A short, But a Strict Account Taken of BABYLONS MERCHANTS VVho are now Forcing the Sale of their Old, Rusty, Cankered Ware, upon the People of these Nations.

And a stretching them out by their Line, (which as they say) is the Scriptures in the New Testament, as they call Themselves Christian Ministers; Al­so a comparing them with those that spake them forth as their Exam­ples, that all People may see with whom they run Paralel.

By one that hath fed upon the Whores Flesh these many Years, Handed to him by these Merchants, and their Brethren; But now Witnesseth it in him Consumed by Fire.


LONDON, Printed for Thomas Simmons, at the Signe of the Bull and Mouth, near Aldersgate, 1660.

To the READER.


WHoever Thou art, or to whose hands this may come to be Read, be not hasty to Judge, or Censure, before thou hast, with that which is just of God in thy Conscience, weighed the thing, and then with that, moderately Judge, and Honestly in the sight of God, search the Scriptures, which maketh mention of a Christian Ministry and Ministers, and see if amongst them all a Paralel be found of our Ministrie of England, in this Ge­neration, (who calls themselves Ministers of the Gospel, and of Christ Jesus,) either in Call, Doctrine, Practice, Maintenance, Life, or Conversation; and if by true search, and by measuring and compare­ing them, they be found neither to answer Rule, nor Example, spoken of in the Scriptures of Truth, where mention is made of Christian Ministers, thou wilt and must with me conclude, that they are to be denyed; for such as is found in the Words, and not in the Life, are false, Being compared with them who in the Life spake the words that they now Read and Preach out of the Life, which is Abomination and a Lie; For the Scriptures that were spoken forth by the Apostles, and Ministers of Christ Jesus, through the motion of the Eternal Spi­rit, were not left upon Record for that end, for to be a Foundation to build Inventions, and Imaginations there upon; And so declare and Preach People into the Words, but not into the Life of the Words, which the Ministers of Christ did; For they said, be ye follow­ers of us, as we are of Christ Jesus; So here the Life and Words were not seperated, but went together; now the Life and Words are divided, and so the form of Godlinesse, but not the Power, is held forth; And such as are Ministers of the Form, we are com­manded to turn from, and not own in the least; Now if they be found Paralel with Antichristian Ministers which were such as had the form, but denyed the Life, let them be esteemed even such as they are, for that is a thing just and equal, to say or speak of men even as [Page] they are, and no otherwise, being the Tree is known by his Fruits; I have not the least hatred or prejudice upon me, to these mens persons who calls themselves Christian Ministers, the Lord God bears me re­cord; but to that which works the wonders of deceit and lyes, in the Creature, I have absolute enmity with, and it is that which in the fear of the Lord God I testifie, with my Life, Soul, and Spirit, against, and my whole strength; that the Creature may know to witnesse Re­demption from the Bondage, with which it is Captivated, and may come to be set free; which cannot be done, till the mind come to be turn­ed to a measure of Gods Spirit, manifest in the Creature; by which thou wilt see, and know what is thy duty in short, both to God and man, as he hath (unto thee) made it known; that is to do justly, love Mercy, walk Humbly with thy God, Mic. 6.8, And professe what thou wilt, I tell thee, except thou comes to have thy mind turn­ed to the Light of Christ Jesus, which is his manifestation in thee, thy profession will not hid nor cover thee, from the day that is coming upon all Hypocrites, both Teachers and Hearers, and all Drunkards, Swearers, Whore-mongers, Lyars, and all profane Persons whatsoe­ver, which is for the Lake of Gods fearful vengence, except true Re­pentance be witnessed, and the evil turned from.

R. C.

GO to now ye Merchants of Babylon, who are now in this day bringing forth and exposing to Sale, your old Cankered, Rusty and moth-eaten ware, unto the People of this Nation of England; for in the Light of the Lord God I have beheld you, which maketh both you and your confused ware manifest; Rage not, neither be you angry if you be brought to your Rule, which you say is the Scripture, and to your examples which are they that spake them forth, and you thereby measured and compared, First you call your selves Christian Ministers (if so) we will see whether you run paralel with the Christian Ministers in the Scriptures of Truth mentioned, if you do; then you are to be owned, if not, then to be denyed; The Disciples who were followers of Jesus was sent forth into his Ministry; and his comand was, Provide neither Gold, nor Silver, nor Brass in your purses, nor Scrip for your journey, neither two Coats, neither shoos, nor yet staves; for the work-man is worthy of his meat; and what­soever Citie they did enter, they were to enquire who in it was worthy, and there abide till they went thence, and they did so, Mat. 10. And they were freely to give as they had received; and when they returned they were asked if they lacked any thing, and they said nay; now what is your Rule for your indenting with peo­ple in a Parish, and saying I will be your Minister, provided you will give me so much a year, and if they will not give it you, you will be none of their Minister, but looks out for a better Market; Is your Rule for this in Scripture, and where is your example for so doing? do you answer your examples? (the Disciples of Jesus) you dare not say you do; then why are you to be owned Christian Ministers, answering neither Rule nor example in Scripture; neither are you Gospel Ministers; for the Gospel of Christ is the Power of God, and the Power of God you never knew, neither witnessed; and the Gospel of Jesus owns no such Ministers as you, neither doth the true Church of whom Christ is Head, and whose Faith he is defender of, know any such as you are to Minister unto them; and where is your Rule in Scripture for the compelling your false [Page 6] maintenance by Tythes, and sueing men at Law, and not only so, but casting into Prison and taking treble damage; did ever the Ministers of Christ do so? Read the Scripture and see Christs Comand was, Sue no man at the Law; and these pretended Christian Minsters, they take no notice of that, as though his comands were not to be observed in this genera­tion; you take not them the Apostles speaks of for your ex­amples; that wandered up & down in sheep-skins and Goat-skins, & lye in dens and Caves of the Earth, and had no certain dwelling place, of whom the World was not worthy; But your condition is far otherwise, for you have certain dwelling places, if not the best in a Parish, the second best; and so the world that lyeth in wickedness is worthy of you, and you Minister unto them; I have even stood amazed when I have beheld you, as you are every way in deceit in your Functions, or trades, your calls unto it, your names, your gestures, and actions, your lives and conversations, and all false and a lye; because you call your selves Christian Ministers and are not, But Anti­christians; for in nothing you paralel the true Ministers▪ but in many things the false, as I shall make it appear, for the sake of the Ignorant, amongst whom is your chief seat; the Scriptures maketh mention of two sorts of Ministers (that is to say) of Christ and of Antichrist; Ministers of Christ you can­not say you are, because you examplifie not Christs Ministers mentioned in Scriptures; if you were, your Fruits would de­clare it, for by your Fruits you are known; and so in the Light of Christ your cheat is seen; for truly never did I hear or read of amongst all the Trades-men and merchandizing Artists in the world, so gross and sordid a cheat, as Preaching in your way; the general Term of preaching amongst you is called (Soul cure.)

I have often asked of several of the Bretheren of your function, to satisfie me what the Soul is, that the great out-cry is made about, which is by your medicine to be cured; and I never could be satisfied, neither answered; but some would say one thing some another; One said it could not be defined be­cause it comprehended the Body with all its faculties; and the Lesser never comprehended the Greater, but the greater the less; and so being ignorant of the soul or what it is, your cure is you [Page 7] know not what, or to what, and so truly Physitians worth nothing; where is your paralel in Scripture of this? Search the Scriptures, the Ministers of Christ spake what they knew, and testified what they had seen, and what they had tasted, felt, and handled, even the Good Word of Life, that they Ministred unto the true Church; and they were edified, confirmed and strengthened by it, and in it; That which is imortal was known, and so they knew what their Ministry was too; And such Ministers I own, Love, and can receive, and have uni­ty with; for such in this day are not to you known, but as enemies, and so you deal with them, and persecute and im­prison them; If there was nothing else to make you mani­fest, it would make you Antichrists Ministers; for the Ministers of Christ never persecuted, nor imprisoned any for Consci­ence sake; search the Scriptures, and if you find that ever the Ministers did so, call me lyar; and if you cannot, rail not upon me if I call you deceivers, and Antichrist, for you are so assuredly.

I have something to say to your Medicine, which you pre­tend to cure Souls with; I would ask whether it be a Simple, or a Compound? You will hardly say it is a Simple, because it is made as of so many Fragments, and of divers sorts, there­fore a Compound; I shall speak something to some of your In­gredients you use in the Composition so much cryed up; first you have Prayer, called Common, and indeed so it is, I hard­ly know any thing more Common, except Cursing, and Swearing.

You have Musick, called Organ, with Surplice, Tippit, Hood, Scarfe, Girdle, and a hideous noise of singing (which the Lord God will turn into howling) with Men and Boyes, train­ed up in that exercise; and there is a thing called an Altar, with Railes to fence it in, and there is bowing, and cringing to a many turned Pillars; then there is a getting up into a thing called a Pulpit, and there is a Prayer as an Exordium to the Preachers Oration, then a verse, or part of a verse out of Scripture is taken, to be his Theam, or Text; and then he raises Doctrines, consequences, uses, and applications, and so rakes many Old Authors, as Jerom, Ambros, Augustine, Basil, Calvin, and Luther, with many several others not here menti­oned; [Page 8] and so an hour or there abouts, puts an end to that Market, where this Medicine for soul-cure is sold, and the sale of it is much more abominable and a greater cheat, then the thing it self, if possible; For in the first place, they sell it at an exceeding dear rate, and when they have sold it, they have it again, and doth so, may be ten or twenty times over, and many times more; and when the poor people comes to consider what they have had for their money, and comes to examine it with the Light of Christ Jesus, then they see they have had nothing but a Lye all along; and if I should know any Trads-man either Manual, or Artist, what­soever, should so deal, as to sell his Commodities, and have it again, once, much more so many times over, truly I should post him up for a Cheat, and a Jugler, and ever renounce ha­ving dealings with him more; now you out-strip all Tradsmen, or Artists whatever, in selling your Medicine, (called soul-cure) for if any that are convinced of the deceit of your ware, re­fuse to buy of you, you have a Law to compel them to buy; if they will not buy, neverthelesse you will have their money, which is a thing not practiced in any publick Market or Shop in England, or in the World (I may say) except in your own; for if men come into a publick Market, or Shop, the sales-man of what Trade soever, doth not compel any to buy their ware, but leaves all to their freedom for their money; nei­ther do they sue men at Law, and cast into Prison, and when they have their bodies there, they do not plunder and spoyl their Goods, as you do; Now if it were lawful for any Trads-men so to do, I should think, it should (rather) be lawful for such as sold something for their money; for what you sell, is neither Meat, Drink, nor Cloth, but a Jugle, and a Lye; for not only I, but many thousands in this Nation, hath left dealing in your Moth-eaten ware; Rage not be­cause it is so called, for it is so, The Light of Christ Jesus hath manifested it, And this I speak to your torment, that Thou­sands, and ten Thousands, hath in these Nations for ever re­nounced your Sorcery, and Witchchraft, GLORY, GLO­RY to God be given for ever, and for ever.

And though you gather some heat from the Sun, that is newly arisen, and from it receive some small vigor, and like [Page 9] the Insects, and the Reptilia of the Earth, who creep out of their holes, as they feel the Suns warmth, by which they are vivified and made strong; yet know such are not Parmanent, but the withdrawing of the Suns heat from them, some re­turns to their holes, and some perish; You may take this as a figure, for the Lord will cause the Sun to set, which hath quickened you; Then what will become of you? You will desire strongly to set with it also, but you shall not; For there is a cup prepared for you, being mixed with Plagues, Woes, Miseries, Sorrows, Torments, and Eternal burnings, which you shall not passe; for you are found from the Lord God worthy, and a treble portion is to be given unto you; And so much for your un­paraleld fraud of your Soul Cure, which you impudently force the sale of, upon people whether they will or nay, for which there is no example to be found amongst all Christian Ministers, mentioned in Scriptures, neither amongst sober Tradsmen.

We have somewhat to say, as to your entering into that Trade, or Function, which you call, Soul Cure; How came you thither? Prove your call, according to the Scripture, which you say is your Rule, and see with whom you run Para­lel; The Apostles were made Ministers by the will of God, and not by the will of man; You are made Ministers by the will of man, and not by the will of God; therefore you run not pa­ralel with them, who were Ministers of Christ; And as to your Names, Orders, Gestures, and Inventions, being no exam­ple is found amongst the Ministers of Christ, they are all out of the Life and Truth, & for Judgement; You assume to your selves names of Bishops, Deacons, &c. There is such names mentioned in Scripture, but what is that to you? are you ever the more to be reverenced, because of these names? (Nay,) except you were found in the Life of those the Scrip­tures speaks of, You are never the better for the [...], but much the worse, except you be found in the Life of Bi­shops and Deacons spoken of, Timothy 3.2, 3, 4, 5. &c. I own the name Bishop, and likewise Deacon, if they be as is there spoken of, viz. Ʋnreproveable, the husband of one Wife, Watching, So­ber, Modest, given to Hospitality, apt to Teach, not given to Wine, no Stricker, not given to filthy Lucre, but Gentle, no fighter, not Co­veteous; [Page 10] Let me ask of you, are you so in all, or any of these things? Let that which is just of God in all your Con­sciences, (Judge and Answer) if you be not, blame us not for denying of you; for we cannot own any to be a Bishop, or Deacon, over us, except the name and Life go together; These Bishops and Deacons mentioned in Scripture, had not only the names, but they had the Life, from which the name proceeds; You have the name and want the Life, and so stands in a Lye; And when we come to compare you with those that were in the Life of Righteousnesse, which is so in deed, and not in name, you are found utterly false, and to be de­nyed of all that fear the Lord.

You have many old Names, whereby you distinguish your Orders, and Places, which the Scriptures of Truth neither knows nor owns; as Deans, Arch-deacons, Prebends, Countrey Deanes, Bishops, called Suffragans, and several other; Whence had you or who gave you those Names? Came not these from Rome? I am sure the Ministers of Christ left them not (upon record in Scripture;) so you cannot flie thither for shelter and refuge, neither can you cover your selves with their words; for the Light of Christ Jesus which is the Life is arisen, which doeth divide betwixt the Words and the Life, and hath ript up the false coverings, and so you stand quite naked, and wo is to him that is covered, and not with the Spirit of the Lord.

You likewise rage if any call you Priest, and swell, and take that to be ignominious; but know, Priest was a good Name in its time, such as were once ordained of God; But seeing you are angry at that, we grudge not the name of Minister un­to you; for the prodigal Son was once a Minister, yea, and an Hireling too, as some Translators renders it, read Luke 15.15. (as you are) Read what he Ministred, and to whom, but the Lord received him again after true Repentance, and then he left off serving of husks.

And where is your example in Scripture, among the Mi­nisters of Christ? For your running to the powers of Earth, and crying unto them for help, to setle you in your livings, and to get your false maintenance, called Tythes; With whom run you paralel? (Can you answer) and seeing Christs Ministers did not so, you must needs be Antichrists; [Page 11] For there are but two sorts of Ministers, as I have said; And where as you have said and say, you are Christ Ministers, and upon true search it appeareth no such thing, neither by your rule, nor example; Yet you run paralel with some mentioned in Scripture, (though not Christians) and be­cause you rank your selves amongst such as were Christian Mi­nisters, we will not go about to find out your paralel in the Old Testament; Though we might mention the orders of Priests there; for Aarons Order you have nothing to do with, for it was appointed of the Lord; Now there were other Orders of the Priests besides Aarons, as Baals Priests, Priests of the Grove, and Jezebels Chaplins, which drew the same brests as you do; But because you say you are Christian Mi­nisters, we shall say little more to them; But to those which Christ and his Ministers cried wo against, for they were in the same life you were in; The Scriptures of Truth make mention of such as loved greetings in the Markets, and the upper­most Roomes at Feasts, and in the Synagogues, and Assemblies, and loved to be called of men Master; And do you not these things? Is it not so that you love greetings in the Markets, and the up­permost Rooms in your Synagogues, and Assemblies, and at Feasts especially; and you dearly love to be called of men Master.

I will give you an instance of one of your Brethren of the (confused) Function, (though not of your Order) as he accounted himself; I met with him in the street, and he had some words with me, and I did call him by his Name, being known to me very wel; for he had often wrot his name as I cal­led him; but the proud devil got up in him which would be called (Master) which was a name not for me to call him, ex­cept I had been his servant; and truly he denyed his name, and said, his name was Master such a one, before such a Generation as I was got up; I asked him how he came by the name Master, for I told him I had assuredly seen him write his name other­wise; He told me he had served for it at the Ʋniversity, and would be so called; And I told him that he that went by two names, was reckoned a cheat; Now you that loves to be called Master, do not call this man a fool in this, though truly he was so, except you your selves be clear of his folly, least another [Page 12] may call you all fooles; for you as dearly love to be called so as he; I am sure though I never saw any man of that Coat manifest his folly so much, but as to his art he had as much to say in it as most of you all whatsoever; we are comanded to call no man Master, for One is our Master, even One that you know not, for if you did, you would dread and fear him; and we do ordinarily call men by those names as they call them­selves in their writings, if it be truth; and if you run not pa­ralel with the above mentioned in Scripture, being found in the same life and practice, let that which is Just of God in you Judge; for I have laid you to your direct line, Read Mat. 23. the chapter through.

And the Scriptures of truth maketh mention of such as were Blind guids, and that if the blind lead the blind they shall both fall into the Ditch; now perhaps you will say you run not paralel with the blind guides there spoken of, but I shall make it appear; know you wherefore they were called blind, they had eyes as well as you, and yet they were so, because they could not see him who was come in the figure or flesh, to fulfill and put an end to all that they did profess and practice in their worship and Religion, according to the Cerimonies of the Law; and because they had been worshipping in the types shaddows, and cerimonies, which held forth Christ till he came in the figure or flesh, and when he was come and all these things in him fulfilled and ended, yet these that took upon them to be Teachers, Instructors, & guides of the people could not see him, but continued still in those things which in him was fulfilled and ended; now were not these blind guides justly so called; and were not they that were led by them blind also, answer me; and did not the blind lead the blind, and was not the Pit the end of their journey; and did not these blind guides seduce people from the Doctrine and faith of Christ? which said which of the Rulers have believed on him? was not this blind seducing? but perhaps you will say we can­not paralel with them, for we are Christian Ministers, & we be­lieve he is come and hath fulfilled what is here mentioned; but I deny you are either Christs Ministers or yet believers, for if you were his Ministers, you would feed his flock, and not destroy them, & not Lord it over them as you do, & if you be­lieved [Page 13] in him you would do his works; but doing neither, you are neither Christian Ministers nor believers; The Scripture of truth maketh mention of seducers, Johns Epistle. 1, 2.26, 27.

These things have I written unto you concerning them that seduce you, but the anointing of the Father which ye have received of him, abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you, but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth and is no lye, and even as it hath taught ye, you shall abide in him; now you that are Ministers of Confusion, I aske you is this Scripture true or is it false? if it be true, as I think you dare not be so impudent as say the contrary, then your ministry is at an end, and utterly to be denyed of all that have received the anointing, for they have received that which is truth and no lye; you deny the Light of Christ within which is the anointing of the Father; therefore your preaching is a lye, seducing and Antichrist, and utterly to be denyed; for as the blind guides saw not Christ when he came in the flesh, to end and fulfill all their worships which stood in the Cerimonies of the Law, so you blind guides in this generation, see not Christ come in spirit, to lead, and guide, and instruct his people by the pure measure of his light manifested in this age & generation; and all that hath received this, they have no need of your teaching; and therefore let all flesh be silent before the Lord.

And as the blind guides did of old, so do you now; for they persecuted Christ in the flesh, and you persecute him in spirit where ever he appears either in Male or Famale; and the blind guides would go on in their way, that was in their Tem­ple worship, and observing dayes, and offering Sacrifices, though their house were left unto them desolate, and so do you go on in your way, though the witness of God rise in you to condemne you for so doing; yet I put a vast difference be­tween the Jews worship and yours, for it was true as it was once comanded of God, and it was a type of Christs coming in the flesh; but yours was never comanded of God, there­fore a lye, but invented of them that were enemies to the appearance of Christ every way; and I desire to know of you one thing, that is, what your worship is a type of, being you are enemies to the coming of Christ in spirit, and cannot in­dure [Page 14] him where ever he appears, and what it is that must ful­fill it; but this is a Doctrine you cannot endure to hear of, it is as the pangs of Death to you; what to speak of having your Doctrine to come to an end? how will those sayings be fulfilled then [...], allwaies learning & never able to come to the knowledge of the truth? For this will please you better, that you may be ever teaching, though betwixt the Womb and the Tomb, people be never the better, but much the worse, and them that hangs on your Doctrine to the end, they are undone for ever.

Now Read your selves paralel with the blind guids.

And as to all your trinketts and inventions not worth nameing, and even as it were numberless, hath God chosen or required this at your hands, to be his worship, (if he have) then without doubt he hath chosen you to be Ministers, of it; but I am sure he hath neither chosen this for his worship, neither you for his Ministers, for this is the worship God hath chosen, even spirit and not art and invention; and so likewise his Ministers that he hath chosen, are poor, weak, dispised Ones, which is to the confounding of you and your Doct­rine.

The Scripture maketh mention of one Simon which used sorcery and witch-crafts, read Acts 8, 9. In some things you paralel him, for he used sorcery and bewitched people, But he believed and continued a season, and he profferd money for the gift of the Holy spirit, that he might do as the Apostles did, but he was cursed with his money, because he would purchas the gift of God with it, which is not to be done; now had it been possible that the gift of God could have been bought with money, however Simon (had bought the truth) and it is no doubt but he would have made sale of it again, he would have sold the truth though his end was cursed, be­cause it was for gain; now you are found not to be of Simons mind, for you are far from buying the truth, for you buy lyes & sell them again, and hath them, and sells them again many times over; now Simons Condition was more innocent and harmless then yours, for there was a place of repentance found for him, and an exhortation unto it, verse 22. Truly I can­not say so of you, I desire I could.

[Page 15]The Scripture maketh mention of one Elymas a sorcerer, being by interpretation so called Acts 13.8. And with him you run paralel; for the Deputy having received the faith of Jesus, he with stood the Apostles and sought to turn him away from it, but he was struck with blindness which was his reward; and you do as your Brother did, for if any, especially Rulers or men in Authority, do come to own the truth as it is mani­fest in them by the Light of Jesus, Oh what stirring and striving, by reviling and reproching, by shifts and lyes, do you make to smother and stifle it; and what calumnies, aspersions, and slanders do you cast upon the Ministers there of, calling of them Seducers, Deceivers, Heathens, and Jesuites, with many other filthy names, to turn the minds of any who have received it, from it again; and not so contented, but calls the Light within damnable Heresie, damnable Blasphemy, a Doct­rine of Devils, Popery, and so forth; now is not this Elymas like (or worse) for it may be he might not cast so many slanders upon the Apostles and the faith, as you do upon them now who Minister in the faith; but Elymas withstood the Apostles to turn the Deputie from the faith, & who knoweth but Elymas might have a great part of his gain from that Deputie; it is very probable that before he received the faith of Jesus at the A­postles preaching, he might believe Elymas his sorcery, and so truly Elymas might receive much pay for it of him, for Sorce­rers and deviners, such as Elymas and you are, gives not your comodities (Gratis) But are payd for them to purpose, as Thousands of my Friends in England and other parts can witness, though they receive none of your sorcery, yet you take by violence their goods and money from them, like Theeves, and pretends a Law for it; Truely in this you out­strip all your Brother-hood mentioned in Scriptures both in old and new Testament, as ever I read of; I have read of some who took the wages of unrighteousness, But I know not whether (by force or nay) as you do; I never read of any that took treeble damage as you do, and yet wo was pronounced a­gainst such who took such wages, and if wo were their portion what will be yours who exceeds them in all their wickedness and abominations? surely, surely Hell hath enlarged her lips wide for you, and it was high time for Elymas to withstand the [Page 16] Apostles and the Faith, being the Deputy had received it, and stand up for his God, which had received such a knock, as could not be recovered, but by turning the Deputy who had received the Faith from it again; What a condition was Elimas in, his socery would not serve, for the Truth was received, therefore his God must famish; And truly so it is with you, for if any comes to receive the Truth, then comes your sorcery and deceit to be made manifest; and though formerly it hath been account­ed good ware, whilst no better was known; But now that is a risen in people in this Nation, which hath laid open all your deceits, and false cheats, and rips up all your deceitful coverings, and hath turned your inside outward; I speak not this only of you who are now the Merchants of the time, but I speak of all, and of all orders whatsoever, called or known by, out of the Life of Truth, which the Lord God hath mani­fested by his Light, You are all utterly to be denied in the sight of God for ever; and as to most of your brethren which you have supplanted, and turned out of their Markets and Shops, a while since they pleaded more right to them then you, now you plead more right to them then they, and so one brother supplanting another; You need not deal so cruelly with them as many say you do, they are your brothers, for you have all one Mother, and hath sucked all one breast, and so you are all of one nature, and they are as ready in the work of persecution, and as active as you can be; Therefore accord­ing to the equity of that, they might joyn with you in your trading, as some already hath done, for they are very diligent and hand [...]e, and if they may not be allowed to be shop-keep­ers, let them be, shop-sweepers, for rather then sit our, they will do any thing; I know they are stiffe and proud, but they must acknowledge you to be their Eldest brother, and your Father doth so compute you; But know this assuredly, you are brethren in iniquitie, and your whole lives, practices and professions, being condemned by the Spirit of God, and the Apostles, and Scriptures, stands in a lie, and so to be denied of all that fear the Lord; You are even discovered and known to be as you are, viz. Antichrists, Deceivers, Socerers, and ravening Wolves, and you rage, and your fury is kind­led, [Page 17] and casts out whole floods of slanders, and reproach­es, after the Truth, because your God which is your belly is in danger to be starved and famished, for you know not, neither will you know, any way of pre­paring your sacrifices for your God, but that cursed way, that is, by extracting of them from the drops of sweat that runs from other mens faces; for you abomi­nate and abhor labour, and the Scriptures which saith, In the sweat of thy face thou shalt eat thy bread, and he that will not work shall not eat, you seldom or never make use of, and so you may offer fat Sacrifices unto your God (which is your belly) obtaining them at those rates; but know assuredly as you have taken and wrung the drops of sweat from the faces of such as have had no dealings with you, (especially) the Lord God hath put them with their Tears also up into a bottle, which he keeps for a perpetual memorial of their Innocent sufferings, & your cruelty, and tyranny, & injustice; therefore Flames, Flames, Flames of fire is prepared by the Lord to consume you as dry stubble; In the Light of the eternal God I have beheld you and all your actions, and take them all together, and Rake the pit of confusion, and bind up your stuff in a bundle, and indeed there is no paralel nor never was, that ever I could read of, or hear amongst any Ministers, Christian, or Antichristian, or amongst sober Trades-men, or Artists whatsoever, but you out-strip all of them in your way of wickedness; if I should paralel you with Salvage Beasts, I could not truely do it, I think be they never so fierce, for they stand in kind, Beasts of prey, answereth the end of their Creation, and so doth all other Creatures of the Salvage kind; but men of prey such as you are, is quit out of kind, and not to be paraleld by any thing that draweth breath; Oh what shall I say of you, I have seen you, I have seen you, in the eternal, and you are the poorest, Creatures that hath Communion with the Common ayre; every Creature answereth the end of his Creation but man, yet [Page 18] notwithstanding as man is in the simplicity found, there is a remedy for him; but for you the worst of men, Oh full of all subtilty, Children generated of the seed of deceit, brought forth out of the womb of wicked­ness, & nourished up at the breasts of witch-craft, & rocked in the cradle of Idleness, wo is me for you, for the day which I see is comming upon you from the Lord, and all them that you have made drunk, by putting your bottle of Poyson to their noses, who have drunk deep, and so are become one in nature with you; it had been better you had never been born, It had been better for you, that you had been strangled in your Mothers Wombs, and still births had been presented to them, then Living Children into their Armes; Oh what shall I say concerning you, Gods everlasting decree is Sealed against you, burnings, burnings, burnings, with unquenchable fire is your portion from the Lord God of Heaven and Earth, whose pure spirit you have long grieved; Oh how have you been warned, admonished, exhorted, and reproved, and in true love to your souls, by the Servants of the Lord, of the day which is even coming upon you, and you have not taken warning of them, but for their love you have rewarded them with whippings, stocks, and imprisonments, and spoyl of goods, and some loss of life, whose blood is treasured up against the day of your account; dreadfull will it be to you for there is no covering found for you, neither refuge to fly unto, it is the hand of the Lord that hath searched you out, and there is no resisting of it; Oh it is the hand of the Lord that is strong and mighty, And Oh that men that are brought forth in time, stands in time, and ends in time, should contend with eternity; did ever the lesser comprehend the greater, speak and answer, if not, then how dare you presume to frame and invent a worship to the eternal God, and under the name of Gospel-worship, and Christian Ministry; is he worshipped in Temples made with hands, or Stone-houses, falsely by you called Churches, or think you your Altars and turned Pillars called Railes, [Page 19] your Organs, your Singing-Men, and Boyes, with Surplices, Tippits, Scarffs, Long Garments, and Girdles, with your invent­ed prayer called Common, with your preaching, and the best of your sacrifices, enters into the ears of the eternal God; (nay) you are highly mistaken, A pure God must have pure praise, God praises God; his praise and worship for ever and ever, is from thee unto thee; now if you cannot read this, let your mouths for ever be stopped; and cease your Invented Instruments for worship, for an evil Savour doth your sacrifices send forth, even a loathing to the Lord God of Heaven and Earth; but the God which you Imagine, let him be worshipped according to your Imaginations and inventions; and think not to mock the Eternal God by your Devices; I tell you again, as I have said, it is Spirit and not Art, except you will dare to presume to make the Lord God any thing else but a Spirit, if you do, you are Blasphemers in the highest degree: Oh I have seen eternity, I have seen eternity, and a dreadfull day is very near at hand to be revealed, Oh the overflowing scourge, Oh the Besome of destruction, Oh the plague and vengeance that is to be powred upon the wicked in this Nation, both Priest and People; howl, howl, Hireling Priests of all Orders, for the Wine-Press of the wrath of God Almighty is even near to be trod, into which you are to be cast, for the Lord God hath spoken it, and he will not repent; a trebble por­tion, a trebble portion of the Plagues of God Almighty, are you to have above all others; Just, Holy, and True, Art thou God eternal that hath thus judged, and thy judgements are holy, just, and true, Praises, Praises from the immortal pure seed, in all thine be given unto thee for ever and for ever.

What more shall I say of you, Oh you miserable & most wretched! you have been the ring-leaders to blood-shed, you have been the ring-leaders to persecution, your hands are full of it; You have been the men that hath spurred on the Magistrate, to lay violent and cruel hands on the Innocent, when many times they would not have [Page 20] done it, and you have given them no rest, till they have fulfilled and satisfied your bloody minds; and very few of you, but have changed with every change, you have serv­ed every Power, & have been true to none; Oh most deceit­ful! you have in all these overtures and changes, which hath been wrought in these Nations, of late years, Kept your heads above the water, and have floated along with the streams when many who have gone hand in hand with you, hath sunk in every change, and especially this late; Oh! what shall I say, my bowels, my bowels, I bear a burden for you, which I cannot utter; Oh! your deceitful flatterie; Oh! how have you blasphemed God, and hath ascribed to man, whose breath is in his Nostrils, that which belongeth not unto him, especially if he stands in his unregenerated estate; Had, and have you not cursed ends in this? Answer, Are, or were they so as you bespeak, and do bespeak them to be? One thing I assuredly know, that the Powers since, and the Powers present, never said so of themselves, whatever they thought and think, as you said, and say; And all for the sake of your God, which is your Belly; Did not many of you to the Powers gone, ascribe names, to them that they never knew nor witnessed the Life in the least, of whom you spake? And do you not now ascribe to the chief Power, that which I am sure he calls not him­self? As the expresse Image of the Heavenly Father; Wit­nesse your Surry addresse to him, signed by so many Doctors of D. St. of. D.See it in the publick Intelli­gence gi­ven forth the 16. of the 6. Month D. D. St D. L. L. D. as you call your selves; Now was ever any called the expresse Image of the Heavenly Father, but Christ Jesus? And think you the chief Magistrate of these Nations, doth not see your ends, and your flatteries in this, and many other things? I am perswaded, when ever his mind comes truly to be turned, to that which is just of God in him, He will see you to be even so as I have said, the greatest Sycophants, and Flaterers, that lives in these Nations; Wo, wo, wo, unto you, for [Page 21] you are of that Generation, upon whom all the Righ­teous blood, from Abel, even to this day, have been charged; Oh! dreadful God, must it be so that thy decree which thou hast sealed, must come to passe, and be fulfilled in this Generation; And must these fill up the cup of their great Grand-fathers, Bonner and Gardener, &c. By powring out the blood of thy dear purchased Lambs in this Generation; (If so) Thy will Infinite God be done, and Glorifie thy self in what thou hast decreed, Eternal God, for thou art right worthy to be Feared, Praised, Honoured, and Glorified, of all thy Children and dear Lambs, for ever and for ever.

But certainly know this, it must be your bloody Sa­crifice, which you will offer, viz. The Lambs of Jesus, That will sink you into the Pit of Eternal destruction; for your next fall will be as the fall of a Milstone into the Sea, (Read that) GOD ETERNAL hath spoken it, and I faithfully believe it, and most of you are the men must perform it, and shall see it, and feel it, before you go away from hence, and be no more seen.

And as for me, an object of the living mercy of the Eternal God, who as a brand pluckt out of the fire, and as a Fowl that narrowly escapes the Fowlers net, so I, even I, am brought out of your confusion and sorcery, Praises, praises, be given to the Imortal God, from thy, pure seed in me, and all, for ever, and for ever; And by thy pure Power am I made to stand a witnesse, against all false teachers, both in England, and the rest of the Nations whatsoever, in my measure, and by whatsoever names they are called and distinguished, being all out of the Life and Truth; And rage not against me because of my testimony here written; for I have said you to your line, & stretched it over you, and if you fall short, let that rise in you, that will shew you the cause; And I have compared you with your example mentioned in Scripture, viz. Christi­an [Page 22] Ministers, And answering not them, you have reason to be silent, and stop your mouths, and sit down con­tented, to be ranked and paralel'd with them that lived the same life, that you are found in; For to com­pare you with such, is truth, and no slander; and so I finish this my Testimony concerning you.



Page 4. line 7. for know read come, Page 7. l. 16. for Ministers read Ministers of Christ, l. 22. for as read up.

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