A Distinction between the Phanatick Spirit, and the Spirit of God; and the Fruits of each Spirit AS FOLLOWETH. The Fruits of the Phanatick Spirit is, Rage, Fury, Madness, Foolishness: And the Fruits of the Spirit of God is, Love, Joy, Peace, Gentleness, Righte­ousness, true Judgement; and gives the true Distinction, and the true Understanding. And an Antidote, which is to stop and lay the Poyson, which hath been received and drunk in by People.


ARe not the Phanatick people such, as from the Spirit of God be dege­nerated, and so blasted, and such, as be full of fury, that worships and falls under bad Spirits, and lives in the invented Worships, and in their imaginations; and so with it Phanatick, and in it full of fury, mad, rage, blind zeal, that persecute, and murder, and kill, and banish all that stand in his way, and falls not to that Spirit; a­gainst such his fury goes, & madness, who is like a blasted withered Tree, that the life is gone out of; which hath not the same spirit that the Apostles had, & Christ; which thousands of Christians, Professors and Teachers, it is the Testimony that they bear, and have born to people in this age and generation, That they have not the same Spirit and Power that the Prophets, Christ and the Apostles had; being full of rage, fury and madness, that would kill and slay, and persecute all before them, that follow not what their mad, blind, furious, blasted knowledge and wisdom hath set up, which the spirit of God doth blast, and all their Reli­gion and Worship. And so, are not all these Phanatick that are so full of Fury & Rage, that do confess they have not the same Spirit that the Prophets and Apo­stles had? And are not all they Phanatick that persecute with fury and rage a­bout Church, Worship and Ministry, seeing the Apostle said, They wrestled not with flesh and blood; and their weapons were not carnal but spiritual? Are not all these carnal weaponed Professors, Teachers, Pastors, Elders, Disciples, Fanatick, with their carnal Weapons, which wrestle with flesh and blood with carnal Weapons, and have not had the spiritual, which the Apostles had? And are not they again Fa­natick, that in their fury and rage, have persecuted thousands because they could not put into their mouths, and give them filthy lucre, prisoning such persecuting such, which they do no work for, in their mad fury, and foolish rage? Again, are not they Fanatick, that be not in the spirit the Prophets and Apostles were in, and do not give heed to the Spirit of Christ which should save mens lives, nor give heed to the Apostles Spirit, the Spirit of God, which had spiritual Weapons; but give heed to seducing spirits, the spirit of the Devil, who was murderer from the beginning; and so in fury, rage, with carnal Weapons, Cains Clubs, wicked Fists, unholy hands, and the Jews whips, wil persecute, prison, and banish about Church, Worship and Religion? Is not this contrary to the Apostles Spirit, and Christs Spirit? And is not this the Fanatick spirit? And will not the Spirit of God blast this? And are not all they that are gone out of the Spirit of the Apo­stles, gone out into Fancies, Whimsies, and foolishness; and there he rages in his foolishness which he hath invented, out of the Spirit in which God is worshipped, in which the spiritual Weapons are found. All them that dwell in the Spirit of God, are not Fanatick, but have the spiritual Wisdom and Understanding; which Spirit of God was before the spirit of Fanatick was, foolish, mad rage, fancy, fu­ry, which the Spirit of God is out of, and blasts it: And who are they that rage in the Temples, rage in the furiousness, foolishness? And what Spirit do they fall down to, and worship? And when had they a command of God to do so, to persecute, or to stir up any people to furiousness, which shews the folly of that Wisdom, these that bears this Testimony to the World, that they have not the same spirit and power that the Prophets and Apostles had, yet they be teaching the Prophets and Apostles words, and be maintained as Teachers of the Spirit, and confess they have not the same spirit, but are full of fury, foolishness, and rage, persecution and madness against such as are in the same spirit and power that the Prophets, Christ and the Apostles were in; these be the Fanaticks: But the man of God is moek, (and not furious & foolish, which is Fanatick) and his body is the temple of God: All the Fanaticks in the Pulpits, their Temples, their rage, and their fury appears, doth it not? Was it not the Priests that raged in the in­vented temples, which fell before such like spirits to raging? And are not Jews, Gentiles, and Apostate Cristians raging in the temples? the Jews raging in that which was commanded, and the Apostate Christians in that which they have inven­ted? And are not they Fanatick that will set up Temples, Tythes, Priests, which Christ came to end; and invent others which they have no command from God for? And is not a furious, foolish, mad, persecuting spirit, Fanatick, that would have honour before his humility? And doth not the furious, foolish spirit, worship the furious, foolish, devillish spirit, out of truth? Or doth any foolish, furi­ous, which is a blasted spirit, in that spirit, worship God in the spirit? Are not all in the Phanatick spirit that are not in the same power the Prophets and Apostles were in? Can they live out of a raging spirit, foolish spirit, furious spirit, Phana­tick, heady, mad zeal, that be out of the spirit the Prophets, Christ, and the A­postles were in? Are they Phanatick spirits that are in the same spirit that the Pro­phets, Christ and the Apostles were in? Wil not they that be out of it, call them so? And was not Saul in the Phanatick spirit when he run up and down with his Pacquet of Letters against the Christians that separated from the Jews Temples? And are not all the Priests and Professors in Christendom, the furious, foolish, mad raging Phanatick spirits, against those that separate from their Diana, who run with their Pacquets of Letters from Court to Court, and from Session to Session, to Parliaments and to Kings, to have people prisoned, whipt, banished, put to death about Church, Worship and Religion, and Maintenance, which have not the spiritual Weapons? Whether the people of God (in scorn called Quakers) the elect before the World began, who are come into the meekness and patience (before Phanatick was) which wrestles not with flesh and blood, and carnal wea­pons, who lift up their hands against no man, whether these be Phanaticks? or those that be full of rage, madness and fury, that persecute and prison so many for maintenance, for whom they do no work? Whether this be not the Phanatick spi­rit that works in the Apostate Christians, with their Racks, and prisons, and Banish­ments, Judas company, with swords and staves against Christ; and the Jews com­pany, with their stones against Stephen, that denied the Temple, and witnessed the substance? Is this the Spirit of Christ, the Prophets and Apostles, or the Phana­tick spirit; judge your selves, who are the Phanatick spirits, & where they be? Is not the Phanatick spirits furious spirit, a mad spirit, a foolish spirit, a blasted spirit? Are not they that be inspired with this, inspired with a Phanatick spirit, who are madly, & ragingly carryed on, not meekly, nor in the faith that works by love, that over­comes the fury, mad and foolish? And are not all they that have not the same spirit that the Prophets and Apostles had, (which had the spiritual Weapons) in­spired with a Prophetical fury, mad, foolish, blasted spirit, who madly, ragingly run on with their carnal weapons against them that have the spiritual weapons? And are they which cry down deceit and wickedness in Rulers, Magistrates, Pro­fessors, Priests and people, which was the work of the Prophets and holy men of God, who had the Spirit of God, are they Phanaticks that cry against such things now, which be in the same spirit that the Prophets and Apostles were in?

Hath not the furious, foolish, Ragingly, madly run on, the Phanatick spirit a­mongst Protestants and Papists since the Apostles dayes, since they lost the Apostles spirit, that meekness, patience, and temperance and love is lost amongst them?

But the fruits of the Phanatick spirit, which is Fury, Rage, Persecution, mad­nesse, and Foolishnesse, is found amongst them, and may be gathered, so that it is not the people called Quakers that are the Phanaticks, but the foo­lish mad furious Priests and professors, that have not the same Spirit that the Prophets and Apostles had. Are not they the Fanatick spirits that holds up the corruptions in Magistrates, Teachers, Priests, and Professors; and such practices, that Christ, and the Prophets, and the Apostles cried against? And are not all they the Fanatick spirits, that denie the order of the true Church; which is, If any thing be revealed to another that sits by, let the first hold his peace, that all may learn, and be comforted; For the Spirits of the Prophets are subject to the Prophets; and are not they the Fanatick spirits that denies this Order? or, are they the Fanatick spirits that practice this order? Or, are they the Fanatick spirits whose weapons are spiritual, not carnal, and wrestles with the powers of dark­ness, and the spiritual wickednesses; and not with flesh and blood, and the crea­tures, about the Church, Worship, and Religion, Ministry and Maintenance? Are not they the Fanatick spirits that wrestles with flesh and blood with carnal wea­pons, about the Church, Worship, and Religion, Ministry and Maintenance? Can any wrestle with his carnal weapons about Religion, Church, Worship, and Ministry, but he must be in the rage and fury, foolishness, and a Fanatick blasted spirit, which be out of that Spirit that has the spiritual weapons? Was there ever any since the daies of the Apostles, that did persecute about Church, worship, Ministry, and Religion, but they were in the Fanatick spirit, which is fury, mad, rage, foolishness, which is judged and blasted with the Spirit of God? And are not all they that quenches the Spirit, that checks and reproves them for sin, that they have done, and do not turn from the sin, Do not they rise up in the foolish, furious, mad-raging-Fanatick spirit, which is to be blasted, that quen­ches the Spirit of God in themselves, and vex it, and grieves it, in which they should worship God, and pray, and sing, and be sober? Are not all they that meddle with Religion, Church, worship, Ministry and Maintenance, with carnal weapons, the Phanatick spirits, seeing the Apostle said their weapons were spiritual, not carnal, with which they medled with the Church, Ministry and worship, who preached down the Jews, and the carnal weapons, and their types, and figures, and shadows, and priesthood, and Law, and first Covenant, and Temple, which was held up by them with their carnal weapons; they who were Ministers of the Spi­rit, with spiritual weapons, wrestled with the Jews that had carnal weapons, and the things aforementioned? Are not all the Christians that wrestles with carnal weapons about the Church, worship, and Religion, Ministry and maintenance, a­postatized from the Apostles, whose weapons were spiritual; and fallen into the Fanatick, furious, mad ragious, foolish, blasted spirit, with weapons that be car­nal, not spiritual; are not these things so, yea or nay?

It is a dangerous thing, to publish that thing to the Nation, that people cannot understand what it is, for that may let up Fanatick spirits that do not understand; For doth a foolish, ragious, mad spirit understand? and who is more confident then a foolish, ragious, mad spirit, wilful, wicked in persecution and blind zeal? and who doth he hate more then them that be in the spirit and power of God that comprehends and does understand the Fanatick and his fruit, which our days every day more and more shall shew it, which comes from those trees that bears not the good fruit, which tree and fruit, against it the arrows of the Lord do shoot, and against it his hand is turned, that is into the fire to be cast and burned.

Is not all drunken spirits, gluttonous spirits, swearing spirits, cursing spirits, adulterous spi­rits, covetous spirits, proud ambitious spirits, high-minded, puft up with pride and ambition; full of fury, rage, and a persecuting spirit, like a distracted man, whose countenance changed like Cain, and visage with fury like Nebuchadnezar, and persecuting as mad as Saul, and as mad as ever the Apostate Christians have been since the Apostles daies? And is not this a Fanatick spirit, and the fruits of the fanatick spirit, mad, wrath, distracted, like Herod, Cain, false-prophet, Divel, beast, Antichrist, false Christ, Wolfe, false-Church, which hath drunke the blood of the Saints, out of truth and meekness. And have not we tasted and handled, and seen and known this poisonous Fanatick spirit?

Was not Saul in a Fanatick spirit, when he was made, and persecuted? Was he in a Fanatick spirit when he confessed this, and denied carnal weapons, but confessed spiritual? Which of these spirits is Fanatick, and which of these spirits is now Christendom found in? In the spirit of Saul a mad man, a persecuter, with his packet of Letters. Or in the spirit that wrestles not with flesh and blood, and wrestles not with carnal weapons, but with spiritual? Wheather this be the Fanatick spirit, yea, or nay?

G. F.

London, Printed for Robert Wilson, at the Signe of the Black-spread-Eagle and Wind-Mill, in Martins Le Grand. 1660.

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