[Page] The BREATHINGS OF LIFE To GOD'S Spiritual Israel, Through A faithfull Follower of the Lamb, in the re­generation and kingdome of patience and tribulation and now a sufferer in Bonds for the Testimony of the Lord Iesus, known to the world by the name of William Deusbury.

London printed in the year 1663.


[Page 3] DEar Children, and Chosen vessels of the Eternal Everliving God, whom he hath plucked as brands out of the fire, and hath Manifested his heavenly powerfull operating Spirit, to lead you in his holy fear, to wait upon him in the way of his Judgements, which hath buryed and baptized Self in the death: that you could not find any Comfort or Satisfaction unto your hungry thirsty Soules, but in lying down, in true subjection to the Iudgements of the Lord, manifest in the light, until the Lord broke in upon you [when your wills were subjected] with his tender love and bowels of free mercy, which caused the dead to live, the lame to walk, the deaf to hear, and the dumb to speak forth the wonders of the Lord.

Oh you dear Companions, in the tribulations, and patience of Jesus, when I remember you, my heart is broken, and as a man overcome, with the Compassions of the Lords love that flows out towards you; in which my Soul exhorteth you to dread the Lord, and fear continually before the heavenly Majesty of our God, and be faithfull upon your watch that the Enemy which you know goes abroad as a roaring Lion to devour you, that he may be trampled upon, and never get Entrance, to stain your pure garments: which you know never could be washed but in the bloud of the Lamb: And all take heed of giving way in the least measure, to what you know would intangle you in any bondage, do not rely upon your own strength, though you have and do reign in the glorious dominion standing in the Light, yet if there be the least hearkning to the Enemy to tamper with him, though you may think you may be able to subject the disposition of nature he works upon, if he draw you from the Light you will be insnared, and distress and sorrow will come upon you [Page 4] as an Armed man, and under Gods Iudgements you must lye, un­til the Lord raise you up again in the renewings of his mercy, in the Light of his own Covenant.

Therefore, dear Children, of the Immortal birth, I cannot but say once more unto you, Watch, watch with all circumspe­ction and diligence, stand faithfull upon your watch, that in the Light of the Lord the eye of discerning be kept open in you, that you may discern the Mysterious workings of the subtil Ene­mie of your soules peace: And take heed of taking any liberty to your selves in any thing but what you know stands approved in the Light, power and life, which hath so freely manifested it self in regenerating and renewing you in the spirit of your minds, let your soules continually prize the Light, and the Sinne condemning power to love it above all things, that you may stand in the Marriage-union in the power which destroyes the works of the Devil, and keeps the Soul in pure freedome to walk with the Lord, rejoycing in the daily Cross, where Self is crucified, and the Soul set free, in the pure Liberty, in the love and life of the most High, to magnifie and praise his name, in the beauty of holinesse, for ever and ever.

Oh beloved ones! look not at Self, nor at any storm or tem­pest that ariseth through temptation or tryals of what nature so­ever, as to vail you, from beholding of the lovely coentenance of Iesus the beloved of our Soules: Oh lift up your heads all that love the Light; for the Lord our God, in the bowels of ever­lasting compassions will draw near you more and more; and he will carry his tender Lambs in his Armes, and the dear suck­ling Babes at the Breasts of his Consolation; and to cause his young men in Christ to rejoyce in the purity of his nature, and the handmaids and daughters of Glory to triumph in his Come­linesse, with which he will cover them that love the Light and his pure nature better then their lives: the aged among his people he will cloath them with Wisdome, and the grave, solid, ponderous, weighty Spirit shall more and more possess the Ancients among [Page 5] his Children, a pure perfect eternal Judgement, he hath plac'd in the midst of thee, oh Sion, that shall keep forth, and bind the ravenous ones, for it shall be as a wall, for the pre­servation of his lovely City Ierusalem, and great is and shall be the encreasings of God upon all thy inhabitants, that abhorre self, and love the light, and delights to walk in faith­fulnesse up to the requirings of the Lord in this his dreadfull day, wherein he is purging his Sanctuary through great sufferings according to the word of the Lord as hath been declared, let no discouragement be upon your Spirits, for the mighty Je­hovah is with every particular babe of his Kingdome, and dear and pretious is your lives in the sight of the Lord: a woman may forget her sucking child, but the Lord will not forget you that trust in his mercies; and though the Cup look bitter, which many hath to drink in this trying day, fear not, you beloved people, but stand approved in the light of Iesus, and what ever you meet withall, his presence will accompany you, in sweetning your passage daily more and more for his bowels yearns abundantly to you, who in the holy resolution in his heavenly power, is freely given up to do and suffer what ever the pleasure of the Lord is, that he may glorifie his name in the earth, in disposing of you to the eternal renown of his name for ever.

Oh you dear babes of the holy Seed, abide in your safe dwelling, in the light over all fear of what ever man can doe, for the determination of God is, not any more wrath shall have power, then shall turn to his praise, for the Lord hath given his Angels charge over you, and they pitch their tents continually about you, and in vain it is for man to strive to afflict you whom the Lord will save, or to destroy whom the Lord will preserve; Therefore be glad, oh Sion, in thy God this day, and let thy inhabitants oh Ierusalem shine forth in the glory of the heavenly power of the most high God, who dwelleth in the midst of thee, for the day of thy deliverance [Page 6] he is hastening, and to make inquisition for the bloud of thy ten­der Children, who has suffered spoylings of their Goods, and many Stripes, Prisons, Afflictions, and death for the word of God, and Testimony of Iesus Christ: Therefore in the word of his patience, every one stand in your seve­ral conditions, gird up in the light, the mind to the Lord unmoveable in his strength to bear your Testimo­nies, the strong leading the weak by the hand, that all in the gentle sweet leading Spirit of life, in eternal Unity live and walk in the heavenly Authority, in peace and faith­fulnesse untill death, where the Crown of eternal glory shall be your reward in the power of his everlasting dominion to praise and magnifie his name with hallelujahs and high prai­ses in the beauty of his life for ever and for evermore, Amen.

And further this ariseth in my heart dear beloved vessels wheresoever God hath placed you in the earth (whatever ap­pears amongst the children of men) in the light of Christ stand still and dwell in your peaceable rest for ever, that to the witnesse of God in every conscience we may be manifest, to be the Children of the eternal God of peace; in whom is our diligent watchings, and waitings upon our God, to order us in his power and wisdome, in our peaceable lives to be a blessing to all the inhabitants of the land of our nativity, from the highest to the lowest in what we may, to perswade them to walk in the fear of the Lord, that they may e­scape in the day of terrible wrath, which the mighty God will manifest in the day of his dreadfull vengeance upon the ungodly, that so by our conversation in Christ, the mea­sure of God in all their consciences may testifie for us, that in us the peaceable holy Seed is raised which the Lord hath blessed, and in which we know that neither height, nor depth, principalities nor powers, things present, nor things to come, prisons, nakednesse, peril or sword, life nor death can ne­ver seperate us from the sweet refreshing, life and peace [Page 7] we have together in Christ our righteousnesse, strength and dominion for ever,

In whom rests the soul of your brother in the word of his patience with you, farewell. Will. Deusbury.
Dear Friends,

KEep your Meetings diligently in the name and fear of the Lord, and watch in the Light least the Enemy enter through the natural inclinations, to draw your minds into the visible things which be temporal and fading, for so worldly incumbrances, cares and false fears may over-charge your hearts, and weaken you in the day of tryal: Therefore I say unto you in the name of the Lord which hath been your help and hiding place, keep together, and let neither worldly bu­sinesse nor the terror of the wicked break your Meetings, but so much the more as tryals increase wait upon the Lord that your strength may be renewed; and love one another with an upright heart and pure mind, and watch not for evil! least the enemy lay an occasion to stumble in your way, and be tender of the motions of life in one another, least the Spirit be quenched: speak as ye are moved, and pray as ye are moved, and God will hear and help you, and ye shall glorifie, him to whom I have committed you, and yet do in spirit and mind pray for you, that in the life, power, and wisdome of God ye may be kept in the hour of temptation, that ye who have gone through many tryals for the truths sake may by no means nor devices of the Enemy be beguiled of your reward, which is laid up for all that endures to the end: Receive this as the Salutation of my dearest love to you all that have believed the truth.

John Whitehead.

ANd Friends take heed of striving or joyning with them which strive one with another, unlesse it be to excell in Virtue, Meeknesse, Humility & Patience, for strife about words and other mens matters will eat out the Unity and Love which you should have one to another in the life of truth: and look not forth at the words of any, but as you feel them in the Spirit and power that keeps low and in the denial of self in their own particular, and mind your standing on the foundation which is already laid, for that is in it self sure and everlasting; and let every one take heed what they build thereon, for every mans work shall be tryed, and all that which abides not the fire shall be consumed by it.

I. W
The End.

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