[Page] [Page] Once more A VVARNING To Thee O ENGLAND: But more perticularly to the Inhabitants of the City of BRISTOL.

Amos Chap. 6. Vers. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Wo to them that are at ease in Zion, ye that put far away the Evil Day, and cause the Seat of Violence to come near, that lye upon Beds of Ivory, and stretch themselves upon their Couches, and eat the Lambs out of the Flocks, and the Calves out of the midst of the Stall, that Chaunt to the sound of the Viol, and invent to themselves In­struments of Musick, like David, that drink Wine in Bowles, and anoynt themselves with the cheif Oyntments, but they are not grieved for the Afflictions of Joseph, therefore now shall they go Captive with the first that go Captive, and the Banquet of them that stretched them­selves shall be removed.

Printed in the Year, 1683.

A Warning to England, &c.

NOtwithstanding many Warnings in the true love of God, have been sent to thee, O Nation of England, from the highest to the lowest; yet once more in the tender Love of God, is my heart opened for thy Ever­lasting Welfare and Prosperity, that so the day of Gods Judg­ments may not overtake you at unawares. And thee O City of Bristol in perticuler; for thy [...]nhabitants have greatly provoked the Lord against them, and without they do speedily return unto the Lord with true and unfeigned Repentance, the Wrath of God will break forth upon thee, and there shall be none able to deliver thee from the Stroak of his Hand, of what he hath decreed to bring upon thee; for thy Sins have reached unto Heaven, and thy Abomination stands as a great Record against thee; for some of thy Inhabitants have committed no less Evil then Great Rebellion against the God of Heaven, in that they have not only rejected, but also despised the Appearance of Christ in themselves and o­thers, who is come and comeing to Overturn, Overturn, and O­verturn, till he come whose right it is to take unto himself his great Power, and Reign in every Conscience, according to the Promise of God, in Psal. 2. 8. Ask of me, and I shall give thee the Heathen for thy Inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the Earth for thy Possession. O therefore be ye warned, you Great Men of the Earth, from the highest to the lowest, what Laws and Decrees you make and execute against the Lords Innocent People, whom you have nothing against, but in matter of Worship to our God; as Daniels Enemys had no other cause, who drawed in the King by their Flatterys, pretending Honour for him, to fulfil their hearts Lust; and so caused him to Seal the Decree against Daniel, [Page 4] which made the Kings heart sorrowful, but mark what became of them that laid the Snare privily to destroy the Innocent; for the Snare that they had laid for him, became a Pit of Destruction to them, and the Kings Eyes were opened to see who was his greatest Friends, and could do no less then testifie, That Daniels God, was the Lord of Lords, and king of kings, and hath all Power in Heaven and Earth in his Hand.

O therefore Fear and Tremble before the Great God of Hea­ven and Earth, whose Almighty power is able to dash you in pieces like a Potters Vessel, and to cast you as Dung upon the Face of the Earth, and give your Flesh to the Fouls of the Air; for asuredly the God of Daniel, and of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed­nego is our God, and his Arm is not at all shortned, that it cannot Save; nor his Ear heavy, that it cannot Hear; but he will asu­redly hear the Cry of the Oppressed, and will deliver us in his own appointed time, as he did Israel of Old; for he is a God hear­ing Prayer, and to whom every Knee must Bow. O therefore take Warning you Inhabitants of this Nation of England, be­fore the day of your Visitation be quite over; for without speedy Repentance be found in thee, the overflowing Scourge will asured­ly pass through thee, as it did over Jerusalem of Old. For what Sins were there committed in her, that are not found in thee at this day▪ for they pleaded highly for the Law and the Prophets, and had the Scriptures of Truth, and said, Had they been in the dayes of their Fore-Fathers, they would not have killed the Prophets▪ yet being ignorant of what the Prophets testified of in the Scriptures of Truth concerning Christ, they Reviled him, and Despised him, and put him to Death, notwithstanding he turned them to the Holy Scriptures, and bid them, Search them, for they are they (said he) that testifie of me, but you will not come to me that you may have Life▪ and he also said, That he was not come to destroy the Law nor the Pro­phets, but to fulfil them▪ And he was the end of the Law for Righteousness sake, to all that did believe in him; and to as ma­ny [Page 5] as did believe in his Name in that day, to them he gave Power to become Sons & Daughters of the most high God, & established his second Covenant in them, according to his Promise, by writing his Law in their hearts, and putting his Truth in their Inward parts; and so they were no more under the Law, but under Grace, and for this end was the Gospel Preached, that Sin might be con­demned in the Flesh, that we might be justified in the Spirit. The Law of the Spirit of Life which Christ Jesus our Lord is set­ting up in the Hearts of his People, is beyond the outward Law; for thereby he purifieth the Conscience, and makes it void of Offence towards God & Man; & it is beyond the Law of Moses (which the Jews appeared so strickt for) which was Gods Ordinance in its time, till Christ came (who is full of Grace and Truth) to put an end to Sin, and finish Transgression, and bring in everlasting Righ­teousness, and set up his everlasting Government in his People, of which there is to be no end; and those that do live under his Government, can do no less then Fear God, and Honour the King; giving unto God that which is his, and to the King that which is his; but as pertaining to the Conscience, it is the King of Heavens Prerogative alone, to sit upon his [...] in e­very one of our Hearts, and to rule and reign there, and to lead and guide us in his Counsel, that after we have obeyed him in all his Commandments, he may bring us unto Glory; and therefore we dare not bow to any other Worship, but the Spiritual Wor­ship that Jesus spake of to the Woman of Samaria, (when he found her out there in her Ignorance, by Jacobs Well,) whose Meat and Drink it was to Preach the Everlasting Gospel, which is the Power of God to Salvation, & was to the poor Woman, that she might be an Instrument in his hand, to go & Preach unto her Neighbours, & to call them unto him, that they might hear him themselves; & is the same Christ that we do invite all to this day, that he may set your Sins in order before you, and bring all to your Remem­brance whatsoever you have done from your Youth unwards, as he did to this Woman.

[Page 6] O therefore you that have any tenderness for your own Souls; prize your time, and the day of Gods Love to your Immortal Souls, lest the Midnight Cry overtake you at unawares, in the Night of Apostacy, before you come to own and submit to the Ministration of Condemnation against Sin, which is glorious in its time, here is the strait and narrow way, that is hard to that Birth that lives in Sin, therefore this is the strait way that Christ spoke of, that all must walk in that come to know the Ministration of Justification in the sight of God, which is far more glorious in its time; those who thus come to receive and submit to Gods Visi­tation, the way that was once strait and narrow, doth become a Path of Pleasantness to them, and all his ways peace to that Birth which Christ spoke of to Nicodemus, which is of his own nature; and he that is begotten and brought forth in his Heavenly Divine Nature, as the Scripture saith in 1 John 3. 9. Whosoever is born of God, doth not commit Sin; for his Seed remaineth in him; and he cannot Sin, because he is born of God. So there is not a good Thought, nor a good Desire, but what is of the Lords be­getting in us; and he that begets these good desires in us, is able to fulfil the desires of them that fear him, according to his pro­mise in the Holy Scriptures of Truth; and those he makes able rather to chuse, as Moses did, to suffer Affliction with the People of God, then to enjoy the Pleasures of Sin which is but for a Season.

O therefore you Priests and People of all sorts, that are plead­ing for Sin term of Life, search the Scriptures, for they are they that testifie against you, in all your Ungodly Actions; for you are not only under the Condemnation of the Law of Moses, but also Transgressors of the Law of Grace, that do live and act in Sin, in Persecuting your honest Neighbours, who for Conscience sake cannot bow to the wills of Men, in things relating to Gods Worship; for the Law of Moses was added because of Transgressi­on; for before Sin entred there was no need of an outward Law to punish for Sin, but to keep to the Law of the Spirit of Truth [Page 7] within, in which state Man would have been happy had he kept therein; for Christ is the Resurrection and the Life, that was pro­mised after the Fall of Adam and Eve, that should redeem fallen Man out of that Estate into the Restoration and Image of God a­gain. Therefore you that are pleading to be saved by Christs Death and Sufferings, and yet keep in the Image of the Earthly, and are not come to suffer with Christ, & to be buried with him in Baptism, that you may know the Resurrection of his Life to raise up your Souls that are dead in Trespasses and Sins, that you may put off the Old Man with his Deeds, and so come to bear the I­mage of the Heavenly, and so live in newness of Life, you are but deceiving your own Souls, for the end of Christs comeing was, To Redeem his People out of Sin, and not to save them in their Sins▪ for as Christ said, If you Dye in your Sins, whither I go you cannot come; for he is of purer Eyes then to behold Iniquity, as to let it go unreproved, or to dwell with Uncleanness; (therefore) as the Prophet said, He was a Man of Sorrow, and acquainted with Grief, in that prepared Body of which it was said, He went about doing good, and healing all manner of Diseases, for them that did believe in him; but where unbelief was, he did not many mighty works there; for there is nothing unpossible to those that do believe in his Name.

O! therefore fear and tremble ye Inhabitants of the Earth, and wait to know the Iudgments of the Lord to be set up in you, that you may learn Righteousness through them; for the unlimitted Power of the Lord is going through this Nation, and it is in vain for mor­tal Men, whose Breath is in their Nostrils, to set themselves in battle array against the Lamb and his Followers, for the Lamb and his Followers shall have the Victory; for he is that great Prophet which Moses Prophesied of, That should be raised up like unto him, and said, Him shall ye hear in all things; and those that will not hear this Prophet, shall be cut off from among the People: For the mighty Power of the Lord is going through this Nation, and the day [Page 8] that is at hand will burn as an Oven against all the Proud, and all that do wickedly; for they shall be as Stubble before Devouring Fire; For the best of them is as a Bryar, and the most Upright as a Thorn Hedge; therefore the day will be very terrible in breaking down the Pleasant Pictures and Guilded Cup of vain Religion, that have been held out (to deceive the Nations) full of Abomi­nations.

And against you Priests and Teachers also, that are not come so far as the Pharisaical Righteousness, to make the outside clean; for there is a fire kindled in the Wrath of God, which will burn in his sore Displeasure, against all you that are covering your selves with a covering, but not of Gods Eternal Spirit; for all o­ther coverings will be too narrow, and the Bed too short to stretch your selves on; for there is a Cloud of Witnesses against you, the Law, the Prophets, Christ and his Apostles; your Persecution exceeds Sauls, which was a Man that walk­ed as to the Law blameless, and he Persecuted in Zeal for the Law which Moses received from the Mouth of God, and was Igno­rant that Christ was come, who was the end of the Law for Righteousness sake, to as many as did believe in his Name; and so his Zeal was for the Law and the Temple, (where) Gods Holi­ness once appeared; so the Lord smote him down in mercy, that he might pass thorough the Ministration of Condemnation, which is glorious in its time, and be raised up in the Administration of Iustification, which came by Iesus Christ, which is far more glo­rious; For the Law came by Moses, but Grace and Truth by Jesus Christ; and if they escaped not that refused him that spake on Earth, of how much sorer Punishment shall they be thought worthy that refus­eth him that speaketh from Heaven? whose Grace hath appeared unto all Men, to bring Pardon for Sin to them that do obey it, and to teach them to deny all Ungodliness and Wordly Lusts, and to live a Righteous & Godly Life in this present Evil World: And so such come to witness. that Christ did not come to destroy the Law and the Prophets, but to fulfil all Righteousness within, [Page 9] and to cut down Sin in the motion, by the true Circumcision within, and then such comes to witness the Apostles words, who said, That neither Circumcision, which was outward, nor Uncir­cumcision availeth any thing, but a new Creature.

But Ah! you Priests, Rulers and Persecutors, that are risen up against the People of God in these times, how have you appeared against the Law and the Gospel? and by your Fruits you are known to be those that Christ spoke of to his Disciples, who said, By their Fruits ye shall know them; and he also bid them, (that had the Everlasting Gospel to Preach) As they had freely received, free­ly give: but wherein hath your Love appeared to God or to your Neighbours, To Love the Lord your God with all your Hearts, and with all your Souls, and your Neigh­bours as your selves: On which two great Commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets, which must be fulfilled in the Royal Law of Christ within; but you have rather appeared like them that came forth out of the City, Desireing Christ to de­part out of their Coast, for the loss of a few Swine, notwithstanding the great Miracle which he did for their Neighbour, in casting out Legions of Devils that did torment him, and he sate by Jesus cloathed, and in his right mind.

O! therefore blush and be ashamed, you that pretend the Scripture is your only Rule, and live so contrary to it; for have you not appeared worse then those who prayed Christ to depart out from their Coast, to save their outward Substance, and would have none of the Knowledge of his ways? for you have rejected and despised Christ in his appearance, who hath waited long to be gracious to your Souls, though he hath knocked so long at the door of your Hearts, till his Locks have been wet with the Dew of the Night, and yet you still refuse him, and the knowledge of his ways, and had rather entertain your Legion of Unclean Thoughts and Ungodly Deeds, and have also said, That there is no living without Sin on this side the Grave; and so have made a Co­venant [Page 10] with Hell and Death, which must be broken, if ever you come to know the travail of your Souls, as David did, when he cryed under the sence of Gods Iudgments for Sin, That he would give no sleep to his Eyes, nor slumber to his Eye-lids, till he had found a Habitation for the God of Iacob to dwell in; for he must have the whole Heart where he takes up his abode, and no room left for Uncleanness; O therefore search and see, whether you be not worse then they that desired Christ to depart from them to save self, that will give no room for Christ in your own Hearts to reign there, nor no room for his Subjects that are under the reign of his Power; though we would eat our own Bread, and wear our own Apparel; but you are taking away our outward Substance, which the Lord hath blest us with to nourish us and our Familys, and taking of us to Prison, and then come to disturb us in the Prison, for no other cause but for meeting together in the Name of Jesus, to worship the Father and the Son in the Spirit and in the Truth; and for this cause are we put into Prison; and for the same cause are we still sufferers in the Prison, for several times was I pulled out of the Meeting while I was a Prisoner at Bridewel, and kept from the rest of my Friends till the Meeting was done, for no other cause, but be­ing at Prayer to the Living God, before the now Sheriffs came into their places; and since they have come in, they have also bent their Bow against the Righteous, and gone from Prison to Prison, to disturb us in our Spiritual Worship in the Prison, and gave the Keepers Orders, That we should not be suffered to come together to Preach and Pray: And according to their Orders were we Lockt asunder. But blessed be the Name of the Lord, our Teach­er cannot be removed into a Corner, and therefore they cannot seperate us from his Presence, which is life to our Souls; if they put us one by one into a stinking Dungeon, there will our God hear our Prayers, and send the Angel of his Presence down a­mongst us, to sweeten our Souls with the sweet Oyntment of his love, as blessed be his Name, he did at that time amongst us; and [Page 11] in the sense of his living Presence and Power, my Heart and Mouth was opened to Praise the Lord for his Goodness and Mercy to our Souls, and in Prayer, That he might preserve us in the living sence of the same to the end of our days, that so we might receive the end of our Hope and Faith, even the Salvation of our Souls; and in the mean time came in Sheriff Arnold with others in his Company, who took me off my Knees from Prayer, and sent me away by his man to Newgate, and he and the rest followed after to disturb Friends here; and when they came in, they were very fierce to thrust in through Friends that sate in the outward roomes, that they might come to the innermost room in the Prison, to see if they could find any Preaching or Praying, but Friends being sitting in silence, they could hear no Words till after they came in; a Friend spake to them, To Fear the Lord, because his Name is Great, and for these words, or such like, was he com­manded to be taken away out of his lodging room, (from the rest of Friends) and put him down into a dark Room, called the West-house; & they commanded that I should be put from the rest of Friends also, and not be suffered to meet with them; & so I told them, They were but Mortal Men, and that the Sword of Mortality hanged over their Heads, which was near ready to cut them down, and therefore my desire to them was to Repent.

So the Turn-key took me down into a place, called Paules, and put me into a dark hole; and Thomas Lugg an Informer, and now a Constable, one of the company that came along with the She­riff, followed after, and spoke of Chaining of me, & that I should have neither Bread nor Water,; and the next Meeting day, being lockt and kept one from another in several Roomes, I being at Prayer, the Goaler and his Man came where I was, and took me off my Knees, and would not suffer me to stay with the rest of my Friends that lodged in the same dark Room, it being a place where Felloners use to lodge, and would not suffer one Friend [Page 12] to go along with me, but put me among the Felloners and Deb­tors, where I was Derided and shamefully Intreated, and Water thrown on me, for no other cause but Praying to the Living God; and ever since I am not suffered to stay in the Room with my Friends on our Meeting days, but in a little time taken forth and put from the rest of my Friends, though Drunkards and Swearers are suffered frequently to meet and make themselves drunk, with­out being used after the manner that we are used.

What is above written, is not written boastingly, or to exalt self, but that all may know our Innocency, and the true cause wherefore and by whom we suffer; and it is great pitty that Men Professing Religion, should bring forth no better Fruites, which is no way inducing to any sober People, who have any regard to Gods Honour, or the good of their own Souls, to come to be of their Religion, the thing that they in words so much press for. And blessed be the Name of the Lord, we have no cause to com­plain, that our sufferings are too hard for the Testimony of Jesus, who suffered Death for us; neither have we any thing to glory in, but in the Lord Jesus, that is giving us strength in weakness; for of our selves we have nothing to glory in, but our Infirmities; but glory be to his Name for Evermore, that is redeeming of us out of Imperfection, and making our Hearts sound in his Statutes, who works in us, both to will and to do of his own good Pleasure, and so let his own works live to praise him, saith my Soul, forever and for evermore; for it is by Grace we stand, and not by any works of ours; but that Faith that doth not bring forth good works is a dead Faith, and is not the Faith which the Iust lives by, which stands in the Power of God, Oh! therefore consider before it be too late, ye Rulers and Teachers of the People, what Fruites there are brought forth in this Nation, that Preaching and Praying to the Living God is become a Crime in this Na­tion; and hasten to put a stop to this great Current of Wicked­ness, that is running down the Streets like a mighty Stream; for [Page 13] the Determination of Israels God is to Humble this Nation, and to thinn the Land of Evil-doers; and those that will not bring their works before death to Iudgment, the Lord will send forth his Destroying Angel, to cut them down by Mortality; for as sure as he did send forth his Angel in Jerusalem, to mark all that Mourn & Sigh for the Abominations of the times; so is the Angel of his Presence sent forth this day to mark all the Upright Heatt­ed, that our Souls may rest in the day of Trouble, that is coming upon the Wicked, that will not come to see Sin to be exceeding Sinful, and so come to cry out under the Body of Sin and Death, as the Apostle once did in the sense of his wretchedness, till he came to witness Victory through Christ Iesus his Lord, and a resting place in him for his Soul; for as to an outward Callamity, the Lord may suffer the Righteous to pertake with the Wicked, the Miraculous Works of God in this day are inward, an Inward Change and a through Translation out of the Kingdom of Satan, into the Kingdom of the Lord Iesus Christ within; for the King of Heaven suffereth Violence in and until the Violent [...] it by force.

O! you that are gazing after Christ and his Miracles, in the outward Observations, like unto the Wise Professing Jews, notwithstanding they had seen many Miracles that Iesus had done, yet nothing would serve them but their own Wills, With­out he would come down from the Cross, they would not believe in him; and many Miracles have been wrought by Christ in this day, not only among the mean ones, but also some among the great and mighty of the Earth that have believed on him, and have parted with their Legions of Unclean Thoughts and Actions to entertain Christ, and when this through Change hath been made, your Visible Eyes have beheld, that they have lived in Newness of Life outwardly also, and yet you will not understand that Scripture, John 14. 12. where Christ said, Verily, Verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the werkes that I do, shall he [Page 14] do also, and greater worke then these shall he do, because I go unto my Fa­ther. And what greater workes can be done in the sight of the Visible Eye, then was done by him in that prepared Body, which suffered without the Gates of Jerusalem; for as many as did believe in his Name, and seek him in Brokenness of Heart, as Mary Mag­dalen did (out of whom he cast seaven Devils) when she sought him at the Sepulchre, if she could see his Body, but he was risen out of the sight of all Visibles; for though she had seen that Body but three days before, yet her Visible Eyes could not discern the Lords Body, but thought it had been the Gardiner, (which indeed he is the true Gardiner, which pulls up every Plant and Weed in his People, which is not of his own Right Hands Planting, that their Sacrifice may be Pleasant and Sweet in his sight) but he saw the Integrity of her Heart, that she was sick of Love after him, and therefore in his tender Bowels of Mercy and tender Compassion, he could not refrain himself any longer, but made himself known unto her, and said, Woman, why weepest thou? whom seekest thou? and when she asked for her Lord in the Resurrection of Life and Power he appeared unto her, and in­dued her with Wisdom and Power, and sent her to Preach the Resurrection to his Disciples; for if Christ send us in a Message, whether the Words be few or many, it is Preaching the Ever­lasting Gospel, whether it be Male or Female, they are all one in Christ; for as the Woman fell first into the Transgression, so in the Restoration Christ first appeared unto her, and sent her to declare unto the Men that he was risen; and afterwards he appeared unto the two Men, as they were walking on the way, and their Hearts burned within them, while he was opening the Scriptures to them; but their Visible Eyes could not discern the Lords Body that was risien out of the sight of all Visibles, though they knew him a little before, until he made himself known in breaking of Bread with them: And he is the Resurrection and the Life at this day, that opens the understandings of his People, [Page 15] whereby they understand the Scriptures of Truth, and causes the dead to hear his Voice and live.

Oh! therefore my counsel is unto you, both Professor and Prophane, that you do not trifle away your pretious time, to sit under the Ministry of the Idol Shepherds this day, which do feed you with a Form of Words without the Power; for the Book is Sealed to the Learned and Unlearned, till the Lyon of the Tribe of Judah open the Book, and unloose the Seals. Oh! therefore hearken no more to the corrupt teachings of Men, who have gotten the words of the Prophets, Christ and his Apostles, but are ignorant of the Power that preserves from Sin, and speaketh, (say­ing) Thus saith the Lord, whereas the Lord hath not spoken unto them, therefore they do not profit the People at all, for they have nothing to do to take the Name of the Lord in their Mouths, who do hate to be reformed in themselves; for what were they the better that went to deck themselves with the Apostles words, and spake the same words as they did, in the Name of Jesus, (saying) We abjure you to come out of the Man; but the Devils would not be subject unto them, because they wanted the Power; but said unto them, Jesus we know, and Paul we know, but who are ye? and so run upon them and wounded them: And therefore let every one that nameth the Name of Jesus, depart from Ini­quity; for the Scripture saith, That there is none can call Jesus, Lord, but by the Holy Ghost; and the Lord said by the mouth of his Prophet to Rebellious Israel, That though they said the Lord liv­eth, yet they Swore falsly, because they did not witness him to be their Redeemer to live in them. Oh! therefore be awakened to Righteousness you Professors of all sorts, and sit no longer under this dead Ministry, that stands only in a Form of words, without the Power; for the Kingdom of God is come in Power, & there is room enough for all that do follow Christ in the Regeneration, in inward Tribulation; and those that have passed through this In­ward Tribulation, have no cause to fear the Outward Sufferings, [Page 16] nor what Man can do unto them, although it be to the laying down of our outward lives; for the Wrath of Man shall go no further then what shall make for Gods glory, and the residue he will restrain; for we know from whom that Religion did arise, that would take Mony to forgive Sin, and for the gift of God which is not to bought with Mony; and therefore the Devils Subjects are so greedy after it, who makes it their God, and their glory is their shame; for th [...]y have manifested that they have no love to God nor to their Neighbours, in keeping of us all this while in Prison, and neither to send Priest nor Prophet a­mongst us, to exhort us, or to shew us by plain Scripture that we are out of the way; I have spoken to the Keeper several times, That if [...]hey were in the right, and we in the wrong, that he would get one of the Priests to come amongst us, according to Gospel Order; but he would not without we would promise to hear him Preach, and say nothing to contradict him: Therefore we look upon them to be such that are either afraid or ashamed to stand by their Ministry, being such as the Prophet Ezekiel testified against, Ezek. 34. 2. and also the Apostle further testifying, That they are allienated from the Common-wealth of Israel, and Strangers to the Covenant of Grace; the day of the Lord is going over them all, and the Songs of their Temples, which they have sung in Babylon, shall be turned into Howling and bitter Lamentation, because they did not first learn to Roar and Weep, as David did, in the sence of Gods Judgments, till they come to be quickened by his Judgments and Mercys, and so to Sing of Judgment and Mercy.

Oh! therefore in the love of God, I warn you all, my Neigh­bours and Acquaintance, and my Heart is in travail for you, that you may not return back again to bow down to the Imagina­tions of Men, which is no better then the Worshippings of Idols: Oh! therefore you that love your own Souls, and your Children, wait to feel the Blood of Sprinkling over your Hearts, that you [Page 17] may be spared in the day that is at Hand, when nothing will stand by you, but the Witness of God in your own Consciences, bearing witness to your Spirits, that you are the Lords.

If the witness of God in your own Hearts testifie against you, then neither Husband, nor Wife, nor Children can speak true Peace to you, nor appease the wrath of God that will come upon you, but [...] Weeping and Wailing on every hand; a wound­ed Body one may bear, but a wounded Soul who can bear?

Oh! therefore in the true love of God, once more in perticu­lar to you that are Professors, and have in measure seperated from the publick, as you love your own Souls, and Children, and near Relations, which are near and dear unto you; that you may have a care that you do not bring a burthen upon your own Souls, and upon your near Relations, that may behold you upon your rowling dying Pillows, in going back again to the Worship of the Time, for sear of Man; but rather dread and fear the living God, who is able in a moment of time by the stroak of his Hand to cut down you and your Familys, both Souls and Bodys, and cast you into Everlasting Misery, where the great Gulph is fixed between the Righteous and the Wicked, that although they may weep and wail, there will not be one drop of Mercy for them. Oh! therefore the desire of my Soul is, that England may chuse the Fast that God hath chosen, (viz) To visit the Wi­dow and the Fatherless, and let the Oppressed go free, and as the Apostle saith, Keep Unspotted from the World; for the Lord is Great, and greatly to be feared; and he will not clear the Guilty, that have made a Profession in vain; for there was cause enough Thirty Years ago to seperate from the National Worship, and much more now; for the Wicked grow worse and worse, and the measure of their Iniquity is almost full; and the Cup that they have filled to others, shall they drink double from the hand of the Lord themselves, without any mixture of Mercy, if they repent not.


[Page 19] Oh! therefore let none think it is so easy to take up Reli­gion, as a Child doth a Play-Game, and so lay it down again, and think there is no Evil in so doing: for if you had no Zeal for God when you took up your Religion first, it is high time for you now to begin; for our God is a Jealous God, whose Name is Prophaned amongst the Heathen, and he will send forth his Destroying Angel to smite the first­born in Egypt, the Region of Darkness, where Sin is multiply­ed and reigns; then Blessed and Happy will all they be, that know the Blood of Sprinkling upon the Lentils of the doors of their Hearts, that so they may be spared in the day of the fierce anger of the Lord: For if the Anger of the Lord is kindled never so little, then Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.

So in true love to your Immortal Souls, have I clear­ed my Conscience of what lay upon me from the Lord, and shall leave the effect to him, for whe­ther you will hear or forbear, I am clear: for as the Apostle said, Having known the Terrours of God for Sin, he could do no less then warn all Men every where to Repent; and as the Lord said to the Pro­phet Ezekiel, (viz.) When I say to the Wicked, thou shalt surely Dye, and thou giv'st him not warning, nor speakest to warn the Wicked from his Wicked way, to save his Life; the same Wicked Man shall dye in his Iniquity, but his Blood will I require at thy Hand; yet if thou warn the Wicked, and he turn not from his Wickedness, nor from his Wicked way, he shall Dye in his Iniquity, but thou hast delivered thy Soul, Ezek, 33. 8, 9.

[Page 18] So with my Hearty Desires and Prayers to God for En­gland's Prosperity, that all might pertake of the Uni­versal Love of God, which is offered to all Men in the day of their Visitation. This from one who is a Sufferer for the Testimony of Jesus, and desires the Universal Welfare of all Men.

Dorcas Dole.

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