A Scotch SONG sung at Tunbridge Set to Musick by Mr. Achroyd and exactly engrav'd by Tho: Cross.

Wully and Georgy now beath are gean to see their lovly Flocks a feeding
Jenny and Moggy too follow'd them for fear they shoud be now a breeding
out of London Town they a [...] did trip it down to play at new bopeep at Tundridge Wellbut
how they play'd or what they Said the De'el his sell can only tell.
Moggy had bearns Four Fire or Six but Jenny was a young beginner
Sure to her trading now she will fix the Kirke has made her a young Sinner
To London Town they're gean each with a muckle weam
And Georgy now to Scotland he num run
Fare him weel ene take him De'el poor Jenny now is quite undone.

For the Flute.

[...] [...]

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