THE Country Gentleman; Or, the happy Life.

To an excellent Tune, Or, Hey boys up go we.

With Allowance.

I Am a man of Wealth and Land,
and Gold I have good store,
A good Estate I now command,
what can one wish for more?
I value not an hundred pound,
to Tenants i'le be kind,
I'le have my Hawk, and have my Hound
and such delights will mind.
To London I will not repair,
here sweeter pleasures be,
I live in a more healthy Ayr,
and fairer Beauties see:
I love the noise of Hey-ge-ho,
the whistling at the Plough,
The Baaing of the tender Yoe,
and Lowing of the Cow.
The morning Lark which shepherds love
here sings by break of day;
And Nightingale in yonder Grove
where Flowers perfume our way:
Fair Siccamores to please the eye,
and hinder too much heat,
And Strawberries and Violets lye
all round about our feet.
BEtimes we hear the huntsmans horn
which loudly ecchoes round,
And in a lovely Rosie morn
how sweetly does it sound!
The drowsie sluggard strait gives ear,
his golden Dreams are fled;
(Except the Sick) who e're did hear
the Horn and lye a bed?
Intrigues of State here are not known,
nor Beauties nice and coy,
Each man well pleas'd with what's his own
his pleasures does enjoy:
At night within his Wifes soft Arms
the happy Swain does rest,
And thus secure, and void of harms
with Peace is alwaies blest.
I hate the many Cheats and Knaves
that lurk in London Town,
whose restless heads like tumbling waves
are rowling up and down:
Ambitious Fops find little ease,
let us Ambition shun,
And mark how all our Flowers and trees
are guilded by the Sun.
The meanest Shepherd does enjoy
some Milk-maid brisk and fair,
And gets first night a thumping Boy,
a lusty jolly Heir.
Let painted Iilts avoid this place,
for all our Nymphs so gay
With only Dews do wash their face,
and look divine as day.

LONDON, Printed for J. Clark, VV. Thackeray, and T. Passinger.

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