OVr Covenant with God and with all men is Peace, and Life, and Light, and Salva­tion to the ends of the Earth, which is our Testimony to all men upon the Earth, and is not to destroy mens lives, but to save them, which Covenant destroyeth the Devil and his works, the Author of all murderous Plots and treachery, betrayers which is under the Devils Kingdom, out of the truth and innocency and the Covenant of Light and life, which we have with God and all People, which seperates from sin and evil, and destroys it; and in that is our peace, which is the Covenant, in which is no murderer, nor plotter, nor contriver, nor betrayer, so in that we seek the peace of all men, and have all men in esteem, and the good of all men, in that we deny our selves and glory in the Cross of Christ, the Power of God, which crucifies us from the World and their ploters and worldly things, and carnal weapons, and warrs, into spiritual weapons and war, with which we war, with the Devil and his works, which led People from God. But to plot and confederate, or to raise insurrections, or to gather riotous meetings, or taking up arms outwardly, we utterly deny, and it is not our Principle, nor is it in the Covenant, for it is out of the Covenant, and Life, and Peace with God and the Light with men, though we cannot wear to this; for he that hath all Power in Heaven and Earth given to him, commands us not to swear at all, by Heaven nor Earth, nor any other Oath: but saith, in all your com­munication let your yea be yea, and your nay nay, What­soever is more is evil, and to this is our nay, and so let the punishment be of yea or nay as for an Oath: and our yea is yea to that which is good, and nay nay to that which is contrary.

The Lord God so loved the World that he gave his only begotten Son into the World, who hath all power in Hea­ven and in Earth given to Him, and that all Power and Thrones, and Rule and Government should be subject to him who is LORD of Lords and KING of Kings: and the Lord saith This is my beloved Son, hear ye him, this is the Prophet which Moses saith like unto him that God would raise up, whom the People should hear, whom we do hear that speaks from Heaven. At sundry times and in divers manners God spake to the Fathers by the Pro­phets, but now in these last dayes hath spoken to us by his Son, which is the Heir of all things, upholding all things by his Word and Power, that hath all Power in Hea­ven and in Earth given to him as he saith himself, who ends the Prophets and the Iewes Power, and Authority and the Law, among whom was the Oath and Swear­ing, and first Covenant: and not only frivolous Oaths but true Oaths, that endeth the strife and destroyeth the Devil the authour of it; which the Apostle brought as a simili­tude, the substance of it we do enjoy (that is to say) Christ Iesus to whom the Angels must bow: and His command to us is, Swear not at all, who saith He hath all Power in Heaven and in Earth given to him; but in all your communications keep to yea and nay, that are his Disci­ples and his Messengers and Ministers, observe it, as Iames 5. So if we love him we keep his Commandments and do the thing that he commands, but if we say we love him and keep not his Commandment, we are lyars and do not the thing commanded us: and we do know them that love him and keep his Commandments, in them dwelleth the love of God, and them that say they love God, and keep not his Commandments are lyars: And our yea is yea, and our nay is nay in that Doctrine of Christ who is the end of Oaths in the Law and first Covenant, Who are of the promise that remains, and are out of the promises of men that changeth: and we are out of Covenants with men that doe change, and in the Covenant of God with him that remaineth and doth not change, and cannot be broken, and in it is our yea, and our yea is yea in it, and our nay is nay in it, and if it be not so found among you and all People upon the earth from us, Let us suffer as much for the breaking it, as for breaking an Oath; For our life is in Christ Iesus, Who was before murderous Plots were, that destroyes the Devil the Author of them, and our nay is against all murderous Plotters and Con­trivers against the King or any of His People, or any man upon the Earth, & we would have Him & all men to be sa­ved, and come to the knowledge of the truth, Christ Iesus, and that is our yea, for whose cause and sake we do suffer, and this we will seal with our lives and estates and all, for which cause and testimony we have suffered all this while in estates and lives.

Beyond Sea in Holland the Powers of the Earth and Magistrates that knows our friends cannot sweare for conscience sake, does not force them nor impose fines upon them, neither imprison them who keeps to yea and nay ac­cording to Christs Doctrine. And Christ Iesus saith swear not at all, Mat. 5.

And Iames saith above all things my Brethren swear not at all Iames, 5. but let your yea be yea, and nay nay, for whatsoever is more cometh of evil.

And in Turky paying tributes people may have their liberty to worship their God, and Paul had his liberty to preach in his own hired House at Rome where the Emperours seat was, Acts. 18.13. though we paying our taxes are plucked out by the haire of the head from prayer out of our Houses, and not suffered to pray together, as the Heathen would not suffer Daniel, and so this is contrary to the Apostles who said pray every where, who met together in their several houses, and went from house to house, Acts 2. .46. And this was the practice of the Church in the Primitive times which we observe, who were to edifie one another, and exhort one another, and build up one another, and pray for one another, and they was not to be tyed to one place, Synogogue or Temple, which the Iews were only, but some times they met on Moun­tains and Hills, and sometimes in Houses.

And the Church was in Aquilla and Priscillas House, 1. Cor. 16.19. there was a meeting set up in the primitive time.

G. F.

LONDON, Printed for Thomas Simmons at the Bull and Mouth near Aldersgate, 1660.

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