THE Dissenter's Discription OF TRUE LOYALTY.

True Loyalty it doth not stand
In things that many take in hand,
To Swagger, Curse, to Damn and Roar,
And Drink a Thousand Healths and more;
Nor to devise Confounding Oaths,
Which God, and King, and Subjects Loaths;
Nor Drinking till they Reel and Stagger,
Then Wound or Stab with Sword or Dagger.
Though such cry out Huzza, the King,
They'r easily brought to another thing;
Their Brains unstable, their Hearts are hollow,
And that that's [...]ppermost they'l follow;
Believe them no, they have no Faith,
Believing not what Scripture saith:
For such Men wil turn with the Wind,
They'l leave the [...]r God and King behind,
To serve their Lusts and Pleasures dear,
Being sometimes there, and sometimes here,
Always Swimming with the Tide,
Playing Jack on every side;
Such Roaring, Huffing, Bouncing Boys,
They Bluster muc [...], and make a Noise
As if the only Men they were,
That for the King took special care;
But in the end it will be known
Such hurt his Int [...]rest, and their own:
But Loyal Men do truly Love
The King, and H [...]m that is above,
They keep themselves from every thing
That doth offend their God and King,
And always have a careful Eye,
Not to offend the Majesty
Of him who Rules on Earth below,
Or him that doth our Secrets know;
For they that truly fear their God,
Do know the King hath Sword and Rod
To punish them that evil do,
And are content it should be so;
They also know God gives him Power,
To which they'r subject every hour;
Not from the fear to fell his VVrath,
But from Allegiance and true Faith.
VVhen good he doth to them impart,
Love is return'd from very Heart;
His Declaration shews them well
No Prince in VVisdom doth excell,
In Valour and true Piety,
A happy Nation made thereby;
For Liberty to this Land he brings,
And fames his Name above most Kings.
They'r nothing like those sordid Sots,
VVho run from Discontents to Plots,
Nor like such Fools, who run such strains,
To rule all with their addled Brains,
VVho over a mess of Coffee prate,
Do sit and judge the things of State;
But in what's right he takes Contentment,
And what's amiss prays for amendment;
In mean while knows his Duty sure,
That what's amiss he must endure;
Such Subjects always Live at rest,
They hear, and see, and say the best;
VVhose Tongues are bridled with a Bit,
They may not run beyond their VVit;
Such Subjects sure the King will please,
VVho keep him, and themselves at ease;
Such Subjects are to him a Crown,
The more of such, the more Renown;
Such Loyalty hath substance in't,
'Twill never hurt the Government;
God send such Loyalty in Streams,
As Blessings great upon King JAMES.
That he may nourish them, and they
May for his VVelfare ever Pray,
Vive Le 'Roy.

This may be Printed October the 7th 1687. R. P.

London, Printed and Sold, by Andrew Sowle, at the Crooked-Billet in Holloway-Lane in Shoreditch, and the Three Keys in Nags-Head-Court in Grace-Church-Street, over against the Conduit,

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