Christian Information Concerning these Last times.

Wherein all people may clearly see what Pro­phesies the holy Prophets prophesied of should come to pass: which of them is fulfilling, and which is fulfilled; and how the low­est part of the great Image, that Daniel shew­ed to the King, is now a breaking to ponder, and by whom; whereby People may see, how very-near Antichrist, or the great Whore of Babylon, is to her End.

Also some prophetical Passages gathered out of Jacob Behme's Works, who prophesied and gave them forth, in the year, 1623. Concerning what should come to pass in these Northern Islands; and as he then declared them, they are now come to pass; and also what he said concerning the Turk, what he was, what he should do, and what should at last become of him.

Wrinten in the fifth Month, by F. E.

Here is Wisdom, let him that hath Wit, count the Number of the Beast, for its the number of a Man; and his Number is (all the nume­ral Letters in the Roman Alphabet, being rightly placed thus;) MDCLXVI. Revel. 13.18.

LONDON, Printed in the Year, 1664.

Christian INFORMATION concerning these Last Times.

CHrist Jesus, the Light of the World, was (as you may read, Mat. 16.) tempted with an hypocritical People, who desired that he would shew them a sign from hea­ven; but he answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, fair weather, for the skie is red; and in the morning, the day shall be tempestuous, for the skie is red and lowring: O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the skie, and can ye not discern the signs of the times? O ye Rulers of this Nation of England, and the Peo­ple thereof, can ye as yet discern any more concerning the signs of the times, that you now live in, then those Hypocrites did in the dayes by-past? can ye not at all discern what the Lord hath done, and what the Lord is bringing to pass in this your day? is not our God working a Work in your day, and such a Work as you will not believe though it be declared unto you? Nay, are not you covered with thick darkness, more than any age or gene­ration of men that ever went before you? Have not you had the Writings of the holy Prophets, and of Christ and his Apostles, that have prophesied from the holy Spirit of the Lord; and they have left unto you upon record, what the Lord would bring to pass in the latter dayes; and the Book is sealed unto you yet; so that you will not (or cannot) read what is written therein? O all you that profess your selves Christians, and say you own that which is written in the holy Scriptures of Truth, and yet are found at this day walking and acting clear contrary to that which is written in that which you own and profess, both Rulers, Priests & People: will not the words that Christ hath left unto you upon record judge you all at the last day, who are found making void his Commands by your Precepts? is there not one Lawgiver, who is able to save and destroy, left you upon record? and ought not all mens Laws to be subordinate unto his Law? O consider these things, for the Lord will suddenly arise against such a People, that have destroyed (or made void) his righteous Law. O Nation of England, the Land of my Nativity, which way shall I take up a Lamentation for thee, and how do I mourn for thee, to see both [Page 4]Rulers, Priests and People, setting themselves, like so many bri­ers and brambles, to prevent and stop the Work of the Lord, that he hath decreed shall now be brought to pass in the Earth; and though the Scriptures, that you say you own, declare of such a Work, as that the Lord will overthrow Babylon; and the Lamb and his Fol­lowers shall have the victory over the Dragon and his Followers, yet you will not believe, but set your selves, with all your power, against the Lord, and against his People; abusing, and shamefully in­treating his faithful Prophets, whom he hath raised by his own Power, and that in your own borders first, to declare unto you his everlasting Gospel, that so you might be turned from darkness unto Light, and from the power of Satan unto God: And also they have, as righteous Noah did, declared unto you, that the Lord would suddenly bring a Deluge upon the world of ungodly men, if they did not suddenly repent, and turn from their wicked wayes. And this Message of the King of Heaven, they have faithfully decla­red through thy Streets, Citties and Markets, unto all thy Inhabi­tants, as well unto thee, O King Charles (whom their God hath set upon thy Throne) as to the Begger that sits upon the Dunghil; and in so doing, the Lord's Mercy hath been large unto you all, in that he hath faithfully warned you all by his Servants, the thing that must suddenly be fulfilled upon you: but have you done as the King of Nineveh did, with his People? or have you at all belie­ved the report of the Lord's Servants? but have you not done as those did in Zedekiahs day, both Rulers and People? Have you not done evil in the sight of the Lord, and have not humbled your selues before him? 2 Chron. 36. have not all the chief of the Priests, and also of the People, trespassed wonderfully according to all the Abominations of the Heathen, in teaching for Doctrines, mens Precepts? And hath not the Lord God of your Fathers, sent to you by his Messengers (whom you in derision call Quakers) and they have faithfully declared his Message unto you; And have not you mocked the Messengers of the Lord; and made a Decree that his Labourers shall no more labour in this his Vineyard? and you have despised their words, and misused and imprisoned his Pro­phets, whom he hath sent, until the Lord's Wrath is risen against you, and there will be no remedy; and will you, who are as Briars and Thorns, set your selves in battle-aray against the Lord, who is a con­suming Fire to all the workers of Iniquity, and whose day (that is near at hand) burns like an oven, and all the proud, and all that does [Page 5]wickedly, shall be as stubble, and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the Lord of Hosts, and shall leave them neither root nor branch, Mal. 4.1. O foolish people, consider these things, before it be too late, and cease to do evil, and learn to do well; seek Judgement, re­lieve the oppressed, judge the Fatherless, and defend the Wid­dows: but if you do not these things, but (on the contrary,) let your Decree stand, that will make many thousands widdows, and thousands fatherless; the Lord will never reason with you, but by his sore Judgements he will overthrow you, and none shall be able to help you, saith the Lord God.

For this the Lord hath commanded me to declare unto you, and also to his suffering Lambs, who suffers under your power at this day, that so you may be warned of the evil of your wayes, and his People may be comforted, that their day of deliverance draweth very near, that so they may stand with boldness this day of great tryal, not fearing what man can do unto them; for the Lord hath shewed unto me the signs of the time in which we live; and those Visions that were for an appointed time, shewed unto the Pro­phets of the Lord, Hab. 2.3. do now at last in this our day, speak, and not lye; and though it tarryed, yet we have waited for it, and they are surely come, and must stay no longer.

Now this I declare not unto you by only reading of the History without me, hearing there that such things are to come to pass; but I declare of what the Lord hath wrought of his Work within me: And who ever judgeth of the times by no other thing than what he finds in the history without him, or by what he may at­tain unto by the stars, or by the face of the heavens, without h [...]m, such a one can never know the signs of the times, but is one with the hypocritical Generation among whom he lives. And as the un­believing Jews, who had the Prophesies of Christ's being born among them, and the place where he should be born, yet when he was born, according to the writings they had, they would not be­lieve it was he, but persecuted him, and put him to death: And as William Lilly in his Book, [Monarchy or no Monarchy] had a clear sight by what he saw, and read without him, of the Lord's People that should arise in this Nation, what manner of People they should be, what they should do, how they should Convert People, which had been a thing but only talked of, and how they should prosper, and he not at all witnessing the thing, he declared of within him, but only what he saw by things without him, I say, [Page 6]when those people were brought forth, according to what he had declared, and in every thing agreeable, in Life, Conversation, and Doctrine, to what he had given forth; yet this man, as the unbelieving Jews, would not believe when they were come, that such were the people he had prophesied of; but his Wife who minded the teaching of the Lord within her, and giving heed un­to that, she could say of a truth, when those people arose, that they were the People of the Lord that her Husband had before de­clared of.

Now all dear Friends and People every where, you may know that there was a time, after Adam and Eve had transgressed the Righteous Law of God, that the Lord in his love made a Promise unto them, that the Seed of the Woman should break the Serpents head. While man lives in sin and transgression, this is not wit­nessed. And so according to the Doctrine of the Priests of Eng­land, who say (contrary to the Scripture and Book of Common-Prayer) that none shall ever be perfect, or freed from commit­ting sin while on this side of the grave; and so denies this pro­mise of the Lord, in that the Seed of the Woman shall ever break the Serpents head; and so would make God a lyar, in not performing what he hath promised; but this promise through the Lords love many at this day can witness: and who witnesseth this, their day of deliverance is come.

After Moses prophesied that the Lord should raise them a Prophet like unto him, and him they should hear in all things; And this Prophet is come, and the Lords People hear him, teaching in them, and are made willing to be subject unto his Laws, and Government. And because they do so, therefore the Kings of the earth, and the Rulers, they take counsel against the Lord, and against his People, and would have them do things, contrary to the Law that this great Prophet, who is come, hath left them upon Record, to observe and do; and great penalties are laid upon them if they will not break his Righteous Law: and if that person must be cut off that will not hear this Prophet, what will be the portion of those Rulers, that make Decrees, and Laws, to cause his Righ­teous Law to be broken, and persecute those that keep his Law? Consider these things and repent. Ezekel 37. The Lord shewed him in a Vision the True Seed of Spiritual Israel, which were re­presented by the dry bones, which lay scattered in the open fields, and lo he saw them to be very dry; and the Lord said unto him, [Page 7] Son of Man, Can these bones live? And the Prophet answered, Lord, thou knoweth. O my dear Friends, who lay with me in the open field, and who the Lord sent, his faithful Servants, out of the North Countrey to prophesie upon us dry bones, and they did as the Lord commanded them, and said unto us, Hear the Word of the Lord, Thus saith the Lord unto these dry bones, Behold I will cause breath to enter into you, and ye shall live, and I will lay sinews upon you, and make flesh grow upon you, and cover you with skin, and put breath into you, that ye may live, and ye shall know that I am the Lord. So the Lord's Prophets prophesied as he had com­manded them; and as they prophesied, there was a noise, and be­hold there was a shaking, (or trembling) and at that time, those that were not of the True Seed of Israel, seeing us tremble and quake at the Word of the Lord, they in scorn in that Day called us Quakers; then as they continued prophesying upon us, We dry bones came together, bone to his bone; This was the beginning of the Lord's Peoples Meetings, and therefore we cannot but meet to­gether, as many as the Lord shall move to make up a body, not­withstanding the Decrees of men would have us meet but to the Number of Four besides the Houshold, and so would have us to be a weak and infirm body, contrary to what the Lord hath joyned together to make up the body; but we cannot say to the eye, we have no need of thee, nor to the hand, we have no need of thee, but every Member is to be useful and helpful in his place, to the comfort of the body: and since we have come to witness this prophesie ful­filled in us, in this our day, our God hath not only knit our bones together with sinews, whereby we are strengthened one by ano­ther, and his love is shed abroad in our hearts, that makes flesh to grow and cover these bones; but also he hath put his Spirit of Life into us, whereby we come to feel and taste and handle of our God, and that makes us live out of the pleasures, customs, fashions and traditions of this world; and this Life that our God hath put into us, makes us to stand upon our feet, and we are become an exceeding great Army, having neither Sword nor Spear, but the Spirit of the Living God.

Now dear Friends, many thousands of you, you know, are come with me hither, therefore fear not, for we are the people that this prophesie shall very shortly be fulfilled upon, notwithstanding the Decrees of men to root us out, for none are of the True Seed of the house of Israel, but those whom the Lord hath or shall make [Page 8]sensible of their dry bones condition, and that witness the Work of the Lord within them, and be not dismayed, though you hear of Gog and Magog; (that is all who own not the Truth as it is in Jesus,) rising up and gathering themselves against you, threatning to banish and to root out this Army, whom the Lord by his mighty power hath at this day raised up, according to Ezekiel's prophesie; for if thou read the 38. and 39. chapters, thou shalt there see, who among the Nations shall be delivered from Gog and his Army, and who shall deliver them. Thou mayest read, that he shall over­come many people, and but one sort of people shall be delivered from him, and they are such who live without walled Towers, that are at rest, and that dwell in safety; which dwell all without walls, and have neither Bars nor Gates, which are not of the Natio­nal Churches, which are the People that are gathered out of the Nations; these are they that the Lord will deliver, that have broken their Spears into Pruning-hooks, and their Swords into Sithes, that have learned to War no more. And all you people of what Re­ligion soever, that cannot witness these things in your own parti­culars, as being truly called from the dry bones state, and that have not Salvation for Walls and Bullwarks, which are not yet re­deemed from a War-like Spirit, and that are not come to witness Christs Kingdom come, which is not of this world, who are not yet entred into your Rest, Christ Jesus the Light, in whom is safety, and no where else, and that are not as yet gathered out of the Nations, but are yet with them in their Wayes, Worships, Fashions and Customs, you must all fall under Gog and his Army, and as soon as you are all overcome by him, then will the Lord overthrow Gog with all his Army; and this is suddenly to come to pass, and the Lord will perform it for his Seeds sake.

And that this prophesie hath not been in former time fulfilled, the Prophet saith in the 38. Chap. and 16. verse, it shall be in the latter dayes.

And for the comfort of the Suffering Seed of the Lord this day, this I am to declare unto you, That this is the time that Da­niel's Prophesie is now to be fulfilled, (though it hath been long a fulfilling) for we are in that time, that Daniel saw, Chap. 2.41, 42, 43, 44. And the Lord hath by his Power cut us out of the Mountain without hands, for every hand hath been against us, ever since he cut us forth; And this stone cut out without hands, doth grow, and it must, and will, fill the whole earth, and now it is [Page 9]at work to break in pieces the latter part of the great Image, whose feet and toes were part Iron, and part Clay; so the Kingdom is partly strong, and partly broken; and as this part of the Image is a mixture of Clay and Iron, so hath Anti-Christ's Kingdom, ming­led themselves with the Seed of men, some in one form, and some in another form, so that they cannot joyn together, but Pa­pists against Episcopal, and Episcopal against Presbytery, and Pres­bytery and all others, against those who are cut out of the Moun­tain without hands: But in the dayes of these Kings, hath the God of Heaven set up a Kingdom, which shall never be destroyed, (there­fore fear not) and this Kingdom shall not be given unto another people, but it shall break and destroy all these Kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever; and it will be as hard a work for the men of this Generation, to remove this Mountain whom the Lord hath cut out without hands, and to carry it away from this Island beyond the Seas, as to remove the greatest Mountain upon the earth, and to carry it to the place they have decreed; for if the Decree of the Lord be, that it must fill the whole earth, where will vain man have a place to put it; Therefore I say unto the men of this Generation, who make Laws and Decrees, against the Laws and Decrees of the Lord, as once Balaam said to Balaak and his Princes, Hearken ye Kings, and give ear ye Princes, God is not as man that he should lie, neither as the son of man that he should repent; hath he said, and shall he not do it? Hath he said that Babylon shall fall and be broken, and that the Image which Daniel saw, should be broken by the stone cut out of the Mountain without hands, and that in the latter dayes, and that those people shall be delivered from the Sword, that cannot fight with a Carnal Sword, but are redeemed out of it; and hath he said it, and will he not do it? and hath he spoken by his Servants the Prophets, what he will bring to pass in the earth, and shall he not accomplish it? Hath he spoke by Je­remiah his Faithful Prophet, Jer. 23. Behold the dayes come, saith the Lord, that I will raise unto David a Righteous Branch, and a King shall reign and prosper, and shall execute Judgement and Ju­stice, in the earth, in his dayes Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely; and this is the Name whereby they shall call him, The Lord our Righteousness; Therefore behold the dayes come saith the Lord, that they shall no more say, the Lord liveth that brought up the Children of Israel out of the Land of Egypt, (Mark) that de­liverance was Great; but one is coming near that shall be greater, [Page 10]unto which the lesser must give place; and in this our day we wit­ness it a fulfilling, and we can in measure say already, The Lord liveth, which brought up and led the Seed of the House of Israel out of the North Countrey, (mark that) and from all Countries where they were scattered, and they shall dwell in their own Land; There­fore lift up your heads all you who are come hither, for delive­rance is near unto you; for now is the Lord fulfilling of this Pro­phesie upon his people, and in this Northern Island hath he began his great work, in bringing up his Seed, and leading out of the North Countrey, and from all other Countries where they have been scattered; for now is the Woman spoken of in the Revelati­on, returning out of the Wilderness, whom the Dragon cast forth floods after, but the Man-Child was caught up to God, but the Dragon made great War, and hath persecuted her Seed; but now is the everlasting Gospel Preached, by the Angel that flew in the midst of Heaven; And the next tydings will be, Babylon is fallen, for she made all the Nations drink of the Wine of the Wrath of her Fornication, (mark that) she forced the Nations to drink of her Wine, of the Cup of Fornication; but the Kings of the Earth were not forced to drink of her Cup, but they drank it freely from her hand, and were so much in love with her, that they joyned with her, and committed Fornication freely with her; and the Merchants of the earth waxed rich, of the abundance of her plea­sures; but now the dayes of her mourning is come, and coming upon her, and the dark night of Apostacy, in which she hath drunk the blood of the Saints, is near come to an end; And the tydings out of the East, and out of the North, doth now sore trouble her, and what the Lord spake through that Faithful Servant of his Jacob Behme, in the Year 1623. is now near to be fulfilled, as may be read in his Book, entituled, A Christian Information concerning the Last Times, wherein he saith, The Oriental Beast getteth an Humane heart and face, viz. that is, The Turk shall turn a true Christian; but before this comes to pass, while he is a beast, he shall help to tear down the Tower of Babel with his Claws; for this end hath the Lord raised him, that so the tydings out of the East should trouble Babel: And likewise the tydings out of the North doth at this day migh­tily trouble the Inhabitants of Babel to hear that the Lord hath raised his Seed in the North Countrey; and now they bestir themselves, and they would have them driven out of this North Countrey by all means, and if ever they shall return again within seven years, [Page 11]then they must die without benefit of their Clergie; It seems the Clergie will neither save their lives, nor have pitty of them, nor pray for them. O hard-hearted Generation of Clergy men, will you not pray for Enemies, nor have pitty on them, but give the Lambs of Christ, if they come amongst you, up to the slaugh­ter? Are you like unto Christ, who came not to destroy mens lives, but to save mens lives? Though you have Horns like the Lamb, yet you speak like the Dragon; and you appear to be Wolves in Sheeps skins, that are thus minded.

But hear further what this German Author said, further he said, In the darkness of the North ariseth a Sun, which taketh its Light from the sensualish properties of the Nature of all Beings, from the former expressed Word; and this is a Wonder, at which all Nati­ons rejoyce; This is fulfilled in this Nation.

Also he saith, An Eagle (viz. the Emperor of Germany) hath hatched young Lyons in his Nest, and brought them Prey, till they have grown great, hoping that they would again bring their Prey to him; but they have forgotten that, and taken the Eagles Nest, and pluck off his Feathers, and in unfaithfulness bit off his Claws, so that he can fetch no more Prey, though he should starve for hunger.

Also he saith concerning the Turk, That he should very easily come to the Rhine stream, which now the Turk at this time is near, being a River that runs through the heart of Germany, where (saith he) then the great overthrow of the Children of Babilon may come to pass, where two great Rods shall appear, the one by War, the other by Mortality, in which Babel shall be ruined, saith the Spirit of the Lord, in all those who have prophesied before us.

Further he saith, A Lilly blossometh to you ye Northern Coun­tries, if you destroy it not with the Sectarian contention of the Learn­ed, then it will become a great Tree among you; but if you shall ra­ther contend then to know the True God, then the Ray passeth by, and hiteth only some; and then afterwards you shall be forced to draw water for the thirst of your Souls, among strange Nations.

And as it was prophesied of by this Prophet of the Lord, so the Lord hath brought it to pass, and the Lilly is blossomed in this Island, and the Sectarian Contention of the Learned, have done what they can to overthrow this Lilly: as witness of the publick Teachers in these Nations, that have Writ and Printed against the Lilly; as is to be seen in the Book put forth by George Fox, and Intituled, The great Mystery of the Whore unfolded, wherein 197. [Page 12]of the publick Teachers are confuted, and their Errors condemned, and their mouths stopped to their shame for ever, and so the Lil­ly is become a great Tree in this Nation; Praises to the Lord for ever.

And for all you who do not witness the Lilly brought forth in you, but are ready to ask what this Lilly is, the Author tells you in his Book what it is, and how you may know it.

The Lilly (saith he) will not be found in strife or Wars, but in a friendly, humble, loving Spirit, together with good sound Reason; this will dispel and drive away the smoak of the Devil, and flourish in its tim [...], to the overthrowing of Babel, and the building up of Zion.

Also in his book he saith, That the Turks, after they have tared down the Tower of Babel as a Beast, with their claws, and given those People and Nations Blood to drink, that have drunk the Blood of the Saints and Martyrs of Jesus, then they shall (saith he) come in with great joy and great humility, unto Abraham, viz. that is to say, unto Christ.

And (he saith) They shall not come in, in the form of the Babyloni­cal formal, litteral Christendom, in their invented and contrived Or­ders, which are only verbal, outside Christians, so that a Testimony, and some outward footsteps of Christ and his Kingdom, have still continued upon the Earth, but they shall be born in spirit and power, for they are the lost Son, that is wandred away from the Father, and is be­come the Swineherd.

But when the Angel shall bid them return, they come in the humi­lity of the lost Son, returning to the Father, where then the great Joy shall be kept by Christ and his Angels, that the dead is made alive, and the lost is again found, and the true golden Jubal year of the mar­riage of the Lamb ariseth up among them.

And albeit Christendom, the Elder Brother (who hath continued in the Letter) doth grumble at it, in respect of the different form, that he hath made to himself (for the most part for his belly and honour) yet they are not moved at it, they are merry with the Father.

And they are the two Sons: to one whereof the Father said, Go and do this; and he said, Yea, but did it not: and to the other Son (which is the Turk) Do this, and he said, No, but did it, which doth so highly advance (and magnifie) the Turks in the Kingdom of Nature, which the blind Christian World doth not understand: and though Christen­dom calls them by the name of Infidels and Unbelievers, yet, saith, he [Page 13] they are both alike while the one lives like the other. And as it is written, Gal. 4.29. He that is born after the flesh, persecutes him that is born after the spirit. So all Persecutors, may see what stock they proceed from (the bond woman) who must be cast out, and the time draws very near; for he, who ever he be, that perse­cutes his brother, is in Cains way, and is a Murtherer; for when there were but only Cain and Abel born in the Earth, yet he that was the Persecutor, would have an uniformity in Religion, and be­cause his Brother would not offer sacrifice as he did, he was wrath with him, and slew his brother, and the reason was, because the one Sacrifice was accepted with the Lord, and the Persecutors was not.

And there is no other reason or cause at this day, that men are so mad to persecute, to banish, kill & imprison their brethren, because they cannot worship as those do, who teach for Doctrine Mens Pre­cepts: and by their so doing, they find no acceptance with the Lord; and this makes their countenance change, and they grow in wrath, and make cruel Laws against their Brethren, who worship God in Spirit & in Truth, and whose worship is accepted of the Lord; but as it was with their first father Cain, who was the first persecutor, he became a fugitive and a vagabond upon the earth, and the Lord set a mark upon him. So let all Persecutors in this age, take notice of this one thing, That God hath in all Ages and Generations, pun­ished this Sin of Persecution, with one and the same Judgement, let it be found in whom it will, as Scripture at large do shew, and Histories make mention; and the punishment was this, Their houses was left unto them desolate. See Mat. 23.37, 38. O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the Prophets, and stonest them that were sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thee, but ye would not, viz. Behold (saith Christ) your habitation shall be left unto you deso­late. And if Persecutors in this Age were not blind, they might reade, the Judgement of the Lord that have followed Persecu­tors in this particular, upon those that are gone before them; for as man lets Envy into his heart, which is the ground of Murther and Persecution, it eats out all good in him, and makes his heart desolate of all good Motions of the Spirit of the Lord, so it is without: Pesecutors by that sin, disposes themselves at last, and the Lord drives them from their habitation without; for all Persecutors are all unreasonable men, and ever were: for if I should ask a King, Parliament or Council, that make Laws to [Page 14]force all other People to worship in that Manner, Form, Time and Place as they shall prescribe, and if I be not convinced in my own Conscience, that their way is right, and agreeable to the true Wor­ship of God, which is in Spirit & in Truth, and if I should worship in their way, I should sin against God, and against mine own Conscience, then if I ask that King, Parliament or Council, if they will undertake at the last day in my behalf (when God shall judge the Secrets of all hearts by Jesus Christ) and will then keep me from the Eternal Punishment, that must be fulfilled upon all those that worship God after mens Precepts, and contrary to that measure of Light he hath given me to profit and worship withal, dare any King, Parliament or Council give me any assurance that they will do it for me? If they should say they would, yet I could not be­lieve them, that they were able, or that they can save their own souls; neither can I believe that there is any respect of persons with God, but Kings as well as others, must appear naked and bare before the Lord, and every one shall receive according to the things done in the body, whether good or evil; and also I read, that Tophet is prepared for the King as well as for the Beggar: Therefore seeing the King cannot save my soul, is it not an unreasonable thing, that he should force me to destroy my own Soul? Besides, the King is not that great Prophet that we are to hear in all things, but should be servant to that great Prophet: for Daniel and the three Children could not worship according to the Law of the King, and were justified in their so doing; as we may read, Dan. 3.18.

Now seeing it is so, let all that fear the Lord, endeavour to keep their Conscience clean and void of offence, both towards God and towards man, what ever we suffer under the hands of wick­ed and unreasonable men; for the time is near, that God will lift up his hand for his People, to deliver them after the manner of Egypt: And if the Lord should suffer any of us to be banished for his Truth sake, from the Land of our Nativity, I know the Lord would give us favour in the sight of the People first, as he hath done already, and we should get much of their love with us, which is their best Jewels; and though it be midnight now, yet but few Dogs bark at us as they have done formerly; for the Lord's Truth doth begin to be of good report in this Nation, and few are the num­ber of Persecutors now, as hath been formerly: (and as God set a mark upon Cain for persecuting his Brother, so all men now that are God-like minded, and all that God hath given a spirit of mode­ration [Page 15]unto, they mark all that are Persecutors now; and who­ever he be that now is a Persecutor, he is as much marked, as he that is a thief, and steals from his neighbour, the one being led by the spirit of covetousness, and the other by a murtherous spi­rit of envy, and both of the Devil.) And the greatest part of men, are much moderated as to those called Quakers, whereby I see that Babylon falls apace; for where moderation is, the Lord is near at hand, and the Devil hath now but a short time, which makes him rage the more; for we live in these dayes, wherein Scripture-Pro­phesies are fulfilled, and the Antient Visions do now speak, and we know what times we live in; and our God hath given us of his Light, Life, and Power, and hath called us to be of the First Fruits unto the Lamb, and to be of that Number that must break in pieces the great Image, and now at last to ingage with the Lamb, to fight with the Dragon, and his Followers, which will be the last battel: for as the Lord hath been pleased to raise his Seed, ac­cording as his Servants have foretold, and Scriptures have decla­red, in this Northren Island first, and from hence hath sent his faithful Servants, in these late years, to the outmost parts of the Earth, to preach his Everlasting Gospel to the sons of men, and the Lord's Work hath prospered in their hands; so certainly as he hath begun his great work in this Island, so the Lord will finish it in this Island, and Antichrist shall have his mortal blow in this Island first, whereby all Nations that hear of it, their hearts shall be struck with fear, to hear what the mighty God hath done for his poor afflicted Peo­ple in England. And the Servant of the Lord, J. S. hath decla­red there shall be such a day of deliverance, as the like was never be­fore it, nor never any shall be after it; and all Friends are to stand still, for there is our strength to stand still, and to wait upon our God, out of our thoughts, reasonings, and consultations, and all keep in the Faith, for by that we shall conquer all our Enemies, both within and without, Heb. 11.1. for that's our ground of things hoped for, & the evidence of things not seen. And Friends, this I declare, that I perceive such a Faith that the Lord hath begot­ten in his despised People called Quakers, in England, that fear not Banishment, no, nor death it self; and this I find is begotten in thousands that cannot speak much for Truth, but they have Faith to suffer for Truth if the Lord calls them to it, whereby it is evi­dent they shall have at last the victory, and shall be saved in the Ark, the Light: which that was but a figure of, that saved Noah [Page 16]and his family from drowning in the waters; and as the old world mocked Noah, and would not believe that the Ark would save him, so hath this Age mocked the People of the Lord, for believing in so low a thing as the Light, they say is. But the Lord hath suffer­ed a Flood to arise in this Nation, that hath well-nigh fetched off all the highest Professions in England; though they have flown from Mountain to Hill, yet the Flood hath arisen, and will arise, to fetch them all off: but all those that abide in the Ark, the Light, shall flote upon the top of the Waters, and shall be safe, until the Wa­ters are abated; wherein a New Earth shall appear, in which shall dwell Righteousness.

So all Friends who believe in the Ark, and dwell in it, keep to the Word of his Patience, and then your belief will not cause you to make haste, for the Lord in his good time will perform what is here written, to the renown of you his suffering Seed for ever­more.

F. E.

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