❧ By the Protector.
A PROCLAMATION For appointing of a certain Day and Place for the Meeting of the Commissioners named in an Act of the late Parliament, Entituled, An Act for the Security of His HIGHNESS the Lord Protector His Person, and continuance of the Nation in Peace and Safety.

WHereas by a certain Act of Parliament, made in the Parliament begun and holden at Westminster the Seventeenth day of September, which was in the year of Our Lord One Thousand six hundred fifty and six; Entituled, An Act for the Security of His Highness the Lord Protector His Person, and continuance of the Nation in Peace and Safety: It was (amongst other things) Enacted and Ordained; That all and every the Offences in the said Act of Parliament mentioned, should be and were by the said Act, Deemed, Ordained, and Adjudged to be High Treason, And that in all such Cases as in the said Act are specified, and upon all such occasions, The Lord Chancellor, Lord Keeeper, or Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal of England for the time being, were by the said Act authorized and required from time to time by Warrant from Vs, to issue out one or more Commission or Commissions under the Great Seal of England, to [Page] the respective persons for England, in the said Act particularly named, or any Seventeen, or more of them. And whereas, It appearing to Vs, by the Examinations of several Persons; That of late divers Treasons have been Plotted, and Contrived within this Nation of England; And that several other Crimes and Offences have been Done and Committed against the said Act of Parliament, by divers persons; Some whereof are now under Restraint, and in safe Custody in several Places: We have for their more speedy Tryal, by the advice of Our Privy Council, and in pursuance of the said Act of Parliament, caused Our Letters Patents or Commission under the Great Seal of England, bearing Date at Westminster the Seven and twentieth day of April now last past, to be made forth and issued, Directed unto Our right Trusty and Wel-beloved, the Lord Chancellor, Lord Keeper or Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal of England for the time being, The Lords Commissioners of Our Treasury for the time being, Our Chief Iustice of Our Vpper Bench, the Master of the Rolls, Our Chief Iustice of the Common Pleas, Our Chief Baron of Our Exchequer, Our Iustices of Our Vpper Bench, Our Iustices of the Common Pleas, Our Barons of Our Exchequer; And unto Our right trusty and wel-beloved Sir William Strickland, now Lord Strickland, William Earl of Salisbury, George Lord Eure, Sir Christopher Pack, now Lord Pack, Robert Titchburn Alderman of Our City of London, now Lord Titchburn, Sir John Hoburt Baronet, now Lord Hoburt, Sir William Robert, now Lord Roberts, Sir Thomas Pride, now Lord Pride, Sir John Barkstead Lieutenant of Our Tower of London, now Lord Barkstead, Sir George Fleetwood of Our County of Buckingham Knight, now Lord Fleetwood, Sir Francis Russel Baronet, now Lord Russel, John Fiennes, now John Lord Fiennes, William Goffe Esquire, now Lord Goffe, Sir Thomas Honywood, now Lord Honywood: And to Our trusty and wel-beloved Lislebone Long Esquire Recorder of Our City of London, now Sir Lislebone Long Knight, and Recorder of Our City of London, Erasmus Earl Our Sergeant at Law, Unton Crook Sergeant at Law, Sir Walter St. John Baronet, Sir Thomas Vinar, Sir John Dethick, Thomas Foot, John Ireton, Aldermen of Our City of London, now Sir Thomas Foot, and Sir John Ireton, Sir John Thorowgood of Kensington, Sir John Copleston, Luke Robinson, Anthony Rous, John Hildesley, Alexander Blake, Owen Rowe, Henry Hatsel, Edward Cresset, Richard Lucy, John Fothergil, Thomas Whitgrave Esquires, Charles George Cock one of the Iudges of the Admiralty, John Godolphin Doctor of the Laws, one of the Iudges of the Admiralty, Captain John Brown of Orpinton, Dennis Bond Esquire, Sir Richard Combs, John Marsh Esquire, Adam Washington, Francis Clinton, alias Fiennes, John Ward, Richard Danton, James Chadwick, Bussey Mansel, Thomas Bendish Esquires, Sir John Trevor, William Underwood Alderman of Our City of London, Arthur Stanhope Esquire, John Bingham, Thomas Croxton, Dudley Templar, Richard Lilburn, Esquires, John James of Trippleton in Our County of Hereford Esquire, Thomas Dickenson Es­quire, Alderman of Our City of York, Samuel Moody Esquire, Richard Boughton, William Freeman, George Downing, John Hagger, Bennet Hoskins, John Corbet, William Foxwist, Edward Bulstrode, Evan Seys, Esquires, Robert Wood of Breadonash in Our County of Norfolk Esquire, Anthony Nicholl, Azariah Hus­bands, John Pitman, Christopher Lister, John Carter, now Sir John Carter Knight, Robert Jermy, Peter Le­gay, Henry Canon Esquires, John Geldart Alderman of York, John Palmer Doctor of Physick, Francis Lassels, John Stone, Alban Cox, John Grew of Bedford, Esqs: Cornelius Holland, Peter Ceely, James Dewey, Henry Barington, Esqs: John Crofts, Wroth Rogers, William Cullen, Abraham Babbington, William Puckle, Charls Doyley, Edward Herbert, Henry King, Thomas Brooks, Nicholas Salter, Esquires, Robert Weaver of Am­strey in Our County of Hereford Esquire, John Gorges Esquire, Thomas Basnet Alderman of Co­ventry, Robert Aldworth, Joseph Hawkesworth, George Byard, Edward Clud, Richard Fincher, John Cary [Page] of Ditchley, Edmund Waring, Esquires, Thomas Allen Alderman of Our City of London, Robert Castle, Thomas Gorges, Robert Shapcot, Thomas Pury junior, John Price, James Philips, William Put, John Spadman, William Shield, Esquires, Sir John Read Baronet, John Upton, Ralph Rymere, Esquires, Walter Biggs Al­derman of London, Francis Hacker, Hezekiah Haynes, John Biscoe, Esquires, William Boteler of Oundle Es­quire, Francis Underwood, George Gwyn, Henry Williams, Esquires, William Purefoy Esquire, and James Hely of Salisbury Esquire, Thereby authorizing and impowring them, or any seventeen or more of them, by vertue of the aforesaid Act, and of Our said Commission to examine, hear and determine, All the matters, Crimes and Offences, in the aforesaid Act of Parliament mentioned, and all circumstances thereof, in such sort and manner, and to proceed therein, as in and by the said Act of Parliament is li­mited, directed and appointed, as in and by Our said Commission or Letters Patents under the said Great Seal, more fuily appeareth; Lest therefore the Peace and safety of this Nation should be further endangered by the aforesaid, or other like Treasonable Practises, Plots, and Conspiracies, And that all such persons as are, or shall be found Offenders against the aforesaid Law may be brought to a speedy Trial, and, according to Iustice and the merits of the Cause, bear and undergo the pains and punish­ments appointed by the aforesaid Act for the same, And to that end, That publique notice may be had and taken by all and every the said Commissioners; when and where to give their attendances, and to put in execution the powers and authorities by the aforesaid Act of Parliament, and by Our said Commission intrusted to their wisdome, prudence and management, We, by the advice of Our Privy Council, Have thought fit to Declare, and do hereby straitly charge require and command, That (all excuses set apart) all and every the said Commissioners herein before mentioned and named, Do, in dis­charge of so eminent a Trust committed to them, make their respective personal appearances, and give their respective attendances at the Painted Chamber in Westminster, on the twelfth day of this instant May, then and there to speed Our said Commission, And to put all and every the Powers and Authori­ties in the aforesaid Act of Parliament, and in Our said Commission respectively contained in full and effectual execution.

London. Printed by Henry Hills and John Field, Printers to His Highness, 1658.

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