[seal or coat of arms of the Commonwealth]

AN ACT For continuance of the Imposition upon Coals, Towards the Building and Maintaining Ships for garding the Seas.

BE it Enacted by this present Parliament, and by the Authority thereof, That one Act of this present Parliament, Entituled, An Act for laying an Imposition upon Coals, towards the Building and Main­taining Ships for garding the Seas: And all Powers and Clauses therein contained, be and are hereby continued, and shall and do stand in full force until the Six and twentieth day of March, in the year One thou­sand six hundred fifty and four.

ORdered by the Parliament, That this Act be forthwith printed and published.

Hen: Scobell, Cleric. Parliamenti.

London, Printed by John Field, Printed to the Parliament of England. 1652.

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