The Declaration of the Lord Fairfax, and others of the Nobility and Gentry of the North parts of England.

VVE being deeply sensible of the grievous Pressures under which we lie, and the extream dangers whereunto we are ex­posed at this time, through the violent alteration of our Go­vernment; the mutilation and interruption of Parliament, having no Represen­tatives to express or remedy our grievances, have thought it meet according to the examples of o­ther Countryes to Declare and desire, that if the Parliament begun Nov. 3. 1640. be yet con­tinued, the Members that were secluded in 1648 [...] forthwith restored to the excercise of their Trust, and all vacancyes filled up, that right may be done, to their persons, to Parliaments, and the peoples that have chosen them; if otherwise, that a Parliament may be presently called, without the imposing of Oaths or Ingagements, the great­est prejudices to Civil or Christian Liberty; or requiring any Qualifications, save what by Law or Ordinance of Parliament before the force in 1648. are already establisht; And until this or one of these be done, we cannot hold our selves o­bliged to pay the Taxes that are or shall be impose­ed, we not enjoying the fundamental right of this Nation, to consent to our own Laws by equal Representatives.

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