TO THE KINGS Most Excellent MAJESTY: The Most Humble and Faithful ADVICE of Your Majesties ever Dutiful Subject and Servant the Bishop of Durham.

THat Your Majesty would be pleased to withdraw your Protection of those Romish Chappels, which are daily made the occasion of so much Disturbance and Mischief here, and if continued any longer, I fear, will unavoidably endanger the Peace and Safety of this Your great City, and consequently of Your whole Kingdom.

That the Archbishoprick of York, which Your Majesty hath been pleased to offer me, may be filled with some other more deserving Person: And that Your Majesty would be pleased to make another Dean of Christ-Church in Oxford, instead of Mr. Massey, who is utterly uncapable thereof by Law: That the Fellows of Sidney-Colledge in Cambridge, for whom I have so often moved Your Majesty, may have leave to elect a New Master in the place of Mr. Bassett (he being also unqualified on the same account) and to proceed in all other Affairs relating to that Society, according to their original Statutes and Constitutions.

That Your Majesty would be pleased to Call a Free Parlia­ment so soon as may be, this being the only probable means for preserving Your Sacred Person, for preventing the Effusion of Christian Blood, and for establishing Your Throne, and Go­vernment both in Church and State upon sure and lasting Foun­dations.


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