LITCHFIELD TO BE SURRENDRED: TOGETHER, With all the Ordnance, Arms, and Ammunition.

AS ALSO, The Names of the Commissioners appointed by Sir Thomas Tidsley, Governour, on the one Party; and the right Honourable Sir William Brereton on the other Party, for the resigning up of the said Garrison to the obedience of King and Parliament.

LIKEVVISE, The gallant proceedings of his Excellencie Sir Thomas Fairfaxes Forces at Ʋ Ʋorcester, since the coming up of the additionall Regiments both of Horse and Foot.

These are Printed by the Originall Papers, and Published according to Order of Parliament.

LONDON, Printed by Berneard Alsop July 6. [...]646.

A PERFECT COPPIE OF Sir Richard Diots Letter to Captain Stone out of Litchfield Close, for the surrendring of the said Gar­rison, together with all the Ordnance, Arms, and Ammunition.


AFter I had acquainted the Covernour with what you were pleased to tell me, concerning my Son, I made a Re­port to Him, and to divers Noble Gentle­men of this Garrison, of other more impor­tant [Page 2] Matters propounded by your selfe, and Lieutenant-Colonell Gerrard the other day at our meeting: And now I shall acquaint you with the result of their conference upon the Report.

I finde, that though we be in a gallant condition, yet we are so tenderly affected to our deare Countrey, and so very sensible of their sufferings, in respect of their great and long charge, and or their danger in respect of the spreading Infection, much occasioned (as we conceive) by the continuance of the siege. As also, so unwilling that there should be a­ny impediment in England, to retard in the least degree any expedition against the Re­bels in Ireland; to the suppression of whom, we are resolved to contribute to the utmost of our powers, that you shall finde in us no obstinacy (as some are pleased to call our constant Loyalty) but hearts studious of pub­like peace and tranquility; and for that end inclinable to comply with you in any faire propositions, which are consistent with Loy­altie, Honour and Conscience; Wherein to acquit our selves as good Subjects, and good [Page 3] Patriots; it is propounded as an expedient, that there should be a meeting of twelve Staffordshire Gentlemen, six of this side, and sixe of yours (or what other number you please) to confer together and to prepare the businesse.

The Gentlemen nominated for this Gari­son, are the Lord Aston, Sir Tho. Leigh, Colo­nel Snead, Col. Skrimshire, Captain Glasier, and my self: if you like this motion, we desire you to send the names of the like number of Gentlemen for you: Of which number wee earnestly desire, that it would please your Generall Sir William Brereton to be one, who hath no small interest in this County: Sir, I have no more at this time to say, but what you shall ever find that I am

Your respective Friend, Richard Dyot.
For my worthy and much esteemed Friend, Captain Henry Stone.

The Answer of Captain Stones to Sir Richard Dyots Letter, for the surrender of Litch­field Close.


I Have received yours, which J have impar­ted to Adjutant-Generall Louthian, who is content to admit of a meeting with the gentlemen you propose, although I must tel you there is not one man (to my knowledge) in all our quarters sick of the plague, neither is our lying so burdensome to the Country, but they can in a more gallant manner with­out much charge to any perticuler persons, provide for us here, then your gallant con­dition can provide for you. And yet wee so farre tender our Counteries good, as not to oppose a faire accommodation, which may stand with the honour of those, by whom we are intrusted and will be tender of shed­ing one drop of blood if not provoked.

[Page 5] The names of those who are to meete are Mr. Manwayring our high Sheriffe, Col. Stepkins Lievtenant Col. Gerhard, Maior Cambridge, Capt. Slade, and my selfe, and the place of meeting (if you please) to be at Elmehurst at Mr. Bidhel phs it being the nearest convenient house, for the sicknesse in the Towne is dangerous. If you approve of the persons and place, appoint your time and you shall have a safe conduct for your selves, and servants, J have no more at pre­sent but subscribe my selfe

Your Servant Henry Stone.
For the right worshipfull, Sir Richard Dyot Knight.

If your Commissioners come forth, its expected they should come with po­wer from the Governors to treate and conclude.


SInce my last, I thought fit to acquaint you with these ensuing particulars, The Enemy sallyed out of Worcester on Thursday night last, but we having timely notice of their intention, pla­ced our Ambuscadoes, and at their approach charged them, who after a hot encounter, forced them to re­treat with the losse of about twenty men. Thus for the present I cease, remaining

Your affectionate Friend E. H.

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