THE DEPORTMENT AND CARRIAGE OF THE German Princess, Immediately before her EXECUTION: AND Her last SPEECH at TYBƲRN: Being on Wednesday the 22th of January, 1672.

London, Printed for Nath. Brooke at the Angel in Cornhill, near the Royal-Exchange. 1672.


MARY CARLTON, commonly known by the Name of the German Princess, being brought from the Marshalsey in Southwark to Justice-Hall in the Old-Bailey, in order to her Tryal for several Crimes and Misdemeanors for­merly committed by her, was accordingly Ar­raign'd at the Bar on Thursday the Sixteenth of this instant January, and on Friday the Seventeenth was [Page 2]Indicted for stealing a piece of Plate from an Inha­bitant in Chancery-Lane, to which Indictment she pleaded Not Guilty; but upon full Evidence was found Guilty, and so to avoid the Sentence of Con­demnation, pleaded her Belly. Whereupon a Jury of Women was Impannell'd, and after long and serious Consultation and Debate they brought her in Not quick with Child; so that she was sentenced to Dye (according to Law in such Cases provided) on Wednesday following, which was the Two and Twentieth instant, and accordingly went Carted to Tyburn in order to her Execution.

As to her deportment in Prison the said day of her designed Execution, she was found in a far more quiet and calm posture than the night before, and better fitted for Death, according to all humane conjecture; heartily desiring her expected and deserved dissolution. And herein to be just to her, she did shew the absolute sym­ptoms of a true Penitent; for her Ejaculations were as pious and pathetical, as her former Life had been enormous and criminal. She did vo­luntarily upon her own account, without any instigation from a second person, confess the hainousness of her Sins; though withall she desired that the Spectators and Auditors would be so much friends to Justice, as not to give credit to all vain Rumors that were reported of her. A Pardon she did declare, neither to expect, nor desire: Death she had deserv'd, and was very [Page 3]willing to undergo that hard and heavy task; and withall that she was fully satisfied in all par­ticulars, and fit to taste of that bitter Cup. When she heard the Bell at St. Sepulchres Toll, she us'd this Expression: This is my Passing-Bell, Lord Jesus I am coming to thee. There is no person knows what it is to be under the terrours of the Al­mighty, but those that have felt them. O my Saviour! I am coming. Lord strengthen me; Lord step between me and poor weak Nature. O how doth Nature cling to me, and is unwilling to leave me! It was a trouble to me at first to dye, but now I have overcome it, and am satisfied.

One thing she her self took notice of, and ac­quainted the Company withal of her own accord, telling them it deserv'd their Observation, viz. This day (being the day of Execution) was the day of my Baptism: I was Born on the 11th of January, and Baptiz'd on the 22th; to which she added this Zealous, passionate and Christian like Expression; This day I was Baptiz'd, and before night I expect to be sprinkled with the blood of the Lamb, which is a second Baptism. 'Tis true, (though 'twill hardly be believ'd) that this vitious Woman, guilty of such gross Immoralities, did dye well satisfied and unconcern'd, with a Resolu­tion and Courage beyond the weakness of her frail Sex. Her Sister, (and another Relation to whom she comitted the care of her decent Burial) were present with her immediately before she went [Page 4]to Execution, lamenting her sad and deplorable condition; she desir'd them to be satisfied as she was, and not to mourn and shed tears; for that did but exasperate her grief, and increase her trouble. As to her Religion, she did declare be­fore her departure that she was, and would dye a Roman Catholick, as she did undoubtedly. And thus she was committed to the Cart; and when she came to Tyburn, after she had devoutly pray'd with a chearful and unalter'd Countenance, she desir'd to know whether she might speak to the People. To which a Person there present re­ply'd, Your voice is low and will not be heard by the multitude here present, but if you will ac­quaint me with your desire, I will discourse it to them afterwards. Then she began a short Speech in these words following.

YOu will make me a President for sin. I confess I have been a vain Woman; I have had in the World Glory and Misery in abundance; and let all People beware of ill Company. The World hath condemn'd me, and I have much to answer; pray God for­give me, and my Husband likewise. I be­seech God lay nothing to his charge for my fault.

Thereupon a Person that was there present askt her this question. Have you any thing to your Husband? To which she modestly reply'd; Only my Recommendations; that he would serve God and repent; for I fear he wants sober admonition; and I beseech God lay nothing to his charge on my account. And what wrong I have done him, I hope he will for­give me, I forgive him. To which one made answer, then so in perfect Charity you dye with all the World? And she replyed very seriously, Yes, I do; and so with many devout Ejaculations, such as, Lord Jesus receive my soul! Lord have mercy upon me! frequently reiterated and repea­ted, she departed this life.


YOu may very speedily expect more at large The Memoirs of the German Princess, with an exact Narrative of her Life and Death, &c.

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