THE LAND OF PROMISE, AND The Covenant thereof: Explained by certaine questions and propositions propounded, To those that teach a deliverance of the Iewes out of all Countries to the Land of Canaan; and from their long continued blindnesse to the faith of Christ; and a glorious estate in the land, for a thousand yereas.

And also, to those that teach a personall comming of Christ, and a resurrection of the just, to live and raigne with Christ a thousand yeares before the resurrecti­on of the uniust and end of the world. Of which there bee severall sorts, who are commonly called Millinaries.

By which doctrine of each of these, the true intent of sundry places of Scripture of great importance to the Church and people of Godm is uch obscured, which being rightly understood and taught, acording to their true and playne meaning, would be greatly to the edification and comfort of Gods chosen, especially, now in these last dayes, wherein the accomplish­ment of all things, which God hath spoken, draweth so nigh.

And to the end it may be so, I thought good to publish that, which hereafter followeth.

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The Promise of the land of Canaan, To the holy Fathers and their seed.

First to Abram, Gen. 13.14.15.

And the Lord said unto Abram, lift up thine eyes and looke from the place where thou art; Northward and Southward, and Eastward, and Westward, for all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed.

Againe to Abram Gen. 13.17.

Arise, walke through the l [...]nd in the length of it, [...]nd in the breadth of it, for I will give it unto thee.

Againe to Abram. Gen. 15.7.8.

And he said unto him, I am the Lord that brought thee out of the land of Vr of the Caldees to give thee this land to inherit it. And he said, Lord God whereby shall I know that I shall inherit it? And he said unto him, take me an heifer of three yeares old &c.

To Abraham Gen. 17.7.8.

And I will establish my covenant betweene mee and thee and thy Seed after thee in their generations, for an ever­lasting covenant to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee. And I will give unto thee and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of [Page 4] Canaan for an everlasting possession, and I will be their God.

To Isaak Gen.

And the Lord appeared unto him, and said goe not downe into Egypt, dwell in the land that I will tell thee of: so journe in this land, and I will be with thee for unto thee: and unto thy seed, will I give all these Countries.

To Iacob. Gen.

And Iacob went out fro [...] Beersheba and went t [...] ­ward Haron, and he lighted upon a certaine place, and tar­ried there all night, because the [...]nne was set, and he tooke off the stones of that place, and put them for his pillow, and lay downe in that place to sleepe, and he dreamed. And be­hold a ladder set [...]pon the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven; And behold the Angells of God ascending and des­cending on it. And behold the Lord stood above it and said, I am the Lord God of Abraham thy father, and the God of Isaak, the land whereon thou lyest, To thee will I give it, and to thy seed.

The Land of Promise, AND The Covenant thereof. Explayned by certaine questions and propositions propounded. To those that teach a restoring of the Iewes, to the Land of Canaan and faith of Christ, for a thousand yeares yet to come.
And also to the severall sorts of Millinaries, that are in these times, who teach a pers [...]nall comming of Christ, and resurrection of the just to live and raig [...]e with him a thousand yeares before the resurrection of the unjust, and the end of the World.

The first Question or Proposition.

FIrst I ask [...], if the Promise of the land of Canaan to bee given for an inheritance, as in the places of Ge­nesis before mentio [...]ed, be not as plainely made unto Abraham, Isaack, and Iacob, their owne per­sons, as it is unto their seede.

The second Question.

Secondly I aske, if the promise bee not to all the Seed, as well as to a part or any one of them.

The third question.

Thirdly, I aske, if the Gentiles which have the faith of Abram, be not of the same seed, and inclu­ded also in the promise as well as the Iews having the same fait [...], concerning what God said to Abram, when he was making this covenant with him. Gen. 17. Saying. As for me, behold my Covenant wit [...] thee; And [...]hou shalt be a Father of many Nations. Neither shall thy name any more be called Abram, but thy name shall be A­braham, for a Father of many Nations have I made thee. verse 5.6.

And considering also what Saint Paul saith Rom. 4. Speaking of Abraham, and of this same covenant that God made with him, at the same time, when he also appointed him circumcision for a token thereof, as in Gen. 17.

The words of Saint Paul are these: And hee recei­ved the signe of Circumcision, a scale of the righteousnesse of the faith, which he had, being yet uncircumcised: that hee might be the father of them that believe; though they bee not circumcised, that right [...]ousnesse [...] be impu [...]ed [...] ­to them also. And the father of circumcision to them; who are not of the circumcision onely, but also walke i [...] [...]e steps of the faith of our Father Abraham [...] [...]h [...]ch [...]e had; being yet [...]ncircumcised. For the pro [...]ise that [...] sho [...]ld [...]e the heire of the world, was not to Abraham, or [...]o [...] through the Law, but through the righteo [...]snesse of Faith; for if they which are of the law be heyres, faith is made voyd, and the promise made [...]f none effect; because the law wor­keth wrath. [...]r where n [...] law i [...], there is no tra [...]sgression. Therefor [...] it is [...]f f [...]ith, that it might be by grace to the end; the promise might bee sure to all the seed [...], not [...]o that onely [Page 3] which is of the [...]aw, [...] to that also, [...]hich [...] [...]f the faith of A­b [...]aham, wh [...] is t [...] [...] of [...]s [...] written [...] I have made thee a Father of many Nations. Before him, who [...] bee belie­ved, even God, who quickneth the dead, and calle [...]h those things, w [...]ich be not, a [...] though they were, who against hope, be­liev [...]d in hope; that h [...] might become the Father of many Na­tions, accord [...]ng to that, which was sp [...]ken: So shall thy se [...]de be. Rom. 4.11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18.

And as he testif [...]eth againe saying, there is neither I [...]w, nor Gr [...]k [...]; there is neither b [...]nd n [...]r free, [...]here is n [...]ith [...]r male [...] female, for yee are all one in Christ Iesus: And if ye bee Christ [...]s, then are ye Abraham's s [...]ede and heires, accor­ding to the promise, Gal. 3.28.

Now if these things bee so, that the promise of the land of Canaan, which Saint Paul expresseth by the name of the world, be as plainely made to Abraham, Isaack, and Iacob [...] their owne persons, as it is unto their seed, and to all the seed, as well as to a part, or any one of them, and that they of the many nations, the faithfull Gent [...]les are of the same seed, as well as the faithfull Iewes, and heires of the promise together with them, according as all the forementioned Scriptures do plainely declare, so plain [...] ­ly as I suppose no man will denie: Then I aske, wh [...]re­fore or for what cause they should not all receive the same, and not any one or part be excluded, seeing God is faithfull that promiseth.

God did covenant also with Abraham to be his God, and the God of his seed; and this hee established in no plaine [...] or su [...]er man [...]er, then he did, to give them the land for an everlasting possession, as in the same place. Gen. 17.7, 8. appeareth: but if God should faile either Abraham, o [...] any of his seed in this respect, how did he then keepe his covenant even so of the other. There­fore as God will not faile either Abraham or any of his [Page] seed to be their God; neither will he faile to give them the land of Canaan, and all the world besides, for an ever­lasting possession.

The fourth question.

Fourthly I aske, if the true intent of the promise in the forementioned places, be not of an eternall estate in the world to come after the resurrection of the body, and end of this world. That Abraham, Isaak, and Iacob, and all their seed, shall then inherit, (I say) not the land of Canaan only, although principally as the Throne and City of the great King, but all the earth even to the ut­most ends and bounds thereof: according to Psal. 37. and Mat. 5. Where it is promised that the meeke shall in­herit the earth: And as the twenty foure Elders, sing in their new song unto the Lamb Christ Iesus saying, Thou art worthy to take the booke and to open the Seales thereof, for thou wast slaine & hast redeemed us to God by thy blood, out of e­very kindred, & tongue, & people, & nation, & hast made us un­to our God, Kings and Priests, and we shall raigne on the earth, Revel. 3.10.11.

And who may these redeemed ones out of every kin­dred, tongue, people, & nation, (that shall raigne on the ea [...]th) be, but those of the many nations: the faithfull Iewes, and the faithfull Gentiles, which God made Abra­ham a Father of; and Saint Paul saith, are heires with A­braham of the world? And the promise that the meeke shall inherit the earth doth belong to every meek man, as well as to any one of them, and so to be fulfilled, but it was never so yet in this world. Abraham, Isaack, and Iacob, the Fathers of those meeke, unto whom the Land of Ca­naan, was promised for an inheritance; dyed and inhe­rited not a foote. Therefore, that God may be found [...]ue of his word, they must all of them inherit it in the [...] [Page 9] the resurrection, because here it is otherwise: neither is it said they doe inherit, or raigne, but they shall; neither when God promised the land of Canaan unto Abraham, and to his seed, the earth, the world to inherit, (as in the forementioned places) did he meane this present; as it is now polluted: neither were they so to looke for it, as the Prophet Micha saith to them of his time. Arise yee and depart, [...]or this is not your rest, because it is polluted. It shall de­stroy you even with a sore destruction Mich. 2.10. But God spake, and intended it of the world to come, when all things should be new, holy, and heavenly, and so did the Fathers understand and expect it.

And this doth the Apostle Paul proove from their owne words, when they confessed that they were stran­gers, and pilgrims on earth; saying, And they that say such things, declare plainely that they seeke a Countrey. And truely (saith he) if they had beene mindfull of the Countrie, from whence they came out, they might have had oppertunitie to have returned, but now they desire a better Country, that is, an heavenly. Wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he hath prepared for them a City Heb. 1 [...].

In which words, the Apostle (doubtlesse) hath respe [...]t to the promise in Gen. 17.7.8. Where God did establish his covenant with Abrah [...]m, to be his God, and the God of his seed; and to give them the land, and so understood both to be of like certainty, and continuance, and such as are heavenly, and eternall, And that there was also a Citie having foundations, whose builder and mak­er is God: which they looked for upon the promise, and that therefore, God was not ashamed to be called their God.

For Abraham well understood, it was not for a cor­ruptable countrey, or a mooveable Citie in a transitory [Page 10] world, as now this is, that God called him out of the land of Vr, to give him and his seed to inherit, but for an uncorruptable, unmooveable, eternall, in a better world, and so much doe the very words of the promise expresse in that, it saith, for an everlasting covenant, for an everlasting possession, for no corruptable things are everlasting, neither are these promises such, as shall either vanish or faile.

And upon the ground of this covenant did Christ himselfe proove the resurrection from the dead, against the Saduces, knowing it to be most sufficient for the pur­pose, saying, Now that the dead are raised, even Moyses sheweth at the Bush, where he calleth [...]he Lord the God of Abra­ham, and the God of Isaack, and the God of Iacob, (they being now dead, when Moyses thus spake which the Sadduces knew) and therefore Christ saith unto them, God is not the God of the dead, but of the living. Luk. 20.37.38. Prooving hereby that Abraham, Isaak and Iacob, must rise againe from the dead and live to inherit the countrey and Citie promi­sed, that God may be found true of his word, and de­clare himselfe to be their God for everlasting, according to his covenant Gen. 17. Ezod. 3.6.

And that it shall be a heavenly & eternall estate in the world to come, the Lord also manifesteth in his answe [...]e to the Carnall objection of those Saduces a litle before, where he saith (The children of this world marry, & are given in marri [...]ge but they, that shall be counted worthy of that world and the resurrection from the dead, neith [...]r marry nor are given in marriage, neither can they dye any more, for they are equall unto the Angels and are the children of God being the Chil­dren of the resurrection. Luk, 20.35.36.

Where the Lord sheweth plainly, that the world to come; which the holy Fathers and their seed shall inhe­rit at the resurrection, will be such a world, as none of the ungodly shall be counted worthy to inherit any [Page 11] part thereof, as they doe most parts of this world.

And to this covenant also had David respect in his Psal where he exhorteth the people of Israell saying, Seeke the Lord and his strength, seeke his face continually, re­m [...]mber his marvelous workes that he hath done, his wonders and the judgements of his mouth, yee seed of Israell his servant, yee Children of Iacob his chosen ones, he is the Lord our God, his judg [...]ments are in all the Earth, Be ye mindfull alwayes of his covenant; the word which he commanded to a thousand ge­nerations: Even of the covenant which he made with Abra­ham, and of his oath unto Isaack, and hath confirmed the same unto Iacob for a law, and to Israell, for an [...]verlasting cove­nant, saying unto thee will I give the land of Canaan the lot of your inheritance, when ye were but few, even a few and strangers in it &c. 1 Chro. 16.

But small reason had David, and as little reason had they, either the Fathers or the children, to be alway mindfull of this covenant, if God had not confirmed it fure unto them all, even to the thousand generations, for an everlasting Covenant ever to endure; and that it had not beene heavenly without corruption.

The covenant was made, when they were strangers on earth, but when they shall inherit the same, they shall be no more strangers but true owners.

Then shall they worship the Lord in the beawtie of holynesse, and feare before him all the earth, the world also shall be stabl [...] that it be not mooved, Then shall the heauens b [...] glad and the earth shall reioyce, and men shall say a­mong the Nations: The Lord raigneth. According as David declareth in the same Psalme.

And that David did well vnderstand this covenant, of the inheritance of the land of Canaan, to be an eternall inheritance in the world to come, he declareth himselfe further unto the People in another Psalme, where he exhorteth [Page 12] them also, saying, O come let us worship & bow down, let us kneele before the Lord our maker, for he is the Lord our God & we are the people of his pasture & the sheep of his hands. To day if ye will heare his voyce, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation, and as in the day of temptation in the wildernesse when your fathers tempted me, proved mee, and saw my workes, fortie yeares long was I greived with this generation, and said, it is a people that doe erre in their hearts, for they have not knowne my wayes, unto whom I sware in my wrath, that they should not enter into my rest. Psal. 95.

Where the King and Prophet David doth playnly shew, that when God did sweare in his wrath, they of Israel, that sinned in the wildernes, erring in their hearts, should not enter into that good Land, which God sware he would give to their Fathers, (as it is in Deut. 1.34.35.

God meant most especially, and cheifly, the heavenly estate of inheritance in the world to come, wherin holy­nesse and righteousnesse, rest, and peace should habit and abide, and God himselfe would dwell with all the holy Fathers and their Seed, as in his Tabernacle for ever­more, for which cause he calleth it his rest, and shew­eth that they, that will enter into it, must vnharden their hearts, and heare his voyce, that is to say, repent and be­lieve the promise, otherwise, there is no entering in­to it.

And this doth the Apostle plainly prove mentioning this very same thing to the Hebrewes saying, And to whom sware he, that they should not enter into his rest, but to them that b [...]leived not, So we see (saith he) that they could not enter in, because of unbeleife: let us feare therefore, least a promise being left of entering into his Rest, any of you should seeme to come short of it, for unto us was the Gospell preached, as well as unto them &c. Heb. [...]. &c.

Where he also declareth that every one that hath the [Page 13] faith of Abraham, that so beleiveth as He did, not onely hath an entrance heere, in the Spirit, Spiritually [...] (as he saith, we which haue beleived do [...] enter) and as all the holy Fathers had, but also, shall hereafter, their owne persones, soule, and body, inherit the same really and truely, with all the holy Fathers, and sheweth that the same rest and entrance into it, is preached unto us by the Gospell, as it was also unto them by the promise, it con­taining the summe of the Gospell. And that it remaineth yet, to be expected of all the people of God, who are heere so entred by faith. Their calling, and election be­ing made sure, as the Apostle Peter saith, For so an entrance is aboundantly ministred unto us, 2 Tim. 4.1. into the everlasting King­dome of our Lord and Saviour Iesus Christ. 2 Pet. 1.10.11.

For Gods rest eternall, is Christs everlasting King­dome, which is to be manifested at his appearing, when he shall also judge the quicke and the dead, as Saint Paul saith to Timothy. For Iosh [...]a did not give the people of Israel that rest, but Iesus Christ is to doe it, in whom they beleived.

And of this salvation of Israel, inheritance of the Earth, and stability of the world, doth the Prophet Esay also speake, where (he having forshewed the shame and con­fusion of the ungodly, and Idolatours of the world, which is to come upon them) saith. But Israel shall be saved in the Lord, with an everlasting salvation, yee shall no [...] be asha­med, nor confounded world without end, for thus faith the Lord, that created the heavens, God himselfe that formed the Earth, and made it, he hath established it, he created it not in vaine, he formed it to be inhabited, I am the Lord and there is none else: I have not spoken in secret, in a darke place of the Earth; I said not unto the seed of Iacob; Seeke ye me [...] in vaine, I the Lord speake righteousnesse, I declare things that are right, Esay.

[Page 14]So that if Abraham, Isaack, and Iacob, and their seed should not live and inherit the earth, If God that made it had not established it so, as they should inhabit the same, and well therein for ever, according to his word; Then had he created it in vaine, then had he said unto the seed of Iacob, (all this while) seeke yee mee in vaine. But the Lord speaketh righteousnesse, he declareth things that are right, and such as shall surely come to passe in their due time, and season.

Neither hath he spoken in obscurity, in darke places, or corners of the Earth, as if he would not have his mind knowen; nay, he speaketh plainly, and openly, to the eares of the people: and inhabitants of the world. So as the simplest soule; through his grace may understand his meaning.

And for further confirmation, that God did not create this excellent worke, and Fabrike of the world, to de­stroy it, but that he hath established the same, and will, that it be not mov [...]d. Consider these scriptures. 1 Chro. 16.30. [...]sal. 78.69. Psal. 93.1. Psal. 96.10. Psal. 14.5.

The fift Question or Proposition.

Fiftly, I aske, i [...] the deliverance by Moyses, and the possession and estate, Ioshua gave the naturall Israelites, in the land of Cana [...]n, which God fore-shewed unto Abra­ham in Gen. 15.16.18. Were not a Typicall signe [...] or to­ken of that to come before spoken of; by which Abraham, as well as his seed after him, was given to know of a cer­taine, that he himselfe should inherit it; in the perfecti­on [...] according to his motion and request, that he m [...]de unto God, immedi [...]tely upon the promise, that God made unto him of the land, in G [...]n. 15.7. sa [...]ing, ( [...]ord God whereby shall I know th [...]t I shall inhe [...]i [...] i [...]. ver. 8. And the Lord said unto him, take me an Heifer of three yeares old &c.)

[Page 15]Although it were then 400. yeares to come before his naturall Children (who were to goe into a strange country and be afflicted there) should be brought to the land to possesse it, so Typically, and that he must dye before that day, as the Lord had shewed him.

For Abraham now [...]nderstood, that God had so ap­pointed, that neither he, nor any of the Patriarches, Prophets, Apostles, or Saints whatsoever, should be made perfect in the promises, before, or without other, nor till all the seed were accomplished, and brought in according as the Apostle declared in Rom. 4. Before mentioned, and as he testifieth againe in Heb. 11. Where he saith, of the Fathers then past, These all dyed in faith, not having received the promises. Heb. 11.13 But having seene them a far off, and were perswaded of them, and confessed, that they were Strangers and Pilgrimes on Earth. ver. 13.

And also he having mentioned the rest of the Holy Fathers, and Prophets, and other of the faithfull, their faith also, their distresses, and sufferings, faith (These all having obtained a good report, through faith, received not the Promises, God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us, sh [...]ld not be made perfect, Ver. 39.40.

They might not be made perfect, without the chil­dren, which is farre better for us, then if they had, neither may the C [...]ildren without them, which is no harme to us, but a better thing for them also, then if we should. Gods dealing and ordering all things is right and just, without all exception. They are all of them to receive the perfection of the promises together.

And unto this doe the wordes of Christ agree, where he saith, Many shall come from the East, and from the West, and from the North, and from the South [...] and shall sit downe with Abraham, Isaack [...] and Iacob, and all the Prophets, in the Kingdome of God, and the children of the Kingdome shall [Page 16] be cast out into utter darknesse, there shall be weeping, and gnashing of teeth. Mat. 8.11.12. Luk. 13.28.29.

And againe, and other sheepe I have which are not of this fold, them also must I bring, and they shall heare my voice, and there shall be one fold, and one Shepheard. Ioh. 10.

In which places, Christ plainly sheweth, that all the elect Gentils, (whom Christ calleth other sheepe that he had, (besides them of the Iewes fold) These he must bring (they having heard his voyce from all the foure quarters of the Earth, and sit downe together with all the holy Fathers, and Prophets, and all the rest of the elect Iewes, in the Kingdome of God. Where there shall be one fold, and one Sheapheard, one King, and one people: and the Children of the Kingdome; all those unbeleiving Iewes, which have still erred in their hearts, shall be cast out &c.

So then, If all these things be so; how are we to un­derstand the Prophets, that have foretold of a delive­rance of the children, and seed of Israel, from all coun­tries wheresoever they are scattered, to their owne land, the land which God gave to their Fathers, wherein their Fathers had dwelt &c. as in Ier. 16.14.15. Ier. 23.8. Ezek. Ezek. And other places.

What deliverance and possession of the Land of pro­mise, may this be, but the same that was promised the Fathers, and they looked for, agreeing with all the pro­mises, and Scriptures before mentioned, and must needs be the substance, and perfection of that, which was performed by Moses, and Ioshuah; being the Tipe of this, which is to be performed, be Iesus Christ, the true deliverer, and the Children, and seed of Israel; there spoken of, are all Gods elect, both of Iews, and Gentils, as the Prophet Ezekial doth plainly declare, they with [Page 17] all the holy Fathers, Ezek. &c.

And this doth Zacharias the father of Iohn the Bap­tist, declare in his propheticall song, saying, Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, for he hath visited, and redeemed his peo­ple, and hath raised up an horne of salvation for us in the house of his Servant David, as he spake by the mouth of his holy Prophets since the world began, that we should be saved from our enemies, and from the hand of all that hate us, to performe the mercy promised our Fathers, to remember his holy Cove­nant. The oath which he sware to our father Abraham, that he would grant unto us, that we being delivered from the hand of our enemies, might serve him without feare, in holynesse, and righteousnesse before him, all the dayes of our life. &c. Luk. 1.68.69.

Where this holy Servant of God, sheweth plainly that all whatsoever the Holy Fathers looked for, which God sware he would grant and give unto them, and their seed; to save and deliver them from their enemies, and from the hand of all that hated them, to serve him without feare in holinesse &c. Was to be brought to passe by Christ (whom he knew) was now soone after the birth of Iohn to be borne according to all that the Pro­phets had spoken since the world began, which great de­liverance from their enemies and from all the haters of them, is not yet fulfilled, as they have all hitherto knowne, and doe yet know still by experience; But that it shall bee, they duely expect, according to all that the Prophets have spoken.

And according to that of Zecharias and all the rest be­fore, doth the Apostle Peter give testimonie, speaking to the Iewes of Christ also the true deliverer: whom they had crucified, and was now ascended into Heaven, saying vnto them, Repent ye therefore and bee converted, that your sinnes may bee blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall [Page 18] come from the presence of the Lord: And hee shall send Iesus Christ, which before was Preached unto you, whom the Heavens must receive, untill the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy Prophets since the world began. Acts 3.20, 21.

So that this great redemption and restitution of all things, wherof all the holy Prophets have spoken as with one mouth, agreeing with the Fathers, and all the rest of the holy Servants of God, is not to bee, till Christ shall come in his glory. Which Christ himselfe doth most fully confirme, where hee having foreshewed the signes of his comming and end of the world, saith: And they shall see the Sonne of man come in the clouds of Heaven [...] with power and great glory, and he shall send his Angels with a great sound of a Trumpet, and they shall gather his Elect toge­ther from the foure Windes [...] &c. and then saith to his faith­full ones, When these things begin to come to passe, then looke up and lift up your heads, for your redem [...]tion draweth nigh: Then know that the Kingdome of God is nigh at hand, Mat. 24. Luke 21.30.31.

This is the redemtion, which all the faithfull looked for, even that deliverance of the whole house and Seede of Israel, out of all Countries, whereof the Prohets had spoken. And here we see by what meanes the Lord will gather them and bring them together in that day, even by his holy Angels, whom he will send forth with a great sound of a Trumpet [...] Ezek. 37 12, 13. They shall gather his elect toge­ther from the foure Winds,Ezek. 39.28. as well they of the tenne Tribes of Israell, and of the Gentiles also, as them of Iu­dah and Beniamine, he will leave none of them any more there,Ezek 37.14. he will open their graves, and bring them up out of their graves, and place them in their owne land, where their fathers had dwelt, and they shall know that the Lord had not onely spoken it, but that he hath now per­formed [Page 19] it, according as Ezekiel prophesied, Ezek. [...]7 They being now delivered from the hands of their ene­mies shall serve the Lord without feare in holinesse and righteousnesse before him all the daies of their life, according to the prophesie of Zacherias, Luke 1. And as David in his Psalme of the Covenant saith unto the people of Israell,1 Chron. 16.29, 30, 31, 32, 33. O give thankes unto the Lord, for he is good, for his mercy endureth for ever, and say, yee save us, O God of our salvation, and gather us together, and deliver us from the heathen, that we may give thankes to thy holy name, and glory in thy praise, 1 Chro. 16.34.35.

And now upon this great redemption, shall the King­dome bee restrored to Israell, which the Apostles so de­sired to know the time of that which Christ commended to his little flocke,Act. 1.6. to comfort them in the time of their affliction saying, feare not little flocke for it is you fathers good pleasure to give you the Kingdome, Luke 12.32.

And of which he saith againe, And I appoint unto you a Kingdome, as the father hath appointed unto me, that ye may eate and drinke at my table in my Kingdome, and sit on Throne iudging the twelve Tribes of Israel, Luke 22.29, 30. meaning the ungodly of all the Tribes. And where­of he spake also, unto the unbeleeving Iewes, and all other Hippocrite and workers of iniquitie to their shame in their condemnation saying: When ye shall see Abraham, Isaack, and Iacob, and all the Prophets in the Kingdome of God and your selves cast out: Luke 13.27. where is to bee noted, that the ungodly shall see the righteous in the Kingdome of God, when themselves are cast out.

This is the Kingdome, which God had prepared for his chosen from the foundation of the world, to bee in­herited now at this time, when Christ shall come in his glory to judge the quicke and the dead, as himselfe also further declareth saying. And when the Sonne of man shall [Page 20] come in his glory, and all his holy Angels with him, then shall he sit in the Throne of his glory, and before him shall bee ga [...]he­red all Nations, and hee shall separate them as a Shepheard doth his sheepe from the goates, and he shall set the sheepe on his right hand, and the goats at the left, then shall the King say un­to them on his right hand, come ye blessed of my father, inhe­rite the Kingdome prepared for you from the foundation of the world, For I was an hungry, and ye gave mee meate, I was a­thirst, and ye gave me drinke, I was a stranger and ye t [...]oke me in, naked and ye cloathed me, I was sicke and ye came unto me, I was in prison and ye visited me, &c. And unto them on his left hand, Depart from me ye cursed into everlasting fire, &c.

In which happie sentence to them that shall stand on Christs right hand at this day of Iudgement, Christ in foretelling us of it, doth give us to understand, as a faire fore-admonition to us all, what manner of persons they are, and must be found to be, in respect of workes, that shall inherit this Kingdome. And hereby also, wee may perceive, what it is to make us friends with the goods of this world, called the Mammon of unrighteousn [...]sse, be­cause men love them so much, setting their hearts upon them, and by many unrighteously gotten: And who the friends are, that can, & will receive us into everla­sting habitation, even Christ himselfe, and God his fa­ther also. So that whosoever shall receive one of those little ones that beleeveth in Christ, in Christs name, re­ceiveth Christ, & he that receiveth Christ, receveth God the Father that sent him, (for so he hath said;) & he that shall give a cup of cold water to one of the least of Christs brethren, because he belongeth to Christ, he shall not lose his reward, because Christ counteth it as done to him self, & he wil stand his friend, when the great day & time of n [...]ede shall come, and all frien [...]s else will faile him.

These bee the workes of Abraham which doe shew [Page 21] the faith of Abraham, and of Abrahams children that shall inherit the kingdome.

And when Christ shall so come in his glory, and shall sit in the Throne of his glory, and be possest of his King­dome, which God th [...] father had appointed unto him as he said Luk. 22.20. (for the possession of his Kingdome,Luk. 22.20. and his appearing in glory to Iudge the quicke and the dead, or both together, as Saint Paul saith 2 Tim. 4.1. and the Saints poss [...]ssing the Kingdome also dependeth upon his, and beginneth as from his and by him is con­tinued.) This Throne and kingdome of Christ I say is not to cease or be taken from him, nor he from it; God will settle him therein, according as hee said, and sware to his father David, long beforre, saying; But I will settle him in my house, and in my kingdome for ever, and his throne shall be established for evermore. 1 Chro. 17.14.

And againe, My Covenant will I not breake, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lipps. Once have I sworne by my holinesse, that I will not lie unto David, his seede shall endure for ever, and his Throne as the Sunne before me, it shall bee e­stablished for ever as the Moone, and as a faithfull witnesse in heaven, Psal. 89.34, 36.

Christ is not to come to sit and passe sentence of Iudgement onely, and so to depart away as some thinke, but he is to continue, to raigne upon his thrown, in this kingdome for ever [...] according also, as in another Psal. it saith; Thy Throe O God is for ever and ever, a Septer of righteousnesse is the Septer of thy Kingdome. Psal. 45.6. as also Heb. 1.8.

And of this throne and Kingdome of Christ, and the endlesnes thereof, spake the Angel Gabriel unto the bles­sed Virgin Mary, when he was sent unto her, saying; F [...]are not Mary, for thou hast found favour with God, and behold thou shalt conceive in thy wombe, and bring forth a sonne, and [Page 22] shalt call his name, Iesus: he shall be great, and shall bee called the Sonne of the highest, and the Lord God shall give unto him the Throne of his Father David, and he shall raigne over the house of Iacob for ever, and of his Kingdome there shall be no end. Luk. 1.30.31, 32, 33.

Which Kingdome of Christ, was also foreshewed un­to the Prophet Daniel in a vision, as he saith; And I saw in the night vision, and behold one like the Sonne of man came with the cloudes of heaven, and came to the antient of dayes, and they brought him before him, and there was given unto him dominion, and glory, and a Kingdome, that all people, na­tions, and languages, should serve him; his dominion is an e­verlasting dominion, and his Kingdome that, which shall not be destroyed. Dan. 7.13.14.

And where hee saith againe (foreshewing also, that the Saints shall possesse the Kingdome with Christ, and raigne with him, when those great Monarches and usur­pers of it, are removed, Dan. 7.16.17.) But The Saints of the most high, shall take the Kingdome, and possesse the King­dome for ever, even for ever and ever, verse 18. as also in verse 27. And the Kingdome, and the greatnesse of the Kingdome under the whole Heaven, shall be given to the people of the Saints of the most high, whose kingdome is an everlasting Kingdome, and all powers shall serve and obey him. According to that which the Prophet Micha testifieth f [...]om the Lord say­ing; And I will make hir that halteth, a remnant, and her that was cast farre off, a great Nation; and the Lord shall raigne over them in mount Sion from hence forth, even for ever. Mich. 4.7.

Much more might be mentioned from the Prophets and Scriptures to this purpose, for which of the Pro­phets have not prophesied thereof; and what words can there bee spoken more fully, and clearely, to shew the perpetuity of this Kingdome of Christ, and of his Saints, [Page 23] on the earth, under the whole heaven, then these that hath been spoken in these several places of the Scritures, before mentioned, for ever, even for ever, for ever & ever, for evermore, for ever, even for ever and ever, for an everla­sting possession, an everlasting Kingdome, that which shall not bee destroyed, there shall bee no end, as the Sunn [...], and as the Moone, &c.

And how can it be thought that all these things, and words should bee spoken in such a manner, and but a thousand yeares meant, and to be here in this poluted world fulfilled on a latter off [...]sping of Iewes remaining [...] or as the Millinaries would have it of a comming of Christ, and resurrection of the beheaded Saints, or of all the Saints since the beginning of the World to that time, and then at the end of those yeares, to cease, or to bee delivered up, as they immagine and teach. I say except men were besotted with willfulnesse, and blindnesse, that having once conceived an opinion, and taken it up, will wrest all Scriptures even from their plaine intention, to make them serve for their purposes, rather then let their opinion fall, or harken to any thing that may bee said against it. It is true, the Throne and Kingdome, wherin Christ is now at this present, unto which after his sufferings, God the Father exalted him at his right hand in the heavens, to sit & raigne with him there, till he had put all his enemies under his feet, the last enemie being death. This he is to resigne, and deliver up to God the Father, at the end of the world, when God shall have put all enemies under his feet, as Saint Paul saith, Then commeth the end; when hee shall have deli­vered up the Kingdome to God even the father; when hee shall put downe all ru [...]e, all authority and power, for he must raigne till he hath put all enemies under his feet, the last enemie, that shall be destroyed, is death, for he hath put all things under him, [Page 24] but when hee saith all things are put under him, it is manifest that he is excepted that did put all things under him, and when all things shall be subdued unto him, then shall the sonne also himselfe bee s [...]biect unto him that did put all things under him, that God may be all in all, 1 Cor. 15.

Where the Apostle sheweth plainely, that in some consideration Iesus Christ the Sonne of man, the Son of David, is not subiect unto God the father now, being at his right hand reigning with him in the heavens, as he shall bee then, at the end of the world, when God shall have put all things under him, himselfe onely excepted, Nor God all in all, now, as he shal be then, because, now, Christ (in his humaine person) sitteth in his Throne with him, God having once setled him in the Throne of his Father David, according to his oath which he sware un­to David, hee is to leave the other to him that gave him this, and to bee suiect unto him, and to honour him as his head, even as his Spouse the Church, is to be subiect unto him, and to honour him as her head.

And herein shall the sonne loose no honour, for as hee is God he is the same for ever: Nay, rather he shall re­ceive much more glory and honour; for although the glory and honour whereto he is now exalted at the right hand of God, in the heavens, be g [...]eat (in respect of his humaine nature) farre above all that ever any man else was exalted unto, or ever shall; yet it is seene of no man, and beleeved but of a few: neither are all his enemies now subdued. But when all enemies, all authority, and rul [...] of Monarks and powers of this world of wickednes shall be subdued and death the last enemie, and he him­selfe sitting in the Throne of his glory, with all his redee­med, openly, in the sight of all his, and their enemies, ruling them with a rod of yron, as in the world to come it shall be, Heb. 2.5, 6, 7, 8. This his glory will be grea­ter.

[Page 25]And these words of the Apostle in 1 Cor. 15. For he must reigne till hee hath put all enemies under his feete, (alluding in way of proofe unto the words of David, Psalme 110.1.) doe shew plainely that it is the Kingdom where­in he reigneth now at the right hand of God, in the hea­vens, that hee is to deliver up and resigne unto God his Father at his comming. But this Throne & Kingdome, which God will now settle him in after all enemies are subdued, he is never to resigne, or deliver up, neither shal it b [...]e taken from him, nor he from it, nor be destroyed, or have an end, as hath beene declared.

In this Throne he may admit his brethren that follow­ed him in the regeneration that overcome, to sit with him, and wil as he hath promised saying; To him that over­commeth, will I grant to sit with me in my Throne, even as I overcame, and am set with my father in his Throne, Revel. 3.21.

In this Throne Christ is to reigne under God the Fa­ther, as his King, according as hee said to David, I will settle him in my house, and in my Kingdome for ever, &c. 1 Chro. 17. It is Gods Kingdome then.

And the Lord God calleth this Sonne of David, his annoynted one, his Sonne, his King, and the hill where­on he shall sit to reigne, his hill; as in Psal. 2. where he saith, not withstanding all those heathen, and people, Kings and Rulers, that tooke cou [...]sell against him, and against his Anoynted, that said, Let us breake their hands asunder, and cast their cords from us, yet have I set my King upon my holy hill of Sion.

And the King shall receive of God the Father that which he bid [...]im aske, saying; aske of mee and I will give [...]hee the he [...]th [...]n for thine inheritance, and the uttermost ends of the earth for thy possession, thou shalt breake them with a rod of yron, and dash them in peeces like a potters vessell, verse 8.9.

[Page 26]Which power also the King will give to the Chil­dren of Sion, as he promised saying; And hee that over­commeth and keepeth my words u [...]to the end, to him will I give power over the Nations, and hee shall rule them with a rod of yron, and as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers, even as I have received of my father, Revel. 2.16.17.

And it shall be fulfilled which David his father fore­told of him saying, He shall iudge the poore of the people, hee shall save the children of the needy [...] and shall breake in peeces the oppressor, they shall feare thee as long as the Sun and Moone endureth throughout all generations, hee shall come downe like raine upon the mowen grasse, like showe [...]s that water th [...] earth. In his dayes shall the righteous flourish, and abundance of peace, so long as the moone endureth, he shall have dominion al­so from Sea to Sea, and from the river to the ends of t [...]e earth, th [...]y that dwell in the wildernesse shall bow before him, and the enemie shall licke the dust: The Kings of Tarshish and of the Isles shall bring presents, the Kinsts of Sheba and Seba shall of­fer gifts, yea all Kings shall fall downe before him, all nations shall serve him. Psal. 72.

And the children of Sion shall be joyfull in their King, and the Lord wil take pleasure in his people, & will bew­tifie the meeke with salvation, as he also said.

The high praises of God shall [...]ee in their mouthes and a two edged sword in th [...]ir hands to ex [...]cute vengance upon the heathen, and punishment upon the people, to binde their Kings in chaines, and their Nobles with fet [...]ers of yron to execute upon them the iudgement written; this honour have all the Saints, Psal. 149.

And it shall now be fulfilled al [...]o which is written, O clap your hands, O yee people shout unto God with the voyce of triumph, for the Lord most high is terrible, he is a great King over al the earth he hath subdued the people under us, Psal. 47. & the Na­tions under our feet, hee shall chuse our inheritance for us, the [Page 27] excellencie of Iacob whom hee lov [...]d; God [...] gone up with a shout, the Lord with the sound of a Trump, sing prayses unto our God sing praises, sing prayses unto our King sing praises, for God is the King over all the earth, sing ye praises with under­standing, God reigneth over the heathen, God sitteth upon the Throne of his holinesse, the Princes of the people are gathered, even the people of the God of Abraham, for the shields of the earth belong unto God, he is greatly exalted, Psal. 47.

And great shall the Lord bee in this day,Psal. [...] and greatly shall hee bee praysed in the citie of our God, in the mountaine of his holinesse: Bewtifull for situation, the ioy of the whole earth, is mount Sion, in the sides of the North, the Citie of the great King, God is kn [...]wne in her pallaces for a refuge; for l [...] the Kings were assembled, they passed by to­gether, they sa [...] it, and so they marviled; they were troubled, and they hasted away, feare tooke hold upon th [...]m, there, and paines as of a woman in travill.

So terrible to the wicked of this world, shall mount Sion be, in the day of her glory, and so great an astonish­ment to all those that formerly oppressed her, who al­though they shall not enter in, through the gates of the Citie, to see or understand of her felicity, & joyes with­in, or anyway partake of her pleasures, yet they shall un­derstand of her power, and see with feare, and greife, her brightnesse, and glory without: It is for the Princes of the people of the God of Abraham to enter in through the gates into the Citie, and for their Kings to come, and bring thei [...] glory and riches into it, as it is written, Esay 60 11. Revel. 21.24.

And they shall say, As we have heard, so have wee see [...]e, in the citie of the Lord of hosts, in the Citie of our God; God will establish it for ever, Selah. Psal. 48.8.

The holy Citie the new Hierusalem, which had beene so long withdrawne from the earth; because it was not [Page 28] (by reason of the wickednesse and pollutions thereof) meete to receive hir, being Gods eternall Tabernacle: when Christ her Lord and King shall have purged the earth and heavens of all their pollutions, and vaine corrupt workers of men that are therein, as he will doe in the great day of his comming, according as his Apostle Peter witnesseth saying, But the the day of the Lord will come as a theefe in the night, in the which the heavens shall passe a­way with a great noyse, and the elements shall melt with fervent heate, and the earth also, and the workes th [...]t are therein shall be burnt up. 2 Pet. 3.10.

And as the Apostle Iohn also saith, And I saw a great white Throne, and him that sate thereon, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away and there was found no place for them. Revel. 20.11.

These things being done, and that there shall bee new heavens and a new earth, as the Lord also promised Esay 65.17. according to 2 Pet. 3.13. and as it was foreshew­ed unto the beloved Disciple, who saith; And I saw a new heaven and a new earth, &c. Revel. 21.1. Then shall that holy City come down from heaven, as he saith, And I saw the holy City, the new Hierusalem, comming downe from God out of hea­ven, perpared as a Bride adorned for her husband, ver. 2.

For pollutions and curses may not abide where the Throne of God and of the Lambe is, nor where this ho­ly citie shall stand, as it is said; And there shall bee no more Curse, but the Throne of God and of the Lambe shall be in it, and his servants shall serve him. Revel. 22.3.

Neither is this world, being polluted, and so posses­sed with wickednesse as now it is, capeable of so excel­lent, and glorious a creature as shee is, and shall be seene to bee, in this day of her appearing in glory, being now made ready, perfectly adorned with all her ornaments, as the Bride for the marriage of the Lambe that bought [Page 29] her, her Lord and King Christ Iesus. And blessed are they that are called unto the marriage supper of the Lambe.

Now shall this holy citie Hierusalem, b [...]ing forth, and receive all her children at once, even in one day without any more travill or paines, as it is written; Be­fore she traviled she brought forth, before her paine came s [...]ee was delivered of a man child: Who hath heard such a thing, who hath seene such things? shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day; shall a Nation bee borne at once, for as soone as Sion travilled she brought forth her Children. Esay [...]6.7.8.

So that now, when the Lord shall apeare to their joy that were hated, and cast out for his names sake; And to render recompence to his enemies, as in the 5 and 6. verses he said, then shall the earth in whose bowels the bodyes of the Saints had slept, and whom she had bread and brought up, and Sion also their spirituall Mother, bring [...]orth and receive all their children at once, even in one day; and she shall remember no more her sor­row, for joy that her man-child is borne; for so, by that name it pleaseth the Lord to tytle her children, as also in Revel. 12.5. She shall now bee adorned with them all, according as her Lord foreshewed her in the time of her captivity, when she complained saying, The Lord hath forgotten me, my Lord hath forsaken me, and hee told her nay, he had graven her upon the palmes of his hands, and comforting her, told her also that hi [...] chil­dren should make hast, and biddeth her lift up her eyes round about & behold, shewing her (as it were in a visi­on) all her children (which she longed for) hasting unto her, and said; All these gather themselves together and com [...] to thee. As I live saith the Lord, thou shalt fur [...]r lo [...]th thee wi [...]h them all as with an ornament, and binde [...]hem on [...]hee as a Bride doth, for thy wast and thy desolate places, and the land of thy destruction shall even now be to morrow, by reason of the [Page 30] inhabitants, and they that swallowed thee up shall farre away [...] the children which thou shalt have, after thou hast lost the other, shall say againe in thine eares, the place is to straight for [...]e [...] give place to mee that I may dwell: then shalt thou say in thine heart who hath begotten me these, seeing I have lost my children, and am dessolate, a captive, and removing too and fro, and who hath brought vp these. Behold, I was left alone, These where had they beene, &c. Esay 4 [...]. Here the Lord com­forteth Sion with her children of the Gentiles, that were to bee brought in unto her by the Gospel of Iesus Christ, which was to b [...]e preached amongst them by his Apostles and Servants as in the 22 verse appeareth, who were to supply the losse of all her other lost children of the naturall house of Israel.

Therfore now, these being all accomplished unto her reioyce ye with Ierusal [...]m & be glad with her; all ye that love her reioyce with ioy with her all ye that mourne for her, that ye may su [...]k and bee satisfied with the brests of her consolation, that ye may milke out, and bee delighted with the aboundance of her glory; for thus saith the Lord; Behold, I will extend peace to her like a river, and the glory of the Gentiles like a flowing streame; then shall yee sucke, ye shall be borne upon her sides, and be dandled upon her knees, as one whom his mother comfor­teth, So will I comfort you, and ye shall bee comforted in Ieru­salem.

And when ye see this, your heart shall reioyce, and your bones shall flourish like an hear be, and the hand of the Lord shall bee knowne towards his servants, and his indignation t [...]wards his enemies, Esay 66.10, 11, 12, 13, 14. &c.

The children of Ierusalem are now to sucke and bee satisfied, to milke out and bee delighted with the abun­dance of her consolation, and the abundance of her glo­ry, &c. it is not said with the milke of the principles or doctrine of Christ, or forme of goverment and disci­pline of the Gospel as some would have it, or at least [Page 31] expound it and to concerne cheefely, their thousand yeares Church of the Iewes. Nay, the children of Ieru­salem being now all accomplished unto her by the word of Christ, they shall have no neede of Doctrine or dis­cipline, or governours, or teachers of that kind or manner any more. But the governement of this new Ierusalem shal be peace it selfe, & her exactors righteousnes it selfe. The Lord her righteousnesse, and the righteousnesse of all her children, he being now personally in the middest of her, And salvation being her walls, and her Towers the glory of God, her gates, his praise, as it is written of her; God himselfe also dwelling with her, and with all her Children, as in his owne Tabernacle; As Saint Iohn heard it proclaimed from heaven as he saith, and I heard a great voyce from heaven saying; Behold, the Ta­bernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himselfe shall be with them, and be their God, and God shall wipe away all teares from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neyther shall there be any more paine for the former things are passed away. And he that sate upon the Throne said, Behold, I make all things new, &c. Revel. 21.

This Ierusalem is that same which God spake of be [...]ore, to the Prophet Esay chap. 65. having foreshewed him this great redemption and salvation of Israel, and how all their former troubles should be forgotten and hidden from his eyes, and that hee would create new heavens and a new earth, &c. then saith, Bee ye glad and reioyce for ever in the things that I create: for behold I create Hierusalem a reioycing and her people a ioy, and I will reioyce in Hierusalem, and ioy in my people, and the voyce of weeping shall be no more heard in her, nor the voyce of crying, &c. verse. 17, 18, 19.

And this is the same Tabernacle whereof God spake [Page 32] to the Prophet Ezekiell, he having foreshewed him also this great redemption of the whole house of Israel from all their captivities. Graves, &c. to their owne land, and saying, And they shall dwell in the land which I have given unto Iacob my servant, wherein your fathers have dwelt, and they shall dwell therein; they, a [...]d their children, and chil­drens children for ever: (hereby the way we are to understand by They, and their children, &c. Abraham, Isaack, and Iacob, and all their seede or children of the promise to whom it belonged) and my servant David shall be their King for ever. Moreover (saith the Lord) I will make a Covenant of peace with them, it shall be an everlasting covenant with them, and I will place them and multiply them, and I will set my Sanctua­ry in the midst of them for evermore; my Tabernacle also shall be with them, yea I will be their God, and they shall be my peo­ple: And the h [...]a [...]hen shall know that I the Lord doe sanctifie Israel when my Sanctuary shall bee in the midst of them for evermore, Ezek. 37.

This is that Country and Citie which the holy Fa­thers sought, mentioned in Heb. 11.

This is the place whereof God spake to David, where he said: Also I will ordaine a place for my people Israel, and will plant them, and they shall dwell in their place, and shall be mo­ved no more neither shall the children of wickednesse wast them any more as at the beginning, &c. 1 Chron. 17.9.

This is that purchased possession, untill the redemp­tion wherof, the faithfull are Sealed with the holy Spi­rit of promise, the earnest of that their inheritance, spo­ken of by Saint Paul, Ephe. 1.13, 14.

This is that Eternall Tabernacle which God is the builder of, and not man spoken of in Heb. 8.2. and 9.11. which Christ hath purchased with his owne blood for our Eternall inheritance, as in verse 12.

[Page 33]This is the place, which Christ spake of to his Disciples when he said, I goe to prepare a place for you, Iohn 14.

And this is that Building of God, not made with hands, eternall in the heavens, spoken of 2 Cor. 5.1.

This is that inheritance incorruptable & undefiled & that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for us (who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation) ready to bee revealed in the last time, spoken of in 1 Pet. 3, 4, 5, 6. the times of restitution of all things, whereof he spake in Acts 3. for then it is to bee revealed from heaven, as Iohn foresaw, Revel. 21. when all things shall be new.

This is the Kingdome, which cannot be shaken, spo­ken of in Heb. 12.27, 28.

This is that Citie of which he saith, for here we have no continuing city, but we seeke one to come, Heb. 13.14.

And this is the glory which Saint Paul saith, the chil­dren and heires of God, that suffer with Christ, shall re­ceive as joynt heires together with him, for the mani­festation whereof, the earnest expectation of the crea­ture waiteth, and untill which the whole creation travel­leth together in paine, as in Rom. 8.17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23.

And this is the rest, which is said to remaine unto the people of God, spoken of in Heb [...] 4. where hee exhorteth saying, Let us therefore labour to enter into that rest, le [...]t, &c. verse 9.10.11.

Now all these promises and testimonies being of one and the same eternall inheritance, as doth plainely ap­peare, and that it belongeth to all the faithfull, as is also manifest, and being so acomplished, as before is decla­red.

Then Abraham, Isaac, and Iacob, and all the holy Fa­thers [Page 34] before them, and their children, and their chil­drens children after them, to the thousand generations, even all their seede to this worlds end, (for there shall be no increasing of children any way, afterwards) shall in­herit according to the promise the Land of Canaan, which God gave unto the Fathers, that good Land which he espied for them, the glory of all lands, as the Scriptures title it; And not that Land onely, but every habitable part of the world besides, yet that land prin­cipally, as the glory of all the rest: There the Fathers sojourned in expectation thereof, upon the promise, There by faith they tooke order, and gave charge to have their bones laid, expecting their resurrection to that end. Thither their children were brought from their servitude in Egypt to possesse it typically: There God revealed his counsells and testimonies by his ser­vants the Prophets: There was the Temporall typicall Hierusalem, There was David [...] Throne, There was Iesus Christ the true king, and heire of all things borne, There he suffered and underwent the shame, from thence he ascended into Heaven, and to the same place he shall come againe as it is written. And his feet shall stand in that day upon the Mount of Olives, which is before Hierusalem &c. Zech. 14.4. And there shall his Throne be, upon the holy hill of Sion according to Psal. 2.

For although his Kingdome, and dominion, shall reach throughout all the World, from Sea, to Sea, and from the river to the ends of the earth, as it is said, where also his Saints shall inherit and raigne, yet there shall be his Throne, and his glory most eminent, even there where he suffered the reproach, and that shall all his ene­mies, in that day, see and know; For God will get his servants praise, and fame, in every land where they had been put to shame, according as he said, Zeph. 3.19.

[Page 35]And all the Seed, and children of the promise since the beginning of the world, the true Israel of God, shall now be a nation before the Lord for ever, and be Kings, and Preists unto God, and shall raigne on the Earth, as the twenty foure Elders declared; and (being all of them, the Children of God, and of the new Hierusalem, re­deemed by the blood of the Lambe) The Lambe wil now (among all the rest of his promises, and gifts) per­forme this also, in Rev. 3. Where he saith, Him that over­come [...]h will I make a pillar in the house of my God, and he shall goe no more out, & I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the City of my God, The new Hierusalem, which cometh downe out of Heaven from my God, and my new name, ver. 12. Where we see also as in Rev. 21. that it is to come downe out of Heaven.

I aske now, If these things be so as hath beene decla­red, or no, if they be truly so, then I aske where ye will have ground for your doctrine of a thousand yeares glo­rious Church of the Iewes, in the Land of Canaan, or of any other, that ye will have rise from the dead before the end of this world; or what have ye to object against that which hath been [...] said.

If ye object and say, heere is not in all this, a word spoken of heaven, that the Saints after the resurrection of the body, and end of this world, shall ascend with Christ, and Christ with them, to live and raigne there, in the presence of God, and with all his holy Angels for ever. I confesse, I have not spoken a word to that pur­pose, and the reason is, because I find not a word in all the holy Scriptures that saith it, and what they speake not, I am not bound, in this case, to beleive, though I deny them not heaven, God may take up of them into heaven, as he did Paul, if he so please, though he hath not said it, That the Saints shall inherit the earth, and [Page 36] dwell therein for ever, there are a h [...]ndred words in the Scriptures of God, to prove, as ye may see, by that whic [...] is written. And when Christ cometh in his glory, his holy Angels shall come with him, and God himself will dwell with his people, and they shall be his Tabernacle; as hath beene declared.

And this I say yet further, that if you can breake Gods covenant with the day, and his covenant with the night, and that there should not be day and night in their seasons. If ye can remoove the Sunne, the Moone, and the Starres out of their places, and from their order, and put an end to the dayes of Heaven:Ier. then ye may breake, and put an end to the things before declared, otherwise they shall stand, and not faile for ever, as the Lord hath said, Ier. Ier. 33.20.21. Nei­ther shall these ordinances,Ier. 33.20.21. ever depart from before the face of the Lord.

What were it, that all these excellent promises and sayings, in Scripture should onely intend a thousand or two thousand yeares glorious Church of the Iewes, or of any other, to be in the time of this world, and then to cease, and how many absurdites would follow, too many to relate. The Iewes had almost two thousand yeares time in their troublesome Typical estate, and there hath beene neere one thousand six hundred yeares since, wherein all that glory hath beene troden downe, and the people disperst, as well the Saints that were then in the land, as the other, one whom the wrath of God, (which was written) is ceased upon.Deut. 28. And will ye have this glorious estate, that hath beene so many thousand yeares spoken of, and looked for, of all the faithfull upon Gods promises, since the beginning, to last but for a thou­sand yeares, or two, as some would have it, and to con­cerne only, and belong to, a remnant of Iewes remaining, [Page 37] discended of the most viperous generation of them, that ever were, as Christ himselfe chargeth them; such as were to fill up the measure of their Fathers wicked­nesse, and that these should be all of them generally cal­led and saved, this is beyond all sound aprehention, and besides all Scriptures of truth; such a calling, and such a saving, was never knowne to be of the best dissent natu­rall, that ever was, nor was ever knowen to be the man­ner of Gods dealing, and proc [...]eding in any age, with any people whatsoever. But to chuse out, from among them, and their Children, here one, and there one, as Abell; leaving Cain, Isaack leaving Ishmael, Iacob leaving Esaw, and so in all times, both with Iewes, and Gentiles, seldome many of one mans Children; and lesse times all like (as is hoped) was, with Iacobs sonnes, but as it is wri­ten. Though the Children of Israel be as the sand of the Sea, Esay 10.22 23. a remnant shall be saved, for God will finish the worke (as Saint Paul saith) and cut it short in righteous­nesse, because,Rom. 9.27 [...] 28.29. a short worke will the Lord make upon the earth, and as he saith againe from Esay, Exc [...]pt the Lord [...]f Sabbath had lef [...] us a seed, wee had beene as Sodome, and beene made like unto Gomorrah Rom. 9.

And as Christ himselfe saith (for shewing how it would be to the worlds end. Strait is the gate and narrow is the way, Esay. 1.9. which leadeth [...]nto life, and few there be that finde it. Mat. 7.14.

If ye say the Scriptures speake much of the Iewes cal­ling, and especially Saint Paule in Rom. 11. My answere is; it seemeth to doe so, but there is a great mistaking of the Apostles wordes, and meaning by many, for he speaketh onely of a remnant of elect Iewes, and chiefely of those in his owne time, which the Christian Romanes had their eye upon Marvelling that so few (of so great and religious a nation did beleive the Gospell of Christ) [Page 39] and confest him, which was the occasion of the Apostles writing unto them in this manner, to informe them as concerning the reason thereof; and proveth unto them by former experience, and testimonies of the Prophets, that they were alwayes but few (in comparrison of the great number of obstinate ones) that did beleeve in their [...]earts to salvation, as in Chap. 9. from the testimonie of Esaiah, and in this Chap. by that, in the time of Eliahs. And so, all his arguments are to prove, that God did ne­ver cast away his elect people of Israel, Nor would, but that they should all come in, according as many of them did, especially in those dayes, for then they had the most excellent meanes, that ever they had, or shall have while the world stands; which (because the Rulers, and great­est number of them did so wilfully reject, filling up the measure of their Fathers sinnes, who persecuted, and kille [...] the Prophets, and they now, Christ himselfe) was therefore, to be taken from them, and the wrath of God to cease upon them to the uttermost, according as Moyses had foretold long be [...]ore Deut, 28. from the 15. verse to the end of the Chap. And as Christ himself pro­nounceth saying [...] For these be the dayes of vengance that all things that are written might be fulfilled, But woe be to them, that are with child, and to them that give suck in those dayes, for there shall be great distresse in the land, and wrath upon this people, and they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led captive into all Nation [...], and Ierusalem shall be trodden downe of the Gentil [...]s, till the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled, Luk. As also Saint Paul testifieth Thesalo.

And the time being now come that the Gentiles should heare the word of the Gospell, that Gods elect among them; which (by Gods appointment) were now in these latter dayes (to be many in number) might bee brought in [...]. So long, as untill the times of the course [Page 38] of the Gospel among the Gentiles, for the bringing in of all Gods Elect of them, be accomplished: Hierusalem is to be troden downe of the wicked unbeleeving Gen­tiles. And so long also shall blindnesse continue upon the generation of those vipers that Christ spake to, that they may fill up their measure, as they did the measure of their fathers, according as they said, his blood bee upon us and upon our children. These are that part of Israel of whom Saint Paul saith, Blindnesse in part, is hapned to Israel untill the ful [...]esse of the Gentiles be come in; the fulnesse of Gods Elect Gentiles, for so he meaneth, & so the words themselves doe expresse: And these are those other sheepe of whom Christ spake in Iohn 10. which being brought in, there shall be one fould and one Shep­heard, one Nation, and one King for ever,

And all the blinded Iewes and Gentiles also that have reiected the grace of God in Christ, shall see these sheep of the Gentiles, that come from the East and the West and North and South, sit with Abraham, Isaack, and Iacob, and all the Prophets, in the Kingdome of God, and them­selves cast out as Christ hath spoken.

So their blindnesse shall last no longer, they shall now see what they reiected, and what is come of it, accor­ding also as Christ said to their fathers: for I say unto you ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Bles­sed is he that commeth in the name of the Lord, Mat. 23.39. for every eye shall see him, and all tongues shall con­fesse at this day, that Iesus is the Lord, to the glory of God the Father, as it is written.

And as touching that living and raigning with Christ for a thousand years spoken of in Revel. 20. of the soules of them that were to be beheaded, because they would not worship the Beast nor his Image, nor would receive his marke, &c. which is there sayd to be the first resur­rection. [Page 40] This being the onely Scripture they make use of, to proove a thousand yeares glorious estate of a Church of the Iewes as some would have it; or as others of the faith full disceased, whom they will have to rise from the dead a thousand yeares before the end of the World, and resurrection of the ungodly &c.

Therefore to remove these, opinions and stop all ob­iections against the cleare truth (if possible it may be) My [...]nswer is, in breefe this; First, they are utterly mistaken in the word Soules, because they wil have it to intend bo­dies, as well as soules; for although sometimes in Scrip­ture soules only are named, when both bodies and soules are meant, as in Gen 46.15. and so the 27. verse, where it is said, All the Soules of the House of Iacob which came in­to Egypt, were three score and ten; yet I say it cannot be so meant here: my reasons are, first, These soules which Saint Iohn saith, he saw, are the soules of men be headed, and not of living men; but if yee say Iohn foresaw them risen, and so names the soule for both, my answer is, This cannot be, the soule may not be named for the body, nor with the body in this case, as to meane both; because the soule of a regenerate man being now alive by faith, can­not be said either to dye with the body, or to rise with the body, neither is there any resurrection of the soule after the death of the body, & therefore may not be na­med for the death of the body, nor for the resurrection of the body, neither is there such an instance in all the Scriptures, as to say whē a righteous mans body dieth or is dead, there is a soule dead, although it may be so said of an ungodly man [...] because his soule is alwaies dead spi­ritually. And to say of a regenerate man, that when his body riseth from the dead, his soule riseth with it, is to say a manifest untruth. When those Saints rose from the dead, at the time of Christs suffering, it is not said their [Page 41] soules rose, but th [...] bodies onely, as in Mat. 27.52.

When Iohn saw, under the Altar the Soules of them that were slaine, for the word of God. Revel. 6.9. He ap­prehended their bodies to b [...] dead, as the text sheweth plainely, in that the Soules cryed How long Lord, holy and tru [...], dost thou not Iudge and avenge our blood on th [...]m, that dwell on the earth, (th [...]y being in heaven) and it was sayd unto them, that they should r [...]st, a little season untill their fellow ser­vant [...], and th [...]ir brethr [...]n, that must be killed as they were, should [...]e fulfilled, vers. 10, 11. neither were [...]he bodies of the first to rise before the last were slaine as the words declare.

Therefore my conclusion is, that the living & raign­ing with Christ, and the first resurrection [...] in this place spoken of is of, the soule onely, and no [...] of the body, and that it beginneth here while the soule and body are to­gether [...] as Christ himselfe declareth saying, Verily, verily I say unto you, The [...]ower is comming, and now is, when the dead shall heare the voyce of the Sonne of God, and they that heare it shall live. Iohn 5 [...]25. And then afterward speaketh unto the Iewes saying, marvaile not at this, for the hower is com­ming in the which all that are in the graves shal heare his voyce, and shall come forth, they that have done good [...] [...]to the resurrection of life, and they that have done evill unto the [...] ­surrection of condemnation. vers. 28.29. Here we see the re­surrection of the bodyes of good and band out of the graves, are both together in one houre, and that the re­surrection of the Soules of the faithfull is daily all th [...] time before, as hee saith, the hower is comming and now is; And as touching this first resurrection of the Soule, Saint Paule saith, Ye are buried with Christ in baptis­me, wherein also ye are risen with him, &c. Col. 2. And a­againe, If ye be risen with Christ, seeke those things which are above where Christ sitteth at the right hand of God. Colos [...] 3 [...] 1.2.3.

[Page 42]And the Soule being once risen with Christ, liveth al­waies now, though his body die or be beheaded, and it may truely bee sayd of him to his great comfort, even while he is in the body; Blessed and holy is he, that hath part in the first resurrection, for on such, the second death hath no power. But they shall be Priests of God and of Christ, and shall raigne with him. I will not say now, a 1000 yeares, in that manner with out the body, because those yeares are almost expired; So long a time being past since the first sufferings of Saints for those causes, of not worshipping the Beast, &c. began, who had the full time of the thousand yeares before them to come: (as they, whose Soules Iohn saw under the Altar, that cryed How long Lord, holy and true, dost thou not Iudge and avenge [...]ur blood on them that dwell upon the earth; it is not every Soule a thousand yeares, but a thousand for all. But this I say unto, and of every such soule, that he shall live, and raigne with Christ, untill his commi [...]g in glory. And then he shall live and raigne with him, soule and body for evermore world without end. And this I say further, That whosoever hath not part, here, in the first resurrecti­on, let him be sure whosoever, hee be, the second death will cease upon him, body and soule for ever, hee shall have no other first resurrection, after the death of his bo­dy to helpe him, or make him blessed and holy.

As concerning the other things of this twenty chap­ter, and also of the 11. to the Romans before spoken of. If the Reader please to inquire for a booke intituled The deliverance of the whole house of Israel from all their captivi­ties; he may see in the same, the particular matters o [...] both, in a more full manner declared, which I hope through the grace of God with his diligent observation, shall cleare the truth of all these things, plainely unto him.

And now let me a little advise the Reader (whosoever [Page 43] he be) first that hee would take heede, hee have not the word of God, and Gospel of Iesus Christ (whereby his Soule and body should live e [...]ernally) in respect of per­sons, I meane, so as to esteeme, or disesteeme, that which he shal heare spoken or see written, according as the spea­ker or writer is in place, or name of acount in the world. But that he would with all carefulnesse and diligence of minde, search and inquire into every thing, that he hea­reth or readeth, and as he shall finde things cleare to his understanding, confirmed to his soule and conscie [...]ce by the word & spirit of God, to be of God, & hi [...] truth: So to imbrace, and keepe them without asking after, or saying in his minde, or harkning to any that shall say unto him; I, But who, or what is the Authour, as if the knowledge of the person, place, and repute of the Authour would make the matter much better, or worse, whereas the words & matters of a speaker or writer, in divine thing [...] especially, doe best discover unto the Children of wi [...]e­dome, what the Authour is. And Christ sheweth plain­ly, that the fruit whereby his faithfull shall know the true Prophets and the false, is their words, which proceede from the good, or from the evill treasure of the heart, and [...]aith, that men by their words shall bee justified, and by their words shall be condemned, Mat. 12.33, 34, 35, 36, 37. Luke 6.45.

And what doth now so prove unto the faithfull, the goodnesse of the Prophets and Apostles as their words?

And secondly, my advice unto the Reade is, that hee would himselfe betake him to the diligent search and studie of the Scriptures, with earnest desire, and humble request unto God in his heart, to guide and instruct him by his holy Spirit unto the understanding of the same. For without all doubt, the holy Scriptures of the Pro­phets and Apostles are the most sure, and clearest Prea­chers of the truth and waies of eternall life, that are to be [Page 44] found in the world, and such as we may be sure off, will not deceive us: And let the Reader take heede that his trust or dependance bee not on any man whatsoever, though he be never so high in esteeme, or take never so much upon him.

And this I say further unto him for his comfort and incouragement whatsoever he bee, if hee can preferre wisedome and understanding in his heart, before all things in the world, I meane the true wisedome which is from above, and shall with his whole soule desire and seeke it at the hands of God, hee shall assuredly attaine unto it, let him not doubt, for so sure as the Lord God which promiseth, will not faile of his word, if he can, and shall so preferre it. So seeke it, he shall have it.

Let him not harken or give heede unto any, that shall say, it is not for you to search the Scriptures, and studie them so, you are unlearned & cannot understand them, you have not the tongues, wherin they were written, &c. As if God had promised and tyed the understanding of his word and Gospel of Salvation to those and such like common gifts, which men may abound with and perish. Nay, take heede of these, for they speake not the words of wisedome unto you, but of falsehood and deceit. If they did understand in their heart what true wisedome is, and from whence it commeth, they would not so speake, but would know that God is the instructer, and free giver of this wisedome: to the learned, and the un­learned without respect of persons. And that hee hath often times confounded the wisedome of the wise and mighty of the world by weake and despised things, as Saint Paul declareth, proving it from the Prophet Esay, saying, For it is written, I will destroy the wisedome of the wise, and bring to nought the undeestanding of the prudent: Where is the wise, where is the Scribe [...] where is the disputer of the world, hath not God made the wisedome of this world foolish­nesse, &c.

[Page 45]And againe [...] Ye see your calling brethren, how that not ma­ny wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, &c. But God hath chosen the foolish things of this world to confound the wise, and the weake things of the world to confo [...]nd the mighty, and base things of the world, and things which are de [...]pised hath God cho­sen, and things which are not to bring to nought, things that are, that no flesh might glory in his sight, 1 Cor. 2.19, 20, 26, 27.

Saint Paul was learned, yet these are his sayings: Al­though peradventure some dare be so bold as to say, they are now out of daet, because they would have it so to be conceived of the people, to the end they should not seeke understanding from the Scriptures, but depend upon them for instruction, and have them in admirati­on, as hath beene the policy and practise a long time, of them of the Church of Rome, to keepe the people from the Scriptures, that they might remaine in ignorance, and exalt them in their mindes, and honour them as Gods Prophets, and their words of errour and deceit, as Gods oracles. Take heede of such I say, for although they doe not like to have any to bee Lords over them in such respects, yet they, by this, shew plainly, that they would be Lords over you.

But howsoever, the Lord saith to the humble in heart, that he will teach them his waies, & that his secrets are with them that feare him, and that hee will dwell with him that is of an humble and contrite heart. And Christ saith, Aske and ye shall have, seeke and ye shall finde, knocke and it shall be opened unto you: Nay more, Behold I stand at the doore and knocke, if any man open the doore I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and hee with me. Rev. 3.20. Here is no excepting of persons, though never so poore or dis­pised, never so low of place or calling in the world, shep­heard, clowne or other, if he can so seeke the Lord and [Page 46] his wisedome and waies, if he can so open, he will come in to him, he will comfort him and teach him, for th [...] is nothing under the Su [...]ne, wherein the Lord doth tak [...] the like pleasure, as to bee conversant with, men to ac­quaint them with his waies and truth, that they should admire his goodnesse and set forth the same to his praise, & what honor, what preferment, what treasure, what dignity unto man in this world, is like it. To be so in account with God, that made heaven and earth, and beloved of him, and to know it to be so, as all the holy Fathers, Pro­phets and Saints have done, there is no comparison.

And all this out of doubt, is to bee attained, God is still the same, he can make knowne his love and his waies now, as well as heretofore: and the time is now come in­to the world, and incoming, wherein he will doe it more abunda [...]tly, then hath been for many yeares since the A­postles times, because he wil now gather in his last fruits, he will have his truth knowne, and his word truely un­derstood of his people, for to that end it is written, that they may walke in the light thereof to their comfort and salvation, and the praise of his Name.

Therefore my advice is, neglect not so great a treasu [...]e.

And so I commend him unto the Lord, and to the word of his grace (for his guidance, and protection) un­to whom bee all honour and praise both now and for ever, Amen.

And so I rest his freind in Chris [...] I. E.


PAge 6. l. 4. for co [...]cerning 1. considering. & p. 8. l. 19. r. Psal. 5.9 10. p. 14. l. 20. 1. Psal. 114.5. p. 26. l. 3. for words r. work [...]s. and l. 6. r. Revel. 2.26.27. p. 28. l. 5. for workers r. workes. p. 28. l. 24. for curses r. the [...]urse. p. 30. l. 1. r. shall be fare away.

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