THIS FOR Dear Friends IN LONDON, And them that are Aboard the Ship, in order to Transportation; or else where all abroad.

DEAR and Valiant Children of the most High, your faithful standing in the meek Spirit, to bear your Testimony for the Lord, in what he calls you unto, is a sweet perfume in the presence of the Lord, and a great refreshing to the hearts of his people; Therefore, abide in the pu [...]e meek Spirit, and receive your blessed reward you faithful Lambs, the blessed Crown of Glory is yours for ever; Oh feel the earning of Bowels towards you, and the breakings of heart that is before the Lord for you; Oh can we re­member you, and not our eyes water with tears, in com­passionating of you in the simpathizing Spirit that indears, and unites us one unto another in our God, to whom my Soul breaths. Oh Lord sweeten the passage of thy people, and make their Cups pleasant, thou suffers to be given them to drink, that thy mighty power may be manifest in all them that love not their lives to death, to do thy will this day; and plead their cause in bastening their deliverance, to the con­founding of all Sions enemies, and the renown of thy great Name for ever and ever.

[Page 2]Dear Brethren and Sisters in the meek Spirit of our God, my life goes and abides with you, with the forceable love of the whole Church of the first born; Oh lift up your heads' & let not the fear of the Sickness or any Representation of any Evil enter you, but all in staidness in the Light, Life, thought and will of God which is perfect in it self, and abiding as is written, God will keep every one of you in perfect peace all your dayes in every condition, and will keep you in sweet peace and unity one with another to the praise and glory of the name of our God, whose presence is with you, and will sweeten your passage in what ever you are to go through to the praise and glory of the Name of the Lord for ever, who will arise more and more, and plead our Cause in the sight of a mighty people, whom he will make to confess that you that are faithful, are the Children of the most High God, the righteous Seed that the Lord hath blessed, and it will be well every way with all the faithful and suffering people, and the blessing of God shall be upon us and our Children for ever that love the Lord Jesus this day. And the hundred forty four thousands shall stand upon Mount Sion, where some of the number is already established; and they shall sing the new Songs that not any shall learn but those that are redeemed from the Earth, who shall make the eares of all the enemies of God to tingle, and their hearts shall fail, and paleness gather into their faces, for dreadful will be the vengeance of the Lord upon Sions enemies, and great fearfulness shall surprise them; they shall run to fro like Vagabonds as Cain did, and not know where to hide their heads, for where ever they are the Lord will find them out and banish them from place to place, untill he hath got­ten his glory upon them, in laying all low that withstands his arising, for he will dash the potsheards of the Earth to pie­ces, and they shall lament and cry out, and gnaw their Tongues for pain, when you faithful, beloved, ever honour­able [Page 3] Children that endure unto the end, shall shout and sing praises and magnifie the Lord, and say, Oh how righteous are thy Judgments, oh thou King of Saints; for thou hast pleaded our cause and turned our sorrows into everlasting Joy, and hast overthrown all thy enemies that withstand the rising of thy Glory, that a door may be opened to gather our Brethren from far, and our Sisters from the ends of the Earth: Therefore will we sing of thy Goodness with Praises, Praises, Hallelujahs, and high Praises, for thou art worthy over all for ever and ever, Amen.

My dear Companions with me salutes you all in the dea­rest love of our God, where neither Sea nor Land can se­perate; but in the bowels of love will we imbrace one ano­ther in the chast life where no vulterous eye can behold our Joy and Felicity in the Lord our God; In whom fare you well, fare you well saith the Soul of your dear Brother in the name of the Lord for ever, both you that are for Trans­portation, and you that stand in a faithful Testimony in that City where the Lord hath sent his destroying Angel to exe­cute the pleasure of his will.

And in the tender bowels of the love of God, I desire you all [in this gloomy dismal dark day that's come upon that City] put you on the shield of Faith, and in the Light of the Covenant, stand single before the Lord to be cloathed with the garment of Eternal Salvation, that you may reign over all fearfulness and unbelief, that every particular may stand as saviours on mount Sion in the midst of a desolate people, for this is the harvest of the great God in that City wherein he is reaping, threshing and winnowing the chaffe from the Wheat, and making a short work in the earth for his Seed sake, and many that shall have their lives given them for a prey shall receive the Word of Eternal Life in that City, and great shall be the number who shall submit to the Government of Christ, and they shall bless the Lord; [Page 4] for you that love not your lives to death, for the glory of God and gathering the Sons and Daughters of Men to the knowledge of God, by your holy lives and sweet walking in all holiness of Conversation: Oh blessed be the day that ever you were born, yea my Soul glorifies God for you that ever you had a being you faithful Lambs in the City of London, and elsewhere scattered according to the will of God; Though you now drink a Cup of great affliction, the day of Eternal Joy is sprung up to thee, which none can take away, an eternal freedom shall be unto thee oh Sion; Kings shall come unto thee, and Princes to the rising of this thy Glorious day, and all thy Enemies shall fall before thee, and thou shalt be the Glory over all the Earth, and the chosen Diadem in the hand of thy God amongst the people, who shall as much love thee as they now hate thee, & esteem of thee as they now despise thee; for thou oh Sion art the Plant of the Lord, the Tree of Righteousness, in whom is the vertue of the mighty God of Heaven, & the leaf of thy Tree shall heal the Nations; and put an end to all their distractions, the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.

Through one that dwells within thy gates thou glo­rious and beautiful Sion, Church of the first born, the beloved Bride the Lambs Wife for ever: Bles­sings, Glory, and Praises, Halelujahs, eternal ho­nour and renown be unto thy God and King who reigneth in thee, and is exalting his Kingdom over all the Kingdoms of this world, and of his Dominion there s [...]all be no end.

W. D.

A former Letter not Printed till now.

Oh thou beloved Seed of God in London, Hartford, Bristol, Redding, and Colchester, with all in other Places where the Power of Hell, and Darkness is begun[?] to make War in the fierce­ness of his Wrath, and great Fury, as though he would destroy and utterly lay wast.

ALL you dear Children born again of the Royal Seed, who is raised up in the Power of the most High to bear the Name of the Lord in the Earth, and to shine forth in the lively Image of his own Nature amongst the People; in your loving the Lord Jesus better then all the World, and and the created objects, and enjoyments therein, and in this day of your great Trial you are found faithful, in the Name of the Lord to withstand all the Power of Hell and Dark­ness, and to make war in Righteousness neither with Sword nor Speare, but in the Word of the Patience of the Lamb of God, who overcame and was made perfect in sufferings.

Oh you chosen Vessels, whom the Lord hath counted worthy to stand in the heat of the Trial in the excellent noble life to bear your testimony, with the hazard of the loss of your estates, & liberty, even to banishment, yea to lay down your lives if the Lord require it at your hands, to the com­forting and incouraging of all your dear Brethren whose eyes are upon you, and their Prayers and breathings to the Lord for you; that he may carry you on with boldness, and sweeten your passage, until in faithfulness you have finished what is determined of the Lord in drinking of this Cup he is handing unto you, that he may make you manifest to be [Page 6] his deer and chosen Jewels to the perfecting of the praise and glory of the Name of our God over all blessed for ever.

Oh you valiant Brethren, and beloved Sisters cloathed with the excellency of the glory of the incomprehensible God; lift up your Heads in the Name of the Lord, tram­ple upon all the fear of Man, and upon all the Representati­on of hardships, of parting with dear and tender Wife or loving Husband, or with your dear and tender Children which lyes near to the hearts of loving Parents.

Oh how doth the compassion of a Father flow forth to­wards them, and the yearning of the bowels of a tender and loving Mother, towards the dear and tender Children, when the Trial looks in the face of being separated from them, and to see their faces no more.

Dear chosen Vessels of the most high God, let not any of these things enter into you as to trouble or weaken your Testimony for the Lord, who hath commanded me to write unto you to cast your care upon the Lord, and be faithful in standing approved before him in your faithful Testimony, he will be more then Wife to Husband, or Husband to Wife, or Parents to Children, or Children to Parents [yea] he will instruct our Children with his Spirit, and teach them his fear, though they should be in the hands of their Ene­mies: so that our Children shall not want the thing that is good for them: The Lord hath sealed his Counsel to me which I here declare unto you Parents of tender Children, whose Trial is known to the Lord in these things, &c.

Oh feel the Seed of Abraham in its Dominion in you, which is the Bride, the Lamb's Wife, and in true love to him doth offer up the dearest Isaac into the will of God, that a perfect Sacrifice our God may have, soul, body, and all that we have in this day: he hath called us to be the first fruits unto the Lamb, and in our Testimony in this our Try­al [Page 7] we are called to preach to all Nations, Kindred, Tongues, and People in their own Language; for the Witnesse in all their Consciences will feel us, and give them to understand that we are not of this World: but are the Redeemed of the Lord, whom he hath called in the Patience of the Lamb to suffer; for to gather the Seed that is scattered in the Earth, that our Brethren may be brought from far, and our Sisters from the outmost parts of the World, who cannot come until we have drunk this Cup, of which I was sent to declare to you in years past, and now to your comfort I declare when it is finished according to the pleasure of the Lord, which he is hastening and will cut short in righteous­ness for the seed sake, then wo, wo to the enemies of Sion, for our God will plague them, and cause them to cast all their glory down before him, and they shall come bending to the soles of the feet of his people, and shall confess that you are the Children of the most high God, the righteous seed which the Lord hath blessed; and this certainly will come to pass, the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.

Through your Brother and companion in the tribulation & patience of the Lord Iesus, Farewell. W. D.

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