The Country Farmer,

[...]Hark the Cock crow'd▪ tis Day all a broad, and looks like a Iolly fair Morning; Up [...] [...]Roger▪ and Iames, and drive out your Teams; up quickly to carry the Corn in. [...] [...]Davy the drowzy, and Barnaby Bowzy, at Breakfast weell flout & weell Ieer Boys. [...] [...]Slugards shall Chatter, with small drink & water, whil [...]t you shall tope off the March Beer Boys. [...]

Lasses that Snore, for Shame give it o'er
Mouth open▪ the Flyes will be blowing.
To get us stout Hum, when Christmass is come,
Away where the Barley is Mowing.
In your Smock sleeves too▪ go bind up ye sheaves too.
With nimble young Rowland & Harry;
Then when Works over, at Night give each, Lover,
A Hug and a Buss in the Dairy.
Two for ye Mow, and two for ye Plough,
Is then the next▪ Labour coms after.
I'm sure I hir'd four but if you want more,
I'll send you my Wife & my Daughter.
Roger ye trusty, tell Rachel ye lusty,
The Barn's a rare place to Steal Garters;
Twixt her & you then con̄trive up ye Mow then▪
And take it at night for your Quarters.

For ye Flute

[...] [...] [...]

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