AN English Herbal: OR, A Discovery of the Physical Ver­tues of all Herbs in this Kingdom, what Planet governs each Herb, and how to gather them in their Planeta­ry Hours.

CONTAINING Some Hundreds of Medicines Made of ENGLISH HERBS, Whereby any Person may keep his Body in health, or cure himself when sick, for a small Charge, with such Herbs and Roots as naturally grow in ENGLAND.

Collected for a General Good.

Sold by A. C. at the Ring in Little-Britain.


YOU have herein an Account of the Herbs growing in England, and the Planet that rules 'em, that you may know how to gather 'em in their prime. The Planets are the Sun ☉ Sunday, the Moon ☽ Mon­day, Mars ♂ Tuesday, Mercury ☿ Wednesday, Jupiter ♃ Thursday, Venus ♀ Friday, Saturn ♄ Saturday. Observe that every Planet governs the first Hour after Sun-rise upon his Day, and the next Planet to him takes the next Hour successively in his order; so be it any Day, every 7th Hour comes to each Planet successively; for instance, If the Day be Friday, then the first Hour after Sun-rise is Venus's, the next Sa­turn's, and so on till it comes to Venus again. If you gather Herbs in their planetary Hour, some say you may do great matters, otherwise not; but be sure in gathe­ring your Herbs you gather the most juicy, so dry 'em in the Sun, which some say is much better than Shade, and keep 'em in Paper Bags.

Mr. Cole lays no stress on Planetary Hours further than that the Sun and Moon have influence over 'em, the first fer Heat, t'other for Moisture, but that the Full Moon is a good time to gather Herbs whence the Juice is to be taken. Those you gather for Winter Use, do it before they run to Seed. Flowers gather in their prime; dry and lay up Seeds full ripe; Roots keep near the Fire, or they will rot: Barks newly gather'd are best. Other Authors say 'tis best to gather Herbs when they are full of Juice, on a clear Day, when the Dew is gone off 'em. Flowers gather when full blown, Seeds when they begin to dry, Fruit quite ripe, Roots before they begin to spring, and dry 'em care­fully either in Sun or Shade, it matters not.

NB. Our English Herbs make as wholsom Tea's as foreign, sweeten'd with Sugar or Syrup; and you may make 'em with Syrups or Berries of what Colour and Taste you please.

Notable Things; AN English HERBAL.

ALehoof, Ground-Ivy, Gill, or Coltsfoot, grows in Hedges and in shaded Lanes; 'tis an Herb of Venus, and cures the Diseases she causes by Sim­pathy, and the Diseases of Mars by Antipathy. Sodden in Swines-grease, it's a good Ointment for all Aches; 'tis excellent in Tea: It's also good for all inward Bruises, Wounds, Ulcers, &c. boil'd either by itself or other Wound-herbs; it easeth all griping Pains or Wind in Spleen, Stomach, or Sides; it cures the Jaundice, expels Venom, Poyson, and Plague: 'Tis good against the Gout, and provokes Urine: Being put in Ale, it clears it in a Night's time, and cleanses the Blood. The Juice drop'd into the Ears, helps Noise and Deafness.

Agrimony, an Herb of Jupiter, grows on Banks by Hedges or other Fences. It is moderately dry and binding, temperate as to heat, cleanses the Liver and Lungs, helps the Jaundice, and is profitable for the Bowels, healing inward Bruises, Wounds, and Putri­factions. Boil'd in Wine and drank, 'tis good for bi­ting of mad Dogs, stinging of Serpents, &c. It cures and clears filthy muddy Urine, helps Coughs, stops a Bloody-flux; made into a Salve, it cures Cancers, [Page 4]old Sores and corroding Ulcers; draws forth Splinters, Thorns, and Iron got into the Flesh: It strengthens disjointed Limbs. The Juice dropt into the Ears, is good against Imposthumes; a Tea made of it, is good for sore Throats: It's a great Strengthner of the Li­ver and whole Body, purifying the Blood, used either in Ointment, Decoction, Diet-drink, or as you please. There's also a Water-Agrimony has the same Vertue. Being burnt, the Smoak drives away Gnats, Wasps, Flies, and other Insects. A Draught of the Tea is good against Agues, taken before the Fit comes.

Acorns, see Oak.

Adders-tongue grows in Meadows and moist places, and is govern'd by the Moon in Cancer, but dry in the third degree: 'Tis good for green Wounds whe­ther drank by Decoction or boil'd in Oil. It makes an excellent green Balsam, like that of St. Johns-wort.

Alkanet, an Herb of Venus, is good for old Ulcers, Inflamations, St. Anthony's Fire, &c. If you make a Vinegar of it, as you do of Roses, it cures Leprosie and Morphew: Apply it to the Womb, it drives out the dead Child; it helps Bruises, is excellent to bring out the Small-pox and Measles; it's also good in green Wounds; a Decoction with Hydromel drank, helps the yellow Jaundice.

Ague-tree (Sasafras-wood) a Decoction in Water drank, helps a Dropsy, cures Agues, expels Wind, creates an Appetite, helps the French Disease; being laid in a Bed, it drives away Bugs: It sweetens the Breath, and helps Coughs, Colds, &c. It grows in the West-Indies.

Allheal grows in Gardens; 'tis an Herb of Mars, being cholerick, hot, and biting. It helps the Gout, Cramp, Convulsions, kills Worms, provokes Urine, and helps all Joint-aches; 'tis good to cure Griefs of the Head, Lethargy, Falling-sickness, Vertigo, Wind-Cholick, Obstructions of the Spleen, Liver, and Stone in Kidnies or Bladder: It provokes the Terms, and purgeth gently.

Amara Dulcis grows mostly in shady and moist pla­ces: It removes Witchcraft from Man and Beast, by wearing it about the Neck; apply the Berries brui­sed to Felons, stamp'd with rusty Bacon, cures 'em. It is under Mercury. If both Wood and Leaves be boil'd together in Whitewine, and drank in a Morn­ing, opens Obstructions, helping Dropsy and Jaundice.

Aloes mixt with Rosewater, and anointing, kills Crab­lice; 'tis purgative, and one chief Ingredient in Pills; one or two Pills of washt Aloes may be us'd by such as are costive, dimn-sighted, heavy-hearted, or otherwise indispos'd. Roseate Aloe-Pills are gentle Purgers, ve­ry good against yellow Jaundice. There are 4 sorts, distinguish'd by their purity or fineness; Aloes Caba­lina is the blackest, Aloes Hepatica are Liver-colour'd and finer, Aloes Cicatrina are of a Citron-colour, or from the Tree Cicatoria; Aloes Lucida are the brigh­test and best, purging gently.

The Scotch Pill (I suppose) is thus made:

Make a strong Decoction, a handful of Rue in a pint of Water, in which dissolve a pound of Aloes; when well dissolv'd, pour off all the liquid, leaving the gummy Sediment behind; then evaporate over a gentle Fire, in a clean Pipkin, the watery consistence till it comes to the thickness of a Syrup; mix in this an ounce of Myrrh finely pouder'd, and a dram of Saffron (or two) in pouder, holding the Saffron be­fore the Fire a little: As it cools make it into small Pills with Pouder of Liquorice, and take 1, 2, or 3 at any time, an hour after Dinner or at Night.

Alexanders grow usually in Gardens; 'tis an Herb of Jupiter, therefore healthy and friendly to those that use it; hot in the 3d degree. It opens Obstru­ctions of the Liver and Spleen, provokes the Courses, brings away the After-birth, provokes Urine, helps Strangury, is good against Poyson and biting of Ser­pents, and excellent in Broth for cold Stomachs.

Ald [...]r-tree grows an moist Counties and Places; 'tis a Bush of Venus, and under Cancer. The Bark, Buds, [Page 6]Leaf, and Flowers are cooling, drying, and binding, easing Pain, excellent for all Inflamations, Scaldings, Burnings, and Swellings, either in Ointmrnt or Pul­tice. If the Leaves are laid to gaul'd Feet in walk­ing, they are very refreshing: They gather all the Fleas in your Room together, if a handful fresh is laid there, so throw 'em suddenly away.

Anemonys grow in Gardens, and are under the do­minion of Mars. They cure Leprosie by bathing it with a Decoction of the Leaves, and provoke the Terms much: The Root chew'd brings away many watery Humors; it's good in an Ointment against malignant Ulcers; likewise against Lethargy, the Juice snuffed up, mightily purges the Head.

Amaranthus, it's under Saturn, and grows in Gar­dens. The Flowers dry'd and pouder'd, stop the Terms, if drank in Wine and Honey boil'd together; it mightily cures lustful Passion. The Herb boil'd in Wine, and the Fundament fomented, helps the Piles and stops their bleeding. The dry'd Herb laid among Cloaths prevents Worms and Moths. The Seed is an excellent Bait for Fish.

Arach, it grows on Dunghils. This stinking Herb is govern'd by the Moon, and is a sure Remedy in Fits of the Mother, being smelt to; 'tis cold in the first, and moist in the second degree; it loosens the Belly, and vomits also; a Decoction drank cools St. Anthony's Fire, and is good for Matrix Infirmities.

Angelica grows in Gardens, 'tis govern'd by the Sun in Leo, and best if gather'd in August, when the Moon is in a good Aspect in his House, and when the Sun is angular: This the Astrologers say, and farther, That both this, and all other Herbs, if rightly ob­serv'd, will perform Wonders. It resists Poyson and all Infection, corroborating the Heart, Blood, and Spirits, whether in Water distil'd, Decoction, or the Stalks candy'd: It moves the Terms, brings away the After-birth, helps Fluxes, and is a Cordial Herb.

Archangel or Dead-Nettle, the red and white grow [Page 7]in most places: 'Tis an Herb of Venus, hot and dry in the 2d degree, and good against all Obstructions of the Spleen decocted in Wine: Apply also the Herb outwardly, the Flowers of the white stop the Whites in Women, and those of the red the other. It makes the Heart cheerful, removes Melancholy, cures Agues, stops bleeding, dissolves hard Tumors and Swellings, even the King's Evil, and easeth Gout-pains. Bruis'd with some Vinegar and Salt, and mix'd with Hogs­grease, it's good against Bruises, Ulcers, Burns, &c.

Arsmart grows chiefly in watery places that are dry in Summer; one sort is mild, the other biting; the mild is under Saturn, the hot is govern'd by Mars. It consumes cold Swellings, is very good against Ul­cers and congeal'd Blood in Man or Beast; being held to it, it cures the Tooth-ach. The hot sort strew'd in your Chamber, kills Fleas; the Juice of the cold put to any Cattles Sores, will drive away Flies; hot Arsmart put under a Horse's Saddle, makes him tra­vel the better.

Asarabacca grows in Gardens, and is under Mars, no Friend to Nature, being hot and dry in the 3d degree: Boil'd or infus'd in hot Wine all Night, it works by Urine, Stool, Vomit, &c. purges Choler and Phlegm, is good against the Dropsy, and forces down the Terms: 'Tis better infus'd than boil'd. The Roots have the same Vertues, but not safe for weak Bodies. The Decoction is good to bath the Head, strengthen the Memory, and comfort the Brain when 'tis afflicted with Cold. Beware how you use this.

Asparagus grows chiefly in Gardens, and is under Jupiter; 'tis friendly to Man, and hot and moist by Nature. The young Branches boil'd in fresh Broth, make the Belly soluble; boil'd in Whitewine, they purge by Urine, curing the Strangury: Decocted, it clears the Sight; held in the Mouth, it cures the Tooth-ach; it stirs up Venery. A Bath made of it, takes away Pain from any part of the Body; and the young Tops boil'd in Milk tastes like Pease-pottage.

Ash-tree is govern'd by the Sun, the Leafs, Keys, Tops and Bark are very hot, biting, and opening, a certain Cure for the Dropsy and stoppage of Urine in the Reins or Bladder: Decocted in Whitewine and drank, it cures the Jaundice, Leprosie, Scabs, or Scald, if therewith they are bath'd.

Avens is under Jupiter, hot in the 2d degree: It is very good for Stoppings of the Breast or Stomach, Pains or Stitches in the Side or Pleuretick Parts; it dissolves bruis'd or congeal'd Blood, and helps Blood­spitting; it strengthens the Brain and Stomach. The Decoction drank, cureth Burstenness and Ruptures; it prevents Infection, helps Digestion, opens Obstru­ctions of Spleen and Liver.


Balm makes good Pottage of excellent Nutriment, grows in Gardens, and is under the government of Jupiter and Cancer, hot and dry; 'tis so friendly and flagrant that it strengthens Nature in all its Facul­ties. Take the Decoction in Wine or Syrup, or the Water distil'd is an excellent Cordial, it cheers the Heart and Spirits, comforts the Brain, drives away Care and Melancholy, cures the Tooth-ach, the Bloody-flux, Vapours arising from Spleen; and for all cold Stomachs 'tis an excellent Remedy. Sage and Balm makes a good Tea, so does Balm and Sweet Marjoram, or Sage and Mint: Elderberries boil'd with Tea, or Syrup of Elder, or Brambleberries, or Rasberries, colours Tea, and is very wholsom.

Barberries grows in Gardens, is a Shrub under Mars, and purges by Urine much, freeing the Body of Choler and yellow Jaundice. If you boil the in­ner Bark in Sherry, and drink every Morning a quar­ter of a Pint, it's very good against Agues, all chole­rick Effects, Tettars, Ringworms, Itch, &c. The Berries, conserv'd or otherwise, alays Thirst, is good in Fevers, creates an Appetite, and strengthens the attractive Faculty. The Leaves taste like Sorrel; it's good (either Syrup or Berries) in Sage Tea.

Barley grows in Fields, and is govern'd by Saturn. It is not good for Melancholly People, being more cooling than Wheat, but is more cleansing. Barley-Water is good in Fevers, and for hot Stomachs, for Agues, and for costive People: It is excellent in Poultices, if you boil it with some Vinegar. Barley-Flour, some Figs mash'd, and a little Honey added, made into a Poultice, dissolves hard Imposthumes, Swellings, and Inflamations, apply'd hot; it is also proper to add Camomile Flowers, if there be I ain, with Fenugreek-seed and Linseed powder'd, which will take away Pains and Swellings from any part of the Body. When it is malted, it is then hot and nourishing, as you find by the good Liquor drawn from it in brewing.

Basile groweth in Gardens, and is under the Government of Mars. It is hot and moist, and very tender; it is reckon'd dangerous to be taken in­wardly. Mizaldus says, that often smelling to it breeds a Serpent in the Head; there is an Antipathy betwixt it and Rue: It is of a hot and fiery quality, and if it is rotted in Horse-dung, it will breed Ser­pents. It is sovereign against the biting of any ve­nomous Beast, or Serpent's Sting, by drawing the Poison out. Dr. Peachey says, 'tis an Ingredient of three compound Waters, viz. Gilbert-water, Briony-water, and Celestial-water.

Bay-tree grows in Gardens, is under the Sun, and the Coelestial Sign Leo. It is hot and dry in the third degree; it is wonderful in Vertue, and very refreshing in its fragrant Smell: The Leaves of it powerfully resist Drunkenness, and all evil effects of the Brain, as Vertigo's, Swimmings, all windings of the Stomach, and is good against Gripes and Cholick, and kills Worms. Either the Berries, Leaves, or Bark, are very sure and effectual good to prevent In­fections, and resists Pestilence or Plague, also all evil Influences and Witchcraft. It cures Numbness, Con­vulsions, Cramps, Palsies, and Lameness, made into [Page 10]Ointments, Oyls, or Baths, &c. laid among Cloaths preserves them from Moths, and gives a wholsome Smell.

Beans grow in Gardens and Fields, and are under Venus. They are Cold, Dry, very Windy and Bind­ing: The Flowers and Pods distill'd, yield a Sove­reign Water to smooth and beautify the Face from Spots, Wrinkles, and other Deformities. Field Beans are excellent in Poultices, to asswage Swellings, In­flamations of Womens Breasts, or about Wounds; for any part swell'd, make a Poultice of Bean-flour with Wine and Vinegar, and Oyl of Camomile; 'tis good for the Cods swollen, Bruises, Pains, or Wounds of the Sinews, Sciatica, or Gout. Beans often eat, cau­seth Noises troublesome to the Brain: Bean-flour and Fenugreek, mix'd with Honey, cures Fellons, Bruises, Boyls, &c.

Beans, French, grows in Gardens, and belongs to Dame Venus. Being dried and beaten to Powder, a dram drank in Whitewine, strengthens the Kidneys, prevents the Stone, loosens the Belly, provokes U­rine, and encreases Seed and Lust. They are good to eat when boil'd.

Beets, White and Red; the White is govern'd by Jupiter, the Red by Saturn. The Red Beet boil'd and eaten with Butter and Vinegar, is a pleasant Food, helps Digestion, and is opening; pickled, they are cooling Sauce. The White Beet doth more loo­sen the Belly, and provoke Urine; the Juice of the Leaves opens Obstructions of the Liver and Spleen, helps Burnings and Swimmings of the Head: The boil'd Herb is good to lay upon Chilblains, Blisters, Cankers, Blains, and prevents Hair falling off, and Baldness. Red Beets stops the Bloody-flux, Womens Courses, and cures the yellow Jaundice; the Juice put into the Nostrils, purges the Head, and cures the Tooth-ach.

Ladies Bedstraw grows in Meadows and Pastures, is an Herb of Venus, being in Nature hot and dry: [Page 11]It is very powerful upon the Parts of Generation, to strengthen them. A Decoction of the Flower or Herb, drank, dissolves the Stone, provokes Urine, stoppeth Bleeding inwardly, and healeth Wounds inwardly; being made into an Ointment, it heals Scalds and Burns: The Decoction or Ointment is good to bathe or anoint swell'd sore Feet of Travellers; the Oint­ment cures the Itch, is good for the Joints, Sinews, and Arteries, and cures Pains and Colds.

Blackberry-bush, or Bramble-bush, belongs to Venus, and grows in Fields: The Fruit is good against Ul­cers, sore Mouth and Throat, Quinzy, &c. it heals Wounds, if wash'd with the Decoction; 'tis often us'd in Mouth-water, made with other Herbs, a little Vinegar, Honey, and Allom added. The Berries are good for Fluxes, Lasks, Sores, Spitting of Blood, and helps all Sores of the Privities or Fundament; if you wash with a Decoction, the Berries are, for a sore Throat, near as good as Mulberries.

One-Blade grows in Woods, shady and moist Pla­ces, and is under the Sun. The Powder of the Root, or the Root boil'd in Wine, or made into Tea, is very Cordial; if given in Wine, and sweat upon, it is good against the Pox or Plague. It is a good Wound-herb, old or new.

Blites grow in Gardens, and other Places; there are several sorts: They are under Dame Venus, and are of a cold and dry quality, greatly binding in Lasks and Fluxes. Red Blites stop Womens Terms: The White stops the Whites; and remember this, that all Red Flowers are good to stay the too great Fluxes, or Womens Terms.

Blewhottle grows in Corn-fields, by Nature cold, dry, and binding, and are govern'd by Saturn. They are successfully given in Powder in Plantane-water, or Comfry-water, for Bruises by a Fall, or spitting of Blood; if taken in Wine, 'tis good against Poison, stings of Serpents, bad Air, Plague or Pestilential Fe­vers. Green Wounds are speedily cur'd by its Juice; [Page 12]also Ulcers, fore Eyes, Imposthumes in the Ears, or sore Mouth.

Borage, Bugloss, Langue de Beuf, they grow in Gardens and High-ways, and are much of the same Nature. All three are under Jupiter, by Nature they are hot and moist: They strengthen Nature against Pestilent Fevers, resist Poison, and are very Cordial. The Seed and Leaves boil'd in Posset-drink, encrease Milk in Womens Breasts, is good against Melanchol­ly, and purifies the Blood; 'tis also good against Fe­vers, as has been often experienc'd. Borage, or Bo­rage and Sage makes good Tea, and with Syrups and Berries you may colours Teas.

Brank Ursine grows in Gardens, and is govern'd by the Moon: Boil'd and given in a Glyster, it loo­sens the Belly; the Decoction drank, is good against a Flux of the Blood; apply'd to the Kings-evil it is good, and a speedy Remedy against Ruptures, and Burnings inwardly or outwardly applied; it helps the Gout, Cramp, and Consumption.

Briony grows on Banks, and under Hedges; it is under Mars, hot and dry by Nature; great Care is to be taken in using it, but if well corrected, it power­fully purges Phlegm and watery Humors, is good in Dropsys, provokes Urine, opens Obstructions of the Liver and Spleen, cleanses the Reins, prevents Suffo­cation or Fits, cleanseth the Womb, expels the dead Child and Afterbirth, and bringeth down the Cour­ses: 'Tis likewise good for Shortness of Breath and Coughs. If an Electuary be made of the Roots with Honey, first being bruis'd, and apply'd, 'twill draw forth splinter'd Bones.

Brooklime grows in shallow watery places, and is hot and dry; 'tis govern'd by Mars. The common Use of it is in Spring Pottage and Diet-drinks, to cleanse the Blood anp tout the Scurvy: 'Tis likewise good against the Stone, cures Inflamations, and moves the Terms.

Broom grows in Fields and on Heaths, is govern'd by Mars, hot and dry in the third degree; 'tis very bitter: If boil'd in Wine, and drank, 'tis a sure Re­medy for the Dropsie, Gout, and Jaundice. It clean­seth the Reins, Spleen, and Bladder of Gravel and Stone, and prevents its generating. The young Tops made into an Ointment with Hogs-grease, cures Sc [...]a­tica and other Pains; decocted or boil'd, it cures the black Jaundice, Ague-fits, Tooth-ach, Stitches, Wind, and kills Lice.

Buckthorn (Plantane) grows in sandy and many o­ther Places, is an Herb of Saturn, being cold, dry, and very binding. 'Tis excellent against the biting of mad Dogs or Serpents, if apply'd to the Place bitten. The Roots boil'd in Whitewine, opens Ob­structions, provokes Venery, expels Gravel, stops the Nose bleeding, Lask of the Belly, and Bloody-flux. The Herb boil'd in Posset-drink, cures the Defluxion of hot Humours in the Eyes, and all sore Eyes.

Betony (Water) grows in Ditches and on Banks, is under Jupiter in Cancer, hot and dry in the se­cond degree; for Wounds 'tis a good Herb, and may be very effectual for old Ulcers, Bruises, and Wounds, the Juice boil'd in Honey, wet your Tents and Lint therewith, and apply it. The Water distill'd is good for Sun-burnt Hands or Face.

Betony (Wood) grows in Woods and shady Places, this is also under Jupiter. This, as the Elder, hath so many Vertues, that a Book hath been written on them. It fortifies the Heart and Liver, prevents E­pidemical Diseases, helps Digestion, encreases Appe­tite, cures the Falling-sickness, Jaundice, Palsie, and Witchcraft. If you take the Root, Flowers, or Herb in Broth or Decoction, Conserve or Syrup, Electuary or Powder, all work the same Cure: It cures the Dropsy, Scurvy, Gout, Frenzy, short Breath, Worms, Stone, Obstructions, Tooth-ach, biting of venomous Beasts, Boyls, Fistula's, Distempers in the Bladder or [Page 14]Reins, helps Women in Travail; the Fume of the Decoction taken in at the Ears, eases them.

Beech-tree grows among Oaks, is under Saturn, and is cold, dry, and binding. Beech-tree-leaves are good apply'd to hot Swellings to disperse them, and there is often found in Old Beeches, a Water that cools hot Swellings, and disperses them, and cures Tettars, Itch, Scabs and Scurfs in Men or Beasts, wash'd with it. The Nuts or Masts are nourishing to Beasts that eat it, and an Oyl is now made of the Mast to eat with Sallads, little inferior to [...]d-Oyl.

Bilberries grow on Heaths, there are two [...], Black and Red; they are under Jupiter: The B [...]k are good in Feverish Agues, they cool the Stomach, Blood, and Liver, and are a little binding; they strengthen the Stomach, stay Vomiting and Loath­ing; the Red are most binding: They stop Fluxes and the Terms; their Juice, made into a Syrup, is good against the Diseases before-mention'd; 'tis also good against spitting of Blood, old Coughs, Agues, or Ulcers in the Lungs. They make a pleasant and wholsome Tea with Sage.

Boifoyl, or Twayblade, is found in Copses and Woods; another sort of it grows in wet Grounds and Marshes: 'Tis govern'd by Saturn, and is dry and cold. In all Wounds 'tis very binding and con­solidating, for Ruptures 'tis admirable both outward­ly and inwardly apply'd.

Birch-tree grows in Woods, is under Venus, and by Nature hot and dry. If you drink the d [...]still'd Water of the Leaves, or the Water that comes out of the Tree when 'tis pierc'd, it breaks the Stone in the Reins and Bladder: If the Water is [...]still'd, it serves for a Wash that beautifies the Face. 'Tis a good Water for a sore Throat or Mouth; a Coal of the green Wood beaten to Powder, and apply'd, stops bleeding speedily.

Birds-foot grows on Heaths and barren Ground, is under Saturn, and of a drying, binding, healing qua­lity: It helps a Rupture, outwardly or inwardly ap­plied; the Stone it also breaks.

Bishops-weed grows wild in most Places, and is under Venus; this Herb is hot and dry in the third degree: 'Tis in taste sweet and bitter, and is very opening. 'Tis excellent in Consumptions, expels Wind, provokes the Courses, and breaks the Stone; taken in Wine, it hinders the poisonous effects of any Poison; being decocted and drank, it cures a red Face, and makes it pale, if applied outwardly. It also takes away Bruises or Deformities of the Skin, making it pale and fair.

Bistort (Snakeweed) grows in moist Woods, but mostly in Gardens, there is two sorts, 'tis under Sa­turn, cold and dry. This Herb is a great Antido [...]e against Poison; the Root powder'd driveth out the Small-pox, Plague, Measles, or any Malignity: The Root decocted doth the same, and helps spitting of Blood, inward Bleedings, and all Fluxes in Women or Men; is good against Vomiting and Loathing, Ruptures, Bruises, or Bursten: It cures the Jaundice and eases Pains. The distill'd Water, or Decoction, is good to wash the bites of mad Dogs, or other ve­nomous Beasts; being drank, it cure [...]h Abortion. A dram of the Root taken in some of the Water, for some time, cures the running of the Reins; injected into the Womb, heals Ulcers; it stops Defluxions applied to any part.

Buckshorn (Sanguinaria) grows in barren sandy Ground; 'tis an Herb under Saturn, being one sort of Plantane: Its Vertues are much the same, being cold, dry, and binding. It stops bleeding where-ever applied, and destroys Warts.

Bugle is a sort of Comfry that grows in Woods, is govern'd by Venus, and temperately hot, 'tis a good Wound-herb, applied outwardly or inwardly: It cures Ulcers, Fistula's, and Gangrenes, by Ointment, [Page 16]Decoction, Water, Powder, or Syrup. It cures the Night-mare, strange Fears or Sights in the Night.

Burnet grows in Gardens, and also wild; 'tis an Herb of the Sun, an excellent Herb to keep the Bo­dy in Health, for as the Sun preserves Life in all, so his Herbs are most cordial to all. Boil'd in Wine it preserves the Brain and Heart from all Infection, Pe­stilence, nay, it enlivens the Spirits, tho' it be but put into a Glass and look'd on, it cures Melancholy; it cures a Dysentery or sux of the Blood, Diar [...]a, Vomiting or Loathing. 'Tis admirable in its Vertues used any way.

Butter-bur grows in moist Ground, Marshes, and by the Water-side; 'tis under the Sun, hot and dry in the third degree. 'Tis most cordial to the Heart and Spirits, and very bitter; the Roots are good a­gainst the Plague and Small-pox, when infected, sweat­ing out the Malignant Matter, boil'd in Wine or Posset-drink. Also the Powder of it, drank in Wine, is good against Suffocation or want of Breath; it provokes Urine and the Courses, and kills all sorts of Worms in Old or Young. The Powder of the Root dries up all Sores that will not yield to other Medicines, and takes away Blemishes and Spots.

Burdock is a stinking Bur that grows by the sides of Ditches any where; 'tis under Venus, and cold in the first degree. 'Tis so attracting that the Seed or Leaves draw the Matrix upward or downward; if you apply the Leaves to the top of the Head, it draws it upward, if to the soles of the Feet, it draws it downward; if you would stay it in its due place, bind a Leaf to the Navel: 'Tis good for old Sores and Ulcers. The Root is excellent for the Stone, Lask, or Consumption, either preserv'd or otherwise. The Seeds are used to break the Stone, and for other Uses, as beforesaid.


Cabbages and Colworts grow in Gardens; they are Plants of the Moon, cold and dry, and if you eat 'em [Page 17]with Vinegar you can scarce be drunk; those that be drunk by eating it, may soon be sober. They pre­vent Surfeits, taken before Meat. Colwor [...]s boil'd cureth swell'd Legs, Gout-pains, &c. bath'd there­with: The Broth also helpeth the Bitings of Ser­pents, or if taken in Wine. They are but windy Victuals, and somewhat offensive to the Eyes. The Sea-Colwort cleanseth and digesteth more than the common sort; apply them to Sores or Inflamations, they cure 'em. A Decoction of Sea-Colworts opens and purges more strongly than Garden-Colworts.

Camomile grows in Gardens, and is govern'd by the Sun; 'tis hot and dry in the 2d degree. 'Tis a great Cordial, giveth Ease and causeth Sweat if the Flowers and green Tea boil'd in Water or Wine and drank; it sweats strongly, eases Pain at the S [...]omach, and cures Agues; it's good in Glysters, Poultices, and Ointment; bathing with it is good against the Stone, and brings down the Courses. In any sort of Ague, boil a handful in a pint of Ale till half be consum'd, then strain and drink it before the Fit comes, and sweat; do so three times, and it cures. Oil of Camo­mile put in a Vial, and some Worms put in kill'd, and bait your Hook with them, the Fish will bite eagerly. Lemery, p. 15.

Calamint, or Mountain-Mint, groweth on high Grounds, is an Herb of Mercury, hot in the third degree, dry in the second. If the Brain is afflicted from a cold Cause, it's excellent good, for it streng­thens the Memory, enlivens the Mind, and (a De­coction being drank) quickens the Senses; it pro­vokes Urine and the Courses, is good for shortness of Breath, Cholick, Convulsions, Cramps, and wonder­fully stays Vomiting, but hinders Conception; being boil'd in Wine, and drank, it opens Obsiructions of the Spleen and Liver, and cures a Leprosie.

Calthrop's (Water) 'tis a Water-Herb, tho' seldom us'd; there's two sorts, and they are under the go­vernment of the Moon, cold in the 2d degree. They [Page 18]are good against the Stone, Gravel, Kings-Evil, all Inflamations and Swellings, resist Poyson of venomous Beasts. It's used by Decoction, drank or in Poultice outwardly.

Campions (wild) grow by Hedge-sides; there are many sorts of it, and they're under Saturn, but of a cold quality. Taken in Decoctions, it stops Bleeding inwardly or outwardly apply'd, it resists Poysons, the Plague, breaks the Stone and Gravel, cures Fistula's, Cancers, Ulcers, Impos [...]humes, &c.

Carduus Benedictus (Blessed Thistla) grows in Gar­dens, is under Mars and the Sign Aries; 'tis an ex­cellent Remedy for the Pleurisie, Jaundice, Pains in the Side, purges the Blood, by drinking the Decocti­on or distill'd Water; it helps Tettars, red Faces, French Pox, Plague, Ringworms, &c. by sweating often with it; it provokes Urine, cures Agues, and strengthens the Memory.

Carrots (wild) grow in Fields, and it's to be ob­serv'd that all wild Herbs are more effectual than Garden Herbs in Physick. Mercury governs this, and 'tis hot and openings. The Root eaten, or Decoction, breaks the Stone, provokes Urine, expels Wind, and the Courses, is good against the Dropsy, boil'd in Whitewine, it helps Conception. The Seed is more physical than the Root.

Caraway usually grows in Gardens, 'tis under Mer­cury, ho [...] in the 3d degree; the Seed is hot, biting, expels Wind, provokes Urine and the Terms, helps Digestion, remedies the Cholick and a cold Stomach.

Celandine grows in Gardens, by Hedges and old Walls, is govern d by the Sun and Leo, hot. Made into an Ointment, 'tis excellent for fore Eyes: The Herb decocted, or otherw [...]se taken-inwardly, cures the Jaundice, Ob [...]truct ons of the Liver, Gall, Drop­sy, Pestilence, Tettars, Ulcers, Worms of all sorts, Fits of the Mother, beautifies the Face. Gather it in its proper Hour, and it's effectual.

Celandine (Figwort) grows near the Water, or in Shades, is under Mars, and is hot and dry. 'Tis re­ported to be an effectual Remedy for the Kings-Evil or hard Swellings about the Throat, being made into a Poultice or Decoction of Herbs and Roots. Made into an Oil or Ointment, it cures the Piles or He­morrhoids; Or if the Root be wore next the Skin, it cures the above-mention'd Ailments, tho' it touch not the place.

Cellary, see Sallary.

Centaury grows chiefly in Pastures; all the sorts are under the Sun, hot and dry in the 3d degree. This Herb decocted, purges the Blood, expels Wind and all cholerick and gross Humors, is good in Gly­sters: In Gruel it creates and Appetite, helps Sciatica, Gout, Dropsy, Green-sickness, Spleen, it kills Worms, and helps Cholick-pains.

Charlock, the Seed of these wild Turneps are hot and dry, as Mustard-seed, warming the Stomach.

Chervil grows in Gardens, is under Jupiter, hot and moist. A Decoction, or the Juice drank, dissolves congeal'd Blood: Or the distil'd Water breaks the Stone, provokes Urine, expels Gravel, brings down the Courses, helps the Pleurisie, and (if candy'd) is good against Infection. In Pottage eat with Bread, Butter, and Salt, 'tis good Food, warms the Stomach, and preserves the Lungs.

Chi [...]kweed (Mouse-ear) grows in wet Ground and a­bout Hedges; it's under the Moon, cold and moist, very cooling to a hot Liver. Outwardly apply'd, it cures Swellings and Imposthumes, Palsie, Scabs, Itch, red Face, red Eyes, Ulcers, Hemorrhoids, made into Ointment or Poultice, or by bathing.

Cherry-tree grows in Orchards, and is under Venus. Cherries-are all cooling, but the black are most medi­cinal, and in Convulsions most prevailing: They create a good Stomach; the Gum dissolv'd in Wine is excellent to break the Stone, cure an old Cough and Hoarsness, clear the Sight, and cause a healthful Complexion.

Cherries (Winter-) grow in Gardens, are under Ve­nus, and excellent in Physick; the Berries are hot and opening, so powerfully cause Urine, break the Stone, expel Gravel out of the Bladder and Reins, and help Blood-pissing. The Berries may be dry'd and pouder'd, and drank with Whitewine and Sugar or warm Posset-drink. The Apothecaries mix them with other Ingredients for the same Distempers, and call it Troches Alkekingy.

Chesnut-tree is under Jupiter, hot in Nature; the Fruit is very nourishing, creates good Blood and Seed if eat moderately, but bind too much Lask or Diar­rhoea, the Dysentery, as also the Courses.

Chick-pease grow in Fields and Gardens, are under Venus, cold and dry: By a cleansing quality they break the Stone in the Kidnies; they encrease Seed and Milk, provoke Urine and the Courses. The wild sort is reckon'd most powerful of the two.

Cinquefoil grows by He [...]ge-sides and ways, is un­der Jupiter, hot and mo [...]st. Give a scruple in White­wine, and it seldom misses of curing any Ague in three times taking it before the Fit. The Decoction cures Fevers, Cancers, Pe [...]ence, sore Throats, yel­low Jaundice, Quinzays, Gout, Scabs, Itch, Bleeding, Bruises, and Burstenness. Boil the Root in Milk, it stops all Fluxes of the Belly, Reds or Whites.

Chives is a sort of Leek that grows in Gardens; they are under Mars, hot in the 3d degree, dry in the 4th: They are bad for the Head, making Sleep uneasie, and weaken the Sight; yet have this good Quality, they open the Breast and Stomach, freeing their stoppage, and provoke Urine if you drink some of the Juice in Whitewine hot.

Cl [...]ry is a Garden-Herb, under the Moon, 'tis hot and dry; the Seed pouder'd and blown into the Eye, clears it from filth; a Decoction of it provokes Lust and the Courses; the Root pouder'd makes excellent Sn [...]ff; the Leaves fry'd with Eggs helps Digestion and strengthens the Back.

Cleavers or Clivers (Goosegrass) grows in Ditches, 'tis under the Moon, and cold by Nature: Boil'd in Watergruel in Spring, it cleanses the Blood; the Seed and Juice are good against the stinging of Adders; drank in Wine, it preserves from Poyson and growing too fat, and cures yellow Jaundice, if you drink the Decoction. Made into an Ointment, it healeth Ul­cers; the bruis'd Leafs stop bleeding of any Wound; the Juice taketh away Pain in the Head, being dropt into the Ear; boil'd with Hogs-grease, it healeth Swelling and Kernels in the Throat, being anointed with it.

Clowns Woundwort grows in Highways, and is un­der Saturn, very healing in all green Wounds; the Juice, Decoction, or Syrup taken in wardly, heals the Bloody-flux, Cancer, Ruptures, spitting or pissing of Blood, especially if some Comfry be added.

Cockshead groweth under Hedges, and in Fields, it is under Venus; 'tis very good to apply to hard Swel­lings, Nodes, Knots, Kernels, &c. either in a Poul­tice or the bruis'd Leaves; it cures the Strangury, and makes Cows give much Milk.

Columbines grow in Gardens, they are under Venus, and by Nature cold, dry, and binding, and are often us'd as Gargarisms for sore Throats or Mouths. The Seed taken in Wine causeth quick Delivery to Wo­men in labour.

Coltsfoot grows in dry Ground, also in moist low Ground; 'tis an Herb of Venus, and is often made in­to a Syrup: The Leafs dry'd and smoak'd with To­bacco, is good against a Cough, Wheasing, Shortness of Breath, Agues, Consumptions, and Suffocations. If outwardly apply'd, it cures Piles, cholerick Pustules and Privities enflam'd.

Comfry grows in Fields and by Water-sides; it is under Saturn, cold and dry by Nature: 'Tis good a­gainst spitting of blood or bloody Urine; it helps powerfully all internal Wounds, Hurts, Bruises, Ul­cers, &c. if you drink it boil'd in Wine; 'tis also ex­cellent [Page 22]to cure all outward Wounds; it strengthens the Back, decocted in Broth or Milk; it cures Fluxes white or red, Running of the Reins, &c. A distill'd Water or Decoction of the Root will joyn Flesh in a Pot, tho' cut near asunder. It cools all Inflamations, inwardly or outwardly apply'd; 'tis good boil'd to eat alone, or with Meat or Bacon, when it's young.

Costmary, or Ale-cost, grows in Gardens; 'tis un­der Jupiter, being by Nature hot and moist: It is a balsamick Herb for all green Wounds or Ulcers, if made into a Salve; the Seed kills Worms; a De­coction drank is good against Consumptions, crude Humors of the Stomach, Head ach, &c. strengthens a weak Liver, cures a daily Ague, opens Obstructions, strengthens the Womb, dissolves the Mother, hinders Putrefaction in all parts of the Body.

Coralwort, in many places 'tis thought to be a kind of Crowfoot; 'tis under the Moon. It cures Gravel and Stone, stops Fluxes, easeth Pain in the Belly and Sides, provokes Urine, is excellent for Wounds in the Breast or Lungs; if you drink a dram of the Root pouder'd in Wine every Morning, it being of a drying quality, soon heals any Wound, or hinders a flux of Humors.

Corn, when young, about a hand high, clip it and tye it in fagots or bunches, so boil it, and it makes good Sallad to cat.

Cudweed grows in gravelly barren Ground, 'tis an Herb of Venus, temperately cool and dry, very bind­ing, good in all fluxes of the Belly, taken in De­coction, it's excellent for Ruptures, Quinzay, Ulcers, Whites and Reds, and Running of the Reins; being boil'd to strong Ley, it kills Nits and Lice, preserves Garments from Moths, and destroys Moles.

Cowslips grow in Fields and Gardens, and are un­der Venus: They are good for the Head and Face outwardly, to take away Spots and Wrinkles; taken inwardly, they cure Vertigo, Palsie, Megrim, Con­vulsions, [Page 23]and Falling-sickness. The Flowers streng­then the Brain and Nerves.

Crabs-claws, or Water-Sengreen; it grows in marsh Ground, and is under Venus. It greatly strengthens the Reins, is good in all Inflamations, Swellings, St. Anthony's Fire, &c. made into an Ointment, it cures them effectually: The Powder of the Herb ta­ken inwardly, is a powerful Remedy for Ulcers or Bruises in the Reins or Kidneys; also 'tis good to stop the Courses.

Cresses-Bank (Nasturtium) grows by the Wayside, is under Mars, and is of a biting quality like Mu­stard-seed; 'tis good in the yellow Jaundice, Sciatica, &c. if made into an Electuary: It is also good a­gainst Rh [...]s and Distillations from the Head upon the Lungs, which cause a Cough; for any Inflama­tion, in a Po [...]ltice, 'tis a certain Cure. Cresses in Pottage, eat with Bread, Butter, and Salt, is cleansing Food, good against Fumes and Vapours.

Cresses Sciaticae grow by old Walls and Way-sides, is a Plant of Saturn; it's effectual in curing the Scia­tica or Hip-gout, being made into a Sal e or Poultice and anointing well with it after a Sweat in Bed; also Hands or Feet. It likewise cures the Leprosie or Scurf.

Cresses (Water-) grow always in watery places, are under the Moon, and of a sharp biting taste, excel­lent against the Scurvy, purge the Blood, bring down the Terms, break the Stone, cure Pimples, Ulcers, and Lethargy, taken in Gruel, &c.

Croswort grows in moist Ground and Meadows, it is under Saturn. Inwardly or outwardly taken, 'tis good for Wounds; decocted in Whitewine, it opens Obstructions of the Stomach and Bowels, brings away Phlegm, &c. Ruptures it also cureth.

Crowfoot grows in Gardens, it's under Mars, of a hot Nature, not fit to be taken inwardly: The Leafs bruis'd, and apply'd with a little Salt to any Part, will raise a Blister; 'tis proper to apply to the Wrists [Page 24]or Nape of the Neck in Fevers or sore Eyes; mix'd with Mustard, 'tis effectual for a Plague, Botch, or Carbuncle.

Cuckowpint grows by Hedge-sides, is under Mars, and of a biting fiery quality; some are spotted on the Leafs, and they are hottest. Against all Infecti­ons of the Plague 'tis very effectual; 'tis an Anti­dote dote against Poyson, if you take some of the Juice or Pouder in Wine or Vinegar. It cures Difficulty of Breathing, Phlegm, and Cough, provokes the Terms, brings away Afterbirth, cures Ulcers of the Throat, Jaws, Piles, Gout, falling-down of the Fundament, likewise for Spots, Freckles, and Skin-deformities it maketh search.

Cucumbers grow in Gardens, are under the Moon, cold and moist, good for hot Stomachs, hot Livers, hot Rheums of the Eyes, Inflamations of the Kidneys and Reins; they provoke Urine, cleanse Ulcers in the Bladder, cure Morphew, Freckles, red Face, and Sun-burn.


Dandelion grows in Meadows and Pastures, 'tis un­der Jupiter, hot and dry; it's cleansing, opening, good for all Obstructions of the Liver, Gall, and Spleen, and all Diseases thence arising, as Hypochon­driack Melancholy and Flatus; it both cleanses the Urinary P [...]ssages and heals 'em; by taking the De­coction of Roots and Leafs in Whitewine, the Ca­chexia or Consumption is cured; it procureth Rest, prevents infectious Air, and is safe to eat, or in the Spring for Diet-drink.

Dittany of Crete, it hath the Vertue of Peonyroyal, it most effectually draws out Thorns; the smell of it drives away venomous Creatures, and kills 'em if they touch it; the Juice apply'd to Wounds, or Bites of venomous Creatures, is a present Remedy, if at the same time 'tis taken inwardly.

Darnel groweth among Corn, and is under Saturn It is of a dry binding quality, and stops eating Ulcers [Page 25]and Sores, Cancers, Leprosie, Ringworms, &c. it dissolveth Knots or hard Tumors, if apply'd as a Poultice, or if you bruise it with a little Vinegar and Salt; it helps the Sciatica, and stops a Lask, if the Seed be boil'd in red Wine and drank, likewise all Fluxes.

Dill grows in Gardens and wild, is under Mercury. It quickens the Wit and Memory; if boil'd, and the Decoction drank, it easeth the Cholick, all Pains and Windiness, the Mother, Chincough, and raw Humors, provokes the Terms, and procures Rest.

Docks grow every where, are cold and dry in qua­lity, and are under Jupiter. The red Dock is good for the Liver, strengthens it, and purifies the Blood; but the yellow is best for Choler. Sorrel is the cold­est. The Seeds are good to stay Fluxes, Diarrhoea's spitting of Blood, loathing of Food, and are the best dryers of Itch, Scabs, Tertars, or Ringworms, being made into an Ointment or Decoction. All Docks have this quality, that boil them with Meat, and it will soon be boil'd enough.

Devils-bit groweth in Fields and Meadows, is go­vern'd by Venus. It cures Fevers, pestilential Poy­sons, and Bitings of venomous Beasts; dissolves con­geal'd Blood thro' a Bruise or Fall: Decocted and drank, it cures Tumors, Throat-swellings, driveth a­way Fumes and Vapours of the Mother, kills Worms, and is a very good Wound-herb.

Dodders of Thyme. Dodders are all Bindweeds on other Herbs, but that upon Thyme is the true one, which purgeth Melancholy, and opens Obstructions of the Liver, Gall, Sple [...]n, Hypochondriac Disury.

Dog-grass groweth in Gardens, is under Jupiter, and is a great opener for the Reins and Liver; it stayeth Lask and Vomiting, if boil'd in Whitewine: Drink the Decoction, for 'tis very opening, remedying all Diseases that proceed from Stoppage.

Dogs-bane groweth in Syria, and kills whatsoever eats it; the Leaf [...] Bread and given to Dogs, kills 'em.

Doves-foot groweth in Pasture, Garden, &c. 'tis un­der Mars, and admirable for the Cholick, and all Cholick-pains; 'tis good against the Stone and Gra­vel in the Kidneys: The Decoction in Whitewine is extraordinary for an inward Wound, Gout, Ulcer, Fistula, or Rupture, and outwardly applied is good for any Pain in the Joints.

Ducks-meat grows on the top of the Water, 'tis of a cold quality, and govern'd by the Moon; 'tis good against the Gout, all Inflamations, and St. Anthony's Fire, either of it self, or in a Poultice with Barley­meal. The Water distill'd is good for a Fever, Head­ach, Swelling of the Cods, and Redness of the Eyes.

Down-thistle (is prickly) grows in Ditches and Banks, 'tis under Mars, and is good against Cramps and Consumptions, being of a hot quality; 'tis also good against Rickets in Children.

Dragons grow in Gardens, of the colour of a Snake, 'tis under Mars, and so biting, that it is best to distil it in what Liquor is best for your Use. It cleanseth the Stomach, and inward parts, so it doth the exter­nal parts of Morphew, Freckles, Sun-burn, Wounds internal or external, as Cankers, Ulcers, Polypus, Pin and Web, and clears the Sight; 'tis also good against Infections, Plague, Poison, and venomous Beasts. 'Tis reported that no Serpent will bite him that carries this Herb about him: With the Juice rub your Hands, then put them into the Water, and the Tish will come to your Hand, that you may take them. Lemery, p. 85.

Dropwort grows in Meadows and dry Ground, 'tis under Venus, and is powerful upon the Secrets; it opens the Passages of Urine, cures the Strangury, Obstructions of the Reins, breaks the S [...]one, Wind, and gives Breath, if the Herb be decocted in White­wine, or the Powder of the Root be taken with Ho­ney, or any convenient Syrup. 'Tis also good for all Diseases of the Breast and Lungs, cuts Phlegm, cures a Cough, and all Defects of the Urine.


Elder-tree grows in Hedges, and is under Venus: This Shrub is of great Ver [...]ue (in the Spring) to purge the Blood, mixt with other Spring-herbs. A Book of 1 s. or 1 s. 6 d. has been written only about the Vertues of this Shrub; 'tis good against all In­flamations, external or internal, in Ointment: The inward Bark cures all Burnings and Inflamations; the distill'd Water of the Berries and young Tops cures all Surfeits and Fevers. The Berries boil'd with Sage makes a pleasant Tea like Claret.

Elder (Dwarf) grows wild in Hedges, &c. 'tis under Venus, and a very good Purge for the Dropsy; the Berries or inward Bark of the Root boil'd in Whitewine, and drank, worketh strongly by Stool and Urine. The Juice of the Berries boil'd with Honey, and dropt into the Ears, cures them of Pain; a distill'd Water of the Leaves and Berries taketh a­way all Sun-burn, Morphew, or Deformities of the Skin: It cleanseth Blood-shot Eyes, cures the Gour by purging, and the Stone and Cholick.

Elm-tree grows in woods or Fields, 'tis under Sa­turn, of a cold and dry quality; the Bark and Leaves bruis'd and laid on Green Wounds, heals 'em: being mix'd with Vinegar, it cu [...]es Leprosy and Scurf; a Decoction of the Leaves and Bark is good in Rup­tures and Fractures, by applying to it wet Cloths; applied hot with Cloths to Tumours, dissolves 'em; it cleanses the Skin of all filth, gives Ease to the Gout, and is good for all Scalds or Burns.

Endive grows in Gardens, and is under Jupiter; the Galenists use it in cooling Juleps against Fevers, Agues, Passions of the Heart, Sharpness of Urine, Excoriations, Tumours, and Pestilential Sores; 'tis excellent for all Inflamations of the Eyes, and dim­ness of Sight; apply'd outwardly it allays the Pain of the Gout.

Elecampane grows in shady moist Places, 'tis un­der Mercury, very h [...] and opening, and good for [Page 28]windy and cold S [...]omachs. The Roots preserv'd cure Wheezing, Cough, opens the Spleen, cures Stitches, provokes the Terms, and helps Concoction; the Root in powder, taken with sugar, does the same: It prevents Infection, resists Poison, and is good for sore Eyes, loose Tooth, kills Worms, cures the Scab or Itch, being made into an Ointment, and takes a­way all Deformities of the Skin.

Eye-bright groweth in Meadows, is under Leo, and rul'd by the Sun; it is excellent to strengthen the Brain, by drinking the Decoction in Wine or Broth, or distill'd Water: Dropping some of it into the Eyes for several days together, helpeth all Diseases of the Eyes, or dimness of Sight; it helpeth a weak Brain and watry Eyes, taken any manner of way. Some boil it in clean Water, and strain it, keep it in a Glass, and wash the Eyes with it, is good for sore Eyes.


Fern grows on Heaths, and is under Mercury; the Roots boil'd in Whitewine kills all sorts of Worms, and opens Obstructions of the Spleen: The Leaves and Roots purgeth the Belly of Choler and Water, but troubleth the Stomach, therefore dangerous for Women with Child. The Leaves and Roots boil'd in Oyl makes a good Ointment to heal all Wounds. and to dry up malignant Ulcers; the Smoke of Fern burnt, drives away Serpents, Knats, Flies, or any ve­nomous Beast. 'Tis observ'd to cause Barrenness in Women.

Fern (Water) is under Saturn, of the same nature, but more powerful; they provoke Urine much.

Featherfew grows mostly in Gardens, &c. 'tis un­der Venus: Boil'd in Whitewine it strengthens the Womb; and frees from Birth and After-birth; 'tis good for all Distempers of the Mother, and brings down the Courses speedily. A hot Poultice applied to the Belly, takes away all griping Pains; 'tis an [Page 29]effectual Remedy against Opium, if the Decoction is drank. It flowers in June and July.

Fennel grows in Gardens, and is under Mercury: It breaks Wind, the Stone and Gravel, and provokes Urine; it encreases and amends the faults of Milk, cures the Hickup, loathing of Meat, resists poisonous things, and is good for Obstructions of the Liver, Spleen, &c. It cures the Gout, yellow Jaundice, pro­vokes the Terms, and makes lean: The distill'd Wa­ter is good for sore Eyes. 'Tis excellent to boil and eat with Fish.

Fennel (Hog-) grows about Houses where Cattle frequent, and is under Mercury: To cure the Le­thargy, put the Juice into the Nose; and us'd with Oyl and Vinegar, 'tis good for the Megrim, Vertigo, Falling-sickness, Head-ach, Palsie, Sciatica, Cramp, Cough and Lameness. The Decoction, drank in Wine, is good for a Cough, Cholick-pains, and shortness of Breath; it purges gently, gives Ease to Women that travail in Child-bed, and eases Pains in the Womb, Bladder and Reins. The Juice, mix'd with Wine, eases the Tooth-ach, cures all green Wounds, and cleanses Ulcers, drying them up.

Figwort grows in Meadows and shady Woods, 'tis under Venus in Taurus, and excellent for all Diseases in the Neck and Throat, as the King's-evil and Squi­nanzy. The Herb decocted and drank in White­wine, and the bruised Herb applied outwardly, cures Wens, Knots, Piles, and Kernels; dries Ulcers that are foul, and takes away Leprosies, Spots, Redness, and all Deformities.

Fig-tree grows in Gardens, and is under Jupiter; the Juice of the Leaves and Branches are moist and hot. The Decoction cures the Head of Scurf and Leprosie, clears the Face of Morphew, and the Body of Scabs and Ulcers: The Juice kills Warts, and the Decoction cures the Bloody-flux, Chilblains, Deafness, and the Tooth-ach, dropt into the Ears, and the biting of mad Dogs or Serpents: The Fruit [Page 30]is balsamick and opening, if eaten. The Decoction cleanses the Breast, Lungs, Womb, Belly, and Sores, and cures shortness of Breath, Hoarseness, Coughs, Dropsies, and Consumptions.

Flag (Water-) or Flower-de-luce, grows in watry Ditches; 'tis under the Moon, and is very dry and cooling: The distill'd Water of the Flower, Root, and Herb, cures watry Eyes, and Blemishes of the Eyes. 'Tis a good Fomentation for all Inflamations, Ulcers, Cankers, sore Mouths, and Breasts: It cures the Noli me Tangere, and Ulcers in the Privities, by Ointment or otherwise.

Flaxweed (Toad-) groweth in Meadows, Way-sides, Paths, and Banks; 'tis under Mars, hot and dry: It cleanses the Reins, provokes Urine, prevents the Dropsie in cold phlegmatick Persons; it opens Ob­structions of the Liver and Spleen, cures the yellow Jaundice, expels Poison, drives forth the dead Child and After-birth, provokes the Courses, cures Inflama­tions of the Eyes, and Pimples of the Face. The distill'd Water cures Fistula's, Cankers, Leprosies, Itch, Scabs, or any Spots of Deformity.

Flea [...]ane, there is two sorts, one groweth in Gar­dens, the other in Fields near the Sea; 'tis under Saturn, cold and dry. The Seed powder'd and ta­ken with Conserve of Roses, stops the Bloody-flux, [...]nd corroding Humours; it also stops the too great Violence of over-strong purging Physick, and chole­rick Defluxions; the Mucilage of the Seed made with Rose-water, allays Thirst in Fevers, cures the Gout, Head-ach, Megrims, Hoarseness, Agues, Scia­rica, sore Nipples, Breasts, Worms, inflam'd pain'd Ears and Ulcers.

Flixweed grows in Fields and Way-sides, 'tis under Saturn, cold and dry; it's admirable to stay Fluxes, Diarrhoea's, and Dysenteries; it stops the Terms in Women, and joins broken Bones: Being decocted in Wine and drank, kills Worms, heals internal Ulcers, Bruises and Wounds. Paracelsus commends it for [Page 31]uniting broken Bones; it's good to make either Plai­ster, Ointment, or Syrup.

Flower-de-Luce groweth in Gardens, and is under the Moon. A Decoction drank with Honey or Sugar cleanseth the Stomach of gross or thick Phlegm, cures the Dropsy, Jaundice, Agues, Cholick, opens Obstru­ctions of Liver and Spleen, breaks the Stone, helps Convulsions, Cramps, stoppage of Urine, provokes the Terms, cures a Cough, Head-ach, causeth Sleep, and cures the Piles, if fomented with it; it's a good Gargle for the Mouth, fastens loose Teeth, cures the Gout, Ulcer, Fistula, Cancer, and Noise in the Ears, covereth naked Bones with Flesh again.

Fluellin grows in Corn-fields and other places, and is govern'd by the Moon. It helps Fluxes, stoppeth the Terms, heals Ulcers, cures Wounds and Cancers, is good for watery Eyes, knits broken Bones, and cu­reth Wounds outward or inward, taken in Decoction or distill'd.

Foxglove grows on dry sandy Ground, and under Hedges, is govern'd by Venus, and is good to cure green Wounds by applying a bruised Leaf to it: The Juice put into old Sores, speedily cures; it cleanseth and heals all foul Ulcers, opens Obstructions of the Liver and Spleen, if boil'd in Whitewine and drank. It cures the Kings-Evil, scabby Heads, &c. an Oint­ment being made of the Juice, none excelling. The Decoction hath cured several of the Falling-sickness.

Fumitory grows in Corn-fields, is under Saturn, and cureth all Saturnative Distempers, being boil'd in Whitewine or Whey, by it self or with Polipodium. It is very cooling and opening for the Liver, Spleen, Reins, and Bladder, purging the Blood and Stomach of melancholy Humour. It cures saltish cholerick Di­stempers that breed Scabs, Tettars, Leprosy, Itch, and Ring-worms, and sometimes soul Ulcers. It operates by Urine, if you take the Powder of the dry Herb, or make Tea of it. The Decoction cures Jaundice, Fevers, Plague, sore Throat, Pimples, &c.

Furz or Gosbush groweth on barren Heaths, and is under Mars. It opens Obstructions of the Liver and Spleen: The yellow Flower boil'd in Whitewine or Sherry cures the Jaundice, provokes Urine, cleanseth the Kidneys from Stone or Gravel and its cause.


Garlick grows in Gardens and Corn-fields, and is under Mars. 'Tis hot and dry in the 3d degree, ve­ry opening to the short-breath'd, good against Poyson and Infection, provokes the Terms, killeth Worms, cures Lethargy, Phlegm, Vapours, Dropsy, Cramp, Falling-sickness, &c. 'Tis very bad for the Brain, but excellent against the Bite of a mad Dog, the De­coction drank 40 Days in Whitewine, and a Clove or two bruised and laid to the place; but assoon as bit, wash it well with Salt and Water, Vinegar, or your own Water, or Spirit of Wine. Mr. Cole saith, That Garlick, Onions, Leeks, and Lettice (nay, I believe Cucumber too) if used in too great a quantity, are poysonous, but moderately, are as wholsom as any.

Gentian, or Felwort, or Baldmony, (there's two sorts) under the dominion of Mars, they both strengthen Nature against Poyson and Plague, and cure biting of mad Dogs. The Pouder drank in Whitewine hinders Fainting and Swooning; taken in Pouder or De­coction, it restores a lost Appetite, opens Obstructions of the Liver. The Herb infus'd in a Glass of Wine, refreshes Travellers that are cold in their Joints thro' bad Lodging. It helps all inward Pain, Cramp, Brui­ses by Falls, S [...]itch, &c. 'Tis not proper to give to Women with Child for diverse Reasons: It provokes Urine, breaks the Stone, frees the Body from Ulcers, King-Evil, Ague, and Worms. The Decoction is to be used inwardly and outwardly. It cureth also Bots in Cattle, and a venom'd Udder, by washing with the Decoction

Gillyflowers (Clove) grow in Gardens, are under Jupiter, and pretty temperate, strengthening both the Heart and Brain, so consequently good. There are [Page 33]both a Syrup and Conserve made of 'em, to be had at the Apothecaries, and taking a little now and then strengthens much a Consumptive Person; it's good a­gainst Fevers, and expels Poyson.

Germander grows in Gardens, is under Mercury, and quickens the Apprehension much: Taken in De­coction or Electuary, it cures Coughs, Obstructions in the Spleen, cleanses the Reins, provokes the Terms, drives out a dead Child, cures Agues, Poyson, Ul­cers, Falling-sickness, Headach, Melancholy, Palsie, Dulness of Spirit, yellow Jaundice, Worms, and ma­keth a good Complexion.

Gladwin (stinking) grows in high and low Ground, and sometimes in Gardens, or by Wood-sides; 'tis un­der Saturn. The Flowers, Stalk, and Root decocted in Wine purges Choler and Phlegm from Head and Stomach; the Juice of the Herb s [...]ffed up, causeth Sneezing, so doth the Pouder: This Herb helps Gout, Convulsion, Gripes, Fluxes, Strangury, provokes the Terms, opens Obstruction of Urine, Spleen, &c. It heals Wounds, broken Bones, Kings-Evil, Itch, Scab, difficulty of breathing, and cures all Skin-deformities.

Gill, see Alehoof.

Golden Rod grows in Woods and open places, is under Venus, and is excellent to restore decay'd Beau­ty, 'tis good against the Stone in the Kidneys, taken dry or in Decoction, cureth Bloody-flux; Terms and Ruptures it stops; it cures Ulcers, sore Mouths, and fastens loose Teeth; 'tis also good for green Wounds and old Sores, makes a good Gargle to wash the privy Parts or Throats of Men or Women.

Goatsbeard (Tragapogon) boil'd when young, makes a curious Dish to eat, warming the Stomach, and restoring a lost Appetite.

Goutwort grows by Walls, Hedges, and in Gardens, is under Saturn, and is a fovereign Remedy for all Gouts, inwardly or outwardly taken; nay, tho' it be but carried about one, it prevents that painful Disease.

Gromell; there are diverse sorts in Gardens; it is [Page 34]under Venus, and is good for Gravel, Stone, or Stran­gury, provoking Urine: The Seed is of the greatest vertue; being bruis'd and put in Whitewine, Posset-drink, or Broth, and a dram or two drank, it opens all Obstructions, and causes a speedy Delivery.

Gooseberry-bush grows in Gardens, is under Venus, the ripe Berries create an Appetite, cool hot Stomachs, stay Longing, &c. a Decoction of the Leafs and Fruit cool all Inflamations and St. Anthony's Fire. The Berries ripe cool the Stomach, Liver, Reins, and sharp Urine.

Ground-Ivy, see Alehoof.

Winter-Green, is a Herb that groweth in Woods northward; 'tis under Saturn, and is an excellent Herb for a Green Wound especially, healing it quick­ly by only the green Leaf being bruis'd and apply'd. Made into an Ointment, 'tis very good for Wounds. The Juice inwardly taken cures Ulcers in the Reins and Neck of the Bladder, stops the Terms, stays all Fluxes and Loosnesses, and cureth Fistula's, &c.

Groundsel groweth on Bank-sides and other places, is under Venus, and is friendly in outward Applica­tions. It causeth Vomiting if inwardly taken, allays Heat, Inflamations, Swellings, Imposthumes, &c. ripens Tumors, purgeth Choler, cures the Jaundice, opens Obstructions of the Liver, Spleen, and Reins; cures Falling-sickness, Cholick, Sciatica, and provokes the Terms. 'Tis an excellent [...]oultice-Herb for Womens sore Breasts or Privy Parts. A handful shred and put in a Paper-bag prick'd full of holes, about 4 inches square, and apply'd (being first put into fine Sarsene [...] or Linen, that it may not fall out) to the Pit of the Stomach 2 or 3 hours before the Fit, cures Agues.


Hearts-ease grows in Gardens and Fields, on bar­ren Grounds, and is under Saturn, cold and slimy. This Herb decocted strongly, or the Herb and Flower distill'd, is a powerful Remedy for the French Pox, and such Antivenerians are the best Cure for that Di­sease, [Page 35]much better than fluxing. The Herb is good against Venery, and the Spirit of it is good for Con­vulsion-fits in Children, Pleurisie, Falling-sickness, Scabs, Itch, Scurf, &c.

Hartichokes grow in Kitchen-gardens, are under Venus: They promote Venery, yet are good Food, and Physick for those that are troubled with nightly Pollutions, by stopping the Seminal Vessels; the Stalks or Roots boil'd in Whitewine and drank, cleanseth the Reins wonderfully, brings away stinking Urine, and cures the Running of the Reins.

Harts-Tongue is found in dry Ground among Trees and Bushes, is under Jupiter▪ and strengthens the Li­ver much; 'tis fit to keep in Syrup [...]lwaies by you. It is good in Diet-drink against all Obstructions of the Liver, Spleen, Reins, &c. It cureth Diarrhoea's, Dy­senteries, and all immoderate Fluxes: The distill'd Water or Decoction is good against Hiccups, Belch­ing, and Heart-passion, also against biting of venom­ous Beasts, corrupted Gums, &c.

Haslenut groweth in Hedges, is under Mercury; the Kernels press'd (like Almonds) will yield a kind of Milk, which being mix'd with Honey, cures an old Cough, and Distillations from the Head. The Shells and Husks dry'd and pouder'd, mixt with Cla­ret, and drank, stops all Fluxes.

Hawkweed (Sowthistle) groweth about Way-sides and Fields, is under Saturn, and of a cooling quali­ty; it takes away cholerick Heat, and bilous Over­flowings in the Stomach; it cureth Agues and Fevers, helps Digestion, if you drink the Concoction in White­wine: It cures Dropsy, Phlegm, Cholick, Obstructi­ons of the Liver and Spleen, hinders nightly Pollu­tion, cooleth the Reins, resists Poyson and stinging of Serpents; 'tis good for the Eyes, cures Burns, Ulcers, Inflamations, St. Anthony's Fire, Heat, salt Phlegm, Convulsions, &c. it cures Freekles and Morphew.

Horse-Radish, see Rad [...]shes.

Hawthorn-tree grows in Hedges, and is under Mars. [Page 36]The Husks are good Food for Hogs, the Haws dry'd, pouder'd, and drank in Whitewine, are very good in the Stone and Gravel in Reins or Bladder, and the Dropsy: The distill'd Water of the white Flowers stay Loosness or Flux of the Belly, and will draw out Thorns, if you dip a Cloth therein, and lay to the place, or other things.

Hemlock grows in most waste places, and is under Saturn, cold and dry. 'Tis very cooling, good in In­flamations, withstands Lethargy; bruised and apply'd to the Privities, it cures a Priapism or involuntary erection of the Yard: It's very dangerous inwardly taken, but you may apply it outwardly to Tumors, St. Anthony's Fire, &c. It giveth ease to a Pin or Web in the Eye, if you mix some of it with Bay-salt and apply it to the contrary Wrist 24 hours, and cures in three times dressing: Also the Root roasted in Em­bers and apply'd to Hand or Foot, cures them. And if by mistake you have eat a Root of this, your Re­medy is, to drink a draught of good Wine or Vinegar before it strike to your Heart.

Hemp grows in Fields, and is under Saturn. The Seed expels Wind; much used, it drys up Nature; boil'd in Milk, it cures a hot and dry Cough; it opens Obstructions, cures the Jaundice, Gout, Inflamations, Worms, Lask, &c. and makes Hens lay all Winter.

Henbane groweth under Walls, in Ditches, Dung­hills, &c. and is under Saturn. It powerfully resists Heat, Inflamations in the Eyes or in any other part, used either in Decoction, Seed, or Juice: It asswages Inflamations in Womens Breasts or Mens Cods, and the Gout: Oil of the Seed helps Pain in the Ears or Deafness. A Decoction of the Herb kills Lice, cures the Toothach, cools the Reins in the French Pox, and healeth Chilblains or kibed Heels. It is not to be taken inwardly, being poysonous, but outwardly used by distill'd Water, Juice, Decoction, Plaister, Ointment, or Oil: Smoak'd in Tobacco, it cures the Toothach. The Juice mix'd with the Hares Blood. [Page 37]sew'd in a Hare's Skin, and buried, will draw all the Hares that way. Lemery's Curiosities, p. 83.

Hedge-Hyssop, they grow by Water-sides and in wet Ground, are under Mars, and violent Purgers of Cho­ler and Phlegm, unless well corrected, then they are good against Dropsy, Gout, Sciatica, &c. Outwardly apply'd to the Navel, they kill Worms, and are ex­cellent good for Ulcers and old Sores.

Hellebore (black) groweth in Gardens, wet Grounds and Woods, is under Saturn, and by simpathy cureth Melancholy; by purging it cureth Madness and a Quartan Ague, the Falling-sickness, black Jaundice and yellow, the Gout, Leprosy, Convulsions, and pro­vokes the Terms. The English sort is much milder than that which is brought from abroad; the Farriers use it much. It is naturally of a poysonous quality, therefore to be corrected; 20 grains inwardly taken is sufficient for one time, but let that be corrected with half so much Cinamon. Some rowel Cattle by boring a hole in their Ear, and putting a bit of the Root therein, which cures 'em in 24 hours if they are poyson'd. The Root pouder'd and made up with Honey and Wheat-flour, kills Rats and Mice. The white does the same. White Hellebore and sweet Marjoram, of each a like quantity, pouder'd and snuf­fed up the Nose, cures Pain in the Head, if it proceed from a cold Cause. Use it with a Physician's Advice.

Herb-Robert grows by Way-sides in Banks, and is under Venus. It's good to break the Stone and Gra­vel, stops the Terms and Bleeding, healeth all green Wounds and Ulcers in the Privities or elsewhere.

Herb True-love groweth in Woods and corners of Corn-fields, is under Saturn, and expels Poyson, pre­vents Plague and Infection, cureth Fevers, Cholick, Witchcraft, Wounds, Ulcers, Swelling of Cods, &c. by taking a dram of the Root or Berry pouder'd eve­ry day in Wine or Posset-drink: It also caseth the Cholick, and the Leaf cures green Wounds.

Hyssop grows in Gardens, is under Jupiter, but hot [Page 38]and dry in the 3d degree: It is very opening, and good against a Cough, Wheasing, Short-breath, gross Humors, Jaundice, Dropsy, &c. It opens Obstructions, is good for sore Throats, Quinzay, Tooth-ach, Noise in the Ears, and Falling-sickness. The Oil cureth Itching, killeth Lice, and is excellent in a Consump­tion, taken either in distill'd Water, Decoction, Oil, or Pouder.

Hops grow in low Grounds, mostly under Mars, are very opening, cleanse the Blood, Spleen, Liver, and Reins from Stone or Gravel, and provoke Urine. A Decoction helps Scab, Itch, Tettar, and other ails, provokes the Terms, cures yellow Jaundice and bad Complexion. Beer is more opening than Ale, but as Ale is sweet, 'tis consequently more nourishing and fattening. Young Hop-tops are very good boil'd.

Horehound grows in high Ground, is govern'd by Mercury, very opening: If decocted when dry, or the Juice of the green Herb mix'd with Honey, it is a Remedy for Wheasing or Short-breath, or a Consum­ption thro' long Sickness; it resists Poyson, provokes the Terms, is good against Venom of Beasts, Jaun­dice, Ulcers, &c. but excellent to strengthen the Li­ver, and in Distempers asthmatical.

Horse-tail groweth in wet Ground, is under Saturn, cold, dry, and binding. The smooth is the best sort; 'tis very powerful in stopping of Blood, either inward or outward, by drinking the Juice, Decoction, or di­still'd Water; it stops the Lask or Flux, the Terms, pissing of Blood, internal Ulcers, Excoriation of the Bladder, Stone, Wounds, Ruptures, Strangury, Cough, Inflamations, Pimples, red Face, and all Breakings-out, Ulcers of the Privities of Man or Woman; it soon conglutinateth the Lips of Green-wounds.

Hous [...]leek groweth on Houses or Walls, is under Jupiter, cooling and full of Juice, so good for Heats inward or outward, in Face, Eyes or elsewhere: You may make a Posset and strain the Juice into it. Some say it preserves the House from Fire. It cures Agues, [Page 39]being drank, all hot defluxions of sharp salt Humours in the Bowels, and immoderate flux of the Terms: It allayeth Inflamations, helpeth Scalds, Burns, Shingles, eating and fretting Ulcers, helpeth Headach and heat of the Brain: In Deliriums for want of Sleep, being apply'd to the Forehead and Temples, 'tis excellent: The Leaf bruised and laid on the crown of the Head, stops Nose-bleeding; and if you rub any place s [...]ng with Nettle or Bee, it speedily cures it.

Hounds-tongue groweth on Highway-sides and un­der Hedges, is govern'd by Mercury, and is good for all Defluxions of Rheums on the Lungs or Stomach, Eyes or Teeth: The Root is used in Pills; the Juice boil'd in Hogs-lard is good to anoint the Head and preserve the Hair from shedding; it cures shortness of Breath, Scalds, Piles, Ulcers, Wounds, &c. it stops Humours from coming into Sores. Mizaldus says, that put into your Shoes, no Dog will bark at you.

Holly-tree groweth in Heaths and Gardens, and is under Saturn. The Berries are chiefly physical, and expel Wind greatly, ten or twelve of 'em eat ripe: They purge the Body from Phlegm or S [...]ime, being eat fresh gather'd; but dry'd and pouder'd, they bind, and stop all Fluxes. A Decoction of the Bark and Leaf is good to cement broken Bones and Disloca­tions. Some say the Branches defend any House from Witchcraft.


S. Johns-wort grows in Meadows and Pastures, the Leafs are full of small holes, and it's under the Sun and Leo. This is a most excellent Herb for Wounds, if you boil it in Whitewine and drink it, or make an Oil or Ointment of it, or a Bath or Lotion; tis very effectual in Bruises or Wounds, and strengthens feeble Members, cureth Blood-spitting, biting of Serpents, Stone, Stoppage of Urine, Gout, Ague, Sciatica, Palsy, Falling-sickness, &c. By often drinking the Seed in pouder, it purges Choler, bruis'd or congeal'd Blood in the Stomach, and Blood-vomiting.

Ivy grows on old Stone-walls, it's under Saturn: The Flower boil'd in Claret, stops the Bloody-flux; The Berries taken pouder'd cure the Jaundice, Spit­ting of Blood, prevent Drunkenness, or any Plague, Infection, &c. Drink the Berry pouder'd in White­wine, it cures the Stone, opens Obstructions, provokes the Terms and Urine, easing Headach, Spleen, Va­pours, and Stitch, by heating the Leaves in Wine, and applying them to your Side or Head. The Leaf boil'd cures Ulcers, Wounds, Burns, Scalds, sore Eyes, and is an excellent Remedy for a Surfeit, if you take the Decoction in the same Liquor you surfeited of.

Juniper groweth in Woods and Copses, is under the Sun, hot in the third, dry in the first degree. It is an excellent Antidote against all Infections, resist­ing the Plague and venomous Beasts, opens the Uri­nary Passage and Stomach, curing shortness of Breath, Dropsy, Consumption, Convulsion, Pain in the Belly and Side, Rupture, gives speedy Delivery, strengthens the Memory, clears the Sight, comforts the Brain, cu­reth Gout, Scurvy, Leprosy, Scab, Itch, and Piles; all this, and more, it performs by taking the Berries pouder'd in Wine. You may use the Decoction of the Berries for outward application.


Kidney-wort grows on Stone and Mud-walls, is un­der Venus and Libra, and is good to cure Inflamation and preternatural Heat, to refresh a hot Liver or lan­guishing Stomach and Bowels, if you drink the Juice or distill'd Water. The Herb apply'd outwardly hea­leth scorbutick Spots, red Faces, Pimples, and Inflama­tions; it taketh away Sciatica, Gout, Exulceration of Reins or Kidneys. The Decoction is a good Bath for Stone-pain and other inward Evils, as swell'd God. Neck, or Throat, Kings-Evil, &c. either in Ointment or otherwise.

Knapweed groweth in Meadows and Fields, in un­der Saturn, dry and cold. 'Tis powerful in stopping Fluxes, bleeding at Nose or Mouth, stays defluxion [Page 41]of sharp thin Humours on Stomach or Lungs, cureth Bruises by Falls, the Phthisick, Sores, Cankers, Fi­stula's, sore Throat, scabby Head, Quinzay; and this it doth by drinking the Herb boil'd in Whitewine, and applying it to the place, either by Decoction, Fomentation, or Ointment.

Knottgrass groweth by Paths and Highways, is un­der Saturn, cold, dry, and binding. It stops Fluxes of the Blood, the Juice being drank, cureth Inflama­tion, Gangrene, Aposthume, Fistula, Ulcer, Canker, Wounds, all Sores in the Privities of Men or Women, the Stone and Gravel, Stoppage of Urine, and Run­ning of the Reins.


Ladies-Mantle is found by Wood-sides and in Pa­stures; 'tis an Herb of Venus, allays Heat and Infla­mation, stopping Fluxes, Vomiting, Reds and Whites in Women or Maids, helps Ruptures, makes flagging Breasts round and plump, the Decoction or distil'd Water drank, and the Herb outwardly apply'd; it al­so helps Conception, and prevents Miscarriage: It is one of the best of Wound-herbs, if you wash 'em with the Decoction and drink it: It mightily dryeth up ill Humours, stops a Flux, and cures old Sores.

Ladies-Thistle eat young makes an excellent Sallad that purges the Blood, if boil'd.

Lavender grows in Gardens, hot and dry in the 3d degree, and is under Mercury. A most powerful Herb it is, influencing the Brain with Heat, strengthening the Memory, curing Pains of the Head that proceed from a cold Cause, and all Diseases that arise thence, all Convulsions, Apoplexies, Palsies, and Falling-sick­ness; it fortifies the Stomach, freeth Liver and Spleen from Obstructions, provokes the Courses, and cureth beating of the Heart, taken either outwardly or in De­coction. Lavender and Rosemary made into Tea, and 15 or 20 drops of Sal Volatile and Spirit of Har [...]shorn (each alike) put into half a pint of this Tea, so drank Morning, Noon, and Night, thins and cleanseth the [Page 42]Blood; so doth Oystershells pouder'd and drank in Old Hock.

Lavender-Cotton is a Garden-herb, and under Mer­cury; 'tis much of the nature of other Lavender, re­sisting Poyson and corrupt Humours, the biting of ve­nomous Beasts, cures Running of the Reins, Whites, &c. The Seed kills Worms in Belly or Stomach. By ba­thing with this Herb you may cure Scab or Itch.

Ladies-smock groweth near water-sides or moist pla­ces, are under the Moon, and are much of the nature and efficacy of Watercresses, are good for the Stone and Scurvy, cause good Digestion, and strengthen the Stomach.

Lettuce groweth in Gardens, much used in Sallads, and is under the Moon, cold and moist. It alays Heat and Choler of the Stomach, cooleth the Blood, Spirits and Brain, quench Thirst, cure the Headach, encrease Milk, abate Lust, &c. but is hurtful for those whose Lungs are ulcerated, spit Blood, are short-winded or very cold stomach'd.

Leeks in Pottage is nourishing Food, good against Obstructions of the Ureters, Short-windedness, &c.

Lilly, there are three sorts, Lilly of the Valey, Wa­ter-Lilly, and White-Lilly: The Lilly of the Valey is under Mercury, the other two are under the Moon. Water-Lillies cool Inflamations, heat of Agues, both outwardly and inwardly used, help ailments of the Head; the Root and Seed stop fluxes of Blood or Hu­mours, either of the Womb or Wounds, stay Running of the Reins, and hinder Venery: The Decoction be­ing drank in Wine or Water, cures Freckles, Morphew and Sunburn in the Face. The Distillation is like­wise good for all the Distempers above.

Lillies of the Valey strengthen the Memory, cure all Inflamations, Pin or Web in the Eyes, also the Palsy, Apoplexy, Gout, and loss of Speech. The Leaf-dry'd and snuffed up, cleanses the Head.

Lillies (White) resist Poyson, cure Fevers, Infecti­ons, Pestilence, scald Heads, Ulcers, Burns, and Scalds. [Page 43]It is good for all the before-mention'd Distempers, if used either in Decoction, Juice, distill'd Water, or in Ointment.

Liquorice grows in Fields and Gardens, (the best groweth in England) is under Mercury, and is good against a consumptive Cough, boil'd with other things or by itself: It cures shortness of Breath, Pthsick, Hoarseness, and all Diseases of the Breast, Lungs and Reins; it's good against the Stone and Gravel, heals Ulcers, Strangury, and Heat of Urine. The Pouder blown into the Eye, is good for Pin, Web, or Distil­lation. Spanish Liquorice steep'd in Water and drank quenches Thirst, and the Pouder put into a Glass of Water, makes it resemble brown Ale.

Liverwort groweth on the Ground flat, and among Water; it's under Jupiter and Cancer, and is good for all Diseases of the Liver, cleansing and cooling it. It cureth the yellow Jaundice, is used in Diet-drink to cool the Reins, and help the Running thereof; also female Diseases it wonderfully helps, and Tettars, Itch, Ringworms, &c.

Loose-strife or Willow-herb groweth by Water-sides, and in moist Ground, is under the Moon, and is ex­cellent for Wounds, stops Bleeding in any part, cureth the Bloody and all Fluxes, being drank by Decoction. It cures sore Mouths by gargling, also Sores in Privi­ties. In Fenny Countries they burn it, to kill Vermin.

Love-age is a Garden-plant, and grows large, it is under the Sun in Taurus, hot in the 3d, dry in the 2d degree. 'Tis a great opener and digester, power­fully provokes the Terms and Urine. If you take half a dram of the Root pouder'd in Whitewine, it heats a cold Stomach, helps Digestion, easeth Gripes, Cholick, and Wind, resists Poyson, Infection, and the Plague, cures Agues, Quinzay, sore Throats, if you gargle the Decoction; it also helps Pleurisie. The Juice dropt into the Eye, helps the Sight and Red­ness: Spots or Freekles it cures, if you wash with it.

Lungwort groweth on Oak-trees, is under Jupiter, [Page 44]and cures a Cough, Shortness of Breath, Wheasing. If boil'd in Wine or Water, it cures Ulcers of Mouth, Throat, and Privities of both Sexes.


Madder groweth in Gardens and Fields ('tis used by Dyers) and is under Mars. It is of an opening nature, leaving a strengthening quality behind. It opens all Obstructions of Spleen, Gall, Liver, Reins, or Womb. 'Tis excellent to cure yellow Jaundice or black, Palsie, Gout, Melancholy, &c. also Bruises in­ward and outward, if you boil and drink it in Water or Wine: The Fume is good for Women to sit over that want their Terms; it likewise clears the Skin of all Spots or Morphew.

Maiden-hair; there are two sorts, white and golden, and grow on Stone-walls, both under Mercury, but temperate, and much used in pectoral Decoctions, hel­ping old Coughs, shortness of Breath, yellow Jaun­dice, provoke the Terms and Urine, loosen the Belly, stay Fluxes and Bleeding, strengthen the Liver, puri­fie the Blood, and stop falling off the Hair, the Head being wash'd with the Decoction.

Marshmallows grow in salt Marshes, the common grow in all Fields, are under Venus, and open the Bowels and Reins; being boil'd in Broth or other­wise, are good in all Diseases of Urine, Reins, and Bladder, hot Agues, Gripes, Cholick, Pleurisy, Exco­riation, Phthisick, Falling-sickness; helps Women to easie Travail, taken either in Juice, Syrup, Decoction or Ointment: It is good against stinging of Bees or Wasps, Poyson, Inflamation, Sores, St. Anthony's Fire, Roughness of the Skin, and Baldness, if used in De­coction or Ointment. It's good against Cramp, Kings-Evil, Convulsions, Chincough, Sunburn, Bruises, and all Pain and Aches. A Person I know troubled with the Cholick drinks it in Watergruel every Morning, and finds it beneficial.

Maple-tree groweth in Fields, and is under Jupi­ter. A Decoction of the Leaf and Bark strengthens [Page 45]the Liver and Spleen, opening their Obstructions, pu­rifies the Blood, and cures sharp Pleuretick Pain in the Sides, and the Cholick.

Marjoram, both sorts grow in Gardens, are under Mercury. The Sweet is very good for the Head, and to comfort the Brain; taken any way, it strengthens the Stomach, opens Obstructions of Liver and Spleen. Both sorts cure the Dropsy, Cholick, Jaundice, Scur­vy, and all cold Afflictions, such as Convulsion, Palsy, Deafness, if drank in Tea, distill'd Water, or Juice; the Pouder is good Snuff; chew'd, it draws Phlegm.

Marigolds grow in Gardens, are under the Sun, and the Flowers strengthen the Heart, resist Plague, Fevers, Measles, Small-pox, Swellings, and Inflamations, being much used, are good in Plaisters, and so is the Water for all the Ails afore-mention'd.

Maudlin groweth in Gardens, 'tis under Jupiter, and strengthens the Liver, resists Corruption, purifies the Blood, much the same with Costmary.

Masterwort grows in Gardens, is under Mars, hot and dry in the 3d degree. The Root is good in cold ailments of the Stomach, preventing Rheums if boil'd in Whitewine, curing Phthisick, Fits of the Mother, Dropsy, Falling-sickness, Green-wounds, Gout, Ulcers, putrified Sores, &c. causeth Sweat, resists Poyson, pro­vokes Urine and the Courses, and expels a dead Child.

Medlar-tree groweth in Orchards, is under Saturn, cold, dry, and binding. When the Fruit is rotten it strengthens the retentive Faculty, slayeth all Fluxes in Men, Women, or Children; the Leaves boil'd do the same. The Fruit eat by breeding Women, stayeth their longing, and prevents Miscarriage. A Decoction of the Fruit and Leaves are good for a Woman to sit over who is troubled with too much flooding; also hot apply'd to the Stomach, it prevents Vomiting or Loathing. The Stones pouder'd and drank in White­wine, break and expel Stone and Gravel.

Melilot grows in Fields, is under the Sun, and is useful in a Poultice, Oil, Ointment, Plaister, Fomen­tation, [Page 46] &c. mollifying hard Tumors, Swellings, and Inflamations: Apply'd outwardly to any griev'd Part, it giveth Ease: It hinders eating Ulcers spreading. Its Flowers and Camomile are much of the same Na­ture, and are used in Glysters to expel Wind: The Juice dropt in the Eye, taketh away Films, clearing the Eyesight. The Decoction drank, preserves from the Apoplexy, and cures Palsie and Falling-sickness.

Mint groweth in Gardens, and is under Venus, hot and dry in the 3d degree. It strengthens the Stomach, stays Vomiting and Hiccup, resists-Poyson, is good in Stone, Gravel, Spleen, &c. maketh a sweet Breath, and expels Wind.

Misseltoe is under the Sun, hot and dry, of a very penetrating nature both Leaf and Berry; the Turpen­tine of it is excellent to soften hard Tumors and Im­posthumes; and if either be hung about the Neck, it cureth Witchcraft. The Berries are good for Disea­ses of the Head, cause sneezing, and make Birdlime.

Moneywort grows in moist Ground, is under Venus, and is dry and binding, so good to stay all Fluxes in Men or Women, Lask, bleeding at Nose, Ulcers, &c. taken inwardly or outwardly.

Moonwort grows in dry Ground, where much Grass is; 'tis under the Moon, cold, dry, and binding; the Decoction stops Fluxes of Blood, Terms, and Vomi­ting, healeth broken Bones, green Wounds, &c. Some say this Herb will open Locks, unshoe Horses, with many suchlike Tricks.

Moss; there are several sorts, all under Saturn, of a dry binding quality. Oak-moss is most binding, it stops Fluxes, Vomiting, Bleeding, and cures Headach and Dropsy.

Motherwort grows in rich Ground and Gardens, is under Venus, and makes a cheerful Countenance; there's none better to drive out Vapours and Hypo­chondriack Melancholy; it settles the Womb after Labour, curing Trembling and Swooning, if the De­coction be drank in Wine some time. A dram of the [Page 47]Pouder drank in Wine causes speedy Labour, provokes Urine and the Terms, cureth Cramp, cleanseth the Stomach of Phlegm, and may be used in Syrup or Conserve. It killeth Worms.

Mouse-ear grows in Ditches and Banks, is under the Moon, and the Juice or Decoction drank cures the Jaundice, Gripes, Stone, Phthisick, Dropsy, Bloody­flux, Ruptures, Gout, Cankers, and any spreading Sore or Ulcer.

Mugwort groweth in Fields and Highways, is un­der Venus, and is good for Womens Obstructions, pro­vokes Birth, and breaks the Stone, if they sit over the Decoction. If taken in Wine or Syrup, it cures the Kings-Evil, Sciatica, Cramp, and Weariness.

Mullein groweth in Lanes and Highway-sides, is sharp, and whitish or woolly-leaf'd, is under Saturn, and opens the Stomach, Womb and Reins much, yet it stops Lask and Flux. A Decoction gargled healeth the Toothach.

Mulberry-tree groweth in Gardens or Orchards, and is under Mercury. The Fruit is cooling and opening if ripe, the unripe binding, especially if dry'd and pouder'd, it stayeth Lasks and Womens Courses, Blee­ding, Sore Throat and Mouth, Piles, and Toothach.

Mustard groweth in Gardens and Corn-fields, hot and dry in the 3d degree, and is under Mars. 'Tis excellent for cold Stomachs and cold Diseases, and as bad for the hot and cholerick; it resists Poyson, and strengthens the Heart; 'tis excellent for the Falling-sickness, Lethargy, Sneezing, and prevents an Ague, Sciatica, stoppage of Urine, Toothach, Bruises, Mor­phew; by gargling it preserves the Palate, Palsie of the Tongue: By steeping it in Ale and drinking it, the Louzy-Evil and Dropsy are cured.

The Hedge-Mustard groweth in Hedges, is under Mars, and is much of the same Nature, but reckon'd more powerful in Diseases of the Breast and Lungs.

Nailwort grows in gravelly places and Stone-walls, and is under Venus, being used chiefly for Diseases of [Page 48]the Fingers and Nails, as Whitloes, Feloas, Im­posthumes, Wheals, &c.

Nepmint groweth in Gardens, is under Venus; be­ing hot, it provokes the Terms, if drank in Wine or other things: The Juice drank in Wine is good for a Cold, Bruise, Short-breath, Cramp, and Vertigo; it drys up Scabs if taken in Decoction.

Nettles grow in most places, are under Mars, and the young Tops boil'd in Broth cleanse the Stomach, Blood, and Reins of gross phlegmatick Humors; they are excellent for Wheasing, Short-breath, Pleurisie, stoppage of Urine, Gravel, and Stone, provoke Terms, resist Poyson of mad Dogs or Serpents. The Seed drank in Wine cureth Leprosie, Poyson of Henbane, Nightshade, &c. Bleeding is stopt by smelling to the Herb. A Decoction cureth Ulcers, Itch, Scab, Scia­tica, &c. laying stinging-Nettles to Arm or pain'd places Morning and Night. 'Tis good against Rheu­matick Pains. The Seed put among a Horse's Food 'twill fatten him.

Nightshade groweth under Walls, is under Saturn, and is excellent to cool Inflamations of the Eyes, the Shingles, Ringworms, Gout, immoderate Fluxes, &c. if made into an Oil, or if made into Ointment. 'Tis not to be taken inwardly, because 'tis poysonous.


Oak-tree grows in Woods and Fields, is under Ju­piter, dry and binding. The Bark, Leafs, and Cups, either decocted, distill'd, or pouder'd, stops Fluxes, Blood-spitting, Vomiting, shedding Seed, and healeth Ulcers. The Cups pouder'd and taken in Wine, pro­voke Urine, break the Stone, heals Sores, &c. The Water found in a hollow Oak is very good in Ulcers and spreading Sores.

Oats, being fry'd with Bay-salt and laid to the Side, cures Stitches and other Pains. The Meal is often used in Poultices to cure Leprosie, Fistula in the Fun­dament, Imposthumes, dissolve hard Tumors, and take from the Face Freckles and Spots.

One-blade grows in shady places, is under the Sun, and is good against Plague or Poyson, also for Wounds. The Root taken in Wine and Vinegar, of each half a dram, and sweating after it, defends the Heart, &c.

Onions grow in Gardens, are under Mars, hot and dry in the 3d degree, but very attractive and draw­ing; being bruis'd and apply'd, they cure a Burn or Scald. A large Onion being steep'd in Whitewine all Night and drank, gives present Ease in the Stone.

Orpine groweth in Gardens, Fields, and Woods; is under the Moon, and good in all Wounds, Excoria­tion of the Bowels, Fluxes, Inflamations, Ruptures, Scalds, Burns, &c. the Decoction being drank, or made into Oil, Poultice, or Ointment.


Parsley grows in Gardens, is under Mercury, hot and opening; it strengthens the Stomach, provokes Urine, opens all Obstructions of Liver and Spleen, dissolves Stone and Gravel, resists Poyson, cures Cho­lick, Jaundice, Dropsy, Gripes, &c. by taking the Seed in Wine. There is a wild Parsley, which has much the same Nature and Vertues.

Parsnip (Garden and Wild) is under Venus, and is a great nourisher, but windy, and createth Seed, pro­vokes Urine, cleanseth the Reins, for which the wild is best, expels Wind in the Bowels or Stomach, and provokes Urine. The Seed is more efficacious than the Root.

Pellitory of Spain grows in Gardens, is under Mer­cury, and is one of the best Purgers of the Brain that is: An ounce of the Juice taken in Muskadel an hour before an Ague comes, drives it away assuredly at the second or third taking. The Herb or Root chew'd, or the Juice snufft, cures Pain in Gums or Teeth, and hinders Distillation on the Lungs; 'tis good in a Le­thargy, Falling-sickness, Gout, Sciatica, &c.

Peach-tree groweth in Gardens, is under Venus, and is of a cooling quality. The Flower and Leaf made into a Syrup, is a very good Purge for Children and [Page 50]such as have the Jaundice: The Flowers pouder'd and strew'd on Wounds, stops Bleeding; laid to the Belly, it kills Worms; the Kernels of Peach-stones easeth Cholick and Gripes.

Pear-tree grows in Orchards, is under Venus, and the Fruit loosens the Belly. The four are cooling and binding, and if bruis'd and apply'd to a green Wound, they cure it.

Pease are excellent Food, but windy. When about a hand high, clip the green Stalks and boil 'em, they eat well, and in Milk they eat like Pease-pottage.

Pepperwort groweth in Fields, is under Mars, and is good for a Gout in the Joints, Sciatica, &c. The Juice drank in Whitewine procures speedy Delivery.

Periwinkle grows in Orchard and Woods, is under Venus, and causeth Love if a Man and Woman eat it together: If decocted in Wine and drank, it stoppeth Bloody-flux and Terms, for 'tis very binding.

S. Peter's Wort grows in Woods, is a Plant of the Sun, and of the Nature and Vertue of S. Johns-wort.

Pimpernel grows in Meadows, and among Corn, is under the Sun, and will draw Thorns out of Flesh, and cleanse the place.

Pine (Ground-) groweth in Fields, is under Mars, but rarely found in England. The Decoction in Wine is good for the Strangury, it opens Obstructions of the Liver, Spleen, or Courses, expels the dead Child and Afterbirth, cures the Poyson of venomous Beasts, Gout, Dropsy, Ulcers, and old Coughs, by Decoction, Syrup, or distill'd Water. 'Tis dangerous for Women with Child.

Plantane groweth in Highways, is under Venus, and is cold and dry in the 2d degree. 'Tis good to stay Fluxes, Blood-spitting, green Wounds, Consum­ption, Phthisick, Ulcerated Lungs, Dropsy, Falling-sickness, Bites of mad Dogs, and drink it. Drank in Tea several Mornings, it's good against the Plague.

Pellitory of the Wall grows by Fields and on Walls, [Page 51]is under Mercury, and if decocted in Whitewine, it cures the Stone, and is good for an old Cough, and shortness of Breath. The Juice provokes Urine, eases Pain in the Back and Sides, heals Scab and Ulcer, and cures the Gout.

Peony-royal groweth in Gardens, but under Venus, and is very hot. It cutteth Phlegm, disperses gross Humors, warms a cold Stomach, openeth Obstructions of Reins and Liver, provokes the Terms, brings forth the dead Child and Afterbirth, helps the Gout, keeps from fainting and vomiting; it cures Cramp, Dropsy, Jaundice, Pain of the Head, if you drink the distill'd Water or the Decoction in Tea; wrap the fresh Leaf in a Cloth and lay in a Bed, it drives away Fleas. A Tea made of it, sweetned with Honey, is excellent for the Phthisick and a Cold.

Peony grows in Gardens, and is under the Sun. There are two sorts, male and female; the male is proper for Men, the other for Women. The Root is very good against Falling-sickness, Convulsions, Fits of the Mother, Nightmare, or melancholy Dreams, if taken pouder'd in Sack, Whitewine, Blackcherry Wa­ter, or a Syrup made of the Flowers.

Plumbs grow in Orchards, and are under Venus: There are several sorts, the sowre are cold, the sweet hot and loosening: To dry Rheums and heal Ulcers the Leafs make a good Gargle for the Mouth.

Polipody of the Oak grows on stumps of the Tree, is under Saturn, but what grows upon the Tree is best. It purgeth Melancholy, cures Quartan Agues, Cholick, Spleen, Cough, Polipus, weakness of Lungs. The Root beat small, cures Chaps in Finger or Toe.

Poplar-tree groweth in moist Woods, is under Sa­turn, both sorts. The white cures the Sciatica, if the Pouder of the Bark be drank in Wine; and the Juice of the Leaf dropt in the Eye, clears the Sight. The black is more cooling. A Juice that drops from the hollow of this Tree cureth Warts and Itch. The Ointment call'd Populeon is good against Inflamations.

Poppy groweth in Gardens and wild among Corn, is under the Moon, and is of a cold nature, hindering hot Rheums from distilling on the Lungs, cause Sleep, cures Hoarsness, Surfeit, Falling-sickness, and Pleuri­sie: Outwardly apply'd, it cures Inflamations.

Purslain grows in Gardens, is an Herb of the Moon, and is very cooling in hot Distempers to quench a Thirst: It stops all Fluxes, Vomiting, and Cough; it cures Ulcers in the Privities, Redness of the Eyes, St. Authony's Fire, Burns and Scalds, fastens Teeth, and cures both Gout and Cramp.

Primroses grow in Fields, are under the Moon, and inwardly or outwardly taken, are good for Wounds.

Pri [...]et grows in Woods, is under the Moon, and is good to wash s [...]re Mouths and Eyes, Inflamations, and any part afflicted with Heat.

Quince-tree groweth in Orchards, is under Satur [...], and of a binding quality; it creates an Appetite, stays Fluxes and Vomiting; it cureth Poyson, Cho­ler, and Plague-sores, being eat, or in Syrup.


Radishes grow in Gardens, are under Mars, hot and dry in the 3d degree, but are rather for Sauce than Nourishment; the Tops boil'd young, eat like Spinage. They provoke Urine, and the Rhine scra­ped and steep'd in Whitewine, is good against Gravel and Stone.

Radish (Horse-) groweth in Gardens, and is under Mars. The Juice opens the Stomach, is good against Worms, Scurvy, Gravel, Stone, and Gout, provokes the Terms and Urine, and whets the Appetite.

Ragwort groweth in Pastures, is under Venus, and is a great cleanser and digester. The Decoction cures Ulcers and sore Mouths, if wash'd therewith: The Juice is good for the same.

Rape, boil'd and eat young with Bacon, is whol [...] some and pleasant Food.

Rattle-grass (two kinds, red and yellow) grows in Woods, is under the Moon, and is good in Fistula's [Page 53]and Ulcers, is binding, and stayeth Courses, being de­cocted in Red-wine. The yellow is good against a Cough; if injected into the Eye, draws out Films.

Restharrow grows in plow'd Land, is under Mars, and very opening; it helpeth stoppage of Urine, the Stone and Gravel, also a Rupture. Boil'd in Vinegar, it cures Toothach, Ulcers, and opens Obstructions.

Rocket (Winter-) is under Mars, grows in Gardens, and is seldom eat alone, in regard it fumeth into the Head, and causeth Ach and Pain: It exciteth Lust, helps Digestion, provokes Urine, cureth Bites of ve­nomous Beasts. Used outwardly, it clears the Face. This and Lettuce together is good for the Heart, Li­ver, and Brain.

Roses white, red, and damask; the red are under Jupiter, the damask under Venus, and the while un­der the Moon. The Juice when fresh gather'd pur­geth Choler; but the damask are most purging, and the white and red most cooling, binding, and drying. Being dry'd, they are excellent Cordials, especially the red, and are good for Headach, inflam'd Eyes, Blood-spitting, Heat, the Terms in Women, and O­verflowings in Men: All which, and more, is effect­ed by the Decoction, Water, Conserve, or Syrup.

Rosa Solis or Sun-dew groweth in moist places, is under the Sun, and is excellent to prevent and cure Consumptions, therefore commonly distill'd in Spirit of Wine with other Ingredients. It helps shortness of Breath, Rheums, Ulcers of the Lungs, Palpitation of the Heart, and cheers it.

Rosemary groweth in Gardens, is under the Sun, and is excellent for cold Rheum distilling from the Head, by drying it up and strengthening the Brain and Stomach: 'tis prevalent against Passion, Falling-sickness, Toothach, weak Memory, dimn Sight, stink­ing Breath, Plague, Jaundice, Deafness, Cold, Cough, and Consumption; it matches any thing.

Rhuharb grows in Gardens, is under Mars, and not inferior to that of China. There are three sorts, [Page 54]all wholsome in Physick, and very safely purge Me­lancholy and Phlegm, leaving a binding quality, for that reason reckon'd good in a Flux; it purifies the Blood, cureth Ulcers, Jaundice, Stoppage of Urine, Kings-Evil, Dropsy, Gout, and Swelling in the Head.

Rue, both sorts grow in Gardens, are under the Sun, and are excellent against the Plague, Poyson, and Cholick, provoke Urine and Courses, cure Agues, abates Venery, &c. Stamp'd and apply'd, it helpeth swell'd Testicles, Pain of the Stomach or Fars, Pim­ples, Ulcers of Head or Nose, and maketh lean.

Rushes grow in Fields, are under Saturn, but cold, dry, and binding: They stay Flux and Whites, cause Sleep, and ease Headach, but are so little valued for Physick, that they are — Not worth a Rush.

Rye in under Venus, is more physical than Wheat, and the Bread or Leaven of it breaks Imposthumes, Swellings or Boils in any part of the Body.


Saffron grows in Fields, is under the Sun, and is one of the best Cordials in the World. It resisteth all Infections, strengthens the Heart, is good against Poy­son and bad Air, if a little be given in Wine, Milk, Ale, or Beer; much is hurtful, because of its great heat: It helps breathing, quickens the Brain, cureth Consumption, Measles, Small-pox, and Jaundice. The Roots of all Crocus's are of the nature of Hermodactyls, that is, the Roots of Saffron; it purgeth Phlegm.

Satirian grows in Meadows, but there are diverse sorts, 'tis under Venus, hot and moist: The Root s [...]ir [...] up Lust; if they are put in Water, those that sink are good, but those that swim bad. If bruis'd and laid to the Kings-Evil, it helps.

Sage groweth in Gardens, is under Jupiter, and resists the malignity of any Food eaten with it, puri­fieth the Blood, drys up phlegmatick Humors, and is good for the Liver. Decocted, it provokes Urine; it [...]leanseth Ulcers and Sores, helps Conception, hinders Miscarriage, prevents Blood-spitting, Headach, Lethar­gy, [Page 55]Palsie, Hoarsness, Cough, Flux, and biting of ve­nomous Creatures. Wood-Sage is of the same vertue, but is chiefly use in Decoction for the French Pox.

Sassafras, see Ague-tree.

Solomon's Seal groweth in Woods and other places, 'tis good in all Wounds, old Sores or Bruises, inward or outwardly taken; it helps Fluxes, Bleeding, Run­ning of the Reins, cures broken Bones or Dislocations in man or Beast, and beautifies the Face.

Sea-holly grows about the Sea-coast, is under Venus, and encreases Seed much, being of a hot and moist nature. The Root boil'd in Whitewine opens Ob­structions of Liver and Spleen, and cures yellow Jaun­dice, Cholick, Dropsy, French Pox, Stone, Kings-Evil, Agues, &c.

Samphire grows on Rocks, is under Jupiter, and expels Urine, Gravel, Stone, and opens Obstructions of Liver and Spleen.

Sanicle grows in shady places, is under Venus, and is a good Wound-herb; it cureth Imposthumes, Ul­cerous Sores, inward Bleeding, Running of the Reins, Sores in the Privities, stops the Terms, Lask, and Fluxes.

Saracens Woundwort groweth by Woods and wet Ground, is under Saturn, and cureth yellow Jaundice, Dropsy, Obstructions inward Wounds, Ulcers of the Kidneys, old Sores, Agues, a sore Mouth, and Sores in the Privities.

Savine groweth in Gardens, is under Mars, and kills Worms, provokes the Terms, and destroys the Fruit of the Womb. If dry'd and pouder'd, and mixt with Honey, it cureth Fistula's, Plague-sores, Carbun­cles, Kings-evil, Ringworms, Tettars, Cankers, and Venereal Sores.

Savory grows in Gardens, is under Mercury, and is good for Cholick and Iliack Passion; it provokes the Terms and Urine, helps dimn Sight and Lethargy, Noise in the Ears, Gout, Palsie, and venomous Bites, if taken by Decoction, or otherwise.

Saxifrage (there's two sorts) groweth in Meadows, is under the Moon, and very hot, causing Urine: They cleanse the Reins of Gravel and Stone, Cough and Phlegm, opening the Stomach; they resist Poy­son, cure Convulsions, Cramps, &c. Being decocted in Ale or Wine, and that dropt into Wounds, cures them.

Scabious groweth in Fields and Meadows, is under Mercury, (there are three sorts) and a good Herb for Consumptions, helping Coughs, inward Ulcers, Im­posthumes, Pleurisie, Sores, Itch, Scabs of all sorts, Freckles, Wounds, Stitch.

Scurvy-grass groweth in Gardens, is under Jupi­ter, and cures the Scurvy and gross Humors, openeth Obstructions of Liver and Spleen, creates a good Ap­petite, helps Digestion, is good for a sore Mouth, Spots, Ulcers, Deformities of the Skin, makes a good Complexion, and an excellent Diet-drink.

Self-heal groweth in Fields, is under Venus, and healeth any Cut or Wound, Ulcers, Bruises, sore Pri­vities or Mouths, if you use the Juice to the Wound, and drink the Decoction.

Sellary eat in Sallad warms the Stomach; boil'd in Gruel, it helps a short Breath.

Service-tree grows in Orchards, is under Saturn, and rotten-ripe it stops Fluxes, bleeding at the Nose, Vomiting, or Wounds; but Medlars are more power­ful.

Shepherds-purse groweth on Bank-sides, &c. is un­der Saturn, and of a cold, dry, binding quality; It helpeth spitting of Blood, stops Fluxes of the Belly and pissing of Blood, cures the Jaundice, Noise in the Ears, provokes the Terms, and is excellent for any Wound in the Head.

Smallage grows in watery Grounds, is under Mer­cury, and is more opening and hot than Parsley. It cures the Jaundice, provokes Urine and the Terms, helpeth Obstructions of Liver and Spleen, cureth Ul­cers, Ague, sore Throat, Cankerworm, and a stinking [Page 57]Breath, either Herb or Root. It maketh a Pottage or Gruel that cleanses the Blood, opens Obstructions, and eat twice a Day, 'tis an effectual Remedy against a Consumption.

Sopewort grows in Fields, is under Venus, and if outwardly apply'd, it cures all Wounds; inwardly, it provokes Urine and the Terms, cures the French Pox, and expels Gravel and Stone.

Spinage boil'd is excellent Sauce; and eaten with Meat, or alone, 'tis laxative, breeds good Blood, opens Obstructions. This and Buds of Colworts, or this and the tops of Mint and Balm, boil'd and eat with Butter, Salt, and Bread, is excellent Food; or eat with Endive and young Parsley.

Sorrel is under Venus, grows in Fields and Gardens, and is very cooling, allaying Fevers and Inflamati­ons, creates an Appetite, healeth Ulcers, resists Pesti­lence and Plague. Wood-Sorrel is singular good in Fevers and Wounds, and is more cordial than t'other. It stays Bleeding, all Defluxions, &c. and the Syrup is excellent.

Spurge, it's poysonous, being a violent Purger. Read Cole's Adam in Eden for using it.

Strawberries grow in Fields and Gardens, are un­der Venus, but cooling, and open cholerick Stomachs, quench Thirst, provoke Urine, stay Vomiting. The Leaf and Root is good in Whey or Water, they cool the Blood and Reins, cure the Jaundice, Ulcers, sore Mouth, pimpled Faces, and inflamed Eyes.

Succory, or Chichory, groweth in Gardens and Fields, boil'd in Wine or Water, it purgeth the Stomach of phlegmatick and cholerick Humors, cures the yellow Jaundice, Ague, Dropsy, Passion of the Heart, Infla­mation, St. Anthony's Fire, and opens Obstructions: The distill'd Water is good for sore Eyes; the Leaf bruis'd allays Inflamation and Swelling. The wild Succory is bitterest, and for the Liver most effectual.

Stonecrop grows on Stone-walls, and is under Mars. It stops Bleeding apply'd to any Part. Being taken [Page 58]inwardly by Decoction or Juice, it vomits and purges strongly; it cures Knots and Nodes, Agues, Pestilen­tial Fevers, and Kings-evil.

Southernwood grows in Gardens, is under Mercury, and cures the Stone, Spleen, Vapours, French Pox, Baldness, sore Privities, Wheals, Ulcers, inflam'd Eyes, red Faces, Ague, Poyson, Ruptures, Sciatica, Convul­sions; and by Decoction, Short-breath and Asthma, beating it well, and mixing it with Sugarcandy, in Cakes as big as a Half-crown, eating a few now and then.

Sowthistle, when young, is a good Sallad raw or boil'd; it grows by Walls, Bank-sides, &c. 'Tis an Herb of Venus, and is good to help Pains and to cool a hot Stomach. The Milk squeez'd out of the Sta [...]k is good against Short-breath and Wheasing; if drank in Wine, it cures a stinking Breath, Gravel and S one. It causeth speedy Labour to Women, if 2 or 3 spoon­fuls of the Juice be drank with Oil and Wine.

Spignel groweth in Gardens wild, is under Venus; the Roots are bad for the Headach, if too much be taken, but provoke Urine and the Courses. It cutteth Phlegm, helps Pain of the Stomach, and is good for Poyson of venoumous Beasts.

Spleenwort groweth upon the Ground about Stone­walls, and is under Saturn. The Root and Herb be­ing boil'd, helps the Spleen, yellow Jaundice, Hiccup, and Running of the Reins; but if used by Women, it hinders Conception. it cureth the Stone, and all Melancholy Diseases.

Starthistle groweth common, is under Mars, and the Seed pouder'd and drank in Wine break the Stone, help Plague, French Pox, and Strangury: It cureth Agues, and opens all Obstructions.

Staves-acre (cold in the 4th degree) pouder'd and mix'd with fresh Butter or Oil, kills Lice, Nits, and Itch. The Seed killeth Bats, and held in the Mouth it expels Rheum and helps the Toothach. 'Tis dan­gerous to take inwardly.


Tamarisk-tree grows in Gardens, is under Saturn, and cureth Blood-spitting, stops the Courses, is good against the Jaundice, Poyson, Dropsy, Scabs, French Pox, Ulcers, sore Eyes or Ears, by boiling the Bran­ches in Wine or Vinegar, and applying it.

Tansie groweth in Gardens and elsewhere, is under Venus, but very opening; it cleanseth the Blood, Bladder, Womb, and helps all Diseases of the Reins, Cramp, Stomach-worm, &c. either in Decoction or fry'd. The wild stops a Bloody-flux, Lask, Terms, provokes Urine; the distill'd Water takes away De­formity of the Face, making the Skin white.

Taragon is excellent good eat with Lettuce raw or boil'd, and is good for the Heart, Liver, and weakness of the Brain.

Tobacco is under Mars, 'tis good for the Phlegma­tick, and bad for the Cholerick to smoke: It brings away Phlegm by either smoaking or chewing it: It helps Pains in the Bowels, the Stone, stoppage of U­rine, and Agues. Made into an Ointment, it heals Wounds, Sores, Ulcers, Scab, Cankers, Imposthumes, and kills Lice. I am told, that Sage mix'd with it prevents its hurting the Eyes, and some smoke Beto­ny and Coltsfoot with it. Likewise put 10 or 12 drops of Oil of Aniseeds into a Box of Tobacco, and smoke a Pipe now and then, cures a Rheumatism. Dr. Vener prescribes to correct the fulsom Vapour, the Root of Sasafras or Lign Aloes, for the one comforts the Brain and Sinews, t'other the Heart and Spirits, a grain of either in the midst of a Pipe full. Also to mix with 8 or 10 Pipefuls one drop of Oil of Rose­mary, is good for a cold moist Brain. A certain Au­thor makes it a Panacea for all Diseases, but Dr. Ve­ner says, Had he restrain'd it to Wounds, Scabs, Ul­cers, &c. it had been well. A little (either Leaf or cut) put into the Nostrils, purges the Head and Brain well, and is excellent for that purpose: The Ashes cleanse the Gums, and the Herb bruis'd and apply'd, [Page 60]help the Kings-evil, and Bites of venomous Beasts. 'Tis also good to smoke in time of Plague; but to prevent and cure that, there's excellent Receipts in Hartman's Preservative against all Diseases, and in a Book call'd A Thousand Notable Things, two Books worth minding.

Thistles grow common, are under Mars, and boil'd in Wine they cure stinking Urine, and help the bad Smell of the Armpits. The Cotton-thistle being large, helpeth Cricks in the Neck, and is good to eat.

Teasell, or Fullers-Thistle, groweth wild and in Gardens, is under Venus, and cureth Cankers, Fistu­la's, Warts, Worms in the Ear, and Face, &c. Chaps being wash'd with the Decoction, cures 'em. Cloth-dressers use it much.

Treacle, Mustard, and Mithridate Herbs of Mars, grow by Hedges and River-sides, which being used in Glysters help the Sciatica, purge upward and down­ward, cause Abortion, resist Poyson, therefore good in Mithridate and Treacle, used in some Cases instead of Mustard.

Thorn (Black-) grows in Hedges, is under Saturn, cold, dry, and binding. The Sloes make Garles for the Mouth, the Leaves stay Bleeding, Flux, and the Courses. Sloes boil'd, and the Juice squeez'd from them and put in Cyder, giveth it a colour and rough taste like Claret, and may be as wholsome.

Thorow-wax (or Thorow-leaf) groweth in Corn­fields and Pastures, is under Saturn, and is good for Wounds, Bruises, Ulcers, Ruptures, inward or out­ward, the Decoction drank in Wine or Water, or the Pouder taken inwardly, or the Leafs bruis'd and ap­ply'd.

Thyme groweth in Gardens, is under Venus, and is a noble strengthener of the Brain: Nor can a better Medicine be given Children for a Chincough: 'Tis good to kill Worms, for short Breath, against Phlegm, and to provoke Urine or Terms: It causeth easie De­livery to Women in travail, cures Swellings, Sciatica, [Page 61]Gout, and swell'd Privities, if you eat the Herb, or drink the Decoction.

Mother of Thyme doth the same, and strengthens both Head and Stomach, and likewise helps Vomiting.

Tormentile groweth in Woods and shady places, is under the Sun, and both Root and Herb is excellent to stay Bleeding, Flux, and Terms; they allay Heat in Fevers, Pestilence, Plague, and Small-pox. The Decoction drank in Wine, or Pouder of the Root, is good against Purples, Poyson, &c. it opens Obstructi­ons of the Spleen, Liver, and Lungs, cureth yellow Jaundice, Gout, Toothach, Ruptures, scabby Heads, and helps Abortion. The Root boil'd in three pints of Water, with Loaf sugar in it, till 'tis reduced to a quart, and a pint of Claret put to it, so drank, is good for the Piles inward or outward; so is Yarrow-Tea sweetned with Loaf-sugar, and drank. Tormen­tile clears the Sight, tho' almost blind. See A thousand Notable Things.

Turnsole groweth in Gardens, and is under the Sun. Decocted in Water and drank, it purges both Choler and Phlegm, breaks the Stone, opens the Urinary Pas­sage, cureth Gouts, Warts Wens, &c. only by apply­ing the Herb outwardly bruis'd with Salt.

Turneps are good for Consumptions, and the Tops (when boil'd young) are good to eat.

Tutsan groweth in woody Ground, is under Saturn, and is good against Venery, purgeth Cholerick Hu­mours, cures the Gout, Ulcers, Wounds, Sciatica, &c. If inwardly taken by drinking, or outwardly by bath­ing, washing, or Ointment, it healeth Wounds.


Valerian groweth in Gardens, is under Mercury, and mightily provokes Urine. The Decoction drank, helpeth Strangury, moves the Terms, cureth Pain in the Sides, helps Cough, Wind-Cholick, Pestilence, Pin or Web in the Eye, Headach, Wounds, and draws out Thorns.

Vervain groweth by Way-sides and Hedges: It bot [...] strengthens the Womb and open Obstructions, cur [...] venomous Bitings, Jaundice, Plague, and Agues; [...] killeth Worms, cures Dropsy, Gout, Cholick, and is good for phrentick People. Drink it [...]oil'd in Wine, [...] cureth Gravel and Stone; it heals Ulcers, Wounds and Fistula's, and strengthens the Brain and Optick Nerves, if anointed with it. This, Agrimony, and Plantane, each an equal quantity, bruis'd and boil'd in Whitewine, and a good quantity drank in a Mor­ning, (or bruis'd with Bay-salt and apply'd) cures all Creatures bitten by mad Dogs, which if bit at Full-Moon, fall mad at New; and if at New-Moon, fall mad at Full.

Vines grow in Gardens, &c. are under Jupiter, and its Fruit cheers the Heart: The Leaves boil'd, make a good Mouth-water; the Ashes of the Branch burnt makes Teeth white; the Juice or Tears drank, br [...]ak the Stone.

Violets grow in Gardens and wild, are under Venus, but very cooling and harmless; they abate In [...] ­tions. The Syrup or Decoction of Root, Leaf, and Flower purge the Blood, Reins, Bladder, Matrix; [...] Outwardly apply'd as a Poultice, it helpeth Headach, abates Swellings and Imposthumes: Inwardly taken, they open Obstructions of the Liver, cure Jaundice, hot Agues, and make a good Gargle for Mouth and Throat.


Wall-flowers grow on Walls, are under the Moen, and are good in Gouts, Palsie, Apoplexy, Pains in the Joints. The Flower decocted, infused, or made into a Syrup, opens Obstructions of Liver or Spleen, provokes Terms, and brings away After-birth.

Walnut-tree groweth in Orchards and Fields, is a Plant of the Sun, and the Fruit, Leaf, and Bark is and Antidote against Poyson, but best before the Shell begins to harden: They are naturally binding, but kill Worms, cure Inflamations of the Throat, biting [Page 63]of venomous Beasts. If bruis'd with Onions, Salt, and Honey, they cure Carbuncles, stop Fluxes, &c. A preserv'd Walnut is good against Plague or Infecti­on, if taken in a Morning fasting. The Oil of the of Kernel cureth Deafness, if put into the Ear.

Wart-Cichory, either eat in Sallads, or laid on the Wart, cures 'em to admiration.

Wold (Dyers-weed) grows in wet places, is under Mercury. Being decocted, it cureth Phlegm and gross Humours, dissolves hard Swellings, cureth Bites from venomous Beasts, kills Worms, and resists Infection.

Wheat growth in Fields, is under Venus, and if you press an Oil out, it cureth Tettars, Ringworms, Chapt Hands, Ulcers, &c. The Flower boil'd in Vi­negar and made a Poultice of, cures the Rickets and Joint-Evil.

Willow-tree groweth by Water-sides, is under the Moon, and the Seed, Bark, and Leaves stay bleeding, spitting of Blood, and Bloody flux. The Decoction drank in Wine, cures Cholick-pains, Vomiting, heat of Lust; and the Eyes being wash'd therewith, cures dimn Sight.

Woad grows in Fields, &c. is under Saturn, and is cold, drying, and binding: It stops Bleeding, and softens a hard Spleen, Inflamations or Ulcers in any Part.

Wolfsbane being poysonous inwardly taken, for­bear its Use.

Woodbind grows in Hedges, is under Mercury, and is good for the Lungs against Asthmatical Diseases, very cleansing, and opening Obstructions, provoketh Urine and the Terms, causeth speedy Delivery, pro­vided you drink the Decoction of the Flowers or Leaves. The Ointment cureth Freckles, Palsie, Cramp, and Convulstons.

Wormwood groweth in Fields and other places, is under Mars, and is hot and dry: It purifieth the Blood, creates a Stomach, helps Digestion, Surfeits, and yellow Jaundice; cureth all biting of venomous [Page 64]Beasts, Poyson of Mushrooms, and kills Worms. The Use hereof preserves the Body in health; drank cold in Purl, it does not hurt the Eyes, but is good for the Piles.


Yew-tree groweth in Church-yards, is venomous, and the Fume kills Mice. Some say the Berries fat­ten Fowl. The Juice helpeth biting of Vipers; the Wood rasp'd and drank, helps biting of mad Dogs: It's counted Poyson inwardly taken.

Yarrow grows in Pastures, is under Venus, and put up the Nose, it makes you sneeze, your Nose to run, so consequently good against the Vertigo. An Oint­ment of it is good in green Wounds, Ulcers, Fistu­la's, &c. especially such as abound with moisture: It cures Inflamations. The Decoction drank cures the Bloody-flux; being chew'd, it helps the Tooth-ach, Running of the Reins, and Whites in Women. 'Tis excellent for the Piles, drank in Tea sweetned with Loaf-sugar, so is Tormentile.

Zedoary groweth in Fields, &c. is under Mars, hot and dry in the 2d degree: It expels Wind, good against Poyson and Infection, it stays Vomiting, stops Fluxes and Terms, kills Worms, and is used in An­tidotes against the Plague. You may take the Root pouder'd (half a dram) in Wine, Ale, Tea, Posset-drink, or as you like best.

The Art of Herb-gathering.

GO into the Field, you'll find growing by Walls and Hedge-sides frequently Cinquefoil, Hounds-tongue, Flaxweed, Jack-by-th'-hedge, Knotgrass, Mug­wort, Shepherds-purse, Vervain, wild Tansie, wild O­rage. In Closes you'll find Bedstraw, wild Carrots, Dandelion, Daisies, Earthnuts, Knapweed, Ragwort, Scabious, Trefoil, Yarrow. Among Corn you'll find [Page 65]Bluebottles, Cow-parsnip, Corn-marigold, Fumitory, Bindweed, Mayweed, Pimpernel, Poppies, Resthar­row, Sowthistle. In Woods you find Agrimony, Milk-wort, Cistus, St. Johns-wort, Ladies-mantle, Moonwort, Mouse-ear, Tormentile, Satyrions, Sorrel, Wood-Beto­ny, Wood-Spurge, &c. In Meadows you will find Burnet-Coxcomb, Lousewort, March-Marigolds, Moni­worth, Meadsweet, Meadow-Rhubarb, &c. In Bogs you'll find Butterwort, Buckbeans, Cottongrass, Va­lerian, Horsemint, Horse-tail, Peonygrass. On Banks of a River you'll see the great Valerian, Sneeswort, Comfry, Watercresses, Allheal, the great Dock, Water­hemp, Flower-de-Luce, Willow-weed, Water-Betony, Cast your Eye toward the Water, therein you'll find Water-lilly, Frogbit, Water-Milfoil, Burweed, Cal­throps, Water-Plantane, Water-Parsly, Arrowhead, all sorts of Flag Bulrushes. And by Ditches you'll find Ducksmeat, Water-Crowfoot, Brooklime, Water-parsnip, Water-Cresses, Water-Horehound, Horsemint, Water-Scorpiongrass. Near Town lift up your Eyes to the Walls, and there you'll see Maidenhair, Whitlow­grass, Wall-Bugloss, Polipody, Wallflowers, Rocket, Pellitory. Then look toward House-tops, and you'll perceive Singreen or Housleek, Stonecrop, Herb-Robert.

And now you can't but say I have named a great many Herbs, but then say you, To what Purpose? Why, you must observe, Herbs in their proper Places have the greatest Vertues, tho' perhaps they may be found in other Places too; and you find, that though some may grown in diverse places, yet others are so confin'd that they cannot be brought into a Garden: Some of those which grow in the Water will not ea­sily be perswaded to grow any where else; so it is with those that delight in dry places.

To make Tea's or Gruels.

Look into your Herbal, you'll find the Vertue of the Herbs you intend to make Tea, for all Distem­pers.

You may make your Tea's or Gruels stronger or weaker, according to the quantity of the Herb you put into your Liquor. Sage-Tea is good for the Head, Memory, Eyes, and Palsie, and several other things. Read Evelyn on Sallads, p. 61. Rosemary-Tea is good for the Memory, Sight, Nerves, and Head. Scurvy­grass-Tea is good for the Scurvy. Sweet-Marjoram, Limon-Thyme, Ground-Ivy, Mint, Peonyroyal, Mari­golds, Betony, with divers others. See their Vertues in this Hearbal.

Herbs Names from their Resemblance, &c.

Arrow-head, is an Herb like the Head of a barbed Arrow; Scurvygrass is call'd Spoonwort, the Leaf re­presents the shape of a Spoon; Dandelion is like a Lyon's Tooth; Plantain is call'd Rib-wort, because every Leaf hath five Strings like Ribs; Swordflag re­sembles a Sword; Crowfoot, the Foot of a Crow; Teazel or Venus-bason, a Bason; Goatsbeard or Tra­gapogon, is like a Goat's Beard; Twablade has two Leafs; Trefoil, three Leafs; Herb-Paris hath four; Cinquefoil has five; Heptaphillon, because 7 Leafs; Butterbur feels as if melted Butter had been pour'd on it; Sundew hath a Dew upon it in the hottest wea­ther; Saw-wort, its Leafs are nick'd like a Saw; But­terbur, because Butter is wrapt therein; Leadwort hath Leafs the colour of L [...]ad; Housleek, from grow­ing on Houses: Bugloss is like an Ox's Tongue: Some Leafs have Sand about 'em always, as Mercury and Orage; the Leafs of all sorts of Scabious break with small things like Hairs in the middle, and so you may know it from Knapweed, which is like it: Pimpernel Leaves are spotted underneath; St. Johns-wort and St. Peters-wort, held to the Light, has holes like a Sieve; Leaves of Rhubarb, Burdock, &c. are large and round; Docks are like Tobacco; Elecam­pane Leafs are long, large, and few; Thyme, Rue, Asparagus, Sprigwell, Fennel, &c. have many small [Page 67]Leafs; Leafs of Orpine, Aloes, and Housleek are thick and oily; Stonecrop Leaves are long and round, like Rosemary; some Leafs are indented, as Radish, Ver­vain, Dandelion; some less indented, as Maudlin, Al­heal, Tansie, Sneeswort; Arsmart rough and spotted; Comfrey and Teazel are rough Leafs; Bearsbreech and Mandrake are smooth and glib: Burnet smells like a Cucumber; stinking Orage like Old Ling; Crosswort smells like Honey; Willow-weed like cod­dled Apples; Pasque-flower, Gentian or Felwort be­ing squeez'd and smelt to, will bite the Nose; Co­riander smells strong, so doth Smallage, Rue, Hem­lock, Henbane; stinking Gladwin tastes like Roast-Beef; Pignuts taste like other Nuts; Vine-Leafs taste like Sorrel, so doth Barbary-bush; Rocket tastes like Milk burnt-to; Cuckowpint hath a biting taste, so hath Spearwort, Aloes, Lavender-cotton, and the les­ser Centaury; Cresses, Garden-Ginger, and Terragon have a biting taste, but pleasant; Seaweed, Scurvy­grass, and Samphire taste salt; Mirabolans and Fen­nelseed are sweet before ripe, but afterwards taste spi­cey; Tamarinds, Barberries, Crabs and Sloes have a pleasant sharp taste; Euphorbium, Celandine, Sow­thistle, Spinage, old Lettuce, Figs from the Tree, are bitter. There is a Wormwood so like Lavender, that it can be known from it only by the smell and taste.

Select Remedies against the Plague, and any Venom or Poyson.

The King of Poland's Preservative against the Plague.

TAke of the best Vinegar six quarts, Juice of Ce­landine clarified nine pints, Leaves and Roots of Avens, Roots of Elecampane, of each one ounce; Roots of Angelica, Zedoary, Juniper-berries, of each [Page 68]two ounces; Sage one handful: Digest this two days in a gentle heat, then strain it and keep it in Bottles clean and stopt.

This is a powerful Remedy, both for preserving from and curing the Plague, and o [...]her [...]gnant Fe­vers: It also clears the Sight to a wonder, by taking a little Glass of it in the Morning fasting.

'Tis recorded, That no Person who drank this in the great Plague in 1592, was infected with it, but was preserv'd from it and all other Diseases.

Another great Preservative against the Plague.

Take Sage, Elder-leaves, Rubus Idens, Rue, Rose­mary, Wood-sorrel, of each half a handful; stamp 'em together in a Stone Mortar, then put 'em in a Stone Pitcher or other suchlike Vessel, and pou [...] upon them a pint of good Whitewine, and a pint of Vinegar; let it infuse 24 hours, then strain it, and add to the strain'd Liquor half a pint of Angelica-water; then dissolve in it Mithridate and Venice-Treacle, of each one dram. Take of this Liquor one spoonful in the Morning, another at Night, and you shall be preser­ved. If you fear you have taken any Infection, take two or three spoonfuls of it, and go to Bed and sweat if possible.

The great Preservative which Sir Kenelm Digby bid me prepare for his Family in the great Plague at London in 1665, was thus:

Take a pound of the Leaves of Wood-sorrel, bruise 'em by themselves very well; then take three pound of fine Sugar pouder'd, and mix these together, keep­ing it sti [...]ring and beating for three hours; then get four ounces of Mithridate or London-Treacle; pound 'em all together for half an hour longer, then put it up in Gallipots, and tie it up close with a Bladder, Leather, or Paper.

In time of Infection take the quantity of a large Nutmeg every Morning fasting: and if you have ta­ken any Infection, or if you find your self struck with any Disease at Heart, or Pain in the Stomach, take al­most as much more, and get to Bed and sweat for an hour. Of this I took my self, and went up and down the City every day in the Plague-time, and yet thro' GOD's Blessing was preserv'd, so was all that took it. But to preserve in time of Infection, Sir Kenelm says 'tis good to eat some tops of Rue with Bread and But­ter, and a little very old strong Cheese, in a Morning, and drink a Glass of Stomach-water, Claret, or Wine and Water after it.

An excellent Perfume for a House in time of Infection.

Take Talk, reduce it to pouder, and mix it with Vinegar, so burn it in a Fireshovel of Coals, and your House will (by GOD's Assistance) be preserv'd from Infection.

Another Perfume.

Take Roots of Angelica dry'd and pouder'd, then mix the same with Vinegar, and let it sleep therein three or four days, so drop it on a hot Brick every Morning and Night.

In Holland, Germany, &c. in time of Infection they burn Juniper-berries in a Chafingdish or a Fireshovel of Coals, and go into every Room with it. If the Berries be bruis'd and mix'd with Vinegar, so burnt, 'twill be more effectual.

The Lady Allen's Plague-water.

Take Rue, Agrimony, Wormwood, Celandine Sage, Balm, Mugwort, Dragons, Pimpernel, Marigolds, Fe­therfeu, [Page 70]Burnet, Sorrel, Scabious, Wood-betony, brown Mayweed, Avens, Tormentile, Carduus Benedictus, of each one handful, Rosemary two handfuls; Angelica and Burdocks each one handful: Shred all these to­gether very small, then steep 'em in the best White­wine, as much as will cover the Herbs; then slice in four ounces of Elecampane-root: Let all these steep three Days and Nights, stirring them every 12 hours. Cover the Tub close when you distill it; lay it not above an inch thick in the bottom. Save the first Running by it self.

The London Plague-Water.

Take Roots of Angelica, Masterwort, Butterbur, Peony-roots, of each four ounces; Vipergrass, Virgi­nia Snakeroot, each one ounce; Leafs of Rue, Rose­mary, Balm, Carduus Benedictus, Scordium, Marigo [...]d with the Flowers, Dragon, Goatsrue, Mint, of each two handfuls: Shred the Herbs, cut the Roots, and stamp them a little, and infuse 'em for two days in six quarts of Nants Brandy; then put thereto six quarts of fair Water, so distill it in an Alembeck, drawing from it two gallons, which put up in Bottles, and hang two drams of Saffron in it ty'd up in a Rag: Or make the Tincture of two drams of Saffron with the first running, and mix that with the rest of your Water. To every quart of this Water put two oun­ces of fine Sugar.

This is excellent against the Plague and all malig­nant Distempers, as Small-pox, Measles, s [...]o [...]ted and purple Fevers, &c. The Dose is from one [...]unce to two, in Angelica or Sage-water, sweetned with S [...]rup of Clovegilliflowers,

Dr. Bruges's Antidote against the Plague.

Take Sage and Rue each one handful, shred and stamp 'em, then boil 'em in three pints of Malms [...]y [Page 71]till a pint be consumed; then strain and set it over the Fire again, putting into it a Pennyworth of long Pepper, Ginger half an ounce, of Nutmegs and Cloves each two drams: Beat 'em all together, and let them boil a walm or two; then put into it an ounce of Mithridate, half an ounce of Treacle, and a quarter of a pint of hot Angelica water.

Take of this a spoonful at a time every Morning during the Contagion; and if infected before, take two spoonfuls and sweat upon it. Under GOD, you may depend upon this sovereign Antidote, for none that used it timely did ever find it fail. 'Tis like­wise good in the Small-pox, Measles, or any malignant Fever.

Sir Walter Raleigh's Experiment to draw forth a Swelling or Plague-Sore.

Take a Cock-Chicken, pull the Rump bare, and hold it close to the Sore till the Venom is drawn out, for then the Chicken will die; but you must apply a fresh one till the Chicken lives, and that will not be till all the Venom is out.

An approv'd Remedy for the Biting of mad Dogs, either in Man or Beast.

Take a handful of Rue, shred and stamp it, one diam of Treacle, and a spoonful of the shavings or filings of Tin; put all these into a quart of Ale, and boil it till half be consumed, then strain it, and give the Patient thereof two spoonfuls at Morning and Night.


Take rusty Bacon, stamp it well with Betony and Agrimony, each alike quantity, and apply to the Bite.

A most excellent Remedy for Bitings of mad Dogs, Vipers, Serpents, or Snakes, expe­rienc'd by a famous Chirurgion.

Take of the lesser Consolida or Larkspur, Chervil, the white ends of Leeks, the tops of Broom, of each two handfuls, a little new Cream off the Morning Milk, and a good handful of Salt: Stamp them to­gether in a Stone Mortar, and with the Juice rub the Part griev'd, which will be hard in the Flesh, and sometimes black, then lay it on the Part as a Poultice and tye it fast on with a Bandage; the Swelling in a short time will abate, and a Cure succeed. Sir Ke­nelm Digby says, That the same Chirurgion cured some with this Remedy when other Chirurgions would have cut off an Arm or Leg bit by venomous Beasts; and that, among the rest, he cured a Man in Sir Kenelm's presence, whose Arm was as black as Ink, by being bitten by a Serpent.

Against Venom or Poyson.

Take Seeds of Sage, bruise and boil them in Goats Milk, what quantity you please, till 'tis wasted to a third part: Drink thereof three days, and you will find it a sovereign and effectual Remedy.

For biting of a Serpent or venomons Creature.

Drink the Juice of Plantane, and stamp that and Celandine together, each like quantity; temper them with Urine (the staler the better) and apply to the Sore; 'twill asswage the Swelling, and draw out the Venom. Also anoint the place with the Oil of Shell-snails, being prick'd with a Needle, and lay thereto a Snail unprick'd.


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