Saint Patrick, their work is yet to be seen; they which professe the same Do­ctrine in Ireland, the fruits hath made Patricks Doctrine, and their conversion manifest (which was Rebellion) Treachery, Murther, and Blood-shed, and many thousand men, women and children have been destroyed in that Nation within lesse then this twenty yeares, which is manifested, that Patrick and his Converts was Cains successors, and not the successors of the Apostles of Christ. And as for the lying Wonders and Miracles [Page 47] thou speaks of, and of a Jesuite raising twenty dead bodies to life again. It is like thou will prove this, as well as thou pro­ved that Christ taught to say Masse, and to fast in Lent, and keep holy days: But all thy lyes are seen, and your deceit found out, and with the life of God you are all judged. And though you have deceived the Nations long, and kept people in ignorance and blindnesse, and have maintained your deceit by Cains weapons, and have upholden the kingdome of Antichrist by your bloody cruelty; yet he is come, and coming to be reveal­ed in the Nations, whose Dominion is everlasting, who will subdue all his enemies under his feet, & take the wicked in their own craftiness; and he himselfe alone rule, whose right it is, who will confound you with all your Idols for ever, that his glory over all may be advanced.

F. H.

THis is the word of the Lord God to you that fast and afflict your selves, and observe days, & meats, which the Kingdom of God stands not in. You that fast, you want the Bridegroom, you want Christ, and the bond of iniquity is amongst you; and this fasting and afflicting of your selves for a day, & days, is not the Fast that the Lord requires, which breaks the bond of iniquity; which fast being known, that the Lord requires, the foun­dation of many generations is raised up. You may fast from meats and drinks for dayes, and observe meats, and af­flict your selves; the envious man, the man-slayers do thus, which would kill and murther, and slay in the heart. Now this is not the Fast which is required of God, but of men, while the bond of iniquity is standing, whilst strife and debate is, do you not make vowes from the Marriage? Is not then the cause you so do in the doctrine of the Devils, and the forbid­ding of meats, which ought to be used with praise and thanks­giving? The Fast of the Lord is coming to be known that he [Page 48] requires, which break [...] the bond of iniquity, which is the foun­dation of many generations, and the marriage of the Lamb many are come to know, and enjoy the presence of the Bride­groom, where they do not fast; where they come into the wis­dome of God, by which all the creatures were created, with which they come to use and order the creatures of God to his glory, and sees the Kingdome out of meats, out of drinks, out of the observation of dayes, above meats and drinks. Your leaders have caused you to erre, envy and wickedness hath been in them strong, which is by the power of the Lord God com­prehended and judged, whose sacrifices God hath no respect to, who be in envy in Cains way, man-slayer [...]; therefore haste out of the old life, and come to witnesse the chast Virgin, which follows the Lamb, that to him you may be married and joyned all ye poor captivated ones; for the Lord is come, and coming to exalt the kingdome of his Son, whose Standard shall stand over all the earth, and Nations shall be ruled by his Rod of I­ron; come to know strife ceased, and envy ceased, and selfish­nesse ceased, and pride ceased, and wickednesse and wilfulness ceased; and envy, and plots, and murther ceased, and the bond of Iniquity; for this is that which will and doth deceive the simple-hearted, for the Lord God with his power is come to redeem, Who inlightneth every one that cometh into the world, that all men through the light might believe, whose day is appearing, and glory is revealed. So now every one of you that be come into the world, having a light from Christ the Saviour of your souls, from whence it comes. Now this, you that be enlightned withal, it lets you see your sins you have done, as thoughts you think, and words you speak, and actions you act, and wayes you walk, with the same light that lets you see this (which comes from Christ the Saviour of your souls, who hath all power in heaven and in earth given to him) the same will give you pow­er to come out of your sins: And there you come to receive the Covenant of God, Christ Jesus, who hath given you the light to see sin, he it is that takes away sin, and blots out sinne and transgression.

And now every one of you, this is the word of the Lord God to you, all heed [...]he light that you are enlightned with­all, [Page 49] with that you will feel your Saviour, for the light lets you see sin, the same blots it out, the same is the covenant of God, the same gives power, for all power in heaven and in earth is given to the Son, who is to rule and subdue to himselfe all the powers of darknesse and wickednesse. The light which you be enlight­ned withal lets you see your deeds you have done, your words you have spoke, your ways you have walked in, your actions you have acted, the same will give you power to stand against your sin; and there is the teacher, and the same will condemn all of you hating the light, which is Christ which hath en­lightned you withal; and if you go on still in wickednesse, the same will become your condemnation at the last. Remember, when you are in your wickednesse, and upon your death beds, you were warned in your life-time, and this light will let you see when evill thoughts get up in you, and evill affections, and evill desires, and check you, and reprove you, if you love it, and heed it; when you are walking up and down, when you are fit­ting still by your selves, secretly it will bring you to think upon God, and when you are walking up and down abroad, yet it is present with you, there will be your teacher, there will be your condemnation if you hate it: The light of Christ, who saith, Learn of me, I am the way, the truth and the life. This is my beloved son heare you him: And there is no way to the Father but by him, who doth enlighten every man that comes into the world, him by whom it was made, all the sons of Adam drove from God in transgression, Christ the second Adam, the way to God, who is the way and the life. But man being drove from God, from life, and from truth, so Christ is the truth, man being drove from God, from Gods righteousness; so Christ is Gods righ­teousnesse, drove from God, from his wisdome: So in a wisdome that is below, earthly, sensuall, and devillish, drove from God, from his glory, there is the first Adams state in the disobedience; but Christ the second Adam, the obedience, the Lord from heaven, who doth enlighten every man that cometh into the world. The light that shineth in his heart which Christ en­lightneth him withall, it must give him the knowledge of the glory of God; and this brings him from things that are seen, that are temporall, the light that shineth in his heart, that gives the light [Page 50] of the knowledge of the glory of God, with it brings to know all things that be eternall: And the Lord is coming to teach his people himself, and to bring them of all the worlds teachers and ways to Christ the way: And the Lord is coming to break all in pie­ces that are gathered, and are a gathering▪ but not with the power of his Son, and with the life of his Prophets and his A­postles, such will he break to pieces, and dismiss the assemblies, who is come and will gather his people with his spirit into the life, the Prophets were in, Christ and the Apostles were in, they shall come to live in the power of an endlesse life, and the world where there is no end is known, where there is the hun­gring no more, and the thirsting no more; the government of him is manifest where there is no end, and the Kingdome and the Throne of Christ is exalted: So all that afflict your selves, and torment your selves, and fast and observe days and meats by the commandement of men, and not by the commands of God, and doctrines of men; and wills of men. Consider the power of the Creator, and come to the witnesse of God in you, to the light which Christ lighteth you withall, which is the cove­nant with you, A God which breaks all other covenants when you come to the Light, all the covenants you have made with men, with Death, must be broken, and will be broken, that is contrary to the Light. Then you must know a shame, which is to be despised in the sight of all the world in breaking covenants, who with them hath made covenants, and bound your selves in vowes. Therefore come to feel the witnesse of God in you, which gives you to feel and see that all the covenants upon earth must be broken that is made from the light, the minde that is from it; which if you come into the light, you will know the marriage of the Lamb, your Fast shall cease, for God doth not accept your extreams, your passions, your fast, your afflicting your selves for a day, while there is prejudice and envy seated among you, the man-sl [...]yer which shews that you be out of the light and life of the Prophets, and of Christ and his Apostles, both Magistrates and Ministers and Teachers. And the Pope which sits now on high, whose arms, fingers, legs and head is brancht out; but with the power of the Lord is com­passed and seen, the end that he is in, and all is but earth, and [Page 51] the worshippers but earth, and in the earthly things the thresh­ing Instruments must thresh; for you lie like a wildernesse, for the Lord God of power is coming to plow up, and so seed it; and that the truth over may passe, and Christ in power come to reign, who is Law-giver and Judge, and to break your wills, and bow down your thoughts, who will subdue all things to himself. Who will reign, and to exalt his kingdome, whose dread and terror is gone out into the earth: All what is done in mans will which he pretends to God, he will be judged for it, and all your observances, and fasts, and circumstances, and worships, who hath required this at your hands saith the Lord? Come to truth, and singlenesse, and innocency, then you will see Cain is a vagabond, the envious man, the man-slayer, a murtherer, from God a vagabond and fugitive, though he built a City: And he observed outward things, but comes not to witness the spirituall Sacrifice; but it shewed that you be in envy, and slayes men concerning Religion, being another spirit then Christ and the Apostles, wherein as i [...] is declared in Scripture, with it ye are judged; and your reading over prayers, cumbers and wearies the just with reading over prayers, and praying to names, your observing of Images, and your earthly Crosses; and this keeps you from the life and power of God, which is the Crosse of Christ, and the Spirit in which you should pray, which the Lord knows the mind of.

G. F.

This is to go abroad among the Papists in all the Earth.


AS thou hast spoke of giving a reason, which reason is fa­thomed and comprehended to be earthly. Now there is a reason which flows from the faithful that makes reasonable, and that gives dominion over the earthly; but this reason is but earthly, and stands in the earthly, as hereafter will be made ap­pear, as thou art brought before the judgement, and weighed [Page 52] in the ballance: And as for the Church in the days of the Por­phet, that was in the days of Baal, that would not bow to him nor serve him. Now it seems there was some that did bow to Baal, that had been of the Jewes, and remained as in the out­ward name.

But those were of the Church that bowed not to Baal, to the earthly (mark that) and those stood in the truth, and bowed to the Lord, and kissed not Baal; and there's a distinction be­tween the holy kisse, and the contrary. Now that was invisible that kep [...] them from bowing to Baal, and that was invisible that they were gone from, viz. these Jews that did bow to Baal. As for the seven Churches of Asia, that's agreeable to these words; for many got the words of the Church, but the Life they fell from. Then as for the Church of Rome, as for the dis­solution of the Roman Catholique Faith, which was before Lu­ther and Calvin, which is as a dark puddle, the smoak of the bottomlesse pit, that hath not a foundation, but from the foun­dation Christ fled: And Luther and Calvin, something there was stirring in them. Luther was true in his place, but it was but a little, but so much as comprehended you; and as for their falling from you before, Luther and Calvin, they were but in your outward Ceremonies; For neither you, the Church of Rome, nor those you beget, nor Luther, nor Calvin, was in the very life, that is infallible, the Apostles were in, and Christ, that the Scriptures were given forth from. Therefore kill you, and slay you that be contrary to you in your Religi­on, and it is the cause of all people running into Sects and heaps upon earth; Calvinists and Lutherans, because they are not in the Spirit that gave forth the Scriptures, that hath been lost among you all since the dayes of the Apostles, which is now found among them that are called Quakers, whom all the Sects upon earth are against, that are got up since the dayes of the Apostles; and with the spirit that the Apostles were in, you are all fathomed as a span.

You that are the Church of Rome, came to be made up of all these rotten members that fell away from the Apostles, before the Apostles deceased, that got the forme of godlinesse, but denied the power; that forbid meats and marriage, that minde earthly [Page 53] things: So you have been the ancientest Apostates, and all that have apostatized from you, you call Sectaries, which you Apo­states was the mother of all; And so I tell you, you are the most ancient in the form of godlinesse, and that have denyed the power, as your Gaols and Inquisitions declares your fruits: And you lye like a barren field unplowed up; but now the plough of the Lord is going, the servants of the Lord are driving on the horses, which will tear your ground.

And the publique worship that the Apostles were in, who were led by the Spirit of God, hath been lost since the dayes of the Apostles amongst you; for Christ said, false prophets should come, that were inwardly ravened, that were wolves, that had the sheeps cloathing, which John saw was come, and that the whole world were gone after them; and so there you lost the infallible spirit, and have held up part of the visible form, and run into some inventions of your own making; and so is be­come the Mother of Harlots, and have brought them forth that are harlots.

Now that which Christ said should come, which false Pro­phets John saw was come, and the whole world was gone af­ter them; they made war with the Saints that kept the testimony of Jesus, them that had the forme, the sheeps cloathing, and were ravened from the spirit, and so overcame the Saints, then power was given to the beast over all kindreds, tongues, and nations, and all that dwell upon the earth should worship him. Then the beast and his names, and his images, and his mark, and horns, then the Vials and Thunders should come again to be poured upon him and his seat: So the Author of all these sects and names hath been from you that first ravened from the spirit of God, all Sects upon the earth would kill one another about their wor­ship, which shews the spirit of the Devil, and not the spirit of the Apostles: So when the Beast had overcome the Saints, and killed them, and got power over all Kindreds, Tongues, and Nati­ons: And the woman fled into the wildernesse, and the man-childe caught up to God; And the Dragon made war with the [...]emnant of her seed that kept the commands of God; and here by this you may see where the Church hath been: And the great Whore which went forth from the Apostles, and ravened from the spirit of [Page 54] God, yet hath had the sheeps cloathing, which all Nations hath drank her cup. She hath corrupted the earth, and made the In­habitants of the earth drunk, and the Kings of the earth hath committed fornication with her, and all nations have drunk her cup of fornication. She sits upon the waters, and the waters are peoples, (not a people) and the waters are nations where the Whore sits, and multitudes, and tongues. Now mark, if Nations be waters, and Peoples be waters, and Multitude wa­ters, and Tongues waters: And the earth is corrupted, and the Inhabitants of the earth drunke, and all nations have drunk the cup of fornication, and the Kings of the earth hath committed fornicati­on with her. Now where is the Church and the Rock all this time? when nations, peoples, multitudes and tongues are wa­ters, and the Inhabitants of the earth drunk, and the earth cor­rupted, and all nations have drunk the whores cup. And the whore cannot be said to be the heathen; for the Whore goes from something, and there is the ancient visible Church; And the Kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and all nations have drank the cup of fornication, and fornication is before you be married: And these are them that have drank the blood of the Prophets, Saints, and Martyrs that have kept the testimo­ny of Jesus.

But now again, the Lamb is brought forth to rule the Nati­ons with a rod of Iron, though the Beast, and false Prophet, and Kings of the earth, and the old Dragon make war against the Lamb and the Saints, yet the Lamb and the Saints shall get the victory, and the everlasting Gospel shall be preached to all na­tions, kindreds, tongues and people, and life and immortali­ty shall come to light through the Gospel, which your old great Grand-father went from in the dayes of the Apostles; and so to that that they went from, is people now come and coming, and [...]he Lambs wife is making her selfe ready; and the Saints do sing, the Lord God omnipotent reigns; and you are all too im­moderate spirits, you and all other Sects, then to be like the A­postles and Christ, or to be like the Church of Christ, your fal­libility and your Idols, Inquisitions and Cruelties makes it ap­pear.

Two Queries being propounded to thee; In thy answer to the [Page 55] first Query thou saist, That all Churches or meetings of all sorts of men which have not the spirit of God, they may erre. In thy answer to the second Query thou saist, That the Church of Christ, or the meetings of those Christians that follow the rule and law of Christ, and are always guided by them, cannot erre in any truth.

Reply. Your Church, the Church of Rome have erred from the spirit of truth, and the truth in which there is no errour. As instance, you have set up Idols; and the spirit of truth in the true Church said, Keep your selves from Idols, as in Johns E­pistle: And you have made Ministers by men, and by the will of man, and so gone into your own wills, which the Scripture came not by, nor which Christs Ministers were not made by; and you and all Apostates since are of men, and made by men, and so you are erred [...]rom the spirit of truth, that leads into all truth. You are erred from the Crosse of Christ, the power of God, and have set up outward Crosses, and falls down to that instead of falling down to the power of God. You have erred from the true Image of God the Saints were in, and have set up outward Images of wood and stone: You have erred from the Saints life and spirit, and from the spirits of just men, and so from the true Church, and so set up the Reliques, as pieces of Cloath, and old bones: So you know after the flesh, which the Apostles did not: And you are erred from the Rock, and falln into the waters, as in Revelations: And your Idols, Pictures, and Images have corrupted the earth; so you are erred from the true Church, and the true Spirit, which cryed against Idols in all ages, as Moses said in his command to the people, and the Apostles. Your Church is commanded to make Images and Idols, and the Church in Moses time, and the Apostles Chur­ches were commanded to keep from them. So no true Church you are, but apostates, but fallible, and erred in matter of faith and doctrine, and praised be the Lord who hath brought you to the Light. And multitudes of instances may be shewed, who compares the Church with what the Churches of Christians were in the dayes of the Apostles.

And thou saist, the difficulty is where the Church of Christ is to be found; for Papists, Lutherans, Calvinists, Anabaptists, Arminians, and all schismatical meetings, they do claim the title of Christs Church to themselves, &c.

[Page 56] Answ. All these the Roman Church being the mother of the Apostates, and all these before-mentioned are started from her, her sturdy sons, and severall names still in the forme, for the light within they are all against; and Christ within to reigne and teach; and the Law within in the heart, and in the mind, whereby all comes to know the Lord, and the word in the heart and in the mouth to obey and do; and the spirit of truth to lead into all truth, whereby the Saints have unity one with another, and with the Scriptures, and with God. This the Pap [...]sts are run from into Images and Idols, and this the Baptists, Luther­ans, and all other Sects are run from into other Images within, but with the spirit of truth which leads the Saints into all truth are these comprehended, and out of all these sects and sorts are people coming.

I'le break your names, and marr your Images with the spirit of truth, fence your selves never so wisely: And so none of these nor you neither are of the true Church, but the beast and his names; but some of these you cal [...] S [...]cts are neerer the true Church then you; for the world who lives in Images and Idols wonder after you, who lives in Images and Idols, who are a­postatized from them; keep your selves from Idols. As for the Quakers who are risen in the Ancient of dayes, in the end of the night of apostacy, among whom that's appeared that cannot be shaken, against whom you and all the sects upon ea [...]th appears that are come up since the dayes of the Apostles, whom they comprehend, and will tread to dust and to powd­er: The seed of God is risen, and the top-stone is laid, glo­ry to God in t [...]e highest. Come out all Sects and S [...]ctaries to the battel, and you are all in the vanity contenders and pre­tendeders, got up since the days of the Apostles; the marks are appeared not to be the marks o [...] the S [...]ints, who hath the Fa­thers name written in their foreheads; but you have the mark of the Beast upon you, and without the true ground and the true reason of the Apostl [...]s [...]re you out of: For inst [...]nce, the true Church taught not to persecute, and the true reasonable men that was in the faith; for faith gives victory over that na­ture in particular that would persecute, and so doth not lead to kill the Creature for the sake of the nature in it in general: And [Page 57] fafth teaches not this D [...]ct [...]ine, but denies it, and brings to suffer all things, through which mountains are subdued.

Thou further saist, They that are of a wicked life may have a right faith, and reproves others that cannot believe it.

Answ. A wicked man he hath not faith of the el [...]ct of God for faith gives victory over wickednesse; and faith purifies, and faith makes reasonable; and who are of the faith, are of Abraham, and come out of all these adulterous generations, the mystery of Fai [...]h is h [...]ld in a pure conscience.

Now, here you are in the errour you Papists, and all Apo­states from the Apostles, like the Jewes and the Devil that hath a belief, but is out of the truth, yet may get a belief in the Letter; as the Jewes held a belief long in [...]he Letter, but kill'd the Son: And you have had the Letter and form of godlinesse long, but killed the Saints and Martyrs; who are reprobated, Devils, Jewes, Apostates, Papists, from the elect of God, for who are of faith, [...]re of Abraham; and who are of Abraham, are of the elect of Christ, which doth not pertain to Idols.

And here is the mystery of the Church known, the body of Christ, which is a top of your flesh and Idols, both which is not of the fl [...]sh of Abraham, nor of the Church.

All you are but the pretenders of the Spirit of Christ in the apostacy from it since the dayes of the Apostles, as your fruits declare, your names and Images: So I confesse to you it is the ancientest form that hath been since the dayes of the Apostles; but had I never known the Papists nor none of these Sectaries, we had know [...] truth: We came not through the Popes chan­nels, but are come to that which all Apostates ravened from, and so you your selves must be put to silence, and your mouths stopped, which are the evill beasts that tears one another, worse then the common beasts which the Apostles speak of, which was coming up before his decease.

How are you learning one another about your meat, and husks, and worships, and images, and helps, and Teachers, and Scriptures, which was not the work of them that gave it forth, with your horns: And how many Images have you upon you, and names, and marks, and what are all these Images and [Page 58] marks, but the marks and Images of the beast which is risen since the days of the Apostles?

Whereas thou Queriest, what be all these but sect,? as Indepen­dents, Anabaptists, and other Sectaries, which sayest, thou was first of the Church of Rome: and thou s [...]yest, the Church of Rome can­not be said to be sectaries, because it hath been constant since the dayes of the Apostles, and all Sectaries springed from it, and not you from them:

Answ. The Roman Church was the first made up of Here­ticks, Schismaticks, and Apostates, and Reprobates, and Antichrists, and false Prophets, which Christ said should come, Matth. 7. and John said was come; and as you may read in Ti­mothy and Titus, Reprobate from the faith, and erred from the faith, and had the form of godlinesse, and denyed the power, and kept the form, and as John said was come, and they went af­ter Idols before his decease; and he writ to the little children to keep themselves from Idols. And Jude saw them crept up be­fore they were aware, which went in Corah's, Balaams, and Cains way, that were Murtherers: And are not you Murtherers, that murther one another, as Cain about his sacrifice? And Jude saw they turned the grace of God into wantonnesse, which should be their teacher and salvation: So all these self-separa­tions, Apostates, Reprobates, which went after the doctrine of Devils, and forbid meats and marriages; and the spirit spoke expresly, should depart from the faith, and [...]ll these have made up the Church of Rome, and there's your visible Church held up by Cains weapons. Then as for all these Sectaries springed from you, you were like to beget no other children but bastards, which is but a false conception brought forth by the will of man; which is applyed that God got it, and fa­thers it upon God. And as for all these Sects which are sprung of you, are like no other wayes but like to a Sea, and burst into names, which went from the spirit of God; you are not like to be kept in unity, who ravened from the spirit of God, the life of Christ, and the Apostles was in; and to that which you ravened from, are people come and coming, which stands a-top of you all.

[Page 59]They that worship God must worship him in spirit, which mortifies all sin and corruptions; and they that worship God, must worship him in truth, in that the Devill abode not in.

To all the Papists upon the Earth

TO come out and try their faith and strength, without Cains weapons; for there was two that did sacrifice, and the one killed the other about the sacrifice, and whether of these two was excepted can you read your selves? and which was the va­gabond? It's said, that the Pope and the Church of Rome hath the Key, and it's left to them, and ye are the keepers of the Key. Now if you be keepers of the Key, ye are to open to Na­tions about you, and to render a reason of the hope that is in you; if the Lord be sanctified in your hearts, you will. Are you according to the Scriptures? Is the practice of your Church ac­cording to the Scriptures? Is the spirit of the Lord powred up­on you, and all flesh? Doth your sons and your daughters pro­phesie? And if any thing be revealed to another that sits by you, and bids another hold his peace that is speaking, for you may all pro­phesie one by one.

Or are you not like others, and the rest of the Sects, that will put them in prison, and say they have disturbed you, and so shew your selves both Reprobates and Hereticks from the Church and the Spirit that the Apostles were in? And can you say, Christ is in you male and female? Or are you not repro­bates, and say you have no such speech among you Catholicks? But is without, which is your bread and wine; and are not all Murtherers, Persecutors, Prisoners, Whippers, Burners, Inquisi­tioners, Sectaries and Apostates, from the Apostles, and sacri­ficers from that nature Cain was in, and not from the divine natu [...]e, and the faith of the Son of God, and the Apostles, and Abel? Have you the spirit of Christ? Is any of the Church, but who are of Abraham? Is any of the Church of Christ, but who [Page 60] are of the flesh of Christ? Is any of Faith but who are of Abra­ham? And is not faith a myst [...]ry, a perfect gift of God? and is not this faith held in a pure conscience? And can any ones consci­ence which is not pure hold this faith of Gods elect (wch is the mystery) and doth not this faith give victory over the nature in man and woman that doth p [...]rtain to Idols an [...] Images made with mans hands, and in the wills of men, in Jewes, Gentiles, Apostates from the Apostles, since their dayes come up? And doth not the faith give victory over all the Jewes changeable Types, Offerings, Temples, Tythes, Priests, Covenant? Hath the Lord put his law into your minds, that you need not say un­to your neighbour, and writ it in your heart, that you need not say unto one another, Know the Lord; For from the greatest of you to the least of you, ye all know the Lord? Hath God commanded the light to shine out of darknesse, and doth it shine in your hearts? And then (mark) dot [...] that li [...]ht that shines in your heart (mark again) give you the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ? Cor. 2.4.

Are you them that doth take heed to the light that shines in the dark place? Is the day-star risen in your hearts that Peter speaks of? Is the ingrafted word which is able to save the soule felt in you? And the hidden man of [...]he heart, which is with the Lord a great price? Are you them that are no wearers of gold, or costly array? Are you them that exercise Lordship one over another like unto the Gentiles? or are you like unto the Apostles which Christ said it should not be so amongst them. Are you like to the Pharisees, called of men M [...]ster? laying heavy burdens up­on the people, and go in long Robes, chiefest seats in the assem­blies, and loves salutations, and uppermost rooms at Feasts, which Christ said unto his, be ye not so.

And where do you read Mr. Paul, Mr. Titus, and Mr. Timothy, &c. Are you [...]he [...]rue believers that are ceased from their own works, as God did from his? Are you come out of the law of works to the law of faith? Is your consciences purged from dead works to serve the living God? Are you those Children that needs no man to teach you, but as the same an [...]inting abides in you, and as it doth teach ye shall continue in the Son of God, and the father? Or are you the Seducers, Sects, and Hereticks (that draws peo­ple [Page 61] from the anointing within) and so men teachers? Are you them that keep your selves from Idols that John speaks of? Are you of the seed of the woman that keeps the commands of God? Are you the children of the Lord that are taught of him, that are farre from oppression? Are you ceased from men whose breath is in their nostrils, that the Prophet speaks of? Are ye them that tremble at the Word of God? Are you them that obey the word of faith in your hearts, in your mouths; and that saith, the righteous­nesse of faith speaks on this wise? you need not say, you need not fetch it from above, or from beneath; but what saith it? The word is nigh thee, in thy heart, and in thy mouth, to obey it and do it. Is this a sectary, or out of sectaries? Are ye of them that make images or likenesses of Males and Females, things in heaven above, and earth beneath, and bows down unto them, wch corrupts themselves with them, and corrupts the earth? Are you of them that saith, The kingdome of heaven is within you? Have you found it in you? Or are you like unto the Pharisees, gazing for it abroad without you? Is God the author of your faith? and is it in your hearts, and doth it purifie you? Are the professors the greater persecutors, that hath the form out of the faith, out of the life of them that be of the faith and life, then the Gentiles? whether have been greater in all ages, judge ye. Have you found the pearl hid in the field? Are you the Mer­chant man that hath made an exchange, and purchased it? Do you speak only as the Holy Ghost moves you? as they that gave forth Scriptures?

Are you led by the same spirit and power that the A [...]ostles were? Do you speak but as the spirit gives you utterance? and are you them that do not quench the spirit? Are you them that owns prophesies immediately as the Apostles? and Revelation, and Inspiration from God as they had? Have you heard Gods voyce, and Christs voyce immediately from heaven as the Prophets and A [...]ostles did? What is the tree of Knowledge? and what is the flaming Sword that keeps the tree of Life?

And what are the inwardly raveners? and what is it they ra­vened from? And what are the false Prophets and Antichrists that have got the sheeps cloathing, which Christ said should come, and John saw they were come? And in the Revelation, [Page 62] The world went after them? And what is the Sea the Beast rose out of? and what is the Beast? and what is the second Beast that rose out of the earth? and what is the earth he should deceive with his miracles? and what are his miracles? And all that dwell upon the earth should worship him because of his miracles? And what are his names, marks, horns, and heads, crowns and i­mages? and what is the woman that fled into the wildernesse? and what is the Whore that hath corrupted the Earth? and what did she whore from, which hath made the Inhabitants of the earth drunk? And what are these Kings that have committed for­nication with her? And what is the cup of fornication that all Na­tions have drunk of? And what is mystery-Babylon, that reigns o­ver the Kings of the earth? and what is the Whore, the false Prophets weapons, Antichrists, the Dragons that fight against the Saints withal?

And what are the Lambs weapons, and the Saints that they fight withal? and what Peoples, Nations, Multitudes, Tongues are those that John says are waters that the Whore sits upon? and what are those Saints that the Beast overcame? and who are they which then the Beast had the power over all Kindreds, Tongues, and Nations? and are not these things got up since the dayes of the Apostles? And whether or no the Lamb and the Saints shall not have the victory over them all again? and whether or no the Saints must not come to that which they ravened from, be­fore they have victory over all that which hath reigned since the days of the Apostles? and whether or no the spirits of people hath not separated from, since the dayes of the Apostles, which they were in? and is not that the cause that all Nations are brought into Sects and heaps, and lost their unity with God and the Scriptures? (with which spirit they learned of God the Father of spirits that gave forth Scripture) are you come unto the spirits of just men made perfect, to the Church in God the Father the Judge of all?

What Scripture have you for taking Tythes? and where did the Apostles take tythes so, that denyed the first Priest-hood, and witnessed Christ the (sum) the change of the Law by which the Priesthood was made: And the disannulling of the com­mandement that gave tythes? and are not you transgressors, and [Page 63] made your selves transgressors that have set up these things the Apostles threw down. And where did the Apostle take tythes? and what is the first principle of pure Religion? and what is the soul of man? And have you not lost the Crosse of Christ, which the Scripture saith is the power of God? and hath set up Crosse [...] of wood and stone on the end of your Steeple-houses; and do take bread and wine on the day-time, which Christ took at night. What is the light? what is the word? what is the Gos­pel? what Scripture have you for sprinkling Infants? Are you them that have heard, and learned of God, which Christ saith, them that have heard and learned of God comes to the Son: Have you seen the shape of God? are you them that God speaks to by his Son, who is heir of all things, upholding all things by his word and power? Is your Church the Church that is in God? have you heard of the Father, seeing it is written ye shall all be taught of God? Are you not them that looks at things that are seen; for things that are seen are temporall, the things that are not seen are eternall.

Are not Images, Idols, Pictures, Reliques, Bones, pieces of Cloath, things that are [...]een, and temporall? Answer these Queries in writing, and send them to the people who are scorn­fully called Quakers in England, by all the sects of the earth. Shall a man whiles he is upon the earth be made free from sin, and be made perfect, and the body of sin put off? And what Scripture have you for consecrating bread and wine? and where did the Apostles so? Will you try your Church by the Scripture of truth, and measure your selves by the Apostles De­claration, and venture your selves to be tryed and judged by them that the spirit of truth led them to speak forth?

And what is the Wine-presse that was troden without the City? and whether you bid every man examine himselfe, whether Christ be in him, except he be a reprobate? And whether or no you are as the Apostles, who preached Christ in them the hope of glory, warning every man, that you may present every man perfect in him in Christ Jesus?

To prove the Papists Church to be a false Church, contrary to the Apostles; and that they are wolves, which Christ said should come, which are inwardly ravening: Ye have the sheeps [Page 64] cloathing, and are the false Prophets that should arise, according to Christs words; that should shew lying signes & wonders, which if it were possible should deceive the very elect; and should say, Loe Christ is here, and loe Christ is there. Do not you tell people that he is in the bread, and that he is in the wine; and tell them that he is in the chamber, and that he is in the desert; where you put the bread and the wine is not there Christ? cannot you put him in the cup-board, and in the chamber, and in the de­sert? cannot you put, and tell people he is there? And have you not the sheeps cloathing, but are you not ravening wolves, in­wardly ravening from the spirit of God? So doth not your fruits appear contrary to the Church of God? For have not you fulfilled the Scriptures, having the sheeps cloathing, but inwardly are the ravening wolves? Have not you ravened, wearied, and destroyed and killed many hundreds? and have you not your holes and Gaols, which you call Inquisitions, which you put them in? are you like the Church in this? Did ever Lambs and the sheep weary and tear them to pieces, and then carry them into dens, and make wracks and tortures for poor creatures, or for the wolves either? Did ever the sheep destroy the wolves? Now which doth your fruits make you appear to be, the sheep or the wolves, judge your selves by the Scriptures?

Now let all people judge you all that be in the wolvish na­ture, that are not sheep no more then you: So Christ calls them wolves, inwardly ravening from the spirit of God, these Christ said should come; and they have come up since the dayes that Christ said they should come. And the Apostle saith in Acts 20. That after his departure grievous wolves should enter in a­mong them, not sparing the flocke, which should arise from among themselves, speaking perverse things, drawing many Disciples af­ter them. Now have not you Papists risen since the dayes of the Apostles: and you know the Apostles did not prison, persecute, devour any, but the wolves should do it. Now these rise among the Saints that should not spare the flock (mark) make havock of the flock, to devour and destroy the flock.

Now we remember that Christ told of you and of these things; and the Apostle tells of these things, 1 John 2. said it was the last time then. Whereas they had heard that Antichrist [Page 65] should come, even now there are many Antichrists and false prophets come into the world, 2 Cor. 11.13, 14, 15. Paul speaking there of cut­ting off occasion; For as much as false prophets, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the Apostles of Christ; no marvel, for Satan himself transformed himselfe, and his Ministers transform­ing as the Ministers of righteousness. Now this the Apostle saw come up among the Corinthians before his decease: So now a­gain you may see Satans Ministers they are murtherers, and his Angels they are murtherers. Now the Apostle said, he out off the occasion; he did not cut off the outward bodies of people as you do; and the Apostles were persecuted, whipped and beat; now you see that you are whippers, persecutors, and beaters; and though you persecute one another which have the name of Christians, yet are not the sheep, nor the Ministers, or true Apo­stles, nor the true Church: And when the true Ministers and Apostles saw that these false Apostles should come, and Ministers of Satan should tran [...]form themselves into Angels of light, he brings them to the light that shined in their hearts & them that would give them the knowledge of God in the face of Jesus Christ, 2 Cor. 4. And are not you as bad as the Jews, who killed the Lord Jesus Christ, and their own Prophets, who kill the Prophets that are sent among you, 2 Thes. 2. And are you not in the fornication. and set up places for fornication among you? and no fornicator or idolater must enter into the kingdome of God. For are you not worshipping of Images? and do you not trust in them? and doth not the Lord say, Cursed be all them that trust in graven Images? Now the Apostle faith, The mystery of iniquity doth already worke, and there should be a falling away before the man of sin should be re­vealed, who exalts himselfe above all that is called God, or is worship­ped, and sits in the Temple of God, and shews himselfe that he is God. The Apostle bid remember that he told these things, and that he might be revealed in due time; and now he is revealed, is not the man of sin a devourer? and was the Apostles so? and are not you devourers, who worships the names of Saints, and Images, and Reliques; and so contrary to John, who was not to worship the Angell, but God. How are you fallen from the truth, and from the state of John, how are you revealed, 2 Thes. 2. And this man of sin, whose coming is after the workings of [Page 66] Satan, destroying with his power. Now have not you a great power, and lying signes and wonders? have you not your lying signes and great wonders among you, and the deceiveableness of unrighteousness; who have not believed the truth, but are given up to believe the lying signs and wonders? so God hath sent strong delusions among you. And was it not the Apostles charge to Timothy, that he should teach no other Doctrine, nei­ther give heed to fables? Now are not you run into the fables, run into Images, and reliques, and purgatory, and idols, beads, and jewels, and so puts them in your Inquisitions that denies your fables, and witnesseth the contrary, that which is the sound doctrine? so are you not contrary to the sound Church here, and given up to them that believe fables? 1 Tim. 1. & are not your Ministers made of men, and by men, so gone forth from the power the Apostles was in, which was not of man, nor by man, so no true Ministers. And did not the Apostle say in his charge, Tim. 3. to prove Ministers and Bishops, they might not be brawl­ers, they must not be given to filthy lucre, they must not be given to wine, they must not be covetous, they must not be strikers. Are not you strikers, killing and slaying in Cains way them that be con­trary minded to you? so not of the true faith, not of the true Church, not of the true stock [...] nor of the true Ministry. This I have proved by the Apostles, separated from them out of their way; are not you covetous? would you not sell pardons for mo­ney? are you not ashamed of your christianity, to the very hea­then about you? hath not God here brought the very man of sin to light, and revealed him? Now the Apostle said, The spirit spoke expresly; at the latter times some should depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of Devils, speaking lyes in hypocrisie, having their consciences seared with a hot iron; forbid­ding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats. Are you not departed from the faith that purifies, and the word that sancti­fies? and so the Church made up of such as the spirit spoke should come; that forbids to marry commands to abstain from meats; and so your Church made up with the seducing spirits, and doctrines of Devils. Doth not the fruits declare this to all the Nations about you? so are not you gone from the example of the Apo­stles, who bids, follow us, as you have us for an example, both Church [Page 67] and Ministers. You have forsaken the example of the Apostle, both your Church & Ministers. The Apostle commanded Timothy to keep his commandement without spot, unrebukeable untill the ap­pearing of our Lord Jesus Christ. And do not your fruits make you manifest that you are fallen into all these things that the A­postle saw should come, and the Spirit said should come? And moreover the Apostle said; If you be dead with Christ from the ru­diments of the world, as living in the world, why are you subject to ordinances? And if you be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above; Set your affections on things that be above, and not on things that be on the earth; as your Images, Reliques, Idols, Pictures, Beads, Jewels, earthly Crosses, Crucifixes; are not all these things below? and doth not these make up your Church? and is not this the voluntary humility that beguiles people? Such doth not hold the head, which are in the outward shews, which are not to be tasted, and handled; which things perish with the using, after the commandements and doctrines o [...] men, which shews you are not risen with Christ, not seeking the things that are above, but your affections are on things on the earth, Col. 2.

Again, the Apostle saith, In the last dayes perillous times should come, that men should be lovers of themselves, blasphemers, covetous, proud, boasters, heady, traitors, high minded, despisers of them that are good; of this sort are them that creep into houses, leading sil­ly women captive, laden with divers sins and lusts, always learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth; like Jannes and Jambres which with-stood the faith, to keep people in Ae­gypt, keeping people in bondage and spiritual Aegypt, having the form, but denying the power. And hath not the Church been made up of such since the days of the Apostles? and evill men & seducers should wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived; And the time will come, saith the Apostles, that they would not en­dure sound doctrine; they heap to themselves teachers that would not endure the truth, running into fables. Now these things being come up before the Apostles decease, of which your Church is is made up of, which are turned from the truth, that have itch­ing ears, and seducers, are reprobate concerning the faith, that keep to the fables: And this to the view of all people may be [Page 68] seen hath made up your Church, for these things hath come up since the days of the Apostles, which were coming up before their decease; and the Apostle speaks to Titus of the unruly talk­ers, whose mouths must be stopped, who taught for filthy lucre, which were evill beasts, slow bellies, which followed fables made by the will of men; and of these your Church is made up of, which to every good work are reprobates, being reprobate to the good, and disobedient, Tit. 1. And the grace of God which brings salva­tion hath appeared to all men, teaching us to live righteously, sob [...]rly, and godly. Are not you run into the worlds lusts, and from the soberness, and from the grace of God which brings salvation, by which people are saved? into the foolish questions and strivings about the law, unprofitable and vain, which are the hereticks which went forth from among the Apostles, Tit. 3. and so from the grace by which men are justified: Are not you gone into the lusts, and so into the wars that brought forth sin, and so death, and fighting, and wars, that hath brought forth among you, and so out of that which takes away the occasion of wars; and out of the faith that works by love, and so in the dead faith which is Cains, which will murder and kill them that sacrifices, that are contrary to you, so are not you stepped into Cains way from the true Church?

Moreover, are not you those that hold the faith of our Lord Je­sus Christ with respect of persons, and so are transgressors? committers of sin, who breaks in that point as respecting of persons, is guilty of all; and drawing before your judgment-seats, and killing. You great and rich men, whose time of weep­ing and howling is come, and so are turned to be the blasphe­mers, your Church is made up of blasphemers, respecters of persons, transgressors, committers of sin, & convicted by the Law that goes out of Sion Now the fruit of your faith is not the works of charity; for you'l kill and murther like Cain, so that faith is without the true works, and the true charity; but the belief is like the Devils and Cains, who is not justified by that faith, though you pretend faith and works to people; but the [...]ruits thereof declares you to be wolves, and so erred from the truth. Are not you swearers? which James saith, Above all things my brethren swear not at all, lest ye fall into condemnation. So are not [Page 69] you the false brethren, the false Church, the false Ministers, fal­len into the condemnation, contrary to James, who taught in the true Church, and the true brethren, that above all things they should not swear, neither by heaven, nor by earth, nor by any other oath? So is not your Church made up of Hereticks, & apostates, that are given to fables and rudiments of the world, and things below, forbidding meats and marriages, and reprobates con­cerning the true faith, and belief, which are found in the dead, without the works; but in the works of Cain and the Devill, murtherers, doing his works, as the Jews did against Christ, and the Apostles and Prophets.

Again, the Apostle Peter bids beware of false teachers, who said there are false prophets among the people, even so there shall be false teachers among you, who should bring in the damnable heresies, which should bring upon themselves swift destruction even denying the Lord Jesus that bought them; which are like to Sodome, which are in their filthiness & fulness, and like unto Core, turing away from the truth, and Balaam and Cain. Now is not Corah's, Cains, and Balaams marks found among you? and h [...]h not these made up your Church, these which went forth from the Apostles? Doth not your Inquisitions▪ your Gaols, and dens, and persecutions, and murthers of the Saints shew Cains marks before mentioned? So let Corah's, Cains, and Balaams marks in your forheads testifi [...], which had the high words, and spoke them in hypocrisie, and beguiled the unstable souls; who are the cursed children (and contrary to the Apostles, and just Lot, and Noah, the 8th person) Who are the wells without the water, trees without the fruit; who having escaped the pollutions of the world, by whom ma­ny is again overcome, is brought in [...]o bondage by you: so [...]r [...]th hath been lost, troden under your feet, who ha [...]h born Corah's, Cains, Balaams image, 2 Pet. 2. But your damnation slumbers not, for you have denied the Lord in turning from the light which he hath lightned you withal, going from the spirit, as Cain, Core, & Balaam did. And then John wrote to little children, said, it was the last time, whereof Antichrist should come; even now there are many An­tichrists come into the world, whereby we know it is the last time which Christ said should come, Matth. 7. And told them again, Mat. 24. and said, he had told them before concerning false Prophets [Page 70] and Antichrists should come, inwardly ravening wolves, de­vourers, which John saw should come, and went forth from them into the world; and in the Revelation, The whole world that dwelt upon the earth went after them. So these that Christ said should come, John saw was come, inwardly ravening Wolves, false Prophets, false Teachers, which the world is gone after, hath made up your Church, which went forth from the Apostles; and Christ he said, they should come, bid them they should not go [...] after them; and John who saw they was come, bids them keep to the anointing in them; They need no man to teach them, but as the same anointing teacheth them, and as they continue in this, they continue in the Son, and in the Father. And from this are you all gone: so that which Christ said should come, John saw was come, even the Antichrist and the false Prophets, and how they should try the spirits that was gone forth into the world.

Again, they should love one another, and not as Cain slew his brother. Why did he slay him? because his sacrifice was ac­cepted, & his was not; Cains was not. Now doth not the fruits of your Church shew you to be Cains, & your love, which the Apo­stle saith not as Cains; so are you not apostatized from the true Church? the true love into Cains love? so no true brethren: and your love stands but in the word, not in the deed; and Iohn saith, Little children keep your selves from Idols. He saw the false Pro­phets & Antichrists then come wch should run into those things. Now here are not you apostatized again from the true Church, and run into Idols, who profess your selves to be men and tea­chers, and so run in that, that John bids the elect keep from, 1 John. So have proved your selves to be the false Apostles, that run after Idols, which Christ said should come, and the Apostle saw was come, that should if it we [...]e possible deceive the very elect with your Idols, which the elect before the foundation of the world was made keeps from, wch Idols your Church is full of.

Again, Jude saw it crept up before his decease at unawares; and he bids the Saints contend for the faith once delivered to them, the common salvation. So these that crept up in the days of Jude, hath made up your Church again, and separated themselves from the Apostle [...] sensual, not having the spirit, speaking the great high swelling words, admiring the persons of men for [Page 71] advantage, which are as Sodom and Gomorah and Corah offering strange fire, you are offering the strange sacrifice who are like clouds, winds, raging waves of the Sea, speaking great swel­ling words, having mens persons in admiration, going in the way of Cain, Corah, Balaam: Now the marks of all these are found in your Church, and found in your foreheads; Cains sword is among you, do not you rage, do not you fome, do not you kill, do not you speak, the high swelling words? But Enochs prophecy is come to passe; in ten thousands of his Saints is the Lord come to judgement, and to convince you of your un­godly deeds, and of your hard speeches against him, who be the filthy dreamers, defiling the flesh, speaking evill of the dignities, of the dominions; that goes over all transgression (which lets see the first transgression) that was befo [...] transgression was; this is dignity and the higher power. Now are you not in Cains way, and lost the patience, that kills, slays, and murthers, let all the world bear witness that be in the fear of God? Are not you fallen into the deeds of the Nicholaitans; and so like them which said, they were Jewes, and were not, but synagogues of Satan; and so do [...]h not your fruit declare you, that you are synagogues of Satan, murdering, killing? And was there not such before Johns decease, which said they were Jews, and were not? which John told should cast into prison, and try, and many of the faith­ful Martyrs were slain. Have not you held the doctrine of Bala­am? your Idols, and do you not here commit fornication with them? and is not this the stumbling-block you here lay for all people, Balaam-like? and is not the fruits of your Church made up of such? And was not the woman Jezebel beginning to teach before Johns decease; & teaching to seduce the servants of God, and to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed to Idols? and was not all this separated from the true Church, these Idols, Balaam, this Prophetess? And hath not these made up your Church, which hath the stumbling block? the word of the Lord doth try all this; Hath not he promised, and the Church doth know that he was the Lord that tryeth the reigns, and searcheth the heart? For is not Jezebels mark upon your fore-heads, and your Idols? your Church is full of them which defiles the land; And do you not kill and slay, Jezebel-like, and betray, and after fast, [Page 72] your hands full of blood, your heart full of deceit, strife and murther? Is not this Jezebels teachings? Jezebels fast? and your Idols Balaams stumbling block? And was not this coming up be­fore Johns decease, creeping up among the true Church? If a true Church fall into these things, God removes his Candlestick from them; so are you them the Candlestick is not among: Therefore you set up great outward Candlesticks among all your Idols, and so you have a name of Christians, but are dead. Thou hast a name of a Christian to live, but art dead, and so deceives Nations by your name; but now you are proved, your Church, your Ministers all, Jezebels mark, Balaams stumbling block, your Idols, you have not repented of your fornications, all your Idols, God will cast you into your bed of sorrows. And now your day of tryal is come; and he that overcomes shall be a pillar in the house of God: And so you have lost the key, and are shut up in darknesse; for was not Jezebel a murtherer, a slayer? and yet did she not fast? Did not the Apostles fast, and yet were no murtherers, nor slayers?

And at the opening of the 5th Seal, was not the cry of the souls heard; How long Lord, how long wilt not thou be avenged on them that are put to death for the testimony of Jesus; and dost not thou a­venge our cause O Lord? And was not the answer again, They should rest a season till the rest of their brethren were killed? Now who are the killers? who are the murtherers? have you not been the killers and murtherers one of another? and so out of the true Church, and all along apostatized from the true Church, Revel. 6. And so are not you them that are brought to poverty a­mong all the earth for want of the vertue of God among all people, and choaks them with your Idols? and so the bottomless pit hath been opened which hath no foundation; & your smoak and your locusts hath swarmed abroad; so are you not them that fell? the Star that fell? that fell from the Apostles, that fell from the truth? Is not your Church made up of locust? and have not you worshipped Devils & Idols, and gold and silver, brass, wood, iron, and stone, that can neither see nor hear? And doth not Iohn speak of this in the Revelations, which was distinct from the true Church? And is not your Church here found your Idols of brasse, of silver, of stone, and can neither see nor walk, Revel. 9. [Page 73] And hath not the two Witnesses been killed which was called the two Olive trees, and Candlesticks; the Olive trees fruits is the oyl, and what doth oyl do? Hath not this been killed, and the Candlestick which stands before the God of the earth? and the great City Sodome and Gomorrha where Christ was crucified, and them that crucified him was the professors of Scriptures, and you the professors of Scriptures, where is the Olive tree now? where is the Candlestick? How is spiritual Sodom full of your Idols and Images now? there is none turnes from the Olive tree and the Candlestick; but who are become spiritual Sodome and Ae­gypt in themselves; and consider was not the Dragon cast from Heaven to the Earth? and did not he persecute the Wom [...]n? and is not all persecutors of him? did not the Woman flee into the Wilderness? where hath she been all this time of Idols? where hath been the Church? was not the man-child caught up to God? did not the Dragon make war with the seed which keep the Commands of God? did not the Beast rise out of the Sea, which had his power and authority from the Dragon? who have been like Bears and Lions and Leopards? and all the world wondered after the Beast, and they wondered after the Dra­gon which had power from the Beast: (Now mark) where hath the Church been now? who is like to the Beast which rose out of the Sea, which all the World worshipped, which ravened from the Spirit of God; which went out from the A­postles, in Corahs, Cains, Balaams way, erred from the Spirit of God, they like a sea, out of truth; so here came in the Dragons power which gave the Beast his authority, which all the World worshipped, which dragon had made war, was that which persecuted the Woman; And the Beast made war with the Saints, and had his power from the Dragon which all that dwelt up­on the Earth should worship and over-come the Saints, then power was given to the Beast over all tongues, kindreds and Nations; over all kindreds, your tongues, your Teachers, which saith ton­gues is the originall, Orthodox men which have their learning from tongues hath the Beast power over, and all that dwelt upon the Earth should worship him, and he should deceive them that dwelt upon the Earth by reason of his miracles; he should make Images to the Beast, and they should worship the Beast; [Page 74] and they should neither buy nor sell; but who had the mark of the Beast and his Image; now it is the Beast that sets up the Image; now here is the Image, the Beast, here is your Church, and here is the Beast that hath his power over all kindreds, tongues and Nations, and the Woman fled into the Wilderness, and the man-child caught up to God, and the Dragon made war with the seed, and the Beast hath power from the Dragon which kills the Saints; now where is your Church? where hath the true Church been? now where is the faith and patience of the Saints? He which kills with the sword, must be killed with the sword; him that hath an ear let him hear; the Dragon the Beast, out of the Sea; out of the Earth; these are Scriptures, the Beast out of the Earth; his miracles, his Images; now here is your Church apostatized from the Apostles, from John, from the Woman, from the Saints, from the man-child caught up to God; so the Beast hath had his authority and power that killed the Saints, from the Dragon and the man-child caught up to God, the Woman fled into the Wilderness, and hath had his power and authority over all tongues, People and Nations, who hath deceived the Nations because of your miracles, and yet the tongues, & your Orthodox men, wch you call the original, which the Beast hath power over, will tell the people that the false Prophets are come but now, the 7. Mathew, but now is the seven vials coming upon the Beast, and his names, and them that vvorship him, for all these names in the vvhole Christendom is the Beasts names, not the Saints but by reproach, and now are the Reapers going forth vvith their sickle, and are calling people from the vvorship of the Beast and his Image, vvho had his seal to deceive them that dvvell upon the Earth, & the spirits of Devils vvorking miracles, vvhich goes forth to the Kings of the Earth in the vvhole Earth to gather them to battel against the great day of the Lord God Almighty, and blessed is he that keepeth his garment clean: and the great Whore, (Mistery Babylon) sits upon the Beast, vvhose povver vvas from the Dragon, vvhich all the World should vvorship, but vvho hath their names vvritten in the Book of life, and so she sits upon the beast in his several colours vvhich all Nations of the earth hath drunk of her cup & committed fornication with her, [Page 75] there the Woman is called the Church, now here is your Church, and she sits upon the waters, and the waters are People, Nations, multitudes and tongues, and she hath corrupted the Earth, and made the inhabitants of the Earth drunk, and the Kings of the Earth hath drunk of her cup, and committed forni­cation with her; but where hath been your Church all this time? when the multitude are waters, and Nations and ton­gues are waters, and the Whore hath sat upon them all, and the inhabitans of the Earth is drunk, and she hath drunk the blood of the Martyrs, and the blood of the Prophets and of the Saints; now if Prophets blood be drunk, and the Saints and Martyrs blood be drunk, where is the true Church now? and if the Prophets and Saints blood be drunk, and the Woman fled into the Wilderness, now where hath the true Church been? Now again the Lamb and the Saints shall have victory, the fall of Babylon shall be known, the judgements of the great Whore is come, and she shall be rewarded double as she hath rewarded: The Beast, the false Prophets, the Kings of the earth shall make war with the Saints; but again the Lamb and the Saints shall get victory who shall kill with the sword, slay with the sword, which is the words of his mouth, & the Beast shall be taken with him, the false Prophet the old Dragon, and be cast alive into the lake of fire. Now here was the Lambs weapons and Saints, killing and slaying with the sword, which is the word of his mouth; but their weapons is fire, faggot, inquisition, tor­turing, hanging, drawing, and quartering, about your Religion, about your worship, that which your faith stands in which is proved to be Cains and not Abels, the Keeper of Sheep; for the Lamb and the Saints shall have the victory, and the holy Pro­phets shall have power over you, whom the beast hath had power over, whom you have worshipped, and the Whore hath set upon all tongues, and kindreds, and Nations, and the ever­lasting Gospel shall be preached to them that dwell upon the earth, to all tongues, people and Nations that dwell upon the earth, and so your Church hath been made up of false Pro­phets inwardly ravening Wolves, and the grievous Wolves, not sparing the flock, and that come in after the Apostles depar­ture, that rose up among them, that had the Sheeps clothing, [Page 76] Math. 7. and 24. Acts 20. And your Church is made up of He­reticks which the Apostle speaks of that served not the Lord Jesus Christ, but their own bellies, which caused devisions, which had the good words and fair speeches which deceived the hearts of the simple, Romans 16. And your Church is made up of false Apostles, Sa­tans Ministers, Satans messengers, transforming themselves as the true messengers, Ministers and Apostles, your Church is made up of such who forbids marriages and meats, which the Apostle said should come, and so in the Devils doctrines (as 1 Timoth. 4. and 2 Corinth. 11. and so are not built upon the true foundation of the Prophets and Apostles and Christ Jesus,) who being past feeling, who are gone after the vanities of your own minds like Gentiles into Idols, Ephes. 5.4. who are the injurious Persons, as Paul was in his first estate, before con­version, when he persecuted, who never after conversion did persecute, for then he came into the life and substance of what he professed in words before, and so your fruits do shew your Church to be made up of injurious Persons, persecuting like Saul, not converted, and yet you he doting about Law and Gos­ple which you do not know what you affirm and speak of; so your Church many of them through Philosophie, and rudements below are held up by the Commandments and doctrines of men, and feigned and voluntary humility which is your own, and usurped authority Jezabel-like, so hath forsaken the com­mand of the Lord Jesus Christ and the true Church, who said keep from Idols, you have made Idols and Images that can nei­ther hear, nor see, nor go, so your Church is to be confounded, which trusteth in Idols and Images, so not in the true Church of God, and your Church is made up of them that kill the Lord Jesus Christ, and kill the Prophets, and kills the Saints, and so fills up the wrath to the utmost which is to come upon you, and your Church is made up of such who for the love of money hath erred from the faith, and are covetous, and will sell Pardons for money; your Church is made up of such who be given to blaspheme, and so hath lost the godliness in which the Saints increase; but you have cankered the People with your images and pictures & idols of things below, so out of the sober state, in the malice, hatefull, out of the fruits of the true [Page 77] Church, but made up of such which Peter speakes of to be in Corahs, Cains, Balaams way; so your fruits declares, and thus you are contrary to Christ and the Apostles, and true Church sepa­rated from them, and such as the Apostle declares against hath made up your Church.

Have not you been the first birth of the Devil since the dayes of the Apostles, Murderers, and killers about formes and traditions, and Images, and outward Churches and Mi­nisters made by mens wills? is not Cains fruits the vaga­bond from God appeared among you, murderers, destroyers? Did the Apostles kill, slay and burn? had they their Inqui­sitions like you? and do not you all wear Cains mark and Balaams mark on your foreheads, and the Devils colours the murderer that is out of Truth? has not his flagge been hung out among you? All that denies your Religion and worshipping your Images, Crosses, and all your Mini­sters made by the will of men, and Temples made with mens hands, its death, by fire, Inquisition or Wracks, and the devil is he that destroyes the creatures, but the power of God destroyes him, lets up the soul, and brings the creature into liberty. Christ saith, My body I will give for the life of the World. And Christ saith, He is from above, and he is not earthly; The first man is of the earth earthly. So after you have consecrated your bread and wine, if you will come to an open tryall and proof, that may openly bee proved and seen whether or no your bread and wine is not below after consecration, and will waste and consume, which Christ his flesh sees no corruption, his body is the Church; and is bread and wine after you have consecrated it the Church? or do you call your selves the Church at Rome? or do you call your selves the body of Christ? do you call the very bread and wine the very body and blood of Christ after you have consecrated i [...], and so the very Church? and then where are you the Church? and have you not set bread and wine over you? and you s [...]y Christs body was humane, that's the first Adam earthly, the second is the Lord from heaven; and after you have consecrated Bread and Wine, if it be humane, that signifies earthly, & that shews the creatures as they were before your consecration, and so not the [Page 78] body of Christ, and as oft as you do eat this bread, and drink this cup, y [...] do shew forth the Lords death till he come: That signifies that he and his body was not present, for where his body is, there needs no representation, for it was in the night in which he was betrayed, that he gave them the cup for remembrance, and do you take it in the night, and follow the practise of Christ and his Disciples? which is in remembrance of him, which is the cup of the New Testament in his blood, This do as oft as ye do it in remembrance of me. This was in the night. Now the Apostle bid the Corinthians (that the end of the world was come to) examine themselves, and prove their own selves, that they might know their own selves, how that Jesus Christ was in them except they were reprobates, and if Christ was in them what need they to have bread and wine to put them in Remembrance of him?


1 WHo was the first Author or setter forth of all your Pi­ctures, your Crosses, your Crucifixes, your Images? and what was their names, seeing that the Apostles and Teachers and Ministers did not set forth such things in the Church▪ but witnessed against Idols, and that they might keep themselves from Idols, and that they were not to look at things that were seen, as in the Epistles of John, and to the Corinthians; And are not images, pictures, crucifixes, crosses, things that be seen? And the things that are seen are temporall, but the things that are not seen are eternall; and is not it which set up these things, that which denyed the power of God?

2 How is it that you set up Tythes, seeing that the Apostle witnessed against the Priest-hood that took tythes, and said, the Law was changed, and the commandement disannulled that gave them? And though Abraham gave tythes to Melchisedeck, the similitude, the son of God is come, the end of the similitude and likenesse; and who was the first beginner of them amongst you?

3 Who was the first Author that gave ye the commands for the observing of dayes, holy dayes, Saints dayes, seeing the Apo­postle [Page 79] and the Saints which were in the true Church, brought the Saints off days, yea the days which God had commanded to Christ the substance, and said, there was not any name under hea­ven by which a man should be saved, but his name; and what they were to do, they were to do in the name of Christ. And when they cryed Paul, Apollo, or Cephas, he rebuked them; are not all you come under rebuke now, that are crying up names, days, meats, drinks, which the Kingdom of Heaven stands not in, and so has lost the power and the substance?

4 Where did Christ or the Apostles command in the Scripture, or the Church practiced, that such things forementioned should be done, or come after them, shew me by Scripture. Now if you say that Solomon had a Temple, and there were images and an Ark, and an Altar, those were but figures, they were not the substance; and when the substance came, they ceased.

Now what does all your dayes, crosses, crucifixes, tythes type forth? and who commanded them? shew by Scripture where e­ver Christ or the Apostles commanded any such thing as a Cru­cifix, as a Crosse, as Tythes, as a Temple, as an Altar outward, or to pray by Beads, shew by the Scriptures, where ever the true Apostles, true Church or Christians practised any such things, or that any such things were amongst them, or said that any such things should come after them; answer me by plain Scrip­tures?

5 May not a man give all his goods away to the poor, and his body to be burned? and what will that profit him if he have not love? yea, love to enemies? And how can you love them when you bring them to your Inquisitions, or burn or imprison them, kill or banish them? Now mark; are not you of that sect that the Apostle speaks of, that may give all your goods away to the poor, and your bodies to be burned, and yet nothing, not having love: And what differs your love from that love, that may give your goods away, and bodies to be burned, and yet not have true love? And do not you think that you gain by that now, and do inherit some righteousness for it; and is not that all out of the true righteousnesse, which is out of the true love? Now the love of God and Christ which was in the Apo­stles, was to love enemies. Now if you love your sect, and them [Page 80] that be of your worship, and observes your customes, and burn, and prison, and kill others that be not of your sect and judge­ment, and observes your customes? Is this the love of Christ? Is this the love of God? Is this the love that was in the Apostles? Did the Apostles do so? did Christ do so, that had all power, &c. to all that were not of their minde, yea or nay, answer?

6 What differs your works from the works of the Pharisees? for that which they did, they did to be seen of men. And the young man boasted of his works; yet when it came that he should have sold all, and followed Jesus, the beloved of God, there was [...]he hard thing, whereby he might have had treasure in heaven: And how differs your giving almes from the Phari­sees, seeing the Pharisees were in your state to murther, and murthered the just? and you give almes, and are found in the same nature, that will and do murther them that be contrary minded to you, wherein do you here differ from the Pharisees? And Ch [...]ist saith, love enemies; and you have your Inquisitions and Fagots, here his love differed from the Pharisees and yours. And saith John, Let us love in deed, not in word, not as Cain the wicked one who slew his brother, because his works were righteous, & the others were evill: And saith John, He that killeth with the sword must perish with the sword, here is the faith and patience of the Saints Now where is your patience, that are killing and pri­sonin [...]? And we wrestle not against flesh and blood, saith the Apo­stle, but against principalities and powers, and spiritual wickednesses in high places. How do you wrestle against principalities and pow­ers, and spiritual wickednesses in high places? Does it not shew that your weapons are carnall, and not spiritual, while you are prison­ing, burning, making inquisitions for the bodies of people that are contrary to your minde? Do not you wrestle against flesh and blood? Is not this to wrestle against flesh and blood to prison, to burn, to kill creatures? are not you apostatized from the true A­postles, and true Church, which is the pillar and ground of truth, who said, We wrestle not against flesh and blood? answer these things by Scripture.

7 Do you own the Law and Prophets, which is to do as you would be done by? would you have all that be contrary to your minde do unto you, as you do unto others, to make Inquisition [...], [Page 81] and to burn and to kill them that be contrary to their minde, as you have your Inquisitions, Fagots, Fires, for such that be contrary to your minde, not observing your customes? would you have others do so unto you, and serve you so, that will not observe your customes? Is not to do as you would be done by, the Law and the Prophets?

8 Did ever Christ or the Apostles give any command that a­ny should be put to death touching worship, touching Religion? shew me a command in Scripture from Christs or the Apostles mouths? Are not they that murther, slay, and make war the Beast and the false Prophets, under the dominion of the mo­ther of Harlots, and in the steps of Cain and Jezebel, out of the steps of Christ and the Apostles?

9 What is will-worship? Does any worship God in the spirit & truth, but who be in that, which the Devil is out of? Can any being in the spirit and in the truth which the Devil is out of the Murtherer, slay any concerning Religion or worship? but on the cōtrary; if they be in the evil overcome it with good; Now if you kill, murther, slay, make Inquisitions & burn, where is patience, where is long suffering, where is stopping the mouths of gain-sayers, concerning gain saying? if you cannot, you have a fagot for them, or a prison, or an Inquisition, are you not here like unto them, that rose against Stephen, that were not able to resist his spirit, but stoned him to death? wherein differs your na­ture and spirits from these? did Stephen do so to others? the Apostles were stoned, did they do so to others? Now this is Christs command, he sent them forth as sheep amongst Wolves, he sent out Prophets and Wisemen, and said some they should kill, and some they should thrust out of their Synagogues & some they should persecute from City to City, and said, they should be hated of all men for his names sake, and they should speak all manner of evil of them; and were these to do so again to others, kill, hate, hale out of Synagogues, persecute? Nay did not Christ say, love ene­mies, blesse them that curse, now are not they that are con­trary to this, out of this, Anti-christs, and false Apo­stles?

10. Has not the true Ministery, true Spirit, true Power, true Church, & the true crosse, been lost since the dayes of the Apostles? [Page 82] and the false Ministery, false Prophets, false Apostles, Anti­christs, Synagogues of Satan has appeared, since which all your Crosses, your names, your pictures, your Images, your praying by beads, has come up? have not you lost the true spirit, the I­mage of the Father, and his name, by which men are saved; and so since run into other names; run into Images, lost the true Image; run into Crosses, lost the true Cross the power of God; run into praying by beads, and lost the true praying in the spirit, and is not the Candle put out within, and so ye have set up your lights burning without? you defiled the Temple of God within; and so set up Temples without; are they not set up by that which defiles the inward Temple? and is not that it which will murther, slay, prison, and bring before Inquisitions, which defiles the Temple of God? seeing they that witnessed the Temple of God, said love enemies, and does not it shew, that the love of God was there? if love enemies, which was a command of Christ, who are them that are to be per­secuted and hated, and who are they that you are to slay and kill? answer.

11 Have you heard the voyce of God immediately from hea­ven, as the Prophets & Apostles did, have you the same spirit wch Christ and the Apostles had, which gave forth the Scriptures, which was before they were given forth, yea or nay?

12. Is that the blood of Christ that is your wine, which was shed upon the Cross when Christ was crucified, alter you have consecrated it?

13. Is that the body of Christ that is your bread, after you have consecrated, that said, Lo a body hast thou prepared me to do the will of God? and will not your bread corrupt, and let it lye after you have consecrated it? and does the body, the flesh of Christ see corruption? answer.

14. What is the ground and cause of all the destractions a­mongst the called Christians? is it not because they have the words of Christ, the Prophets and Apostles, but be cut of the life of them?

15. What is that thing wch four men do carry on staves, that all men must bow before it, when you carry it in the streets? and [Page 83] what do you do it for? and where did Christ or the Apostels do any such thing?

16. Why do you when you sprinkle your children, put salt in their mouths, spit in their eares, dip their heads in the water, and crosse them over the faces?

17. What is the death that hath passed over all men?

18. What is the tree of knowledge of good and evill?

19. What is Anti-christ? is not it he, which sets up things which Christ has not commanded?

20. What is the beast, the first and second?

21. What is the Dragon?

22. What is the Mother of Harlots, and her cup which all Nations and the Kings of the earth has drunk of?

23 What is the bottomlesse pit?

24 What are the locusts?

25 What is the first principle of the pure Religion?

26 Doth Christ Jesus enlighten every man that comes into the world, yea or nay?

27 What is it that gives the knowledge of the glory of God, and where is it?

28 What is the Word?

29 What is the Gospel?

30 What is the Record?

31 What is the Original?

32 What is the law and the testimony?

33 What is self-righteousnesse?

34 Shall a man while he is upon earth have the body of sin put off, and be perfect, and come to that which is perfect, and have his transgressions and sins blotted out, yea or nay?

35 What is conscience? and what is the soul?

36. Would you not destroy them that would break down your pictures, your Images, your Crosses, your Crucifixes, and throw away your beads? would not that lov [...] in you destroy them that should destroy your pictures, Crosses▪ Crucifixes, Images, & beads? would not the Heathen have done the same to the Jews, that had destroyed their Images, Groves, pictures set up which God never commanded? Would not the Jews have destroyed [Page 84] the Apostles for denying the Temple, the Altar, Sanctuary, Ta­bernacle, dayes, Priests, offerings, the outward things which God had formerly commanded, but denyed by them that came to witnesse, and preach up the body that God had prepared to put an end to them? and was not that the love of God in the Apo­stles, and was not that the sel [...]ish love that held up pictures, Tem­ples, Images, Idols, which God never commanded, and was not that the selfish love in the Jews, that held up Temple, tythes, Priests, Images, similitudes, and are not you in the selfish love, and is not this selfish love that holds up Temples, Tythes, Priests, Images, Crucifixes, Pulpits, and is not all this in one na­ture, Jews, Gentiles, and you since the dayes of the Apostles, and out of the love that the Apostles were in, who witnesse a­gainst Jewes, Priests, tythes, and Gentiles and Idols and bad the Saints keep themselves from Idols, 1 John 5.21.

37. Are not they the false Apostles, Ministers and Teachers & Antichrist, Beast and false Prophets who comes with lying signs wonders and miracles, since the dayes of the Apostles and John? and who are these describe them that should come with the lying signs and wonders, and the beast should work miracles since the dayes of the Apostles?

38. Are not they the false Apostles, Ministers and Teachers, and in the night, out of the true day, & have lost it since the dayes of the Apostles (the true Christians, which were children of the day) that now observes dayes? is not this a figure and sign to be in the night? was not the true Apostle afraid of some, that observed dayes, that he had bestowed his labour in vain amongst them, and was not this observing of dayes coming up amongst some before the Apostles decease which the true Apostles rebu­ked, and since the dayes of the Apostles, have they not spread over Nations, observers of dayes, and are they not gone into the night and lost the true day?

39. Why do you whip your selves, with cords or ropes, or whips, where did the Christians or Apostles do so? or did Christ or the Apostles give any such command? will you be tryed and have your practises tryed by the Scriptures of Christ and the Apostles?

40. Do you own the practice of the Church of the Saints and Christians which the Apostle was amongst, that if any thing [Page 85] be revealed to another that sits by, let the first hold his peace, for ye may all prophecy one by one, that all may learne, and be edified and comforted, the Spirits of the Prophets are subject to the Prophets, and God is the God of order, and not of confusion?

41. Do you own that Sons and Daughters shall prophecy in this age, and that the spirit will be poured out upon them, yea or nay?

42. Do you own revelation and immediate inspiration as the Apostles had, the same now in these dayes as was amongst them, yea or nay?

43. Do you own trembling and quaking as was amongst the Saints which the Scriptures speak of, and the salvation which is to be wrought out with fear and trembling, and doth not this work out that nature, that beats and striks the Creature?

44. What are all your names that you give to your Fryers Monks, Jesuits given to them for? where did Christ and the Prophets and Apostles do so, or give any such names to any, as white Fryers, black Fryers, Jesuits, Abbots, Monks? has not this been set up since the fall [...]ng away from the power and life that the Saints were in, who were of one mind and heart and Spirit and Soul, and the number of these names got up since?

45. From whence was the rise of your Pope, Cardin [...]ls, Abbots, Monkes, Pryors, Arch Bishops, Covents, Canons, Nunns, Jesuites, Franciscans, Dominicans, Carth [...]sians, Capu­chins, Benedictines, Mendicants, Carmelits, gray Fryers, black Fryers, white Fryers; your Regulers and Seculers; our Altar, Rayles, Organs, Candlesticks, Tapers, Lights, Tor­ches, holy Water, Myters, Vestments, Fonts, Surplisses, Ben­dings before Images, bowings before the Altar; where do ye find these names or things amongst the Apostles or the Saints and Churches which the Apostles were amongst? or where did they do so, (shew a proof of it) before their decease, in all their Epistles, or in all the declaration of Christ or the Apostles, for your practise to act or practise any such thing, or to give any such names, or set up such Orders?

46. Where had the Apostles and Saints any Inquisi­tion-Houses, [Page 86] to put them in that were contrary to their minds?

47. Where had the Apostles and Saints any houses to put men and women into, such as ye call Abbies, Monasteries, Nunneries?

48. Where did the Apostles or Saints, set up a form, that some of them should beg all their life times? is it not said, I have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed beging his bread?

49. Where did ever any in the Scriptures, wear sack-cloth or hair-cloth, except such as of the Lord God were commanded to wear them as a sign?

50. Where is it amongst the Apostles and true Churches that were amongst them, that they should be distinguished one from another, by their habits, as every name hath their severall ha­bits amongst you? prove me this by Scripture, have not you lost the true knowing one another in the Spirit, and so know one another by habits and names?

51. Where did the Apostles and Saints that were amongst them, the true Church, give any such Commands that there should be any dayes set apart for fish, to be observed as you do, answer me these things out of the Doctrines of Christ or the Apostles, or Disciples of the Apostles and the true Church?

52. Where was there any amongst the Apostles and Disci­ples which was the true Church amongst the true Christians, that had the name of Pope before their decease, or Fryeries, or Abbies, or Nunneries or Monkes, or any such names amongst them, answer me by the Scriptures out of the practice of the true Apostles, and true Christians, which the Apostles were amongst before their decease?

53. Where did the Apostles and Disciples take a vow of any Christians, or make them to give them a vow, that they should never possesse any thing of their own, or never marry, but put them into houses, where they should never come out a­gain, and is not that the Doctrine of Devils, which was co­ming in before the Apostles decease, forbidding the eating of meats, and forbidding of marriage, 1 Tim. 4. and from what [Page 87] ground and root has this had its rise?

54. What were the false Prophets and Anti christ, that Christ said should come in the 7. and 24. of Math. to his Disciples, & which the Disciples [...]aw was come, as in 1 Joh. 2. and 4. which went forth from them wch he saith in his revelations, all that dwelt upon the earth went after, and all Nations drunk the cup of the fornica­tion, and the Kings of the earth and all that dwelt upon the earth worshipped the Beast, what Kings of the earth, were th [...]y that drunk this cup of fornication? and all Nations, and what Nations were they? that cup was this? was not it them that ra­vined from the life, which went forth from the Apostles, which made war against the Saints, and should overcome them for a season, that kept the testimony of Jesus the spirit of Prophesy, whose names were written in the Lambs book of life, slain from the foundation of the world?

55. Where did the Apostles and the Church, that they were amongst before their decease, set up Crosses, and did they fill their windowes full of pictures and Images of males and fe­males? answer me this by Scripture, out of the Apostles practice: Now if you say that Joshua bowed before the Arke, and Solomon made Images, Joshua bowed to the Lord before the Arke, and Christ is come the substance of all tipes, and figures and sha­dowes, and to him must every knee bow, who is a greater then Solomon that built the Temple, and Stephen that was stoned to death for witnesing the substance and denying the figure?

56. And where did the Apostles and Disciples, or the Mi­nisters of Christ Jesus which was amongst the Apostles, before their decease, consecrate bread and wine, or Christ give them any such Comm [...]nd to consecrate it? tell me out of the Com­mands of Christ, or the Commands of the Apostles before their decease, that they practised any such thing amongst the Saints; And what Scripture have you, or Command from Christ or the Apostles, or the Church that was amongst them, that speaks of seven Sacraments, or any such names that they had amongst them, or give forth any such thing to be practised after them; let the practice of Christ and his Apostles and the Saints then speak for it, or declare it, or else you must acknowledge your [Page 88] selves to be besides them, and acknowledge it to be, but an in­vention, and your own words?

57. If your Church be the Pillar and ground of Truth, the gates of Hell cannot pervail against it, but if the gates of Hell have prevailed, and you swallowed up in darkness and in inventions, and are fain to hold up your selves, with Prisons and Inq [...]isitions and Goales, and outward Carnal weapons, does not this shew that your weapons are carnal and not spiritual, and that you are out of the power of Truth, which the Apostles were in; I am none of those that you cal your sects, separated from you and drove you out of your houses, and taken them and call them the Church, nor any of them that holds up Tythes, or Temple outward which has your Crosses on the end of them, nor any of them that holds up Priests, which have been made by Schooles and Colledges, and has their Temples and Pulpits imitating Ezra or Solomon, & not Christ who came to put an end to them, nor any of them that are taught to call the dayes by the Saints names, nor any of them that are taught to call the Col­ledges, by Jesus, by Christ, by Immanuel, by Trinity, none of them that ever was learned to call them by these names, nor any of them taught by the Heathen to call moneths by the names of January, February, March, April, May, &c. and to name dayes, and to call them, by such a Saint, or such a God, or Sun, or Moon, or Starres; But am a witnesse against all the Priests made by Schooles and Colledges by mans will, and Tythes, and Tem­ples, set up since the dayes of the Apostles in the Apostacy, and a witnesse against all the Jews, Temples, Tythes, Pulpits, Priests and offerings, one of them that are the Elect; that witness the e­verlasting Priest-hood and everlasting covenant.

58. Are not all these Pulpits, Temples, Tythes, Priests, Schooles, Colledges made by the will of man, and set up by the will of man in the apostacy since the dayes of the Apostles? and are not you all in the Apostacy from Christ and the Apo­stles, who said when they curse blesse ye, and the Apostle sayes, my brethren bless and curse not, Now you that do curse by your Bell, by your Book, and by your Candle, are not you aposta­tized from the Apostles Doctrine here, who saith, bless and curse not; and ye curse; Did not the Apostle Peter see the Cursers, [Page 89] cursed speakers, come up before his decease?

59. Did the Apostles give the names as Whitsontyde, or Easter, or Christmas, the names of holy dayes, are not all these set up since the Apostles? seeing the Apostle said he was afraid of them that observed dayes; Did not the Jews dote upon the shadow more then the substance, dote upon the day more then they did upon Christ? But shew what your observing of Whitsontyde, Easter, or other holy dayes does signify forth, and who was the first author of your Church, or where the Apostles or the Church before their decease practised or commanded any such thing? if not, grant your selves Apostates.

60. Where did the Apostles or Ministers of Christ or the beleivers before their decease, build great Abbies, Monasteries, and set crosses on the ends of them, Nunneries, Cloysters, build walkes in the ground? shew it by Scripture, by that prove your practice, else acknowledge your selves to have set up these things who be in the apostacy?

61 Where had the Apostles or the Saints, Bells jangling to call them together like a company of Heathen, or like they that have a horn to call their hounds together, or the Swine-heard for people to put forth Swine, or hower-glasses to preach by the hower? prove it by scripture, else acknowledge your are in the Apostacy, and have set up [...]hese things by your own inventions, and are them that limit the spirit.

62. Where did ever the Apostles consecrate any thing, or the scripture speak of Sacraments, or where did the Apostles use that which you call holy Water, to sprinkle people withal? if you cannot shew it by scripture, where the Apostles or Christ di [...] practise any such thing, acknowledge your selves that you be in the Apostacy that have set up such things since the dayes of the Apostles, and erred from the true Church in your inventions.

63. Where did the Apostles when they went to preach or to pray, put on white Hoods, Copes, Tippets, white Surplisses and cornered Caps, are not all these things got up since the dayes of the Apostles amongst such as are apostat [...]z [...]d from them?

64. Who are the inwardly Raveners that Christ said should [Page 90] come, which was the false Prophets, which should have the Sheeps clothing, but inwardly ravening Wolves, an inwardly ra­vening Wolf, worse then a dog, which got the sheeps clothing, is not this it that has made war against the Saints, that kept the testimony of Jesus the Spirit of prophesy, and has not the wolf been covered with the sheeps clothing long, such as ravined from the spirit, such as has inwardly ravened, and would ra­vine and destroy all that be contrary minded?

65. Have not men fallen into the flesh since the dayes of the Apostacy, and ravined from the spirit, that went forth from the Apostles, are not they them that has set up all these outward things, as Temples, Tythes, Priests, crosses, crucifixes, Schooles, Colledges, to make them Ministers, Images, Idols, Abbies, Nunne­ries, Candels, Altars, Holy waters, Praying by Beads, sprink­ling children with the sign of the crosse, and have not you gone back who are ravened from the spirit, and so lost the substance, and so imitating Aaron and his Sons, and imitating Altars▪ and outward things that stood in Moses, which the Apostle sayes, while Moses was read, the veil was over their hearts?

66. Was not the first Priest-hood a true tipe, and the Tem­ple a true tipe of the inward, and the Sanctuary and Altar a tipe, and the outward things in the Law, shadowing forth the good things that were to come, which were but to have their times and seasons? and did not the Apostle witnesse the substance of all tipes, figures and shadows, and signs and similitudes and like­nesses, and witnessed that which gave him to see where there was no shadow nor changing? Now are not all your tythes, Tem­ples, Priests, Altars, Crosses, Crucifixes, Images, Simili­tudes, Beads, Cloysters, Abbies, Nunneries, set up by your own inventions, which men and people has been compelled to wor­ship, are not all these lying signs and wonders, and the wor­ship of the beast, that which they that inwardly ravened, set up, and is not this to give worship to them that inwardly ravined from the spirit of God, who are the Wolves, that [...]an make a profession of Christs and the Apostles words, the Beast and false Prophets which the world has wondred after, and should deceive them with their lying signes and wonders: Did not the Apostles give hints of such things before their decease? did not [Page 91] John see such come as the whole world went after, and all that dwelt upon the earth worshipped the Beast?

Now answer me these things, and clear me them by Scripture, where the Apostles did practise or act any such things before mentioned: and if ye be not such that John and the Apostles speaks of, and Christ, that should be the inward ravening wolves, and go forth from the Apostles, which John saw all that dwelt upon the earth worshipped and went after; and all that dwelt upon the earth drunk the cup of fornication, and should deceive them that dwell upon the earth with their lying signes and wonders, and miracles; and if you be not them, tell me who they are?

67 What is the Beast, and the number of his names? and what are his names, and what is his marke, that they that would not receive should be persecuted? And what is his image? and what are his heads? and what are his crowns? and what is the mother of the harlots? and what is the great whore which hath corrup­ted the earth? and what is the cup of fornication that all Nati­ons has drunk of? and who are the Beast and false Prophets? & what are they that are come up since the dayes of the Apostles?

How to say you believe as the Church believes, and you will not trou­ble your selves about the Scriptures, because they are hard to [...]e understood; you are to see that you be of the Church that the Apo­stles were of, which was the pillar and ground of truth, which was without spot or wrinkle, or blemish, and so their belief stood in Christ and God: And when any did wrong, yea Peter, Peter was withstood, and not believed as he believed. And as for say­ing the Scriptures are hard to be understood, that is to shew you want the spi [...]it as was in them that gave them forth, in which is the unity and the bond of peace. And none comes to be a member of the Church in God the pillar and ground of truth without spot or wrinkle, or blemish, but who comes into the spi­rit that they were in that gave forth the Scriptures, with which spirit every one in particular hath his particular satisfaction in the Scripture, it opens it to them, with which spirit he hath unity with God, unity with the Scriptures, of whom they learned that gave them forth, and there is the bond of peace Now to tye up men to believe as others believe, and to compell them by a law, or a prison, or an inquisition, this was not in the true Church, but this is a marke of the apostacy from [Page 92] it, and is a marke, that they that do so, are the wresters of the Scriptures, and err'd, ravened from the spirit that they were in that gave them forth. For it was not their worke to compell peo­ple by a Law, by a prison, by an Inquisition to obey their faith, and to bring them into their worship and doctrine, that was not the worke of them that had the spirit that gave forth the Scrip­tures; but this shews and signifies, and declares it selfe forth, that you would have power over mens faith, which saith the A­postles, we have not, but bade them look at Jesus the author of the faith. And again, to believe as others believe, which do call themselves a Church: Is not this different from the Apostles doctrine, who saith, he that believes hath the witnesse in himself; and hast thou faith, have it to thy self?

68 Is your Church the body of Christ, and is your bread the body of Christ after consecration? and is that bread after you have consecrated it, the Church? Is that the body of Christ the Church? for the Apostle saith, the body of Christ which is the Church.

69 Is God worshipped in truth, but in the spirit that gave forth the Scriptures, and in that which the Devil is out of? Now can any of you worship God in the truth, unlesse you be in the spirit that gave forth the Scriptures? then being in the spirit that gave forth the Scriptures, how can you say that the Scripture is hard to be understood, or any that be in the Church, seeing the true Church is made up of living stones; and the Scripture was given forth from the spirit.

70 And whereas it is a generall word to say you believe as the Church believes, and the Scriptures are hard to be under­stood. Doth not this shew that you be all afraid of your stand­ing? and shew that your Church is in the state of apostacy, from the Apostles and Disciples of the Lord Jesus, that there is a cry amongst you, the Scripture is hard to be understood? And we must believe as the Church believes, and the Church is the Pope and his Councel. Now if he or his Councel dare not venture to try their standing to meet the spirit of God, and to answer these Q [...]eries, or all his train that be under him; then shall we know, and then shall it be seen who is the true Church, and who are the apostates, and set up a likenesse, an Image: And if [Page 93] you do shelter your selves in the darkness, and not come forth to the light, and dare not venture your Principles, and is afraid of the heat, and for fear that your heads should be cut or slashed, and your principles dasht to pieces; and see that your weapons will not carry you out, and that your righteousnesse is but as rags, and you have been but wolves covered with the sheeps cloathing, and have been devourers of the Lambs, and can do nothing without your swords and carnall weapons, and your Inquisitions, then may the whole world see you: Therefore come out, I challenge you all, and give an answer either in print or in writing, and bring your deeds to light, that they may be manifested to the whole earth, and declared on the house-top; our weapons are not carnall with which we shall handle you; neither need you fear your persons; neither need you be afraid that we will wrestle with flesh and blood; for that which was a­mongst the Apostles, is come to, that which hath been since the Apostles is seen: The arm of flesh is not our weapons, but the Lord of hosts. Come thou Pope, with all thy Jesuites and Cardinals, and see if thou can stand this day before the truth, for these que­ries be to the whole body and thee, scattered up and down the face of the whole earth, and the power of the Lord God of life, of heaven and earth is gone over you, and hath fathomed you.

71 Was it the work of the Christians to be beating D [...]ums up and down, fighting, destroying one another? where has been loving enemies? where has been overcoming evill with good, and rendring to no man evill for evill?

72 Doth not Christ say, It hath been said of old time, thou shalt perform thy oath unto the Lord? But doth not he say, swear not at all? Now ye swearers, have not you b [...]oken Christs command, and have apostatized from his doctrine? but if ye say the Pro­phets swore, or Abraham swore, or David swore, or Solomon swore, or Moses swore, or the Priests swore; Christ is the end of the Prophets and Priesthood, a greater then Solomon, then Jo­seph or Jacob. Before Abraham was I am, who saith, swear not at all. Now if you say, did not the Apostles say, an oath was an end of controversie and strife amongst men, that men swore by the greater, which the Apostle brings as an example, shewing how God could not finde a greater, and therefore swore by himselfe con­cerning [Page 94] his covenant that doth not change betwixt God and man, in which covenant man comes to have peace with God. Now if ye say, did not the Angel swear in the Revelations; I bring forth my first begotten into the world, and let all the Angels worship him; and this is the beloved Son, heare ye him saith God. And above all things my brethren, saith the Apostle, swear not at all, neither by heaven nor by earth, lest ye fall into condemnation: So are not all you swearers fallen under condemnation, and out of the Apostles doctrine, and apostatized from it? Nay, is not the pow­er which you call your supream, under the condemnation? and Magistrates that are swearers, and giving oaths, no Christian Magistrates, but they and their power is all under condemnati­on, all swearers upon the earth; for saith the Apostle, Above all things my brethren swear not at all left ye fall into condemnation. So are not ye swearers, who calls your selves a Church, Pope, Magi­strates, all upon the earth under condemnation, and out of the doctrine of the Apostles, false brethren, and out of the power of Christ, who has all power in heaven and e [...]rth given unto him, who saith, let your yea be yea, and your nay nay, in all your commu­nications, who is the end of oaths, whose doctrine the Apostles preached and abode in. Now are not all Churches, Teachers, powers, Magistrates under condemnation that be the swearers, and not the help-government to Christ, out of the higher power, all Magistrates from under the higher power that be swearers, and out of Christs power, and help Magistracy and government for him, who has all power in heaven & earth given unto him, and out of the Apostles Doctrine, and Christs Doctrine, who saith, Let all your communication be yea, yea, and nay, nay; for whatsoever is more is evill. And so how can a company of swear­ers be a Church, or the supream power, which are the Beasts and false Prophets apostatized from the Apostles, and Christs Doctrine, and them that inwardly ravened from it, and has had the sh [...]eps cloathing, that tear and rend all in pieces, that will not come into the wolves way, and bow down to that which he has set up; and so therefore is the cry amongst you, the Scripture is hard to be understood; and you are tyed to be­lieve as yo [...] Church believes; so by that means you have held the out-side, the sheeps cloathing, and pretend to be saved by [Page 95] your works and merit [...], when the wolfe has been in your hearts tearing to pieces, and rend and devour them that will not believe as you believe: I cannot gainsay you in this, as for your saying the Scriptures are hard to be understood, when you are all ra­vened from the spirit that gave them forth.

73 Where did ever any of the Saints change their names, un­lesse they had a command for it, as ye do when ye are made Popes? Did Peter change his name?

74 Where was it amongst the Apostles that some might not marry, and they might not at some times of the yeare marry; but at those times they might have a licence to marry for mo­ney, as it hath been by them who be of you.

75 Where did the Apostles bear about candles for the purifi­cation of Mary as you do? where was this practice in the Church? or how do you as the Church did? or believe as the Church believes, when you fordid to marry? Did not the Church say it was the doctrine of Devils? and how do you as the Church did, when you forbid the eating of meats, when the Church said it was the doctrine of Devils.

76 Where did the Apostles consecrate swords, and send them to one another to fight with their enemies? how do you here be­lieve as the Church believes, who said, we wrestle not against flesh and blood; and their weapons were not carnall but spiritual.

77 Where did the Apostles sell Pardons and Indulgences for money; who said, they were not redeemed with corruptible things? and how do you believe as the Church believes, when you are redeeming one another with corruptible things?

78 How do you forgive one another freely as Christ hath for­given, when by your Pardons, Indulgencies, and Buls you get great sums of money of poor ignorant people? are not you in this the covetous, that makes merchandize of the people, that [Page 96] Peter saw coming in, who has the wages of unrighteousnesse, whose reward must be according to your works; for every man must receive a reward according to his deeds? And the Apostles said, they were not redeemed with corruptible things as silver and gold: And how are you apostatized from the Apostles doctrine, that are selling pardons for silver and gold corruptible? how do you here un­dervalue the blood of Christ which does cleanse from all sin; and believe as the Church believes, who said, By no other name un­der heaven shall we be saved, but by him? And how is it that yee have set up another name to pardon, the Pope, and sell par­dons? Do not you in this shew and discover you to be in the a­postacy from the Apostles and true Church, and not to do as they did?

79 Where did the Apostles set up Stews amongst them, the Christians before their decease, give your example? but bade them flee fornication; and said, no unrighteousnesse must enter into the kingdome of God; and he that defiled the Temple of God, God would destroy. And do not you in this set up that which is naught, and tollerate that which is wicked?

80 Where did ever the Apostles or the Saints say prayers by beads to the Saints, or to Saint Mary, as you do, or compell any so to do, or set forth such an order that should be after them. Where was any such things practised among the Apostles before their decease, that they must say so many prayers, numbred by so many beads, before they had a pardon?

81 Where did the Apostles or Saints run up and down for Reliques, or Bones of dead men as you do? and why do you gather up the chips of Wood and Stone and dust that flyes from the door that you break open, after you have chosen a Pope, and keep them as precious Reliques? where did ever any of the Saints do such things; and has not all these things come up since the dayes of the Apostles amongst you who from them are apostatized?

[Page 97]The Protestant and Papist are fighting and striving about Works. Now because the Apostle said, They were justified by faith without the works of the Law: And James saith, that faith without works is dead. And these are the Scriptures they fight a­bout, being both Protestant and Papist found out of the faith the Apostle spoke of, and are found out of the works of the Law both, so neither in the works of the faith, nor in the works of the Law, nor in seeing the intent of the Apostles Paul and James, when they was speaking of justifying by faith with­out the works of the Law, and Faith without the works was dead; Now the Apostle when he speaks to the Romans of being justi­fied by the faith without the works of the Law for the Faith in the heart takes away the nature that hath the shadowes, and tipes and figures which causeth the obedience of the Law, and which the fruits goes from that the Law takes hold upon, and through this Faith and by it, thats removed, whereby man hath access to God; now the Law, the works of the Law and the obedience to that, made such a provision for a command, being according to the Law, for the tenth to be offered up for the widdows, fatherlesse and Levite; that there might not be a begger among them; Now who comes into the faith of Christ Jesus, in which the Law ends; the nature is removed that pertaines to the shadows, and figures which the fruits goes from, which the occasion of the law comes upon them which the faith purifies, and gives power and victory over the world, which hath access to God, which is justified in the sight of God, and pleaseth him; Now who are of this Faith are of Abraham over all the Idolatrous Nations, Adulterers and Fornicators and all such; Now this faith nourisheth and cherisheth and saves; which works doth not; but fol­lows this, and they are wrought in God, and such cease from their own, as God did from his, so if a brother or a sister be na­ked and destitute of dayly food, he feeds him and cloaths him; so this Faith is in the Wisedome of God, preserver of the Creation, which is the Son of Gods Faith, and the faith of the Elect; but then the Devils faith that believes there is a God and trembles, but are out of truth, that cloathes not the [Page 98] naked brethren, and doth not give them victory, and sees them destitute of dayly food, and doth not feed them, but lets them cry up and down for bread & cloa [...]hes about the streets, this is like the Papist and Protestant, and Sectaries faith, and they are not the Preservers of the Creation, but out of the li­ving faith, and in the dead; and when they have done all this, cloathed and fed, and not a beggar among them, it is not by their works that they are saved, but by their faith which these works followes, which works by love; which is a pre­server of the creation, for it was a great work of the Apostle to bring them to the faith, and to be justified by that alone, without the deeds of the Law, that the seed of God might come up in them, the wisdome of the creation, with it to be ordered and spread over it; for who are of faith, are of Abraham: Christ according to the flesh was of Abraham, so who are of Abraham, are of the flesh of Christ; Now when many had gotten the faith in a form, being justified by it without the deeds of the Law, so they which had gotten the form of the law, without the life, saw not Christ the substance and there rested; but when these had gotten the form of being justified without the works, and their brothers and their sisters were destitute of dayly food, and was naked; These were like unto your Christians, and Papists that hath the name and talkes of a faith, but it is dead, therefore so many of their breth­ren and Sisters goes beging up and down the streets, destitute of dayly food; for mark, they all say, they are Christians, and that they are baptized into the Church, and into the faith, and so then they are all Brethren, and yet here is their Brethren up and down the streets, destitute and naked, and yet they will say, depart in peace, and be you warmed and fil­led, and yet give them not these things which is good for them; but may be make houses of correction to whip them and beat them; is this like unto Christians that was amongst the Apostles, or like unto the Law, who had the Tythes for the service, that there need not be a begger among them? is not [Page 99] this the faith which James rebukes, which is dead; and all these are the Christians that hath a name but are dead from the life; and doth not this dead faith, carry you to beleeve that there is a God and a Christ? and so the Devil doth, that is the murderer, and you will murder one another about Reli­gion and faith, Church and Profession, and Idols and Ministery, like the Heathen, who will destroy one another about their Images, & often envied the Jews, because they broke down their Images, and that Faith which leads to murther the creatures a­bout Religion, Ministry, and Church, the same Faith will no [...] preserve the creation, as to cloath the naked, & feed the hungry. Now though the Apostle brought them out of the works of the Law, being justified by them, into the faith of Christ Jesus, who brought them into the wisdome of the creation; and the love of the creation, the love of God which faith works by, which faith God is the Author of it, and this faith leads people to be preservers of the Creation; feed the hungry, and cloath the naked, and these be the least things ye can do; for these are but things that pertain to this life, who are of faith (as I said before) are of Abraham, Christ according to the flesh, heirs of salvation of the world that hath no end. He that believes hath entered into his rest, and ceased from his owne works as God did from his, and shall not come into condemnation, but is passed from death to life, and so loves the brethren: And he it is that abides in the house of God for ever, the Son of God; the Son of God abides in the house for ever. Cains faith, and Cains sacrifice is now made manifest out of the faith of Abraham and Abel, and Gods elect, and the Son of God.



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