A DECLARATION Of the Gentry of the County of DEVON, Met at the Generall Quarter Sessions at EXETER, for a Free Parliament: Together with a Letter from Exeter.


WE the Gentry of the County of Devon, finding our selves without a Regular Go­vernment, after your last interruption, designed a publick Meeting, to consult Re­medies, which we could not so conveniently effect till this Week, at our Generall Quarter Sessions at Exon: Where we find divers of the Inhabitants groaning under high Oppressions, and a generall defect of Trade, to the utter ruine of many, and fear of the like to others, which is as visible in the whole County, that occasioned such disorders, that were no small trouble and disturbance to us; which, by God's blessing upon our endeavours, were soon supprest and quieted, without Blood. And though we find, since our first purposes, an alteration in the state of Affairs, by your Re-assembling at the Helm of Government, yet conceive, that we are but in part Redrest of our Grievances; and that the chief Expedient for it will be the recalling of all those Members that were secluded in 1648. and sat before the first Force upon the Parliament. And also by filling up the vacant places. And all to be admitted, without any Oath and Engagement, previous to their Entrance. For which things, if you please to take a speedy course, we shall defend you against all Opposers, and future Interrupters, with our Lives and Fortunes. For the Accomplishment where­of, we shall use all Lawfull Means, which we humbly conceive may best conduce to the Peace and Safety of this Nation.


THE Inclosed is a Copy of what this Grand Meeting, to which the most Considerable of the Gentry have Subscribed. Mr. Bampfield, Recorder of Exon, is gone this night Post to deliver it to the Speaker. That the Cornish men have done more, is no Newes.

This City, in very great numbers, Lordly exprest their desires for a Free Parliament. The Apprentices and Young men of the City got the Keys of the Gates, and keep them lockt, without taking notice of the Magistrates, and lesse of tho Souldiers.

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