AN ESSAY Toward the Clearer Discovering Of the True Beginnings, Durations and Endings, of each Particular KING in Judah and Isra­el; and the Two LINES thereof, Compa­red and Adjusted, according to the Scriptures Referring thereunto; and, in Order to Un­derstanding of the Reference of those 390, and 40 Dayes, Mention'd Ezekiel 4th. v. 5, 6.

Upon Enquiry thereinto, and Examination thereof, I Premise 2 or 3 things. (1.) That Rehoboams and Jereboams Reigns must Begin much toge­ther; Else the 18th of Jeroboam's could not be the First of Abijahs, and his 20th the Beginning of Asa's, KINGS of Judah. (2.) That there's a Dispute with some, whether Jehoram, Jehosaphat's Son, and King of Judah, did Reign 8 years or 4? some say the latter, (and 4 more only with his Father. But to clear, that there must be 8 to him alone (or 4 more to his Father and him, which amounts to the same Number of Years.) I offer this; That Jehu (King of Israel) and Athaliah (Q. of Judah) Began to Reign at the same time, (for A­haziah of Judah, and Jehoram (or Joram) of Israel, their next Predecessors, fell together by the same hand, viz. of Jehu, 2 Kings 9.24. and 27 verses.) See Chap. 11. 4. and 12. 1. (3.) Whereas some give 29 years to Amaziah (King of Judah) and 52 to Azariah (or Ʋzziah) his Son, I allot 11 years less (to one or the other) as appears by what follows: And so lets proceed to see how the years of each Line of Kings concur herewith; first to Athalia and Jehu; and afterward to the end of the Line, whilst the Kings of Israel did joyntly continue with the Kings of Judah, and so at last, to the remainder of the Kings of Judah ending in Zedekiah; when the Kings of Israel had ceased in Hoshea before.

Printed in the Year 1700.

KINGS of Judah.Times of their Reigning with the Kings of Israel with Scriptures proving them.Years.KINGS of Israel.Times of their Reign, with the Kings of Judah, With Scriptures to prove, &c.Years
1 Rehoboam▪2 Chron. 12. 13. Reigned—171 Jeroboam.Began with Rehoboam (King of Judah) and Ended the Second of Asa, 1 Kings 15. 25. and Reigned (1 Kings 14. 20.)—22
2 Abijam, or Abijah. [...]gan the 18th Jeroboam, and Reigned to the 20th of [...]eroboam (K [...] of Israel) 2 Chron. 13.1. 1 King. 15. [...] and [...], [...]. 2d.—32 Nadab,Began the Second of Asa (King of Judah) and End­ed his 3d, 1 Kings 15. 25. 28 v. (Reigning Cur­rent, v. 25.—2
3 Asa.Began the 20th of Jeroboam, and ended about the 3d of Ahab, 1 Kings 15. 9. Chap. 16. 29. and Reign­ed (Chap. 15▪ 1 [...])—413 Baasha,Began the 3d of Asa, and ended the 26th thereof, 1 Kings 15. 28. 33, with Chap. 16. 8. (and Reign­ed, v. 5.)—24
4 Jehosaphat.Began the 4th of [...], and ended the 5th of Joram (Kings of Israel) 1 Kings 22. 41. 2 Kings 8. 16. and Reigned (1 Kings 22. 42.—254 Elah,Began the said 26 of Asa, and Ended the 27th Dit­to, 1 Kings 16. 8. v. 15. and Reigned (v. 8.)—2
5 Jehoram.Began (Alone) the 5th. of Joram (King of Israel) and ended the 12th of the said Joram, 2 Kings 8. 16. and v. 25. (and Reigned) v. 17.—85 Zimri,Began the 27th Asa, Reigning 7 days, 1 Kings 16. 15.—
6 Ahaziah.Began the said last Joram, and ended therewith, being Slain by Jehu, 2 Kings 8. 25. Chap. 9. 27. (and so Reigned)—16 Omri,Began his first 6 (with Tibni) the said 27th of Asa, and his other 6 (alone) from the 31th of Asa▪ Ending in his 38th, 1 Kings 16. 15. and 22. v. 23. v. 29. and Reigned in all (v. 23.)—12
 All these Kings Reigns hitherto Amount to—957 Ahab,Began the said 38 of Asa, Ending the 17th of Jehosa­phat, 1 Kings 16. 29. Chap. 22.51. Reigning (Ch. 16. 29.) Current—22
 Here Note, Though 8 Years be Allowed to Je­horam above, as aforesaid, yet 3 Years are these, short of the Kings of Israel (by this Computation) but they being more by Three Kings than Judahs, and the Currences of years more manifest (and Imcom­pleat) as appears by Jeroboams [...], Nadabs 2 years, and others; those 3 years may very well be taken up therein. And so I proceed to the next. 8 Ahaziah,Began the 17th of Jehoshaphat, and Ended the 18th. 1 Kings 22.51. 2 Kings 3.1. and Reigned, 1 Kings 22. 51. (Current.)—2
9 Joram,Began the 18th of Jehosaphat, and Ended the 1st of Ahaziah, 2 Kings 3. 1. Chap. 9. 29, with Chap. 8. 25. and Reigned (2 Kings 3—1.12
 All these Kings hitherto amount to—98
7 Athalia.Began with Jehu for the foremention'd Reason, and Reigned (Current.)—710 Jehu,And so proceed to the next. Began with Athaliah, and Ended the 23d of Joash, 2 Kings 13. 1. Reigning (2 Kings 10. 36.)—28
8 JoashBegan the 7th. of Jehu, and Ended the 2d of Jeho­ash (K. of Israel) 2 Kings 12. 1. Chap. 14. 1. (and Reigned, 2 Kings 12.1. (40. years.) Current (and allowing 7 years to Athalia, I allow him but 39—3911 Jehoaz,Began that 23d of Joash, King of Judah, and Ended the 37th, (or 39th as some think) Ditto, 2 Kings 13. 1. and 10. v. Reigning, v. 1.—17
KINGS of Judah.Times of their Reigning with the Kings of Israel. with Scriptures proving them.Years.KINGS of Israel.Times of their Reigning, with the Kings of Judah, With Scriptures proving them.Yeares.
9 Amaziah,Began the 2d of Jehoash, and Ended the 15th of Je­roboam (the 2d) for Jeroboam, began in his 15th, 2 Kings 14. 23. which is (v. 2.) 29 years, as he is said to Reign, 2 Kings 14. 2.2912 Jehoash.Began that 37th, or 39th of Joash, and Ended the 15th of Amaziah (Kings of Judah) 2 Kings [...]3. 10 Chap. 14. 23. Reigning (2 Kings 13. 1 [...].)15
10 Azariah, called also Ʋzziah.

Began the 4th of Jeroboam (aforesaid) his 11 or 12 years with his Father (who dyed the 15th of Jero­boam, 2 Kings 14. 17. After he fled from Jerusa­lem to Lachish, as I suppose) And so Began [...] to Reign alone at his 15th, and Ended the First of Pekah; For from the 15th of Jeroboam to Jerobo­am's 41th, and thence to Pekak, is but 41 years, and so of the 52 years he is said to Reign; 11 years is to be reckon'd to his Fathers 29. And so he Reigned solely (2 Kings 14. 23. with 15. 28.)

To clear this further, see my Postscript about this Kings Reign, what is said, too large to Insert here.

4113 Jeroboam.Began that 15th of Amaziah, Chap. 14. 23. and End­ed the 38th of Azariah (reckoning the [...] years he Reigned with his Father, otherwise it was but his 27th Alone) 2 Kings 15 8. and Reigned (2 Kin [...] 14. 23.)41
14 Zachariah.Began that 38th of Azariah, and Reigned 2 King [...] 15. 3. 6 Months. 
15 Shallum.Began the 39th of Azariah, Reigning 2 Kings 15. 13. 1 Month 
16. MenahemBegan the said 39th and Ended the 50th of Aza­riah, 2 Kings 15. 17. and v. 22. and Reigned (v. 17.)10
17 Pekahiah.Began the said 50th of Ahaziah, and End ed his 52d, 2 Kings 15. 23. and 27. Reigning (v. 23.)2
11 Jotham.Began the Beginning of the Second Pekah (King of Israel) and Ended his 17th, 2 Kings 15. 32. with 16. 1. and Reigned Alone (Ch. 15. 33.) 16 years. And from the ground here mention'd (and Pekah's Reign in Israel) it seems he Reigned about 4 Years with his Son Ahaz, and so called the 20th Jotham, which some conceive (it may be) because of his 4 years before in his Fathers time, as Vice­roy, 2 Kings 15. 5. for otherwise he Reigned a­bout 16. But, I rather think about 4 more was with his Son aforesaid, (which made his 16 Alone to be the 20th) who, being King with his Father, Began the 17th of Pehah, and so continued toge­ther to Pekah's 20; (when Ahaz Alone, and Hoshea also as Tributary Began) which Harmonizes, as thus appears; Pekah began about the 1 year be­fore Jotham, 2 Kings 15. 27 And Jotham's 19, with Ahaz's 16, and Hezekiah's 6, make 41. So Peka's 20, and Hoshea 21, in all (who slew Pekah and Reigned in his stead (makes the same num­ber 41. Now, since these 4 last years was Current, I allow but 3, and Ahaz 16 compleat (or 35 be­tween1618 PekahBegan the 52d, Ditto; Ending the 20th of Jotham, and the 3d or 4th of Ahaz (2 Kings 16. 1.) then Reigning with his Father: which was his First Alone (as appears by Hoshea's Absolute Reign of 9 years, Begun with the 12th of Ahaz, 2 Kings 17. 1.) and, whose 3d (of his 9th) Ended about his 15th compleat, for then Hezekiah Began, 2 King▪ 18. 1.) otherwise the 17th of Pekah, taking in his 20th, would not be 4, and his 12 to Hoshea's First, and 3 more, would not make 19. But taking Pekah's 20th to be Ahaz's First Alone, and his 12 to the First of Hoshea's 9 and 3 Mo [...] to his 3d, makes 15 compleat. Pekah Reigning (Chap. 15. 27.)20
319 HosheaBegan the last Jotham (and First of Ahaz Alone) as Tributary, (slaying then Pekah) and so con­tinued to Ahaz's 12, and thence Began his 9 Years more Absolute, (see 2 Kings 15. 30. with 17. [...].) Now his 9 (last years) could not be from the 20th of Jotham, when he slew Pekah, and Reigned in his stead; for they Began in Ahaz's 12th, who must Then Begin Alone; Therefore, as said from Jotham's 20th, and consequently Hoshea, as Tri­butrary 
KINGS of JudahTimes of their Reign, with the Kings of Judah, With Scriptures to prove, &c.Years.KINGS of Israel.Times of their Peigning, with the Kings of Judah▪ With Scriptures proving them.Years.
 them both) so set down in the Colume of Jotham 19.  butary with Ahaz, to his 12th, is 12 years; and from thence to the 6th of Hezekiah, is 9 more; in all 21.—Reigning—21
12 Abaz.Began Alone the 20th of Pekah, and Ended the 3d of Hoshea's Absolute Reign (or 15th of his Whole▪ 2 Kings 16. 1. Chap. 17. 1. and Reigned Chap. 16.2.16 Total is253 7 Mon.
13 HezekiahBegan in Hoshea's 3d Year, the latter end, and so his 9th (when the Kings of Israel ceased (by their Captivity) was—6
 All these Kings hitherto amount to—252But it may be Objected; I have allowed the whole 98 years of the Kings of Israel, to make up their Total 253, to Adjust with Judah's so many years, to the 6th of Hezekiah. Whereas, 3 of those 98, I have granted to be ta­ken off, to Adjust them with the first Division of Judah's 95. And therefore here's 2 years short, in the 2d. Division; to make up the years of the Kings of Israel, to accord with Judah's 25 [...] aforesaid. This I Acknowledge; and An­swer in the General, first; That the greater Confusions in the Kingdom of Is­rael (there being 4 Kings therein, in about One years space, 2 Kings 15.8. [...]8.) Calls for the years of Israel's Kings to Accommodate with Judah's; Rather than Judah's with Israel's; the Line also of the 390 being carried through the Kings of Judah, and not of Israel's (though I have made use of them, as a Collateral Proofe to the Times of some of the Kings of Judah, which are more disputa­ble,) and more Particularly; some have Allow'd Inter-Regnums among the Kings of Israel: I shall onely now Instance what I note my self; Between Je­hu and Jehoahaz (his Son.) If we Allow Athaliab 7 years, and then to Joash (suc­ceeding her in Judah) his 23d Current, there's 29 years, when Jehoabaz, the Son of Jehu, Began to Reign; whereas I have allowed Jehu 28. (here one allows an Inter-regnum of 2 years,) and so as to some others (as Menahem, see 2 Kings 15. 17. with v. 22. from 39 to 50, is above 10 years,) which I shall leave to others, of greater Abilities, (that may also have greater helps than I have had) to find out to their own, or others Satisfaction.
 Thus, if rightly done, here is a pretty fair Agree­ment. And so I proceed with the Remainder of the Kings of Judah, till the last ceased, when their Captivity of 70 years was Begun. And 6 of Heze­kiahs being already set down, the Remainder is (Reigning 29. 2 Kings 29.)23
14 Manasses,Reigned, 2 Kings 21. 1.5 [...]
15 Amon,Reigned, v. 19.2
16 Josiah,Reigned, Chap. 22. 1.31
17 Jehoahaz,Reigned, Chap. 23. 31.—Monohs 3. 
18 Jehojakim.Reigned, v. 36.11
19 Jehoiachin,Reigned, Chap. 24. 8.—Months 3. 
20 Zedekiah,Reigned, v. 18. and Ch. 25. 2.11
 The Total of all the Kings of Judah from Solomon—is—385 
 Now here's near 5 years short of the 390. in Ezek. 4. Therefore if we Begin them (according to 
KINGS of Judah.Times of their Reigning, with the Kings of Israel. with Scriptures proving them.
 Junius) at the 27th of Solomon, when he Degene­rated into Sensuality, Loving Strange Wives, con­trary to the Word of God, 1 Kings 11. 1. 4. and thereby into Idolatry, v. 9, 10, 11. and Against whom the Lord stirr'd up 3 Enemies in his dayes, v. 14. 16. and if we take his 27th to his 40th Inclu­sive, there's—16 Years; which makes up the Number of-385 Years, 6 Months.
 To be—Which is beyond our Sum; But take out the 11 years of Ze­dekiah's Reign, 401 and 6 Months. 11.
 At which time of Jehoachin, the 70 years Captivity did Begin, as is Apparent, and there is 390 Years 6 Months so near our Sum.

But, Against this Reference it may be Objected; That Ezekiel Prophesied this after Jehojachin's Captivity, and therefore the Siege in his Reign and Captivity thereupon, cannot be the Reference of the 390 Days.

To which I Reply: The Occasion and End of Ezekiels Prophesing thus, was to Consirm what Jeremy had before Prophesied of the 70 Years Captivity and Destruction of the City and Temple, in order to Convince some (both in Jeru­salem and Babylon) that Jeremy was a True Prophet, and others withstanding him were False Prophets (see Jer. 28. beginning, and Chap. 29, 8, &c. and ver. 24, &c.) As also to strengthen the Captives (already in Babylon) some of which at least, might begin to Repent, that they had hearkned to Jeremy, and yeilded to the King of Babylon, Jeremy having Prophesied as aforesaid: Whereas both Temple and City stood still now 5 years after. Therefore Ezekiel here lays be­fore them (it may be) both the Time to the Captivity (now already begun from the first Siege and Surrendring of the City) and the Duration of the after Siege and Taking of the City and Destruction of it, together with the Temple; as a further Confirmation that what Jeremy had Prophesied, and was in part fulfil'd, should fully be Accomplished by this Siege of the City, which he Typically Re­presented to the (it may be) with the time of its Continuance. And we need not account it improbable that the [...]90 may have such a Twofold Reference, both to [Page] the time of the Lords [...] bearing with [...] their bearing their Punishment in so long [...] Siege ( [...] the [...] of their Captivity (now begun) to the end [...] and other days mentioned in [...] [...] ground) to have a Litteral and [...] the [...]ype, and [...] the [...].

But to conclude, with a few words [...] 40 days of bearing Iniquity. Iniquity, [...] but the Punishment of Sin. And so the [...] the Houses of Israel Days for [...] (by [...] and other ways) and to the time of [...] proved, [...]g [...]ented their Sin and Punishment at last [...] 39 [...] Refer'd to Israel whose Captivity begun [...] that distinct Kingdom began) To which it may be [...] reach to the Siege of Jerusal [...]m at the Captivity of [...] constrainedly conclusible from the Hieroglyphical [...] verses of this Chapter, then its necessary to express the [...] taking in both Kingdoms or Houses of Israel; when [...] cease to be Kingdoms (as they had been.) And tho Juda [...] finally destroyed as at that Siege (and taking of Jerusalem [...] afterward▪ Yet is it sufficiently Exemplified in [...] time, [...] said) the 70 years Captivity began, see 2 Kings 24▪ 10, 13. [...] why may not the House of Israel firstly include the whole [...] in conjunction with the 2, as those 390 years was the Period of the [...] ­dom, as Entire, and as it stood in Solomon's time; and of [...]oth Kingdoms, [...] afterward Divided and Distinct. Be sides there was some Mixture of the [...] Tribes with the 2, All did not Cleave to Jeroboam, 2 Coxon 16. 17. See [...] 21. 2. But it may be said, If Both may be Included in the House of [...] Why then is the House of Judah Particularly Exprest after with the [...] dayes▪ To which I Answer, It may be upon a double account. (1▪) Because the King­dom of Judah was continued longer than that of Israel (2.) As it had also a more Peculiar Respect from God▪ in part exprest, by the Prophets Right side, when Israel's was signified by his Left, v. 4. 6. the Lord therefore not only Bearing longer with it, 1 Kings 15. 4. But also more graciously striving with them by the Ministery of Jeremy, which, from the 13th of [...], to the [...] end of that Kingdom in [...]'s Captivity, was much about 40 years, (tho' some refer those 40 years to the 40 or Manasses Ill Reign) wherein, God in a special manner Bore with the House of Judah. And whereas a late Writer, in his Line of Time, makes these 40 years Consequent to the 390, and not Inclu­ded; I see no ground for it; but rather, (as Mr. [...] not Additional, tho' Distinct from the other Number, and which [...] Writer therefore makes the 390 years Reach to the time of [...] 25 years after the Captivity; and [...] which is a Double Mistake, if this my [...] Neither can I con [...] with his sence [...] [Page] years, viz▪ to be the [...] the Types in David and Solom [...]n, to the Vision of [...] Temple, the first time of Bearing Iniquity or Punishment of i [...] [...] the Delay of the Kingdom of Christ. But rather take it; as [...] of the Lord's [...], th [...] they should Bear the Punishment of [...] by; or the time of their Bearing that Punishment; or Both: [...] in the 390 Days, Mystically Understood, Ending the 8th of [...] the Latter Litterally (as Mr. Greenhill [...]in [...]) the time of the Siege [...] 19th, which will be found (saith he) just so many Dayes, [...] time of the Raising of the Siege (by [...]'s Armies coming, out of the [...] that the Siege did hold from the first to the last. But however, Where doth it Appear, that Types or Visions did cease, till Ezekiels? Was not [...] and Josiah (especially) some Adumbration and Shadow thereof? And had not [...] and Jeremy (Between those times mention'd, many Visions, of at least Prophe­tical Discoveries of it? Isa. 32. 33. Chap. 44. 26, &c. Jer. 23. 5. 6. 7. Ch. 25. 12. and 29. 10. Chap. 30. 8, 9, 10. with other places.

Now, as Solomon's Kingdom, Temple, and the Glory of the Jenish Church, did soon Decay, and Gradually Degenerate, until at last, All were Seized by the King of Babylon; 390 years from Solomon's 27th to Jeconiah's Captivity (and ve­ry nigh that time from Solomon's Death to Zedekiah's Captivity, when Temple and City was Destroyed) which things were Types: So did the Spiritual Glory of Gospel-Temples (as also did that Emblem of Christs Temporal Kingdom af­terward in Constantine, &c.) Pass Away, by Degrees, (25 years After the Resur­rection, saith that aforesaid late Writer) until they fell into that Antichristian Apostacy and Captivity Begun about 390 from Christs Birth (as some have fix­ed it, on Other Grounds; tho' others, about 425 from Celestin's Claiming Tem­poral Power too; which was about one year more from Christ's Death.) Now whether these 390, Ezek. 4., Ch. may not Indigitate the Time of Antichrist's Rise, I leave to Consideration. Since as the 70 years Captivity were Typical of Antichrist's 42 Months (or 1260 dayes.) And 70 being Multiplied, first [...] by 3, and then again by 6 (Both Mystick Numbers) makes [...]260 (or 42 Months) which Number 6, is more Remarkable in this matter, As Used with Respect to Trials, and Greater Judgments, viz. Troubles (Job 5. 19.) 6 Slaughter-men, (Ezek. 7.2.) 6 (First) Trumpets, Introducing Antichrist and other Plagues: and 6 things the Lord Hates (Prov. 6. 16) All which, (with the 7th there also) are Remarkably in the Papacy; as Also making up that Number of the Beast (Rev. 13. 18.) 666. Consisting of 3 Six's, whether Applied (as some) to Numeral Letters in Romanus, or [...], Or because 666 is the Square Root of 25 (that Noted Unfortunate Number) so much found in the Papacy: Or, whe­ther because the Beast was Install'd under Ph [...]as in 6 [...]6, which (saith some) was the 666th Year from the Beginning of the Roman Empire. Now this 666 made up of Six's, and of 3's (or 3 times 6, and 6 times 3, in the 2 Halves thereof

  • 333
  • 333

which 3 times 6 in 666, are by [...], called One Degree (consist­ing of Ʋnits, Tens and Hundreds) and such a First, or One Onely Degree, As Christs Universal Vicar, is Antichrist, that hath not its Fellow. And in the [Page] [...] Products Added together, make 12 [...]0. Or [...] makes 430, and that Multiply'd by 3, and it then [...] count, Expireth with the 126 [...] years, or 42 [...] of late, who begin them at the same time, make the [...] After the 1260.) And thus the 390 aforesaid, may [...] of the [...] Captivities, both in the [...] the 70 years, and that of the 126 [...] ▪ The one 39 [...] [...] and the other 390 years After Christ. And the [...] the manner aforesaid, may more darkly Intimate the [...] the Mystical Baby [...]nish Captivity, would Expire with [...] most (as well as I) have Begun from [...] build the J [...]rs Temple, in Despite to [...]

For a Conclusion; As we our selves have been and [...] Iniquity, so let's wait for Grace and Strength, to do it [...] and Becomingly (in all Respects) Travailing for those Fruits of it; [...] appear by Vertue of the Promise and the Blood of Christ, in Sio [...]s Latter day Redemption.


FOr the further clearing up of [...]'s Reigning but 4 [...] years [...] of his [...] to his Father's 29. (tho' some allow [...] 52 years besides; and others that do not, yet are in doubt about it; and both [...] his 41 years with [...] begun them at his 15th [...] began [...], 2 Kings [...]4. 23. and (as [...]) about 3 years after, viz. [...] 18th year Amaziah [...]ed (on a [...] him) [...] 11 years began, which [...] must begin about the 4th of [...], (and not his [...]) (as aforesaid) was [...] and his [...] thus appears [...] from the 15th of [...] this agrees without any [...] the 2 Kings [...] [Page] boam's, and then the time of his first Beginning with his Father will be Jeroboam's 15th and not his 4th as I here make it. And how to Answer this, I confess, I know not; unless by a double beginning of Jeroboam, one with his Father about 12 years, and so his 27th and 15th may be the same. Or unless, we may conceive that Amaziah might live 11 years longer then the 15 mentioned, 2 Kings 14. 17. that being capable (I humbly judge) of being understood with reference to the time of his being King, (or living as King) somewhat like hereunto see in 2 Chron. 16. 1. and 22. 2. in which last the 42 years of Ahaziah's Age was meant of the Kingdom (of his Fathers, the House of Omri) compar'd with 2 Kings 8. 26. And so after this 11 years of Azariah with his Fathers 29 he might continue after the same manner, (or under Protectors) whilst his Father lived, (or if then Dead, because of his Minority, till he was solemnly Crowned or Confirmed about 11 or 12 years after in the 27th of Jeroboam, and so be said to Reign then; see 2 Kings 14. 21. It is not said as of some others that when the Father Dyed the Son Reigned in his stead. But all the People took Azariah and ma [...]e him King, &c.

The Reader may note, After I had drawn out this Scheme of 390 years, from the 27th of Solomon to Jehojachins Captivity; I saw Mr. T. A's Chronology, who makes it (Litera [...] 431,) but 420 years Compleat from Solomon's Temple Be­gun, to its Destruction in Zedekiah's Captivity (where he Begins the 70 years, with a Mistake, I judge) now he begins those 390 years from the 4th of Solo­mon, I with his 27th, he carries them to the End of Zedekiah; I to Jehojachins▪ Now between the 4th of Solomon and his 27th is 23; and between Jehajachins and Zedekiah's last is 11, both make 34, which, makes with the 390th, 424, which are but 4 years difference from his 420 Compleat, and 4 we differ in Jehoram's Reign, (King of Judah) he Allows him but 4 (alone) instead of which I have Al­lowed 8, and submit that, and the Whole, to Examination. But if notwithstand­ing what I have offer'd the 390 dayes, or years, be thought more properly Re­ferrable to the Final Captivity, at the Destruction of City and Temple, 11 years After; I cannot (at present) see any way how that can be done, but by Al­lowing Azariah 52 years besides the 29 of his Fathers, or an Interregnum of 11 years (in Effect the same thing) which also will necessitate a like Interregnum in Israel; which I see no ground for; the time of the Kings in both Kingdoms so much Harmonizing in this Account I have given; Both of the Particular Beginnings of each Line of Kings, one with the other; and of the Total Sum of years of each Kingdoms Continuance, Adjusted one with the other, to their respective Periods. And so I shall with that Supplication end. O send out thy Light and thy Truth, Psal. 43. 3. both in this, and other more Important Matters.


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