FOR THE KING, AND BOTH HOUSES OF Parliament, Sitting At WESTMINSTER, And for every MEMBER thereof to READ.

LONDON, Printed for Robert Wilson in Martins Le-Grand, near Aldersgate.

FRiends! O Friends, in the power of God dwell, that last­eth for Ever, which doth Remain and Abide; And minde the Higher Power, which God hath Ordained, which [...] over all Transgressors, Sinners, and Evil-doers; which Law, and Higher Power, was not made for the Righteous, but Sinners and Transgressors, to be a Terror to them, and for the punishment of them, and for the Praise of them that Do well. Now them that Do Well, the Righteous, this Law and Higher Power was not made for, and doth not take hold upon them; to which Higher Power ever Soul must be subject: the Higher Power, I say, that is Higher than all Transgressors, Evil-Doers, and the Divel, who went out of the Truth, that led into Sin and Trans­gression: Therefore to Sin and Evil people are not to yeild them­selves; but their Souls unto the Higher Power, as I said be­fore, that goes over Sin and the Devil, the Author of it, to this Power must the Soul be subject. Therefore you Rulers and Magistrates are to put a difference between the Precious and the Vile, the Righteous and the Wicked, such as the Law was made for, Sinners and Transgressors (for which cause it was ad­ded) and the Righteous which it was not made for; for this Higher Power that goes over all Sinners and Transgressors, was not made for the Righteous, which the Immortal Soul must be subject to; this Immortal Higher Power, that Higher Power an­swereth, and is one with the Spirit and Witness of God, that witnesseth for him, against Sin and Transgression, of the Law and Power of God in every One.

Secondly, Keep all in the Fear of God, departing from Sin and Evil, that ye may receive Gods Wisdom from Above, that is Pure and Gentle, and easie to be Intreated, and is full of Mercy and Goodness, which is not Earthly, Sensual, nor Divellish; but keeps from Hard-heartedness; and that with that Wisdom you may be Ruled, and Order, and Govern with, and by all things under your Hands to Gods Glory, by which Wisdom all things were Made and Created, that to the Lord you may be a Blessing, and a Sweet savour in your Generation, and in the Hearts of all People, answering the Witness of God in them all, that you may be Eys to the Blind, Legs to the Lame, taking away every Weight, [Page 2]and Heavy burthen, and breaking the Jaws of the Wicked, that would Rend and Tear the Innocent to pieces, that in that you may be a Mouth to the Dumb, and a Strength to them who can­not Help themselves; in that you will get the Honor of God, and bow the Hearts of the people.

Again, Let Wickedness and Violence be stopt, Swearing, Oaths, Drunkenness and Prophaness, of which much abounds in the Land, that Truth and Righteousness may be set Up and Establi­shed, and run down the streets; for that is it which establisheth the Kingdom; for the Higher Power is that goes over all, the Divel, and all the powers of Darkness, and over Sinners and Transgres­sors, which answereth that which all men do Transgresse.

And let no one be Persecuted and Imprisoned for Worship­ping of God in Spirit & Truth, which the Divel is out of; seeing Christ and the Apostles did not give any Command or Example that they should be Imprisoned, Persecuted and Banished, though there hath been much Persecution about the Church-Ministry and Worship, and Ceremonies, since the dayes of the Apostles, and Christ in the Flesh; though, as I said before, from them they have had no Example, nor Command from the Apostles and the Church in the primitive times to do so; such as will Grieve the Spirit, Quench the Spirit, Despise the Prophesie, were forbidden by the Apostles.

And let there be no Persecution nor Imprisonment of them that be in differences in their Opinions in Religion, which all Professing the Name of Christ, whose Command is, to all them who Follow Him, and Own Him, that they should love Enemies: Let this command be Obeyed and Minded, and not Troden un­der Foot; for that is it which overcomes Enemies.

And again, Do to all men as you would have them do unto you, for this is the Law and the Prophets: And if this had been minded in the whole Christendom; that is to say, the Law and the Prophets, and Practiced and Obeyed, and not troden under foot the Life of it, by them who have Professed the Words, there would have been better Order in the whole Christendom and Creation; for this we say, and know, He that is born of the Flesh, will Persecute him that is born of the Spirit. Let not this Birth be found amongst them that profess themselves Christians and Pro­fess Christ Jesus, and own the Church in the primitive time, [Page 3]which was among the Apostles: Now the fruit of the birth born of the flesh, is Persecution, &c. the fruit of the birth, born of the Spirit, is Love, Peace, Gentleness, Righteousness, Goodness, and Temperance, &c.

Let there be no compelling about Worship, about Dayes, Meats, and Religion, nor forcing of a Maintenance for a Mini­stry; for so doing there is no example among the Apostles, nor command neither from Christ nor them; but on the contrary all things must be done in Love and Bounty as amongst the Apostles, and in the Church in the Primitive times, For freely they had re­ceived, and freely they were to give: This was the command of Christ Jesus, who is the same to day, yesterday, and for ever. Christ Jesus, who is the Head of the Church, and Chiefe Bishop, who did not give forth any Law or Command, or Example to his Embassadours, Apostles, and Friends, for them to force, or com­pel any about worship, or Religion, or Maintenance, or about Dayes, or Meats, or Drinks; from the cheif Shepherd, the great Bishop, there was no Command nor Example for so doing, nor from his Disciples, nor Apostles, nor the Church in the Primi­tive Times; but they brought people off the Figures, Tipes, and Shadows, and from their affections on things below, to Christ Jesus the substance; and moreover said, That the body which is the Church, was to edifie it self in love, of which Church Christ Je­sus is the Head, who is the Bishop, Prophet, Priest, and King, to Rule, to Teach, and to Offer; and Christ Jesus is the End of the first Covenant, the first Priest-hood, which had the Tithes, and the Offerings: For there was the Tithe which was the Heave-Offering, which Christ ended, and the Priesthood, and the Law, and the Commandement that gave them, Heb. 7.

So the Church of Christ stands in the end of the Law, first Co­venant, and Priesthood, as is said, Christ is the end of the Law for Righteousness Sake, to them that believe; and his Church is made up of Believers, which passeth from Death to Life. So all the Ministers, and Teachers in the whole Christendome that will not preach without a Bag, and without a Magistrates Staff to Punish, and a Bag to relieve them, and will fill their Bag of such they do no work for, and of such you have experience, and do, and may know, that they are not like unto the Disciples, which Christ sent forth without Bag or Staff, and such as was a­mongst [Page 4]the Apostle [...], whom they said must not be Strikers, nor Persecutous, nor Covetous, nor greedy of filthy lucre, and they must be proved, before they must Teach. So [...] Scriptures of Christ and the Apostles, and there you may see the Life, Do­ctrine and Commands, by which you may measure the Ministers and Teachers of Christendome; and though in the Law among the Jewes, by the Law they were to put to death the Blasphe­mers, false Prophets, and the like; which Law Christ ended, and came to save mens Lives, and to destroy the Devill and his works, for this purpose was he made manifest; for the Devill was the Authour of Blasphemy, and false Prophets, whom Christ de­stroyes; Blasphemy, and false Prophets are the Divers works; yet Christ saved mens Lives, and rebuked the Zeall of his Dis­ciples, that would have mens lives destroyed; And the Apostles, which were the Ministers, and Teachers, and Embassadours of the Lord Jesus Christ, their Weapons were Spiritual, and not Carnall, and they did not wrestle with Flesh and Blood, but with spirituall wickedness, and the powers of darkness; so the men being spirituall, and their weapons spirituall, wrestling not with flesh & blood, their hands were kept clean, & fists not wicked, who could pray to God, listing up Holy Hands: these were no com­plainers about Church-Maintenance, Worship, and Religion; neither were they Strikers: but all in the whole Christendom, since the Apostles days & the Church in the Primitive Times, that have killed, persecuted, forced, imprisoned about Church-wor­ship, and Religion, Maintenance, and have wrestled with flesh and blood, and distroyed creatures, which have been the Work-man­ship of God, instead of wrestling with the powers of darkness, and spirituall wickednesses; these have not been spirituall men, neither have they had spirituall weapons; neither have their hands, nor fists been holy and clean; and so they have not been agreeable, nor according to the Apostles, nor Christ Jesus, and his Church in the Primitive Times; but contrary to his Mind, Doctrine, and Commands, and his Church, of whom he is Head.

The Law that was among the Jews, commanded them to wor­ship at Jerusalem, and come up to the Temple, or at the Moun­tain of Samaria; but Christ Jesus, who ends that Law which brought people up to worship; then he saith, That the Hour is [Page 5]come, and then was that they that worship the Father, must worship him in the Spirit and in the Truth; For such were they the Father seeks to worship him. Now every one that worships the Father in Spi­rit and Truth, must come to the Spirit their own particulars, that mortifies sin and evill, and into the Truth in their own in­ward parts, and this [...]i [...]el [...] them from the Will-Worshippers, and from the worship of the Divell, that is out of Truth, where all the compelling worship is.

And concerning our Meetings, Christ and his Disciples they met in Houses, yea, the Wise Men Ministred to Christ, and his Mother in the Stable; and Christ and his Disciples met in the Wildernesses, and in the Mountains, and he bids them go into the High-Wayes, and the Hedges, and [...] the House tops, and to the Markets; and the Apostle in the midst of Mars- Hill, and sometimes in the Temple, and in the Synagogues, and amongst the Heathens, to bring them off Tipes; Figures and Shadows, and their own inventions, to Christ the Substance: Therefore now, that Christians should hinder [...] that profess and own the Name of Christ, for Meeting together and Edifying and [...]ding upon another, (though they all profess the Name of Christ) this is to quench the Spirit, and limit the Holy One, and is against the edifying of the body itself in Love, and the building up one another in the Holy Faith, in Love▪ who are not to forsake the Assembling together, nor the Edifying of one another, by how much [...] day doth appeal: Now they that be against this, be not in the day, [...] in the night, and are contra­ry to the Apostles Doctrine, and the Practice of the Church in the Primitive Times: Theyrefore though there be Diversities of Gifts, and divers Opperations, and several Gifts, and several O­pinions, and Judgements, who with spiritual weapons with spiri­tual men, are these to be ordered, and [...] with Carnal, with Clubs, and Seaves, and Prisons; for these Weapons are of the Heathens, Jews; Judases, and of Cain, who was the first that killed and per­fecuted about Religion and Worship upon the earth, whom God said, was A Vagabond; and the Apostle Paul said, Woe be to them that go in his way, who said his Weapons were spirituall, and so not like Cains, who slew his Brother contenning his Faith and Doctrine: Therefore consider, who are of Faith, and have the Faith, they have the Shield, the spirituall Weapons; and who [Page 6]have the Word of God, they have the Sword of the Spirit, and the Hammer, and the Fire, that which is to cut down, and Hammer down, and bar up that which is contrary to the word, which makes separation from God; and these are the spiritual Weaponed men.

And Christ Jesus said, who hath all power in Heaven and Earth given to him, who is the end of the Prophets, Law, First Cove­nant, and First-Priesthood: It hath been said of them of the Old time, Thou shalt not Forswear thy self, but shalt perform thy Oath to the Lord: But I say unto you, Swear not at all, by Heaven nor Earth, nor any other Oath; but in all your Communication, let your Yea, be Yea, and your Nay, Nay; for whatsoever is more commeth of Evil. And likewise the Apostle James, who followed Christs Com­mand, and obeyed Christs Doctrine, saith, Above all things, my brethren, Swear not, neither by Heaven, nor by any other Oath. There­fore we and they, that keep out of Evil and Condemnation, can­not Swear, but rather Obey the Doctrine of our Saviour Christ Je­sus, and the Apostle, who is the Son of God: and if the Angels command us to Swear, we cannot; for the Son of God com­mands us the contrary, and to Him the Angels must bow. If Solomon, who was a King, and David, and Moses, or Abraham, commands us to Swear, we cannot; for the Son of God com­mands the contrary, who was before Abraham was, and is a greater than Solomon, whom David called Lord, even CHRIST JESUS, who is King of Kings, and Lord of Lords: And if the Jewes Laws commands us to Swear, we cannot; for Christ Jesus, who ends the Jewes Law, and the Oath, and redeems to God, com­mands us we should not Swear: so our Redeemer and Saviour, who is our Life and Truth, our Way, our Rock and Salvation, his commands we cannot Transgresse: And if they that be Chri­stians, and do profess the Name of Christ, do persecute us for Obeying of Christ Jesus his Command, and because we will not Transgresss his Command, and the Apostles, we say, The will of the Lord be done. And we do say, it is not well for Christians to Persecute, or Imprison such as Obey the Command of Christ, who in their communications use Yea and Nay, according to his Doctrine; and if their Yea be not Yea, and their Nay, Nay; and if we break our Yea, and break our Nay, then let us suffer as much for breaking of That, as others for breaking their Oath: This Imprisoning and Fining us, because we cannot Swear, to the [Page 7]breaking of the Command of Christ, hath got up since the A­postles dayes; for which doing so, and practice, among the Apo­stles and Church in the Primitive Times, there is no Com­mand nor Example.

And we desire to have, (who pay their Taxes and Assessments) as much Liberty as Stage-Players, and Mountebanks, and Ballad-Singers, who meet together in hundreds, to the Dis-honour of God, and likewise all other Playes which we do not hear are cal­led Tumultuous Meetings, as ours are who meet together to E­difie one another in that which is good, to worship God; And this is allowed in the Scripture, They that feared the Lord, spake often together, whom the Lord heard, and these were cast out and hated in the dayes of Isaiah; for they were such as trem­bled at Gods Word, but Sports and Playes, the Scripture does not allow of; but the Lord by his Servants Rebuked such.

Let no one be put to Death for Cattle, or Mony; but let them Restore; and if they have not wherewith, let them Labour till they have, in the thing that is good, and so that they may have space to Repent; and this is agreeable to the Scrip­tures.

Let all Writs and Indictments, Subpaena's, Warrants, have no more put in them, then the things that are truly charged against him; and all Laws drawn in a short Volume, that all may know them, that all things may be kept wholesome and sweet, that to the Lord God you may be a good Savour; and let all Prisoners that have layen four or five yeares in Goales, Prisons, and Hou­ses of Correction, be brought out to a Tryal, before their Accu­sers, and see who there is that Accuses them, and let them not lye to perish in Goales, and Prisons, that mercy and Tenderness, Justice and Truth may flow among all people, that to the Lord you may be a good Savour and in your Generations, and a Praise to God.

And again concerning Religion, and severall Opinions, and Judgements in the Worship of God; let every [...] speak his Judgment, speak his Opinion.

Let all Magistrates keep peace with his Magistrates Sword, and keep down the Hand and Fist of People, that they shall not strike with their Fists, Clubs, Swords and Staves; for Envious Persons, Strikers, and Man-Slayers, the Law is against: and let [Page 8]the Magistrates be like Gameliel; who said, If it was of God, it would stand; if it was not, it would fall; who said to others, They should take heed, lest they were found fighters against God; so let the patience of an Heathen be an Example to Christians, which in­deed them that professe the Name of Christ, should be beyond Gamaliels; so whatsoever Opinions, Judgements, that are not of God will fall; but take heed, do not fight against it, lest you be found fighters against God; and consider Christs mind, who said, Let the Tares and the Wheat grow together till the Harvest: Therefore you may see he stopped his Disciples from pulling up, lest they should pull up the Tares and Wheat together, and so prevented that danger; therefore mind that Caution: And Saul, before he was converted, in his first birth was a Persecutor, run­ning up and down from the Chiefe Priests, with his Packet of Let­ters, to hale and persecute from City to City, such as lived in the Life of Christ Jesus; but of this Action he Repented, when he was converted; and the Apostle had no such Agents as the Jews Chief Priests had, with packets of Letters to persecute and hale them from City to City; and they that have done so since the dayes of the Apostles, gone up and down with their packets of Letters haling, and persecuting such as have been in the Life of Christ Jesus, have been like the unconverted Jews, and Priests, and Saul; but not like the Church in the Primitive Times, and converted Paul. So here you may see the converted, and the un­converted; he that is in the birth born of the Spirit, and he that is in the birth born of the Flesh.

And concerning of what Sort of People the Lord made use of, and spake to in the Old Testament; and concerning also what sort his Son CHRIST JESUS made use of, and spoke to in the New Testament; in the Old, such as were Herds-men, Plow-men, Keepers of Cattel, Gatherers of Fruit, Threshers of Corn, Keepers of Sheep: and these were hated of the World; as Abel, a Keeper of Sheep; and Moses, a Keeper of Sheep; and Jacob, a Keeper of Sheep; an [...] [...]he Prophet David, a Keeper of Sheep; and these confounded the World, and such like as these speak forth the Scriptures. And Christ chose Fisher-men for Soul Gatherers; Paul, a Tent-Maker, &c. And these had not been at Universities, and Schools of Learning to Train them up in; but Christ Jesus was their Teacher, who did not call many of the great Doctors, and [Page 9]Learned men, who is the same to day, yesterday, and for ever, both God and Christ. And if he make use of the same, and such like now, be not offended; if he fill the earth with his Knowledge, and cover it with the same as the water the Sea, let none be Trou­bled and Offended: For all the Children of the Lord shall be taught of Him, and in Righteousness shall they be established, and great shall be their Peace, according to Esaiahs Prophesie, Esay 54. Which Prophesie many of Us do witness: And likewise we do witness the Promise of God, who said, he would make A New Covenant, not according to the Old; For he said, I will put my Law in their Minds, and put them in their Hearts; whereby they shall not have need to say to one another, Know the Lord; for all shall know Him, from the Greatest to the Least; and I will be to them a God, and they shall be me to a People, &c. And this we Witnesse. And so we need not to have Teachers, saying, Know the Lord. So therefore we need not be compelled to such Teachers, who would keep us alwayes in Teaching, that we might be alwayes paying of them, who keeps us alwayes Learning; under whose Teaching we were never able to come to the Knowledge of the Truth; under whose Teaching we were kept in Reprobation from Faith, which Christ is the Author of now, unto whom we look, and need not say to one another, Know the Lord. And Christ is the Head of every Man, who is Our Head, who is Our Leader, who is Our Way, and we need not another. For God now speaks unto us by his Son, who is the Heir of all things; upholding all things by his Word and Power; of whose Grace have we received, who is Our Covenant with God and Our Life; of whose Kingdom we are Heirs, that is Everlasting without End; and in whose Domini­on is Our Life, that is an Everlasting Dominion, which hath no End; which is over all that has an End. And Our Cross of Christ is the Power of God, that crucifieth us from the World, and keeps us over and from the power of Ungodliness that is therein; and for this Cross sake are we Persecuted; in which Cross is Our Fellowship; and Our Gospel it is the Power of God, which is the Everlasting Gospel, which lasts for Ever, in which we are Shod; and Our Helmet is Salvation, and Our Fellowship is in the Spirit, which Baptiseth into One Body, which plunges down the Corruption that is got up since the Transgression, which separates from God; in which Spirit is our Fellowship, in which [Page 10]we are made all to Drink; And into this we would have all People to come, that they might have Fellowship and Union, and Drink; And the Head of Our Church is CHRIST JESUS, who hath all Power in Heaven and in Earth given unto him: Christ, who is Gods Wisdom to Govern it, who is the Rock to Uphold it above all Storms and Tempests: And our Religion is Pure, from Above, and we cannot Own that which is Below, amongst whom the Profession lieth in Lips and Mouth, and Tongues at Liberty, and Hearts afar Off from God; Tongues at liberty, and not Bridled: And our Manners lies in the Power of God, and Spirit, and the Light of Christ Jesus, that keeps us from Evil words, that corrupts Good Manners. So where the Good Manners are not, the Tongue is not Bridled.

And again, let no one be Persecuted, nor Imprisoned, nor Fined, for not putting off his Hat or Cap, which satisfieth the Lust of the Eye, and the Lust of the Flesh, and the Pride of Life, which is of the World, and not of the Father: So we cannot seek Honour one of another, as the Pharisees did, to whom Christ said, How can you Believe, who seek Honour one of another, and not the Honour which comes from Above onely? Therefore who Beleeve, and are the Beleevers, and seek the Honour which comes from God onely, which is from Above, Such seek not the Honour that is Below, as the Pharisees did one of another. So the Beleever is the Converted, born of God, and will not Persecute, for not having that Honour that is Below given to him; neither will he seek it, as the Unconverted Pharisees did John. 5.

And again, for we to Honour all men, is to have all men in Esteem: Therefore we Esteeming all men, do Love them, and not Hurt them, and so are come into the minde of CHRIST JESUS, who commands TO LOVE ENEMIES, who is the SAVIOUR of all men, but especially those that believe: And the mind of God is, That all men should come to Repentance, and to the Knowledge of the Truth; but all Chri­stendome have professed that Scripture, and said, Honour all men &c. Which hath been Hat, Lip and Foot, but have Hurt, Murthe­red, Killed One another, their Heads, and Princes; and these have been with the Honour below, which God hath, and will lay in the dust; for to Honour all Men, is to have all Men in Esteem, [Page 11]and to have all Men in Esteem, is to hurt no Man: and if this had been so in the whole Christendom practiced, then would never a man in the whole Cristendome have been hurt by one another; but every man in the whole Christendome would have Loved one another as himself; and they that Rule well, such are worthy of Double Esteem, more than they that are Ruled, which all are to be had in Esteem which are honoured: and if this practice had been followed in the whole Christendome, there had been more Love, & Unity, which hath been lost since the Apostles dayes, which practice was amongst them, which the Honour of a Magi­strate lies in the Higher Power, and likewise the Honour of all men, which every soul must be subject to the Higher Power; and in that power they honoured all Men, and in that power they give them that rule Well Double Honour, which before this Honour is the Humility; so he that will have the Honour, must have the Hu­mility, for it goes before the Honour, which Higher Power brings him to be humble, in which Higher Power he hath the Ho­nour, and this is from above, higher honour, in the higher power high­er, I say, and above the divel, and all his works, and workers & his transgressors, a higher power is higher then them all, is over and above them all, and it is above the Honour which is below, which God will stain; and in this power we do Esteem all men, and give Double Esteem to them that Rule Well; and so Honour them not with that Honour which the World Honours them withall, which is Below; and the same that will Honour them with Hat, and with Knee, will Dishonour them and God both; which they with that Honour in the Power of God, which is from Above, which Honour they Honour withall, will not Dishonour God nor Man.

Now you have Tried us, by Long and Cruel Imprisonments, in Dungeons, and Holes, and Vaults, and Cellars, and Stables, and Houses of Correction, where we have been thrust upon heaps, and have not had so much Liberty in many places as Fellons; Nor have not had so much Room in many places, as to lie down one by another. Through which Cruel Suffering and hard Usage, twenty one have died, and besides many more are weak; and not suffered to have necessaries to come in; and many Trades­men, and Sea-men, Merchants, and Husbandmen, their Cal­lings and Families have been Neglected, and Wasted. So you [Page 12]have not acted towards us as Christians, nor minded Solomons Councel, who saith, A Kingdome is Maintained by Husbandry.

So these twenty one which are dead, their Innocent blood, through cruel Sufferings, we leave to the Lord to require; and can say, The Lord forgive you, and lay nor these things to your Charge: but that ye may do so no more, and not bring Innocent blood upon your selves and the Land. For the Lord will make Inqui­sition for blood; For Precious are the Death of his Saints in his Eies. Though we are killed all the day long, and are as the Sheep for the Slaughter; and by these Long, and Cruel and Hard Sufferings, of above five Thousand, since the Kings Arri­val; From whom we did not look for such Measure of Suffer­ings: and three Thousand of us have Suffered by the Powers before him; which many of them yet lye in Prison, and have lain this four or five years, in the Names of the Protectors, and Common-Wealths, for Conscience sake, and yet by you have not been set at Liberty, though they do not lye in your Names, in your Goales.

And notwithstanding, all this Trial of us, by which ye have Tried us under cruel Sufferings, and have not found us Guilty of Plots, Insurrections, Tumults against the King, or the Peace of the Nation, or any Mans Person or Estate, Our Liberty is not Restored to us, as to meet together to Worship God accor­ding to the Kings Word and Declaration, which is but a Just thing: We not being found to be such (as his Proclamation Limits) who have made ill use of his Indulgence, neither have we Forfeited our Liberty: Therefore it is not Equity to Num­ber us amongst such who have Forfeited their Liberty. Now therefore, our defire is, That a Proclamation may be set forth that we may have our Liberty, seeing we have not Forfeited it according to the Kings Word, and that men may not run up­on us with Arms, Clubs, and Staves, which are not Christians Weapons, to run upon people who are met together to Worship God: which is the Spiritual mens place to medle with Spiritual Things. And it is the Son of Perdition that sits in the Temple of God, which Exalts himself above all that is called God, who must be destroyed by the Brightness of his coming, and by the Breath of his Mouth: And have cryed the Ministers, we cannot serve our bellies of the people, if we have not the Magistrates Swords to [Page 13]compel and forbid people not to meet together to Wor­ship God and pray together, and declare his Goodness, and confess his Name; for with the mouth confession is made to Salvation; You may as well bid us deny GOD our SALVA­TION, and not confess our selves to be Christians, and to live without the fear of God; for they that feared God, met of­ten together, as in Malachy, whom the Lord heard: And is not the Scripture full of these sayings, that the Saints should tell of the Wonders of God, and declare what God had done for their Souls? And what! Christians limit us from this. And must we be limited from confessing Christ before men? Is not Christ a­shamed of them before his Father, that be ashamed of him be­fore men? And must Sons and Daughters be limited from Prophesying, upon whom the Lord hath poured his Spirit? And doth not the Apostle say, Quench not the Spirit? And is not this his Doctrine? And doth not God say, Limit not the Holy One, and Despise not Prophesy? And doth not the Apostle say, God is not Worshiped by the Handy-works of Men, by that which mens hands have wrought, & set up for Worship? That is a large word but God is worshipped in Spirit and Truth; This is Christ, Doctrine: And let none be compelled to the publique Worship, nor Fined, nor Imprisoned; for that was never the Practice nor Doctrine of Christ, nor the Apostles, to compel any against their own Consciences, who were not first perswaded by the Spirit of God.

  • G. Fox.
  • J. Stubbs.
  • F. Howgil.
  • H. Fell.
  • R. Hubberthorn.
  • R. Scostrop.


LEt no one be Persecuted about Religion, Worship, Ministers-Maintenance; let all be done freely in Bounty and Love, as it was among the true Churches in the Primitive Times; for Cain killed his Brother about Worship, Religion and Sacri­fice, which Cain built a City; by that you may see he was a Ruler; for which Fact, Killing his Brother, God said, He was a Fugitive, a Vagabond in the earth, for Murthering and Killing his Brother.

The Jews by the Law of God, were for to kill Here­ticks and False Prophets that were setters forth of strange Gods; and this they were to do by the Law of God, which Law of God Christ ended, who hath all Power in Heaven, and in earth given unto him; who was the chiefe Magistrate upon the earth: And the Jews in a pretence of killing the False Prophets, they killed the True Prophets, and stoned them to death, before Christ the great Prophet came in the Flesh, and they crucified him, and caused many of the Apostles to be Persecuted and Killed, and they thought they did God good service, having Gods Law to kill such that set forth strange Gods, or another way: therefore they thought they did God good service in killing the Prophets, killing the Son, killing the Saints; and so do all Religions else, as do the Antichrists and Papists, that have killed and put to death so many hundreds, that were contrary minded, in Religions, which with them was Vagabonded from God, by which the earth [Page 15]hath been stained with the blood of the Innocent, in Killing, Persecuting, and putting to Death about Reli­gion since the Apostles dayes; And the Church went into the Wilderness, Rev. 12. Yea, the very earth hath not yeilded her increase, but it hath brought a Curse upon it; though they have been Sacrificers and Killers, as Cain, which Sacrifice God hath no respect to; but to such as are of Abels Faith, that do not kill, but have the spi­ritual Weapons: Therefore let there be an Universall Liberty about Religion, and let no Christian persecute a Christian, seeing all professe Christ in words; but let them be ruled with Spirituall Weapons, and their Reli­gion defended with spirituall Weaponed Men, else they are but like Cain, the Jews, Judas, and the Papists, and not like the Apostles in the Primitive Times; who said, Their Weapons were not Carnal but spiritual.

And if you say, how should we know the true Disci­ples of Christ Jesus? here is their Mark, they are such that love one another; hereby they are known to be Disci­ples: and if you do say, How shall we know the true Be­leevers in Christ Jesus? these are they that are passed from Death to Life, and such love both Brethren and Enemies.

Now though there were Haters, and Persecutors, de­nyers of the Resurrection, Blasphemers of God and Christ, who had all power in Heaven and in Earth, given unto him, the Chief Ruler upon the earth, which ended the Law, did not Persecute any, nor cause any to be put Death, to be Persecuted or Banished by the Jews Law, but he said, Love Enemies: here they dif­fered from the Pharisees, here was their mark of being Children of the most high God. And the Apostle saith, [Page 16] He that is born of the Flesh, will persecute him that is born of the Spirit: So here is each birth, (and they which are the Children of the Flesh, these are not the Children of God,) the one will persecute, and the o­ther is the persecuted, and the Apostle bids Overcome Evill with Good.

So all the true Worshippers that Worship God in the Spirit, in the Truth, which the Devill is out of, these cannot persecute any about Religion, Church and Wor­ship; but are the spirituall Men, and have the spiritu­all Weapons, and these are like unto the Apostles in the Primitive Times: Therefore as the Papists have persecuted about their Church, Religion and Sacrifice; for which example they have had none from the Apo­stles in the Primitive Times: Let none follow their Examples, but Christ, who said, Love Enemies, and wrestle not with Flesh and Blood; but Christ said to the Disciples, who would have had Fire come down from Heaven, to consume them who were contrary minded, he reproved them, and tells them they knew not what Spirit they were of.

Wherefore they that do destroy mens lives about Wor­ship, Church and Religion, do not know what Spirit they are of; wherefore how can we trust our Bodies, Souls and Spirits into the Hands of such as know not what Spirit they are of themselves?

Let there be no forced Maintenance to the Ministers that professe the Gospel, but let all be done by Free­ness and Bounty, as it was in the Apostles days; for the Papists that set up Tythes, and pretend the Law of God hath been since the Apostles dayes; which Law of God Christ ended, and Tythes both, as in Heb. 7.

Let no one be put to Death for Cattel, or Money, or such things as many be; but let them Live to restore Four Fold, or be Sold for their Theft, and to work with their Hands in the thing that is Good, according to the Apostles Doctrine and Command of God; for the Law of God is Just and Equal, and Perfect, going over all Transgression, answering the Transgressed Prin­ciple in all, and to all men to do as they would be done by.

And many say the Lords Prayer, Forgive us our Trespasses, as we forgive them that Trespass against us, then fall a Persecuting and Revenging, although with their Lips they say these words; for if they had for­given, there had never been Persecution in the whole Christendom since the Apostles dayes.

Wherefore they that say these words, Forgive us our Trespasses, as we forgive them that Trespasse against us, and doe not the things, are the Sayers, and not Doers, like the Pharisees.

Wherefore consider, for CHRIST JESUS, the Lord of Life, the King of Glory, Lord of Heaven and Earth, is come to Reign, to reward every one according to their Works, and give every one a Reward for his Doings. Wherefore Fear, and Dread the Lord God of Hosts, of Heaven and Earth: For now you have time Prize it, spend it not as a Tale, or as one that dreameth, pass it not away; for man must perish, or will perish, living in the Earth, out of the Life, being in the Separation from God. Wherefore Fear and Tremble before the Living Mighty God of Heaven and Earth, The Lord of Hosts is his Name.

Now whereas there is a great Noise of Stopping and [Page 18]Imprisoning the Leaders, and the Heads of the Quakers. Thus Christ is their Head, And the Head of every man (as in Corinthians) and Christ in the Female, and he is the Head there, who is their Leader to God, who destroyes the Devil, and his Works, and all the Powers of the world cannot limit him. Christ, who hath all Power in Heaven and in Earth given unto him, and He in the Male and Female, is King, is Head, is the Leader, is their Commander, is their Wisdom, Justification and Sanctification, is their Redemption, and the Resur­rection, bringing them to God, into a Life that is Ever­lasting, without End. So Christ is the Prophet, and King, a King to Rule, a Prophet to Teach, an ever­lasting Priesthood, that offers up the Spirituall Sacrifice to God; He is in Man, in the Male, in the Female: So Christ is in all except they be Reprobates; and if he be within, he is the Leader to the Father, he is the Teacher, he is the Head, he is the Elder, he is the First, he is the Last. So here is no such thing among the Quakers, which know their Election before the World began, whose Salvation is wrought out with Fear and Trembling, that are Redeemed from all them that have cast the Fear of God behind them, and live without it, without God in the world, and no Assurance of Election, who Hire men to Lead them and Teach them, where there is Exalting, and Heads many over them, whom Christ is the Head, to Condem­nation that hate the Light: Among them are the several Masters like Pharisees; but to the Disciples he said, It shall not be so among you, who is the Head of his Disci­ples, their Teacher and Leader, so they have but one Head, if they be Ten Thousand times Ten Thousand, [Page 19]Christ is the Head in the Male and Female; and here is no Exercising Lordship among them over one another, as among the Gentiles; and the Apostate Christians are got into the Lordship, and are Offended if they will not give them Earthly Honour: And the Lord saith, His Children shall be taught of him, and they shall be Esta­blished in Righteonsness: And these are them which the Teachers and Professors of the world persecute. And the Lord saith, Every one that hath heard, and learned of the Father, cometh to the Son: And the Apostle saith, They have the Anointing within them to teach them; and they need not man to Teach them, but as the same Anointing did Teach them. And this he Wrote to the Saints concerning them that did seduce them: And he told them many Antichrists and False Prophets were gone out into the World, and those be them that be alwayes Teaching them, that they may be alwayes paying them: but the True Apostles brought people to the Anointing within them; and told them, That the Grace of God, which brought Salvation, did Teach them. And God had put his Law in their Mindes, and writ it in their Hearts, whereby they they need not say one to another, Know the Lord, for they all know him, from the least to the greatest: And the Apostle said to the Hebrews, how that God had spoke to our Fathers by the Prophets at sundry times; but now hath spoke unto us, by, or in his Son, which is the Teacher, whom we witness (thousands) to be our Teacher, and Head, and Leader, Why persecutes thou me, saith Christ; It is hard for ye to kick against that which pricks you in your own Consciences, saith Christ, in the Male, in the Female; you cast into Prison, you do [Page 20]not Visit Christ there, you do not Cloath him, you do not Feed him, nor give him Drink: Oh! where will you appear? where will your end be, that do not justly? did not Christ lay these plainly down, say­ing they cast him in Prison, and did not Visit him, nor Relieve him when he was Sick? and yet now you in Chri­stendom, do not see, and are so ignorant of him, where he is made manifest in his Members in the Male and Female, who is their Head, and Teacher, and Leader into the Righteousness and Truth, whom you should Love; and you cast them into Prison for meeting toge­ther, having nothing against them to insnare them, and yet you profess the Name of Christ: now if you did pro­fess the Name of Christ in Truth, you would love Ene­mies, [if they were your Enemies,] and not persecute them that are taught of God, and Christ is their Head; for God let Cain have the liberty of the earth, though he was a Fugitive it it, for murthering his Brother: And God let the Heretick Nimrod, that began to build Ba­bel, have liberty in the earth; and Scoffing Ismael have liberty in the Earth, in the Wilderness.

And because the Jews had the Law of God, who had the Signes, Types, Figures and Shadows, by which they were to kill Blasphemers, and false Prophets, that drew away from God; which Law and outward Carnal Wea­pons was a figure of the true Spiritual Weapons, and of the Word of God, Christ Jesus that destroyes the Devil, and Blasphemers, and false Prophets, which were gone out from God; and this was done by the Spi­ritual Weapons; yea by the Sword, that proceeds out of his mouth: therefore the Christians are to love Ene­mies.

For they that go about to take away the Heads and Leaders of the QUAKERS, as they think, they go about to take away CHRIST, for he is the Head, not many Heads, but their Head and Leader; for the many Heads is the Beast, and is in the World, and is in the Fall from God; for Christ is their Head and Leader and Way (in the Male and Female,) and Life, and Truth; who is the way to God the Father; who is the onely King, Omnipotent, Immortal and Everlasting, Glory be to him for evermore; who hath sent his Son to be our Teacher, Saviour, Redeemer, and our Way, and Truth, and Life, and our Resurrection, and our Offering, and great Sacrifice, by which we are Sanctified and Perfected for ever; who is also our Prophet, Priest and King, and his Command we can­not deny, but must confess him before Men, even Christ Jesus, who hath spoken to us in these last dayes, who ends the Law, and Priests, Temples, Tithes, Offerings, Sacrifices, first Covenant, and Ceremonies, and Sha­dows, and the Carnal Weapons, which do kill about Religion; and the Son of God bids us Love Enemies: Gods Son bids us Love Enemies, and Swear not at all. And this is the Son of God that speaks from Heaven; they that speak from Earth, Kill and Per­secute one another, and say, We must Swear, and brings it from the Jewes Law, which Christ ends, or from the Heathens below. But we must confess Christ before men, For he hath poured out of his Spirit upon all Flesh, and his Sons and Daughters, and they shall and do Prophesie; and the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophesie; and this is our Testimony of Jesus, Even the Spirit of Prophesie; and God hath [Page 22]given to us of his Spirit, by which we know his Things; and the manifestation of his Spirit is given to every man to profit withall; and they that grieve and quench the Spirit, do not profit by the Spirit, but to their Condemnation; and if any one have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.


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