FOr your Whoredoms in the City of London, is the hand of the Lord stretched forth against thee, and the Sword of the Lord God drawn to hew thee down. Ye airy spirits, ye high mindes, ye treacherous hearts, ye Whores and Whoremongers, the God of glory is risen, the Sword is drawn. Ye chaffish mindes, the plagues of God is to confound you all. Ye proud, ye are for the fire which cannot be quenched. Ye proud and lofty, and high-minded, are an abomination: it goes before the fall. Ye lustful ones, the plague and dread of the Lord is to come upon you, who are up in the air, clouds without water, trees without fruit, in your lusts burning, filled with unrighteousness. One tempts another with your beauty, which is vain; with your apparel, the fashions of it, which your lusts doth increase, which under judgement must be brought, with the ter­rible God, which is a consuming fire to the proud. And the day of the Lord shall burn the wicked; plagues and vengeance of God be poured forth upon the Whores, and upon the Whoremongers, and upon the wick­ed, who burns your selves in your lusts, and brings the plagues of God up­on you. Oh you stink before the Lord, Oh you are noysome; the noy­some smell of your flesh stinks, which burns. Ye corrupted ones, plagues, wo and misery is to come upon you all, in whom that nature lives contrary to the light: the works of darkness are seen; you cannot hide your selves from the secrets of the Lord, but he sees your works, your actions, your deeds. And the light in all your consciences, shall answer Gods judgments, and make you to confess his judgements just, his wrath just, his vengeance just, his plagues just, his destruction just. And this is the word of the Lord to you, and answered shall be in every one of your consciences, in the day of the Lords slaughter. A Witness against all Ungodliness.

The Lord God of heaven and earth is not worshipped. To idolatries are you given, and to pleasures and wantonness, and to pride; so on going without the fear of God, making Images, and so delighting in the works of your own hands, making likenesses of things that be in heaven, of Angels; and making likenesses of things that be in the sea, and making the likeness of things that be on the earth, of men and women, and creatures, and of the stars, sun and moon; so follows your own inventions, taking pleasure in the works of your own hands, given up to idolatry, in the day-time, found in pleasures, sporting, and in wantonness, which the Lord sent his Apostles to cry against, who was in the same spirit that gave forth the Scriptures: Therefore we having the same spirit, do cry out against such things now, as Moses and the Prophets, who received the Law from God. So that the Spi­rit of the Lord is grieved now, to see the images of men and women made of stone and wood, set up and down; and the likenesses of other creatures, of horses, bulls, birds, fowls in the air, and fishes in the sea and rivers, and creeping things of the earth. And this is found in the inventing minde, in Cain's nature, where the pride, strife and envie is. I am the light of the world, and doth lighten every one that comes into the world, faith Christ the Son of God, the Covenant of life and peace. If you take heed to this Light that comes from the Lord Jesus, and in it walk, you will come to see the Lord Jesus, the Saviour of your souls, from whence this light comes, who is the way to the Father. But if you hate the light which comes from the Lord Jesus, and will not bring your deeds to the light, with the light to be proved, this is the condemnation, the light, faith Christ: which light if ye did love it, would bring you to worship God, and to turn from your inventions, which all is to be condemned with the light, which feedeth the light, wanton, fleshly minde.

G. F.

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