[blazon of the Commonwealth]

❧ By the Protector.
A PROCLAMATION Of the PEACE made between this Common-wealth, and the King­dome of France.

OLIVER Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, &c.

Whereas by the blessing of God, We have, with the advice of Our Council, made and concluded a Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Amity between this Commonwealth on the one part, and the Kingdome of France, one the other, their Lands, Cities, Towns, Dominions, Territories, Places, and People, by Sea, Land, fresh-waters, and elsewhere; And whereas by the said Treaty of Peace all Acts of Hostility are to cease on both sides immediately after publication therof, as well upon ye Sea, as at Land, Rivers, & Fresh-waters, and whatever shall be taken by the one from the other after the said Publica­tion, shall well and truly be restored; And all Letters of Marque and Reprisal to be recalled and made void. We have thought fit to make Publication, as We do by these presents, of the aforesaid Treaty and Agreement; and do hereby strictly charge and require all person and persons, of what degree, quality and condition they, or any of them be, belonging to this Common-wealth, to take notice therof, and conform themselves accordingly. And in further performance of the said Treaty on Our part, We do by these presents require and enjoin all Ships of War, and others belonging to the State, or particular persons set forth upon private Commissions, or otherwise, to ob­serve the said Agreement. And to the end none may pretend ignorance thereof, the Com­missioners of the Admiralty are hereby required to give effectual notice of the premisses to all the ships of War of this Commonwealth, either at Sea or in Port. And the Judges of the High Court of Admiralty are also by virtue of these presents forth­with to call in, upon their several Securities given in that Court, all such Ships as have been set forth upon private Commissions against any of the people or Subjects of France.

Printed and Published by His Highness special Commandment.

London, Printed by Henry Hills, and John Field Printers to His Highness, MDCLV.

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