Gentle Correction FOR The High-flown Backslider: OR, A Soft Answer to turn away strife.

BEING A General Answer (in few words) to some Queries, and Defamations thrown out by the furious Spirit in some of the People called Quakers against the Rationalls.

With Motives for their return to the Witnesses, that leadeth out of Self into ETERNITY.

By him of whom the World is not worthy, known by the name of Roger Crabb.

[...] O back-sliding Children saith the Lord, for I am married unto you, and I will take you one of a City, and two of a family, and I will bring you to Zion.
Jer. 3.

LONDON, Printed by J. B. 1659.

A generall answer (in few words) to some Queries, propounded by Georg Salter one of the people cal­led Quakers, to the consideration of the Rationallists: and in parti­cular to Roger Crabb.

FRiend, it seems in my Letter I appear in thy eye in much confusion: And thou sayest, I confute my self and my own principles: And therein thou sayest true; For to the eye that beholds confusion in another, and lives in it him­self, to him I appear confused: Also to him that lives in self, I appear selfish: and to him that lives in darknesse, I appear as in the Clouds; to him that is a murderer, I appear as a murderer; to him that lives in theft, I appear as a thief: and to him that lives in Adultery, I appear as in Adultery. And thou sayest, I have confuted my self in setting up two powers, and thou sayest true; to him that lives under two powers, I appear in two powers; And to them that live in confusion, I appear in confusion; and all in true love to the pure Seed that is in Captivity, and see it not; that I by coming to them into Captivity, might redeem them out of Captivity. Therefore, know this my friend whosoever thou art, that thou canst not be-ly me; for what thou imagin in the out­ward of me, that I am without the Gate where all imaginations are. And distinctions of names, terms, and forms, and every earth­thing that will throw down other, and set up it self, in these few lines, to the single eye, there is a full Answer to all gain-saying


The Tryal of Spirits.

O You my friends called Quakers! Is the time of your tryal come? have you measured such out as must be measured [...]ck to you again? Must Caper-na-i-ham appear now above Mount [...]ah? O you my friends! Why is self too subtile for you? Is not that self that reigns in some of you in furious out-rage, and lying, and false accusing? Have not I prepared a body and brought it forth, sounding out your plause and justification, and according to my order, he vindicated you with that wisdom and subtilty, that I have prepared in him for the work of vindicating you a­gainst the world? But now, I having found you acting those things at one time, which your Ministery condemns at ano­ther; therefore I brought this body to try you, and to let you see where you are: and he has tried six of you, and five of you are found lyars, and false accusars; four of you were found the last meeting at Wendover in lies and false accusations, fury, and rage, and uttered from their own mouths, That they had not patience to hear him speak; their names are as followeth, John Rance, Fran­ [...] Rance, Nicholas Noy, Samuel Trone, living at Wickham; the [...] is one John Sands, a Smiths man of Uxbridge. This I have charged them with, and if they or any that belongs to them; will [...]ndertake to clear them, I will prepare, and bring that body which they call Roger Crabb, to give them a meeting to make good the charge; for, although I granted them, that he was guil­t [...] as a body of flesh, of my whole Law; yet I do justify him, that he stands clear before men, and that no body of flesh on earth can [...]ccuse him for any transgression, no more then he can accuse him­self, and all bodies of flesh unto whom the Law was given. O consider my dear friends! Is this the honesty and righteousnesse that you have so much contended and suffered for, that you must be beholding to walls, and locks, and strong bolts made by Art, and the eys of people to keep it for you? Have you not yet attained to that that will keep you pure in all temptati­ [...], which is able to keep you from thieving, though you are attained in secret in the midst of all the treasure of the earth? If [Page 4] vertue reigns King in you, no fear can enter you, nor no bur [...] oppresse you, no quarrelling or violence possess you; for here is nothing but peace and love towards all, which casts out all fear and jealousie.

Roger Crab [...]

A Motive.

MY friends, (called Quakers) Is the day now come, which I have spoken of by the mouth of my Prophets, that I will try you, and prove you by a people that is not in self, but in your imagination to be as your own thoughts are, evil? so do they ap­pear to you; therefore, if there be any of the life that did create all pure in the beginning, let it now begin in you to create all a­new, that the eye may see the dark clouds, which yet remains of the old worlds sight; for, is not this the same in you that was in them, even the old, cursed, unclean, evil imaginations, by which they did give forth all those railing accusations, calling you whores and rogues, blasphemers and deceivers, and what were you not in their sights, the evil eye being their sight, therefore I command you, to return quickly to that which you have wa [...] others to turn to, that in these things you may judge your selves, and fall down quickly, lest I arise as a Lyon to the prey, and ren [...] you, and shew your naked in parts to all that passe by; these are to John Raince, and to those in the same spirit.

J. [...].

Serious contemplation on the innocent estate of the dispised Rationalists.

ILlustrious souls more brighter then the morn,
Oh! how dark mortals greet you still with scorn,
Admiring at your homely sack-cloth dresse,
Hearbs, Roots, and every vegetable mess
On which you live; and are more healthy far
Then Canibals, that feed on lushious fare;
But how will you be their Aeternal wonder,
When you appear (Bonarges) Sons of thunder,
When you appear in Elohims strong power,
To throw down every formatt, Babels-Tower▪
And rend them all in pieces great and small,
From the high Quaker, to 'th Episcopal.
Antichrist is out-witted so by you,
Down comes his Kingdom, and the Devills too.
J. [...].
The end.

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