A LETTER TO The AUTHOR of a BOOK ENTITLED, Considerations on the Explications of the Doctrine of the TRINITY.


I HAVE a long time Desir'd to have some Confe­rence with You, or any other of the Writing Dispu­tants of your Perswasion, but I could never yet obtain that Satisfaction. I shall here Reflect upon Two Passages in the Letter Annext to your Con­ [...]rations, &c. The Author of The Snare Broken (which Publisht) is a Person, who for his Learning, and Virtue serves the high Esteem, and Love of All Men. That [...]pression of His, which your Friend has thought fit to [...]lect, as that which deserves his Publick Reprehension, [...]th clearly represent the deep Judgement, together [...]ith the Christian Candor, and Modesty of the Author. [...] does indeed (not as your Friend says, In Vain, but [...] very Good Purpose) Perswade Men To lay aside their Philosophy, and wholly to betake themselves to a Scriptural [Page 2] Consideration of the [...],’ by which says your Frie [...] (with what Ingenuity let the World Judge) I understa [...] they must ‘Take the Words of Scripture without und [...] ­standing them, or reconciling them to other Scripture or even the current of Scripture, or common Reaso [...] Do they think that Scripture is to be interpreted co [...] trary to it self? Or that Divine Wisdom has made [...] Belief of Contradictions necessary to Salvation.’ Ans [...] 'Tis manifest that by Philosophy my Friend understand an Artificial Way of Thinking, and Discoursing, that h [...] no Dependence upon the Holy Scriptures. But I sha [...] take the Boldness to say that few, or none in this Ag [...] who undertake to Interpret the Scriptures, Argue mo [...] Rationally about the Sense of them than he does. I Cha [...] ­lenge You to shew wherein He has Interpreted Scriptur [...] contrary to it self; or given any Man cause to questio [...] whether He think ‘that Divine Wisdom has made th [...] Belief of Contradictions necessary to Salvation.’ [...] the same Letter are these very Scoptical words, ‘The [...] can love the Father with all their Hearts, and Strengths and Two Persons distinct from Him with the same All they can give all to one, and all to another, and all to third, and never question the Possibility of it: as [...] there were a Trinity in Unity in every Man, that [...] own Heart were Three Hearts to be bestowed all, a [...] entirely upon each of Three Objects, and yet be but o [...] Heart still.’ Answ. We assert that The Father, T [...] Son, and The Holy Ghost are not Three Objects, b [...] One Object of Our LOVE, or WORSHIP, T [...] Worship which the Almighty, the Fountain of All Goo [...] ­ness, The ONE BEING ABSOLUTELY IN­FINITE, Requires of Us, is nothing else (as to t [...] Internal Act) but Love Absolute or Vltimate, such Lo [...] as Excludes All other Affections, but what may be Ex [...] [...]is'd [Page 3] in Subordination, and Subserviency to It: So that all [...]e Loves, or other Affections in our Hearts, which are Consistent with the True Love of GOD, Proceed from [...], and Tend to the Continual Encrease, and Improve­ment of it, and are indeed Resolv'd into it, and become [...]s it were a Part of it. For this is the Love of God that we [...]eep his Commandments, 1 Joh. 5. 3. To Love our Neigh­ [...]our according to the Will of GOD, is indeed to Love GOD. I Beseech Our Almighty and Most Merciful FATHER in the Name of the Blessed JESVS to shed abroad His Love in your Heart by the HOLY GHOST, and shall ever remain

The most Ardent Lover of Immortal Souls. EDM. ELYS.

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