THE DISCOVERY Of the great enmity of the Serpent against the seed of the Wo­man▪ which witnesseth against him where he rules, both in Rulers, Priests and People: Whose hearts are now made manifest in this great day of the Lords pow­er; wherein he is sending his Sons and D [...]ugh­ters in the power of his spirit to run to and fro to declare his word. WHICH Discovereth the state of England, who according to her own lusts hath heaped up Teachers to her self that hath spoken smooth things to her, calling her the beauti­full Church and Spouse of Christ; but in the day of tryall she is found in enmity to Christ in his appearance in his children, and to be in the estate deluded from the spirit of truth, recorded in 2 Tim. 4.2.3 Which cannot indure sound Doctrine, having itching eares and turns them away from the truth to fables; and now are Englands Teachers tryed, she hath leaped up to her self; and their doctrine proved: and their Ministery made manifest in the great enmity they manifest a­gainst Christ in persecuting the bodies of his Saints, them to destroy whom he hath sent to preach freely his eternal Word; for which they are stoned, beaten, and imprisoned; and many of Englands Teachers whom she upholds, stirs up the peo­ple so to doe: Being deceived, not regarding what is spoken, that neither fornica­tor, nor idolator, nor a adulterer, nor effeminate, nor abuser of themselves with mankind, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revellers, nor extortioners, shall inhe­rit the Kingdom of God, 1 Cor. 6.9, 10.

‘A true testimony of him the world knows by name, William Deusbery, and in scorn calls Quaker; who hath been by them imprisoned in York, Darby, Leicester, and Northampton, where he is now kept in the common Goal for the word of God and testimony of I [...]sus Ch [...]ist.’

Also his Call to the Ministry of the everlasting Gospel by the still voyce of the Spirit of God and his mighty power destroying with the flaming sword the disobedient that would not stand in his counsell, and causing the soul to submit to his counsel the light that comes from Christ in it to wait on him to open the seales of the Book, and make known the mystery of eternall life to the soul, the Scripture test [...]fie [...]h is in Christ the truth of it to know as it is in Iesus.

The word of the Lord to all in England whom the Lord hath betrusted with power from the highest to the lowest, to see the peace be kept; and to judg the cause of the People with righteous judgement.

VVith a lamentation over all in England; who oppose Christ in his spiritual app [...]a­rance, and to slight the day of your visitation to your own destruction.

From the common Goal in Northampton the 25. day of the 4. month, 1655.

LONDON, Printed for Giles Calvert at the VVest end of Pau [...]s, 1655.

The Discovery of the great enmity of the Ser­pent, against the seed of the woman, which witnesse against him where he rules, both in Ruler, Priest and People.

Oh people in England!

AM I become your enemy, because I tell you the truth; and deales plainly with you in declaring the minde of the Lord unto you? which in the eternal riches of his love he hath made known unto me, by the word of God and testimony of Jesus Christ, for which word and te­stimony I suffer outward bonds and persecutions, as my Lord and Master did; who was called a blasphemer, Belzebub the Prince of Devils, by the High Priests; who cryed to the unjust Magistrates, to deliver him up into their hands, that their persecuting murthering spirits; that thirsted after his blood, might be satisfied; which the un­just men in Authority to doe them a pleasure, in satisfying their wills abused their power, and delivered him up; and though they pro­ved not any thing against him, they put him to death, calling him a blasphemer; and he sealed his testimony with his blood: And all my holy Brethren, Prophets, and Apostles, were called Blas­phemers, Hereticks, Seducers, and Deluders, by the false Prophets, High-Priests, and Pharisees then; who professed the name of God in words, but denyed him in their practises; and persecuted his children, who were guided by his word, under the names former­ly written: as I and my brethren is now persecuted by the same generation, which professe God and Christ in words, but denying him in their practises, living in pride, and pleasures, envy and mu [...]der: every way persecuting, and seeking to destroy the bodies of the Saints of the most high God; where the righteous seed is raised up, which witnesseth against their unrighteous practises, and discovers them in their secret hypocrisie, which is hid under their voluntary humility, which causeth them to appear what they are, and manifests what was hid in their hearts, under their faire cove­rings of outward formes and profession of Religion, which they [Page 2] now manifest forth bp their fruit, whose children they are, in obe­dience to their father the Devil; who was a persecuter and a murtherer from the beginning, whose works they now doe that professe Christ in words, but denies to be guided by his spirit; for his spirit is no persecuter: and so are they made manifest (in what they doe) to all that have eyes to see, that they are strangers to Christ, while they continue in Cains nature persecuting the righ­teous seed without a cause, as he did, and doth in this Nation: both in the North of it, and in other Prisons in severall places of it, there hath been cast into them the Saints and Children of the most high God for obeying his will, in witnessing forth his eternall Word that he hath made manifest in them: And no breach of any Nationall Law proved against them, but a Popish Law made in Queen Maries Reigne, which some hath suffered under; and many others of the Saints and Children of the most high God, they have persecuted and cast into prisons, and not the breach of any Nationall proved against them; but in the pride and envy of their hearts doe they persecute the innocent, to satisfie their own wills; as I am a witnesse against them who have persecuted me, and cast me into prison under the name of a Seducer (as they say,) for the Seducing of the people of this nation, and for suspition of Blasphemy, and breaking of the publick peace, in dispersing prin­ciples contrary to the truth of the Gospel, and peace of the Nati­on; and not any accuser appeared to my face to prove what they charge against me, as is formerly written, either by the Law of God or the Law of the Nation; but the Serpent in whom he rules, hath manifest his enmity against me, whom the Lord hath redeem­ed from the Earth; and sent to preach the everlasting Gospell to those that dwell upon the Earth; and to witnesse against the wic­kednesse of the dark world that the deeds thereof are evill, for which testimony the world that hates the light that comes from Christ, whom they ever persecuted to fulfill the measure of their fa­thers iniquities; hath me and my brethren persecuted under the names as formerly written; charging me with making tumults and breaking the publick peace, for walking in obedience to the Spirit of Christ, which guided all he sent to preach his Gospel, to run to and fro as I have done in thee oh England! that knowledge may be increased, as is recorded in the Scripture of truth, Dan. 12.4. And is according to the commands of Christ; Go your wayes, Be­hold [Page 3] I send you forth as lambs among wolves, carry neither purse nor scrip nor shoos, and salute no man by the way, and into what City ye enter, and they receive you, eat such things as is set before you, Luke 10, 3, 4 & 8 verses. But beware of men, for they will deliver you up to their counsell, and they will scourge you in their Synagogues, and you shall be brought before Governours and Kings for my names sake, but he that endures unto the end shall be saved, Mat. 10.17, 18, & 22 verses▪

According as it is written the wicked world that always did as they now do persecute the Messengers of Jesus Christ, who to them were and are sent to witnesse against them in their markets and meeting places that their deeds are evil; which the chil­dren of this generation, that are strangers to the leadings of the spi­rit of truth, calls them that are guided by the spirit to walk accor­ding to the Scripture; makers of tumults, movers of sedition, breakers of the publick peace, as the unrighteous generation did, who persecuted Christ and his Apostles, whose practice was to declare the mind of God in their Synagogues and Markets, as the Ministers of Christ do now; And they found him in the Temple sit­ting in the midst of the Doctors both hearing and asking the que­stions, Luke 2.46. When Jesus came to Nazareth where he had been brought up, and as his custome was, he went into the Syna­gogue on the Sabbath day, and as was declaring the word of eter­nal life to the people, all they in the Synagogue when they heard these things he spake were filled with wrath, and rose up and thrust him out of the City, and led him to the brow of the hill (whereon the City was built) that they might cast him down head­long: But he passed through the midst of them, and went his way, Luke 4.16, 28, 29, 30. And Paul an Apostle of Jesus Christ not of man neither by man; but by Jesus Christ, and God the Father, who raised him from the dead, Gal. 1.1. He was a chosen Vessel unto the Lord, to bear his name amongst the Gentiles, and Kings, and the children of Israel, Acts 9.15. It was his practise to go too and fro to preach the word of eternall life to the people in their Synagogues and Markets, as the Ministers of Christ doth. When Paul & Silas came to Thessallonica, where was a Synago­gue of the Iewes; Paul as his manner was went in unto them, and three Sabbath days reasoned with them out of the Scriptures, Acts 17, 1▪2. When Paul went unto Athens his spirit stirred in him [Page 4] when he saw the whole City given to Idolatry, therefore disputed he in the Synagogue with the Jewes and with the devout persons, and in the Markets daily with them that met with him. Then cer­tain of the Philosophers of the Epicureans and of the Sto [...]cks en­countred him, and some said what will this babler say, other some he seemeth to be a setter forth of strange Gods, because he prea­ched unto them Jesus and the Resurrection, Acts 17.16, 17, 18. verses.

And all my Brethren this day with me; that witnesseth Christ Jesus risen from the dead, and are sent to preach Christ the Re­su [...]rection, who hath enlightned every one that is come into the world; that all his light that from him comes, that shewes them sin; waite for his power to cleanse them from sin, and raise them out of the fallen and dead estate, by the power of his resurrection, to live in pure obedience to God.

We are by these the world calls their Ministers and Teachers, withstood as Iannes and Iambres withstood Moses. But the Lord is making them daily manifest that all shall see their folly, and by them be no more deceived, 2 Tim. 3.8, 9. And as the heathen Phylosophers, before written, encountred Paul, so hath these men encountred with us, as before written, for witnessing Jesus the resurrection, and the true light that lightneth every one that comes into the world.

And as Tertullus the heathen Orator accused Paul before Felix. Acts 24.1, 5. We have found this man a pestilent fellow, and mover of sedition amongst all the Iews throughout the world, and a ring-leader of the sect of the Nazarens. The same spirit that was in the heathen Orator Tertullus that led him to accuse Paul before Felix, did Edward bowles, whom the people of the world calls Minister, and teaches in the high place in York; mani­fest to be in him, who never had spoken to me, when he by that dark spirit was led to give in an information against me; and at the time when it were expected I should have the priviledg of the Law, (that theeves and murtherers had by it to be tryed, and my accusers to appear face to face, the said Edward Bowles did not appear to prove against me what was written in the Information; neither a perfect copie of it would he or they that had it in keep­ing give [...] when it was demanded, least their works of dark­nesse should be brough [...] [...]o light; but what was brought to light [Page 5] when it was demanded of Edward Bowles: This is a perfect co­pie that he wrote with his own hand, as followeth:

It is informed that on William Deusbery, a ringleader of the per­sons called Quakers, goes up and down the country of York, and is now in the west riding thereof, dispersing principles pre­judicall to the truth of the Gospel, and peace of the Common­wealth: It is therefore desired, that seeing no man is allowed publickly to exercise his gifts to a particular Congregation un­lesse he be first tryed and approved, that the said William Deusbery may not be permitted to go up and down from place to place teaching, untill he receive approbation of some per­sons, who shall be thought fit to judge how agreable his prin­ciples are to truth and peace.

This is the substance of what I delivered into Mr. Payler; but the particular words I cannot exactly remember but I believe they doe not any thing considerably vary from this Paper.

E. B.

This man whom Edward Bowles call Mr. Payler was the fore­man of the Grand Jury, to whom he delivered the information a­gainst me, that they it might deliver to Hugh Windham, who sate Judge of life and death at the general Assises holden at York, a­bout the time of the 13 and 14 dayes of the first moneth called March, 1653. Upon the sight of the information given in a­gainst me, the Judge granted a VVarrant in the open Court to the men that was in Commission to doe Justice in Yorkshire to ap­prehend me.

VVhich after that time, I being at a place called Tholthorp a­bout 10 miles from York in the North riding thereof, and many of the servants of the living God with me waiting on him his power to manifest to his glory; And while we were together there came one George Mann in great rage two severall times, with an Iron fork to satisfie his bloody thirsty mind; the Lord with his power did him chain, and prevented his bloody intents: To satisfie his will on me, he went to Thomas Dickeson, who was at a place called Kirby Hall in Yorkshire; and he accused me (as Thomas Dickeson said before him) that I said I was Christ, upon which accusation he granted forth a Warrant on the 26 day of the second month called April: And on the 27 day, I being [Page 6] with the children of the Lord (at Crake?) Iohn Lockwood called high Constable apprehended me with the Warrant before men­tioned; and the day being far spent, he said to the friends with me, if they would ingage for my appearance the next day, he would shew me that favour that I should stay with them that night; (I replyed these words) not any man shall ingage for me, neither desire I favour at the hands of men, if thou hast power over the bo­dy do with it what thou hast power: Then Iohn Lockwood said, the day is far spent, I shall not go with thee to the Justice to night, untill to morrow stay at thy friends house. Reply, If thou say I shall stay here, if the Lord please I shal be ready to go with thee, where he gives thee power to have me; so he went a way and said he would send for me the next day: and in the night sea­son many of the Lords servants and children was with me wai­ting on him, who is worthy to be waited on, for he is good to the soules that wait on him, and to the soules that seek him; when much of the night was spent, the inhabitants of Crake in great rage [...] fury came to the doores and windows of the house, like the inhabitants of wicked Sodom, crying and rushing at the doors, and said, they would have me forth to dispose of me according to their wills, for I should not be there; and Iohn Lockwood high Constable, so called, who said I should be there until the next day, yet to do the people a pleasure, he contrary to his word came in and took me forth, and had me into the streets, where the peo­ple shouted with a loud voyce, as they had me to and fro from one house to another (where they sould Ale) till the people in one house let them in, and there they set two men to watch over me untill the next day, which was the 28 day of the month be­fore written; on which day they had me before Thomas Dickeson! who granted forth the Warrant for me to be brought before him, and did me examine, and it was manifest before him, that what I was accused of in the VVarrant, and (the day the VVarrant men­tioned my being in that place) was false, for I had not been in that place that day, neither could they prove any such w [...] ▪ spoken by me as I was accused of; and when he had nothing a­gainst me in that VVarrant, then he did commit me to prison by a VVarrant▪ that he said Judge Windham granted forth at the ge­neral Assize, before writeen, which VVarrant I never saw.

[Page 7]A true Copie of the Mittimus, as followeth.

To the Sheriff of the said County of York, and to the keeper of the Goale of the Castle of York.

VVHereas there was a Warrant directed for the ap­prehending of William Deusbery of Stanly, for the seducing the people of this Nation, from Judge Windham the last Assizes; and he being brought before me, and re­fuseth to find sureties to be of good behaviour and to appear at the nex [...] Assize to be holden for the said County, to an­swer the premises: You are hereby required to receive into your costody the said William Deusbery, and him safely to keep, untill he shall be delivered by due course of Law.

Thomas Dickeson.

According to his command, as aforesaid, I was had to York Castle, and there kept prisoner untill the generall Assize, which was holden about the time of the 22 day of the 5 month called Iuly in the year above written, and there Hugh VVindham did sit judge of life and death, who at the Assizes before mentioned, which was in the first month called March, gave order to appre­hend me, and according to his order it was done; and he coming to judge the cause between me and my accusers, it was pressed on him by some friends of the truth (for the truths sake) that I might have the benefit as those had that were arraign'd for fellony and murther, to be brought before him and the people of the country, and there my accusers to appear face to face to prove their accusa­tion, that I might suffer according to the Law, if I had it trans­gressed; otherwise that I might by it be cleared before the country, of the lies and aspersions and false accusations they had publickly charged me withall; his promise was I should be brought before him, and have a fair triall at Law as other prisoners had; but he was not faithful to do as he had said, before him I was not brought at that time nor any tryal had: but at the end of the Assizes clear­ed me by Proclamation, and sent me a Liberato (as they call it) to passe away.

Into prison I was cast, as formerly written, the 28 day of the second month (called April,) and there was kept untill the 24 day of the 5 month (called Iuly) and then was turned forth as is [Page 8] formerly written, without any tryal or Law me read, why they had kept me in prison that time: so for the truths sake; to that of God in every ones conscience I this day lay before, He that hath an eye to see let him see.

VVhich after the Lord by the arm of his mighty power had me set at liberty ou [...] of the hands of those unreasonable men; I jour­ned as I was led by his spirit, his word in Cleueland and other parts in Yorkshire, Notinghamshire, and so to Derby, and as I was declaring the word of the Lord to the consciences of the inha­bitants of Derby, there came two men and laid hold on me, and had me before the men who were in commission to have done ju­stice, who there did sit at the general Sessions holden at the Town, about the time of the 24. day of the 6 month called Aug. 1654.

VVhen I before them was brought, the first question to me by them propounded was, In whose presence do [...]t thou stand ? (the answer to them was) in whose presence, of the everliving God; the men called Justices replyed with these words, Iaylor take him away, put him in prison for disturbing the Court, which was done at their command, into prison I was put, and when the day was spent Thomas Youl called the Mayor of Derby sent for me, and when I came before him he asked me what I came to the Town to doe? The answer to him, I came to declare the word of the Lord to the consciences of the inhabitants of Derby; the Mayor replyed, wilt thou go out of the Town? Answer to him, when the Lord orders me to go forth then I shall goe, till then I shall stay; then Thomas Youll the Mayor commanded the man to put me into prison again, which was done; the next day about the 9 hour there came William B [...]sld one of the Mayors officers, and said to me, if thou wilt goe forth of the Town and in it no more come, I will open the doores for thee to come forth; the answer to him, out of the Town I shall not goe untill I am ordered of the Lord, and if thou openest the doore forth of the prison I shall not come till the man that said he had authority to put me in, come by▪ the same authority and take me out, then away the man did goe, and afterwards did come, and the man whose name Iohn Slalous who put me in prison, opened the door and took me by the arm and put me forth in much wrath, and delivered me to the other man, whose name is before written, who said, he had order to put me forth of the Town, which he did, and strictly charged mee [Page 9] to depart out of their co [...]sts with many threatnings what should be done to me, if in the Town again I returned; but the words of vain man was not regarded, into the Town I returned, and there did stay till I was free in my spirit to depart from thence.

Then I journeyed to Leicester, and was there the first day of the week which was the 3 day of the 7 month (called September,) And with me was many people to whom the word of the Lord was declared; and after the testimony of Jesus was finished to them, I went into the high place of the Town which the people of the dark world calls their Church, and after the man they call their Mini­ster had done, the word of eternal life was declared to the con­sciences of the people, who did hear with much attention, untill two men came to me and said they had order from Edmund Iohn­son called Mayor, to take me away, and with violence drew me forth, and had me before the said Edmund Iohnson, who com­manded his officers to put me in prison before he did me examine, which was done; and the next day the man that put me in prison forth me brought before the Mayor, and VVilliam Bill [...]rs another of the Rulers of the Town, who did me examine; and not fin­ding any thing against me, commanded Robert Brewin Keeper of the common Goal, to put me out of the Town, and strictly char­ged me to depart forth of their coasts, with many threatnings what they would do if I again into the Town did come: but the threat­nings of man was not regarded, into the Town I did return in obe­dience to the command of the Lord, to finish the testimony of Je­sus, I was to witnesse to the consciences of the inhabitants of the Town of Leicester.

Then in obedience to the Spirit of truth, I journed into North­amptonshire; and in a Town called VVellingborrow and there­awayes many did receive the word of life with much gladnesse of heart: And at a time as I was going along the street in that Town neer the house of Thomas Andrews, whom the people of the world calls their Teacher; he to me did speak these words, Give over de­ceiving the people least the plagues of God fall upon thee; the an­swer to him was, If thou say I deceive the people make it appear wherein I deceive them; he replyed, thou tells them there is no ori­ginall sin; I required of him, didst thou hear me say so? to that he made no answer: then these words was to him declared, thou must either prove what thou accusest me of, or own thy condem­nation [Page 10] upon they false accusation; he fled away and did make no answer. About the time which was near 3 weeks after, I was ordered of the Lord to return again to VVellingborrow, and hear­ing there was a meeting in the Steeple-house where Thomas An­drew was, who had he falsly accused, as is formerly written, for the truths sake into the Steeple house I did goe, and in silence did stand till the man called their Teacher had done, then I declared the word of the Lord to the people, who did hear peaceably, and afterwards I spake in particular to Thomas Andrews to prove what he had falsly accused me of, in saying I deceived the people, and there make it manifest before the people, or to own his con­demnation upon his false accusation; but to what was required no answer he did make, but away fled, and the men that was there whom the world calls their Teachers: then Henry Smith who in that Town dwels, out of the Steeple-house haled me in­to the yard, where the truth to the people was declared, who did there stand peaceably to hear, till William Baw called high Constable did take hold on me, and had me away into the mar­ket place amongst the people; and said, he would bring evi­dence against mee for Blasphemy; so had he me as prisoner too and fro in the market place, with so doing he made disturbance among the people; but when he could not prove what hee had falsly accused mee with, hee let mee goe; who at the present time went from amongst the people to a friends house, and came no more forth amongst the people in the market that day.

The next day being the 28 of the 10 month (called Decem­ber) Richard Dennis being Constable of VVellingborow came to the friends house where I was, and took me forth by vertu [...] of a Warrant that had no name, but for one who is commonly called Quaker, and had me with it before Thomas Pentlow cal­led Justice at VVilby in Northamtonshire, who did me examine, but would not read mee any Law I had transgressed, but a Mittimus made and sent me to the common Goal in Northam­ton, on the 29 day of the 10 month called December 1654. A copy of the Mittimus I was denyed by Iohn Snart keeper of the Goal; and also the men that were in commission to doe Justice when it was of them desired in the open Court, at the generall Sessions holden at Northampton the 10 day of the 11 moneth, [Page 11] by those whose names are Iohn Clark, Iohn Parker called Sergant at Law, George [...]enson, John Mansil, John Brown, who there did sit in Commission to have judged the cause in righ­teousnesse between mee and mine accusers; but when the Mit­timus was read where the charge against me was written, not any appeared to prove what the Blasphemy was for which they com­mitted mee to prison in suspition of; neither they to me read any Law that any thing charged against me, had it transgrest; but a­gain [...]o prison did mee commit to answer at the Assizes holden at Northampton the 10 and 12 day of the first month called March 1654. And three times I was there brought before Matthew Hail, who did sit judge of life and death to answer what might be objected against me; and the last time I before him was brought Hugh VVindham was with him, who then was in commission with to have judged the cause in righteousnesse between me and my accusers; and though not any accuser appeared against me, to prove mee the transgressor of any Law; neither would these that sate to judge my cause any Law to me read that any evidence gi­ven in against me was the transgression of; but they me committed to prison where I had been amongst those arraigned for fellony and murther; so under all these lies and aspertions false accusations I suffer; and instead of being cleared of them (when I was brought before those that are in Commission to judge with righteous judge­ment) more accusations is laid upon me by them: which was done by John Parker at the general Sessions before written: and Hugh VVindham at the general Assizes, before mentioned, which both did accuse me in the open Court, before the people, that I was a seducer; and when I required them to make manifest where­in I did seduce any, they would not answer to what then was re­quired; [...] and a copie of the ground of the evidence they pretend they have against me, they denied to be given me, in all places where they have proceeded against me, as is formerly written, least their wo [...]ks of darknesse should come to light, and their fol­ly made manifest, and truth cleared of the lies and false accusati­ons with which they blind the eyes of many, and cause them to stumble at the wayes of truth, in speaking evil of the things they know not, as is manifest in what is written.

So for the truth sake I bare testimony of, and it to clear [Page 12] from all lies and aspe [...]sions cast upon it, which hath caused the simple to stumble at the way of truth, and that they no longer be turned aside by the lying spirit who every way seeks to murther and destroy the truth from the earth, in persecuting the bodies of the Saints, and shutting them up in prison under the names of blas­phemers, deceivers, seducers and disturbers of the peace, so make lies their refuge, as that persecuting spirit [...]ver did in all ages, to stop the lying mouth and for the simple sake that desires in the truth of their hearts, to know the leadings of the spirit of truth in the way to know the onely true God, I here publickly declare to the in­habitants of England, and to all that dwell upon the earth, what I was in the fallen estate, and how the Lord raised me up by the arm of his mighty power, and carried me on through the great work of regeneration, that all may know the truth, I am sent to bear testimony to the consciences of those that dwell upon the earth, is not any seducing nor contrary to the truth of the Gospel, but is according to the truth, as it is in Jesus, He that hath an eye to see let him see, and [...]n ear to hear let him hear.

The first Birth.

Psal. 51 5. I Was conceived in sin and brought forth in iniquity, and in that state lived and delighted in pride and pleasures light­nesse and vanity, as all doth in that nature, untill I were a­bout eight years of age, though before that time when I did live in vanity, the light in my conscience did witnesse against mee and caused some trouble in me, but I departed from the light, and so followed the counsell of my own heart, that lead mee into vanity to live without the fear of God▪ And about the time when I was eight years of age, of my natural birth; the word of the Lord came unto me,Isa. 43.7. I created thee for my glory [Page 13] an account thou must give to me for all thy words and actions done in the body,Mat. 12.36. which word enlightned my heart and opened [...]he book of conscience in me, where all was written I had done in the body ever since I was a child or had any remembrance,2 Cor. 5.10▪ and when I had read my condition, how I had lived without God who created me for his glory: The word of the Lord then came unto me,Isa. 43.7. Shall the axe boast it self against him that heweth therewith, or shall the saw magnifie it self against him that shaketh it? As if the staffe should shake it self against him that lif [...]eth it up,Isa. 10.15. or as if the staffe should lift up it self as if it were no wood; and by the power of the word of the Lord that spoke in me, my understan­ding was enlightned, and my conscience bore witness that it was my condition, I had lifted up my self against the livi [...]g God in living without his fear,Isa. 43.7. who created me to live in obedience to him, but I had lived in disobedience to him untill that day; so deep sorrow seized upon me, and I knew not what to do that I might get acquaintance with the God of my life, who created me for his own praise and glory: then I ceased from my vain conversation which I had lived in,Isa. 43.7. and began to read the Scrip­tures and books, and mourn and pray to a God I knew not where he was, but expected him without looking up towards the firmament where my carnal imagination told me he was, and as I had heard those the world calls Ministers whom I went to hear whose words did witnesse with my carnal imagination of God, they said he was above the skies calling it heaven; but I felt the hand of the Lord within me, executing justice upon the wicked in me,Luke 17.20. and what way ever I turned to seek him in observations thi­ther the flaming sword turned,Gen. [...]3.24. which was placed against me to keep the way of the tree of life, and executed the righteous ju­stice of God upon me: so I stood before the Throne of the Lamb,Rev. 20.11▪ 12. reading in my mournfull estate the sentence of condemna­tion that passed upon me from the glory of his presence, and in this condemned estate I continued, and through the ignorance (where God was,Luke 17.20. what his worship was) I strove to satisfie his justice in outward observations imitating what the Saints did,Acts 10.30. sometimes in fasting and prayer which was the practise of Corne­lius and others of the Saints of the most high God,Deu. 10.21. as I found re­corded in the Scripture of Truth: But notwithstanding all my strict walking in observations,Luke 17.20. in which I was seeking the King­dom [Page 14] of God I found him not,Gen. 3.24. but the flaming sword cut me down; so my sorrow increased, for I found none in my condition that I could declare it to: Then it pleased the Lord to order my friends in the flesh to put me to keep the sheep where I was retired from com­pany, so my mind was kept in my mournfull estate, where my great ease was in mourning to a God I knew not, nor none could tell mee where I should get acquaintance with him:Heb. 22.21. In the place where I was in the outward being in a Town called Allathorp, nigh Pocklington in Yorkshire; but hearing of a people about Leeds that walked more strictly in profession of the name of God then any did where I was▪ I had no rest in my spirit till my Pa­rents, in the flesh, sent me thither to be an apprentice not regar­ding what Calling,Gal. [...].16. so I might be amongst those that feared the li­ving God,Heb. 22.21. that I might be acquainted with the God of my life, who had created me for himself, and the desires the Lord raised up in me was answered when I was thirteen yeers old of my naturall birth, I was bound an apprentice to a Clo [...]k-maker in a Town called Holdbeck neer Leeds; and as I heard so it was, there was much speaking of God which they called preaching and profes­sing him in words from the letter of the Scripture what the Saints had spoken forth, so intimating the Saints practice in their carnall wisdom,Luke 17. [...]6. seeking the Kingdom of God in outward observations, as I had done before I came there;Psal. 66.16. but when I met with none that could tell me what God had done for their soules in redeeming them from the body of sin,Rom. 7.24. which I groaned under, and separated me from the presence of God, though I walked strictly with them in their outward observations running to hear one man after another,Luke 17.20. which they called Ministers, yet I found no rest nor peace to my weary soul,Gen. 3.24. but the flaming sword, the righteous Law of God▪ cryed in me for a perfect fulfilling of the Law of God, and did meet with me where-ever I was, that I could find no peace in that worship of God the world hath set up, as in receiving the bread and wine, which they told me was the seals of the Covenant, which were long ere I durst receive it,Psal. 51.3. because I saw not my self prepared,1 Cor. 11.28▪ 29. for the evil of my heart stood before me, and when I was to receive it, I sought the Lord to keep me by his power that I might receive it worthily, and when I did receive, my desire was the Lord would seale up his love to my soule, but I found nothing sealed up to my soul with it: Then much fear seized upon my soul [Page 15] for a long time after; and Iudas condition was cast into my mind,Iohn 15.27. Luke 22.2. Ephes. 4 30. 1 Cor. 10.16▪ 17. Phil. 3.15. Eph. 5.11. 1 Iohn 1.6. Eph. 5.13. until it were shewed that the seal of the Covenant was the Spirit of Christ, and no outward element; and the supper was the body and blood of Christ, which the world doth not know, nor I at that time, but was made to wait for the manifestation of it to me: Then I durst joyn no more with the world in that practise; nor in their practise in singing Davids conditions, which they called Psalms; for the light in my conscience let me see the evil of my heart that I was not in Davids condition; the sence of which stopped my mouth, and while they were singing, I did mourn and weep for want of the pure spirit that David had that caused him to sing,Iames 5.3. nei­ther could I apply the promises which they told me belonged to me, for I found no promise belonging to that nature, but the wrath of God abode upon mee for my disobeying his counsel in me the light in my conscience, Eph. 5 6. (but being ignorant) it was his counsell I de­parted from it, and lent my eare to those without that said they spoke from the mouth of the Lord, so was deceived, and caused to erre by their lies,Ier. 23.32. Luke 17 20. Deut. 30.14. Isa. 30. [...] Iob 33. from 19. to 22. that did draw mee to seek the Kingdom of God in observations without, but the word of the Kingdom was in mee, and executed the righteous justice of God upon my adulterous heart that took councell, and not at his mouth, till I was consumed and my body was brought so weak, I was not able to answer the ex­pectation of him whom the Lord hath placed me with, though my conscience was clear I did what I were able; and he in his carnal wisedom thought I were in a consumption, and was in mind sometimes to have sent mee away to my friends in the flesh, and other­some times he would have the men the world calls Doctours, to ap­ply some things to my body for my recovery, but I was not free to let them,Ier. 5.25. Isa. 59.2. but once for fear of giving them offence, for I knew my infirmity was the evil of my heart that separated mee from the pre­sence of my God, and how to be freed from it none told me; and when I found no help in outward observations in reading,Luke 17.20. Ezek. 34.6. praying, hearing, or meditating of what I heard, my sorrow and misery was so great, it constrained me to run to those the world calls Mini­sters and Professours, which appeared to me had most acquaintance with God,Acts 2.37. to ask them what I might do to be saved, and they spoke smooth things to me, to beleeve in the name of Jesus Christ, and to apply the promises,2 Cor. 13.5 [...] but that he was to be found within me none told me, which added to my sorrow, telling me to believe in Christ [Page 16] I knew no [...] where he was; then at that time did the wars begin in this Nation, and mine eyes being s [...]ill abroad to do something in outward observations for my life;Luke 7.20. The men called Ministers cried [...]u [...]se ye Mer [...]z, Iudg 5.23. b [...]cause they went not forth to help the Lord a­gainst the mighty: Then I was willing to give my body to death, in obedience to my God,1 Cor. 13.3. to f [...]ee my soule from sin▪ that I might escape the wrath I lay under,Iohn 22.2. and get acquaintance with him; I▪ j [...]yned with that little rem [...]ant which said they fought for the Go­spel,Iohn 5.39. but when I was amongst them I found as much ignorance of the Gospel, as was in th [...]se I had been with, none told me what the Gospel was, but the dead letter, which is the outward tes [...]imony and declaration of the Gospel,Luke 1. [...]. wh [...]ch is Christ, who is the glad ti­dings to sinne [...]s;Luke 2 10 11. but they called the dead letter the Gospel, as I had heard before, so I found no rest to my soul amongst them: Then I heard there was in Scotland a refo [...]med Church, who they said walked in the fear of the Lord; I journ [...]yed into that country, and to Edenbourgh, where I found nothing but formality, their Teach­ers calling to the people to seek the Kingdom of Heaven in outward observations,Luke 17.0. as I had heard in England: Then I returned back to England again, and went amongst those that called themselves the Church of Christ, who is call [...]d by the names Anabaptists and In­dependents, who were setting up a more glorious image in outward observations, and said they were the children of God; but I could not joyn with them, for the testimony of his love my soul wanted▪ And then the Lord discovered to me that his love could not be at­tained in any thing I could doe,Micah 6.6.7. 8▪ 9. in any of these outward observati­ons; so in all these my turnings in my carnall wisdom, seeking the Kingdom of God in observations without,Luke 17.10. thither the flaming sword turned,Gen. 3.34. which kept the way of the tree of life, and fenced me from it, and cut me down, and rent all my fig-leave, coverings, and neuroyed that minde that looked out to seek the Kingdom of Heaven in observations,Luke 17.20. or to hearken any more to hear the word of the Lord from man:Isa. 54.13. then my mind was turned within by the power of the Lord, to wait in his counsel the light in my conscience, to hear what the Lord would say; And the word of the Lord came unto me and said,2 Pet. 1.19. put up thy sword into thy scabard, if my Kingdom were of this world, then would my children fight; knowes [...] thou not that if I need I could have twelve legions of Angels from my Father;Iohn 18.36. Ma [...]. 26 [...] 52 53. which word enlightned my heart, and discovered the mystery of ini­quity, [Page 17] and that the Kingdom of Christ was within;Luke 17. [...] and the ene­mies was within and was spiritual, and my weapons against them must be spirituall,2 Cor. 10.4▪5 the power of God; Then I could no lon­ger fight with a carnall weapon against a carnall man;Mat. 26 53. for the dead letter, which man in his carnall wisdom called the Gospel, had deceived me; but then the Lord discovered to me the de­ceits of all these men in England, that were seeking the Kingdom of Heaven in outward observations; And the messenger of the Covenant,Luke 17.20. forth of his mouth proceeded the two edged sword wi [...]h which he slayes his enemies,Rev. 19.15. cut me down and caused me to yeeld in obedience,Mat. 26 52. to put up my carnall sword into the seabbard, [...] leave [...]e Army.

Then I returned to my outward habitation and calling I had in the world,Isa. 26.8. and there laboured with my hands, my mind being turned within to wait upon the Lord in the way of his judgements; and this I witnesse,Gen. 4 14. the administration of Moses in which Cain is banished,Rom 9.13. Es [...]u rep obated, Phar [...]oh plagued, the first born of Egyp [...] slain,Exod. 9. and my wi [...]l brought in subjection for the Lord to do with me what his will was,Ephes. 25.8.9. if he condemned he might, and if he saved me it were his free love; and in this condemned estate I lay crying in the depth of misery without any hopes of deliverance by any thing I could do to pacifie the wrath of God,Ionah. 2.2. Isa. 9.6. [...]7. till the admini­stration of the Prophets, that witnessed to my soul therewhere free redemption laid up for me in the Lord Jesus, and by the power of the word of their testimony there was a secret hope raised up in me to wait for his coming,Lam. 3.26. there I waited till the administration of [...]; and I witnesse that of all that is born of a woman there is [...] [...]reater then Iohn; for he is a burning and a shining light,Iohn 5.35. who discovered more of the mystery of iniquity in me in his admini­stration, and the sence of my condition was more manifest, the cry of my condemned soul was great and could not be satisfied,Mat. 5.6. I breathed and thirsted after Christ to save me freely through his blood or I perished for ever,Eph. 2.23. and in this condemned estate I lay waiting for the coming of Christ Jesus,Mat. [...]4.27. who in the appointed time of the father appeared to my soul, as the lightnings from the E [...]st to the West, and my dead soul heard his voyce,Iohn 5.25. and by his voyce was made to live, who created me to a lively hope,Eph. 1.13. and sealed me up in the everlasting Covenant of life with his blood;1 Pet. 1.3. then I wit­nessed the wages of sin and death, and the gift of God, eternal life [Page 18] through Jesus Christ my Lord;Isa. 55 3. Rom. 5 14. Mat. 11.13. and 12. and I witnessed according to te­stimony of Scripture, death reigns over all from Adam to Moses, and Moses untill the Prophets, and the Prophets untill Iohn, and from this day the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force; there is no rest to the soul till Christ bee manifest, and this the Scripture witnesseth; and I witnesse these Scriptures fulfilled in mee, in the year according to the account 1645.

The witnesses that stood before the God of the earth,Rev. 19.15. Mat. 2.13. Rev. 1 [...].7, 8, 9. and had power to plague the earth; having finished their testimony, the [...] ascends out of the bottomlesse pit, and makes war against [...] and kill them, and their dead bodies lay in the stree [...] of the great Citty spirituall Sodom and Aegypt, where our Lord was crucified; and this Scripture was fulfilled in me in the year accor­ding to account, 1648.

Then Kindreds tongues and the Nations of the earth made mer­ry over the witnesses;Rev. 11.10. Mat. 24.15. Dan. 11.31. and I see the abomination that maketh de­solate, which is spoken of by Daniel the Prophet, standing in the holy place where it ought not; and then was I led by the Spirit in­to the wildernesse and tempted of the Devill, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, Luke 4.1.

In that day and hour of temptation, which was in the time as the lines following giveth testimony: I witnessed these Scriptures fulfilled in me of Pauls condition,Rom. 7.19, [...]0 2 [...], 13, 24. wherein he complained as I then did, who found a law in my members warring against the Law of my mind, that when I would do good evil was present with m [...] the sence of which caused me to cry, Oh wretched man that [...] who shall deliver me from the body of this death? And as [...] crying to the Lord to free me from the burthen I groaned under; th [...] word of the Lord came unto me saying, My grace is sufficient for thee,2 Cor. 12.9. I will deliver thee; and by the power of his word I was armed with patience to wait in his counsel groaning under the bo­dy of sin in the day and hour of temptation, untill it pleased the Lord to manifest his power to free me,Rom. 7.24. which was in the year ac­cording to the account, 1651.

The spirit of life from God entred into the witnesses,Rev. 11.11. and they stood upon their feet, then great fear fell upon all that saw them; and the Temple of God was opened in Heaven, and I saw in his Temple the Ark of his Testament, and there were lightnings, [Page 19] voyces,Verse 19. Rev. 17.5. Rev. 18.3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. thunder, earth-q [...]akes, and great hail, then mystery Ba­bylon the great, the mother of harlots, and the abomination of the earth, which made all Nations drunk with the wine of the wrath of her fornication, she was discovered in me, and God re­membred her when the mighty day of the Lords power was mani­fest upon her,2 Thes. 1.7.8. Jesus Christ was revealed from Heaven in flaming fire, pouring vials of wrath upon her, and rendring vengeance up­on all in me that knew him no [...] (and disobeyed his Gospel,Isa. 4.4.) and purged away the filthy nature (that did me imbondage) with the spirit of judgement, and with the spirit of burning, so through the righteous law of life in Christ Jesus,Rom 8 2. Rev. 7.14. Rev. 22.14. Rev. 21.27. Mat. 5.6. Rev. 22.2.3, 5 [...] Iohn 3.3. Rev. 20. I was made free, and am from the body of sin and death; and through these great tribulati­ons my garment is washed, and made white in the blood of the Lamb, who hath led me through the gates of the City into the new Ierusalem, where there is nothing enters that works abomination or makes a lye, but what is written in the Lambs book of life, where my soul now feeds upon the tree of life, which I had so long hungred and thirsted after, that stands in the Paradise of God, where the [...]e is no more curse nor night, but the Lord God and the Lamb is my light and life for ever and ever; I witness I am rege­nerated and born again of the immortal seed, and hath pertaked on the first resurrection, on whom the second death hath no power.

And this I declare to all the inhabitants in England, Iohn 6.45. Isa. 54.13. Mat. 25.15. Iohn 1.9., Eph. 5.13. Titus 2.11. and all that dwell upon the earth, that God alone is the teacher of his people, and hath given to every one a measure of Grace, which is the light that comes from Christ, that checks and reproves for sin in the secret of the heart and conscience; and all that wait in that light which comes from Christ (which is the free gr [...]ce of God) for the power of Jesus Christ to destroy sin, and to guide them in obe­dience to the light, so shall they come to know the onely true God and Father of light in Christ Jesus,Ioh. 17.3. Iohn 14.6. who is the way to him: And [...] I witnesse to all the sons of men, that the knowledge of eter­nall life I came not to by the letter of the Scripture nor hearing men speak of the name of God, I came to the true knowledge of the Scripture and the eternall rest (they testify it in Christ) by the inspiration of the Spirit of Jesus Christ,Iohn 5.89. the Lyon of the Tribe of Iudah, Iob. 32.8. Rev. 5.3, 4, 5. who alone is found worthy to open the seales of the book; and I witnesse none else can, for he alone opened the seales of the [Page 21] book in me, and sealed it up to my soul by the te [...]timony of his own spirit,Eph. 1.13. according to his own promise, I will bind up the testi­mony, and seale the Law amongst my D [...]sciples, and I will write my Law in their hearts, Isa. 8.16. Ier. 31.33.34. Ezek. 36.24, 25, 26, 27, 28. Heb. 8.10, 11, 12. Isa. 54 13. and put my spir [...] [...] [...]heir inward parts, and they shall not depart from me; ne [...]ther shall they need to reach every man his neighbour, and every man h [...]s brother, for all shall know me from the least of them to the greatest, for I will be mer­ciful to their unrighteousnesse, and their sins and in [...]qu [...]ties will I remember no more: and all my child [...]en shall be taught of me, saith the Lord God, and great shall be the peace of my ch [...]ldren; and this here declared the Scriptures witnesse, and I witnesse the Scrip­tures fulfilled in me;Rev. 19.1. Praises, pra [...]ses, Hallelu [...]ah, and eternal praises be unto thee Lord God Almighty, who ha [...]h taken unto thee thy great power to sit upon thy throne, Rev. 5.13. and to the Lamb for ever­more.

It being charged on me my imprisonment to be j [...]st untill I give a reason of the hope of my calling, and that I am u [...]willing so to do; to stop the ly [...]g mouth of the false accuser, and to clear the truth of the lies layd on it as before written, and in love to the souls of the people that they the truth may know as it is in Jesus:Gal. 1.15.16. Here I have declared the work of the mighty God in revealing his Son in me, who led me on my journey through the dark world, where I passed through great tribulations,Rev. 7.14. as forme [...]ly written, un­til I came to the end of the world, over it to rejoyce in the power of my God (1 Cor. 10.11. upon whom the ends of the world are come) whom the whole world that lies in wickedness hates and persecutes:Iohn 5.19. Mat. 6.22. but to the pure single eye, that is not of the world, I lay this before which is written, that all which it mindes may see the truth I bear testimony of is not any Popish Tenet (though I was questioned concerning them at the general Assizes holden at Northampton the 10 and 12 dayes of the first month called March 1654.) neither is it seducing nor blasphemy nor prejudicial to the truth of the Gospel or peace of the Nation,Rev. 14.6. but according to [...] truth of the everlasting Gospel and sound peace of the Nation, for which testimony I am still kept in bonds in the common Goal in Northampton, numbred amongst the transgressors in the low pri­son with those arrained for fellony and murther,Isa. 53.12. waiting in rest and peace till the sufferings of the righteous seed be fulfilled. And all you that are enemies to the truth of God persecuting it under [Page 22] the names as formerly written, calling the preaching of the truth se­ducing, this I declare and confesse unto you in the presence of God; Acts 24.14. after the way you call seducing d [...] I worship the Lord God of my fathers: and witnesse fulfi [...] what is written in the Law and the Prophets; he that can receive me let him.

W. D.

Dear friends whose minds are turned to the effectual light that comes from Christ, all mind your own measure and be content in what the Lord hath committed to you; with the light judge that which would draw your minds to look forth at others conditions, and in impatiency to covet what the Lord ha [...]h given to them, be­fore it be manifest to you: be faithful every one in your own mea­sure, and in patience wait in the light for the unlim [...]ted spirit of Christ your life to open the seals of the book, and make known un­to you the mystery of eternal life, which he will daily reveal in you that are faithfull in your own measure to follow the Lord in what he makes manifest to you, whom he hath called into his Vinyard at the ninth and eleventh hour, be faithfull to the Lord in walking in obedience to him in the light; hee will make a short work in the earth for his seed sake, and your reward shall be rest and peace in the presence of God in Christ, with those that came into the Vin­yard the third and sixth hours and laboured the heat of the day; God almighty be with you his chosen servants and children, and all in your measure keep in his eternall power bold, valiant and faithfull unto the end, and crown you with eternall glory in Christ one Judge Lord and King, God over all blessed for ever, Amen.

To all you that rule [...]n England from the highest to the lowest, whom the Lord hath betrusted with power to see the peace be kept, and to judge the cause of the people: He hath given you power theri causes to judge with righteous judgement, the evil doers to punish, and the righteous set free out of the hands of those that oppresse them.

This is the word of the Lord God to you:

THat you lend not your ears to the counsel of your own hearts, or to the counsel of any without you that tempts you to draw your mindes from the pure counsel of God, which is the light that comes from Christ Jesus, and calls on you in your consciences to judge with righteous judgement as you will eternally answer be­fore the pure powerful dreadfull God; take heed of abusing your power he hath betrusted you with, in establishing any Law which is contrary to Scripture and the righteous Law of God in the con­science, as those did whom the Lord drave out and destroyed be­fore you in his wra [...]nd overturnd in his fierce displeasure, which if you uphold those Lawes they made in their wills, or any other which is contrary to the righteous Law of God in the conscience, and rule according to them Lawes; and exercise the power com­mitted to you to bind the Lawes upon the consciences of the chil­dren of the Lord, whom he hath chosen out of the world, and made his jewels to fear an oath, in obedience to the righteous Law▪ which sayeth, swear not at all; which if you by these unrighteous Lawes take advantage against the righteous seed concerning the Law of their God, them to ensnare under your power, that you on them may satisfie your wills: This I declare to you from the eternall God of Heaven and Earth, It is hard for you to kick a­gainst the pricks; for what is done to his people he takes it as done [Page 23] to himself, and better a Milstone were hanged about your neck and you cast into the Sea, saith Christ, then to offend one of these little ones that beleeveth in his name and obeyes his command, who saith, swear not at all: and now is manifesting his power in his people, that all them may know between those that swear and them that fear an oath, which if you them that fear an oath oppress; this know, the Lord God will plead their cause as he did the cause of all his people in all ages, and destroyed those that oppressed them; as in the time of Pharaoh, and in the time of Nebuchadnezzar, and in the time of Hamon in the reigne of King Ahasuerus, and in the time of King Herod whom he smotein his righteous judgements, and consumed him with worms, Acts 12.23. for persecuting his people and robbing him of his glory, the righteous justice of God he manifested upon the enemies of his people, is left upon record you to fo [...]ewarn, that you touch not his chosen anointed people, nor do his Prophets no harm, for whose sakes the Kings rebukes, and all that oppresse them, as is recorded in Scripture of truth▪ and hath been witnessed before your eyes, in destroying the Bishops, and the King that oppressed the people of God by their power, in binding Lawes upon them contrary to the righteous Law of God in their consciences, and you Rulers of England who promised to the Lord God if he would deliver those that oppressed his people into your hands, and give you power over them, you would take away all Laws that burthe [...]ed the consciences of his people, and they should have free liberty to worship him in spirit and in truth, ac­cording to his Law written in their own hearts; and according to your desires the Lord appeared while you in his counsell stood, and gave all into your power, according to the desires ofyour own hearts; and now is the time of your t [...]y all wherein the Lord is trying all you this day whom he hath put power into your hands, which if you now forget the Lord God, who appeared to you when you were little in your own eyes in the day of your distresse, and deny to perform your promises you made to the Lord when he delivered you out of the hands of those that sought your lifes; but contrary to all your promises abuse your power you are betrusted with, to build up again you seemed to destroy which cost the price of so much blood, in establishing Lawes which are contrary to Scripture and the righteous Law of God in the conscience, and by them think to scat­ter the power of the holy people, and to weary out the Saints of the [Page 24] most high God in turning judgement backward, and keeping ju­stice a far off, that truth falleth in the streets, and [...]quity cannot en­ter, so he that departeth from evill maketh himself a prey to your wills, and the Lord God seeth it, and is displeased with you, that there is no judg [...]ment for his people: therefore to you this is the word of the Lord, that abuse your power you are betrusted with, in perverting judgement, as before written; thus saith the Lord God, The pit you dig for my people you shall fall into it your selves, and my people I will deliver by the arm of my mighty power, and ac­cording to your deeds I will to you repay, and recompence fury and vengeance to you my adversaries, and will you sweep away with the beesome of my wrath except you repent, and your blood shall be up­on your own heads, and you shall not escape, but come to your end, and none shall help you; He that hath an ear to hear let him hear.

And be forewarned now in this day of your visitation, wherein the Lord hath to you sent you, to forewarn of the evill that is com­ing upon you, that you may speedily to him return, and lay your Crowns in the dust at the feet of Jesus Syons King, and in his counsel stand; which is the light in the conscience that in you wit­nesseth against every vain thought, and wicked imagination, and in the light wait his power you to guide to perform your promises, and to take away all Lawes contrary to Scripture, and the righte­ous Law of God in the conscience, that the righteous Law of God may be your guide, which is the guide of all the children of God; then will the Lord God of Heaven and Earth be with you, and with the arm of his mighty power destroy all that plot or rise up a­gainst you, before whom he will make the unrighteous powers of the earth to shake if you abide faithful in his counsel, and wil make you a terrour to the evil doers, and a p [...]aise to them that do well, and will bring you into the eternall peace, and rest he hath prepared for his people; but if you reject his counsell and cast his righteous Law behind your backs, as you have done, and follow the counsel of your own hearts, all that have an eye to see read and understand, Prov. 29.1. He that hath been often reproved and hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed and that without remedy: and in that day I shall be clear of your blood, who in love to your soules hath not hid the counsel of God from you, which he hath made known to me, that you may be left without excuse, in the da [...] of the Lords [Page 25] anger, when hee doth perform what he hath spoken. Then shall I be remembred whom the world knows by name William Dousbery, and by some of you that professes to minister justice cast into prison, and there kept in the common Goal in Northampton, for the word of God and Testimony of Jesus Christ.

O England! England! over all in thee I lament, who persecutes the Sons and Daughters of the most high God, he hath to thee sent, thee to forewarn of the evill day that is com­ing upon thee.

O That thou in this day of thy visitation did know the things be­longing to thy peace! which the living God tenders to thee in this day of his mercy, wherein he waites on thee to be gracious unto thee, and to make thee the glory of all the Nations of the world, and in all thy straits for thee appeared, and in his mighty power hath destroyed all that did secretly plot and rise up against thee, to establish unrighteous Lawes, and them bind upon the consciences of those that fea [...]ed the Lord in thee, and walked humbly before him according to the measure of light received; and now hath he appeared in the day of his mighty power in thee O England, to ex­alt the Kingdom of Christ in the hearts of his Saints, and hath sent them to preach his everlasting Gospel in thee, to turn the mindes of the people from darknesse to light, which comes from Christ, in it to waite for his power to guide out of all sin and uncleannesse, into union and fellowship with the Father of light, which many of you people in England seemed to desire above all things, and content to give up your lives to withstand them that did appear, to bind any unrighteous law upon you, and by it to take advantage against you, concerning the Law of God, which you professed to love, and to delight in your liberty in it more then in your nearest and dearest relation, or life, or any outward injoyment, and all you in that day, who were faithfull to the Lord according to the mea­sure of light manifest in you, the Lord God did appear for you, and in his mighty power hath scattered those that stood up in enmity a­gainst you, to bind Lawes upon your consciences, which is contra­ry to Scripture, and the righteous Law of God in the heart; and the Lord hath given you power over all those your enemies, and now have you free liberty which they cannot take from you, to worship God in spirit and in truth, according to the desires you seemed to manifest in the day you cryed to the Lord when you were in di­stresse: and now is the Lord come to visite you in his tender mercy, and hath sent his Ministers to preach his eternal word freely without [Page 27] money or price, in season and out of season, to reprove rebuke ex­hort, with all long-suffering and doctrine, which many of you people in England, who promised the Lord to worship him in spi­rit and in truth, now his counsell rejects, and turns to the teachers you have heaped up to your selves, according to your own lusts, who cryes peace, peace to you in what you do, while you put into their mouths; and now is the time come to the fulfilling the Scrip­ture in you, who have itching eares and cannot indure sound do­ctrine, but turns from it to fables, which if you continue in your carelesse mindes, slighting this day of your visitation, and not like to retain God in your knowledge, God will give you up to repro­bate mindes, that professe you know God but in works deny him, being abominable and disobedient and to every good work repro­bate, upon whom the Lord will get his glory in his righteous judgements, and if the Lord in his everlasting love had not left a seed in thee O England! thou w ith all thy teachers whom thou hast heaped up according to thy own lusts, would have become as Sodom, but for his own seed sake, whom he hath blessed, he will do good to the inhabitants of England, who stands faithfully in his counsell to be guided by his power, and will scatter all those that stand in opposition to his righteous seed Christ, whom he is exalting in the hearts of his elect and chosen people in England, to rule for ever over all that stand in enmity to him, this is the day the mighty God is giving all power unto his son Jesus, to whom every knee shall bow; and all you proud stubborn self-willed lof­ty ones that hates the light of Christ in you, that witnesses against sin in the secret of the heart and conscience, and it rejects, and de­nies to be guided by it, but turns to the counsell of your own hearts, and the Teachers you have heaped up according to your lusts, and with them sits at ease in the flesh, and turns the grace of God into wantonness, and forgets the loving kindnesse of the Lord, who delivered you by the arm of his mighty power, when enemies com­passed you on every side, and gave your lives for a prey, when they were nigh unto death; and now you abuse your liberty, to walk with your teachers according to your lusts, and with them commit this filthy and abominable thing in the land, the Priests to teach for hire, and the Prophets that divine for money, and you people love to have it so, but what will you do in the end thereof, which day you put afar off and do not regard, but that you shall [Page 28] not be ignorant of the mind of the Lord, and left without excuse, in the mighty day of the Lords anger, who hath sent his servants and children early and late, to forewarn you of the evill day that is coming upon you, if you doe not speedily repent, and turn to the Lord, but slight this day of your visitation, then shall the things now belonging to your peace, be hid from your eyes, and your end shall be according to the word of the Lord I declare to you; thus▪ saith the Lo [...]d, All these my enemies, that will not that I shall rule over them, bring them hither and slay them before me; and this is your portion you enemies of Christ, that hates his counsel, as is before written, he will you consume with the breath of his mouth, and the brightnesse of his coming, which will overtake you that sit at ease in the flesh, as a theef in the night and in flames of fire will render vengeance on you that disobeys his Gospel, and will give to every one of you according to the works done in the body, and you shall not escape from Israels Judge, Syons King, who will all his people deliver, and you proud lofty ones under bring, by his mighty power, to the praise and glory of his righte­ous justice, who alone is worthy, God over all blessed for ever, Amen.

Remember you are warned in your life time, and prize this day of your visitation, while the Lord in patience and long-sufferance waites to be gracious and mercifull to you, if you speedily return to his counsell, which is the light of Christ in your consciences that shewes you sin, and wait in it for his power to lead you to re­pentance, and to cleanse you from sin, and in the straight way of self-denyal, and the daily crosse, you to guide in obedience to the Father of light, then will the Lord God be mercifull to you, and heal your backslidings, and love you freely, and blot out your transgressions for his names sake, which if you will have none of his counsel but it rejects as you have done, and still commits this filthy and abominable thing in the land, the Priests to teach for hire, and the Prophets to divine for mony, which is the practice of your teachers, you have heaped up to your selves according to your lusts, and love to have it so; then your portion you must own, what the Lord hath spoken he will perform, and you and your teachers shall reap the fruit of your doings, according as is decla­red, and in that d [...]y I shall be remembred when you lye upon the bed of sorrow, who is clear of all your blood, who perish through [Page 29] your disobedience in that I have not hid the counsel of God from neither Rulers Priests nor People.

And to the light of Christ in all your conscie [...]ces I clear my con [...]cience in the presence of the living, pure, and dreadful God, who will perform according to his words, and the condemnation of the evil doers sl [...]mbers not, the Lord will cleanse the Land of you, and not any that rejects Christ the corner stone shall rule in England, for the Lord will make it the glory of all the Nations of the world, notwithstanding all that oppose him, his own work he will carry on in it, by the arm of his mighty power will he exalt Christ Jesus, to be King in it, to rule the people according to his righteous Law, and all that will not his Lawes obey, and their Crowns lay down at his feet, and to him their knee bow in per­fect obedience to his righteous law, written in the heart and con­science, he will you break in pieces, with his rod of Iron, and dash in sunder like a potters vessel, and not any shall escape that doth evil, and bring the curse upon the earth, which the Lord is ma­king as the garden of Eden, the mouth of the Lord of Hosts hath spoken it, he that can receive it let him, and an ear to hear let him hear: And whether you people in England hear or forbear, in your consciences I shall be for ever manifest; and you shall eternally witnesse the truth I have declared is to you the word of the Lord God, the day will declare it.

W. D.

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