A PROCLAMATION Prohibiting the contrivance or Subscription of any Petitions or Papers for the promo­ting of Designs dangerous to the peace of the Common-wealth.

FOrasmuch as this Committee hath received certain Information of several de­signs and endeavours of persons ill-affected to the publique Peace and good of this Common-wealth, by untrue reports and suggestions, to beget and foment distempers in the mindes of the People, and thereby, under specious pretences, to promote their own private and sinister ends and designs, to the endangering the Peace and Safety of the Common-wealth: And that in order to such at­tempts divers of the said ill-disposed persons, have set on foot Papers under colour of Peti­tions, of their own framing, and labour to get subscriptions thereunto in and about the City of London and other parts, the better to countenance their own mischievous intentions against the Peace of the Nation; The Committee of Safety knowing of how dangerous consequence it may be to the Inhabitants of the Cities of London and Westminster, as well as the whole Common-wealth, if the same be not prevented: And least any may, by the plausible pretences of such men, be seduced and drawn in to write their names to such Papers for the carrying on of designs tending to the ruine of themselves and these Nations, The said Committee of Safe­ty have thought fit to Publish and declare their resentments of such undue and dangerous pra­ctises; And do hereby prohibite and forbid all and every person and persons whatsoever, to contrive, promote or subscribe any such Papers, as are now, or shall be on foot in and about the Cities of London and Westminster, for the ends and designs aforesaid, or to endeavour or solli­cite the getting hands or subscriptions unto any such Papers: And that if any such Paper be offered to any person or persons to be by them subscribed, that such person to whom the same shall be tendered do suppress the same, or give information thereof to the Lord Mayor of the City of London, the Alderman of the Ward, or next Iustice of the Peace, who are hereby en­joyned and required, to cause the person so endeavouring to get hands thereunto, to be appre­hended, and kept in safe custody, and such Papers suppressed. And this Committee do re­quire and enjoyn, that no person or persons whatsoever, do after the Publication hereof, pro­mote such Papers or Subscriptions, or endeavour to get hands or subscriptions thereunto, as they tender the good and peace of the said Cities and this Common-wealth, and as they desire to avoid being accounted disturbers and enemies thereof.

ORdered, That this Proclamation be forthwith Printed and Published.

William Robinson, Clerk to the Committee of Safety.

London, Printed by Henry Hills and John Field, Printers to the Committee of Safety.

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