A Tender Salutation: OR, The Substance of a Letter given forth by the Rationals, to the Despised Remnant, and Seed of GOD, in the People cal­led QUAKERS.

By him, of whom the World is not worthy known by the Name of Rodger Crabb, O.

LONDON: Printed for J B 1659.

A Tender Salutation, &c.

IN essence the Father of Spirits, this is the Word of the Lord unto you people called Quakers: I would that you remember when I first called you forth in simplicity of heart, to bear my testimony of Judg­ment in you, against the gross darkness and filthiness in the People; for which Testimony you have suffered stripes and imprisonments, burnings, [...]ufferings, and what not; and in all this you fainted not, but still acknow­ledged, that it was by my hand and power that you were upheld: There­fore I would, that you would keep in, out of Self, and behold Wisdoms Work with a single eye: See how I have taken the Children of Darkness, and made them a Rod in my Hand, to persecute and try you, that both you and they might have advantage thereby, that they may be wounded by your stripes; and that you may be purified by their violence; that I might make you a Body, or a Woman, having conceived by my power, might be made fit to bring forth my Child, that I might be made manifest to the Out-parts of the Earth: Therefore make not Self your Midwife, nor call upon the Children of Darkness to deliver you, or to prosecute your [...]: for unless you turn back again, they can yield your flesh no comfort, [...] your form or beloved which you have set up according to my order; for although I gave you order to set up a Form or a Beloved, exceeding all Beloveds, it was not that you should stick there: nor as yet intended that you should be Supream Judge over all, onely you are to judge all that are below you in the Truth. Therefore, know this O Woman, the Child thou shouldest a brought forth, sticks in the birth, because Self has taken up his [...]ode in that beautiful Beloved, and is willing to sit down there, and to contain the Child in its Limits and Bounds: But even I the Lord, when this Beloved has done her work, I shall disfigure her Form, and rend her Bonds like a strong Lion, rending the prey; so that all that I find faithful in this Beloved, I shall fill up their measures, and make them run over with such Floatings and Rivers of Life, that the Powers of the Earth shall not be able to impropriate, or measure it one to another; for all Beloveds, and all Forms shall pass away, and be brought to nothing; and then will I (sight) even I the Lord, when all is come to nothing, create a New Heaven, and a New Earth, where no impure thing can be, where no Righteousness, nor Unrighteousness can enter; where one shall be all, and all one. This this was, and now is, and shall be again, to those that said before it was; to those that see it now it is, to those that shall see it, it is to come. There­fore, know this my Beloved One, that see Wisdoms Steps, Power and Domi­nion; the Serpents Wisdome is my Servant, for I created it; without me it could not be, the Serpent could not make it, but onely to the Children [Page 2] of Darknes [...]. Therefore turn in, turn in, my Beloved One, look with a single Eye which pierceth through all Forms and Beloveds, and there shalt thou see that there is but one Power over all, though Darkness doth imagine many; for one other Beloved have I yet to set up, which far exceeds all Beloveds that ever yet were in form: To all that behold him afar off he is terrible; he appears pale, and black as Hell: but if once they come to behold his Face, they will be ravished with his Beauty: For this Beloved is like a City with three Gates, and a Guard of Watch-men at each Gate: the Watch at the first Gate examines and tries all Passengers and Spirits that would enter; And if they cannot lose the pleasure of the outward Sense, the pleasing of the Pallat, the Lust of the Flesh, and the Pride of the Eye, they will not admit, nor suffer them to enter. The second Gate, and the Watch there tries the secrets of the Heart, and the Righteousness and Idols set up therein, they will suffer nothing but good to enter, which feeds onely of the Tree of Life. The third Gate none can enter, that feeds of the Tree of Knowledge, of Good and Evil, or that have any Sin or Righte­ousness left, or any Earth-thing that bears either Name or Term distinct from other; neither Joy nor Sorrow, Good nor Evil, for all tears must be there wiped away, and all brought down to nothing, that Wisdom onely may be all in all in sight of the Enterer: Therefore, look about you, o ye wise men of the Earth, for danger is coming forth to the Spirits that lives in the Flesh; for even I wisdom have prepared a Fool, and cloathed him in White Sheeps Cloathing, and sent him back again through the three Gates, to deceive you of your Black Sheeps Cloathing, and of the Pride that you have therein, and all your Artificial Colours invented by the Serpents Wisdom onely and alone to please the pride of the Eye; and he will also deceive you, or some of you, in drawing you from the pleasurable Bits to the Pallat, and from your Idols of Gold and Silver, and the Glory of your Buildings, and from all corruptable pleasures, and so forth: Evil to him that evil thinks; let Envie increase in the Envious, and Fury in the furious, I will fill up their Cups, that it may break them to pieces with shat­terings and torments, that they may be consumed and brought to nothing: Even so it shall be, for I am the Lord.

This indited by my Servant, Rowedger Criop, O.

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