GAther oh Nations and come, for he whom you have desired is come, who is beautiful, who bring­eth Salvation and Peace; Oh return, return to him, look not out for him any more to any like­nesse, for the Lord is come into his Temple, whose temples you were made to be, though ye have not known it, and therefore set up that in you which you ought not, the abo­minable Idolatry, Covetousnesse, Pride, and all Uncleanness, into which your minds have entred, and upon which your minds have been set, so under tribulation and anguish are ye held, and this is the fruit of your evil works, and no peace nor rest for your souls have you found, because ye have not found him who bringeth peace, but are full of anger, hatred and wrath, hating one another, unmerciful, and hard-hearted, and remember not that of one bloud ye were made to dwell on the face of the earth, that ye might seek after God and find him, who is not far from every one of you, He in whom ye live, and move, and have your being is not far from every one of you; where have ye then been seek­ing of him oh ye People and Nations? Consider, that ye [Page 2] have not yet found him who is the desire of all Nations, to whom all the Nations of the Earth must be gathered that have been scattered in the dark and cloudy day, and have for­gotten their Maker. Oh ye Protestants, Papists, Turks, Jews, Indians and Moors, consider why you have not found him that must gather you into one again? why are you not sa­tisfied concerning your God? Why do you set up so many gods? so many likenesses of him, and have killed and are killing one another about a likenesse, which the true God commanded you not, but with that of him in your Con­sciences are condemned for these things, and calls you into Love and Peace. Oh come and return unto him, to the true and living God, a measure of him have ye all received, with which he striveth with you to draw you to him, and he hath sown his seed in you, a just, holy, and righteous Law hath he placed in your hearts, which is sufficient to bring you all to the knowledge of him, who is the Saviour of all men, who is not willing that you should perish in your sins, but that you should return unto him. Of his grace hath he given you, his light hath lighted every one of you, which doth make manifest to you which have not the Law, when you transgresse the Law in your hearts, that sheweth you when you do evil, and though the vail hath been spread over all Nations, who from the light is gone in many Ge­nerations, yet so much is left in you all as shall leave you without excuse, though darknesse have covered you, yet you can feel after him who is near in your hearts, you do feel something pricking of you when you do any thing con­trary to his just and righteous Law in you, you do feel some­thing in you bring guilt, shame, and condemnation over you, when you do things that are unseemly, though never so secretly, and sheweth you it is evil to be angry, to be filthy, to be envious, and it is good to be patient, to be pure, to be meek, gentle and loving; now this ye know by that of God which is manifested in you, both ye that boast of the Law, and ye that have not the Law, and therefore all re­turn to the righteous Law of God in your hearts, (take heed to it) that with it you may come to see how you came de­generated, and lost the pure righteous holy image of love and [Page 3] life wherein you were created, for as you return to it, and believe in it (the least measure, the smallest seed, least in you, which moves to holinesse and justesse) you will come to see what it was that departed from the Living God, and the Light will guide you to him again, the same that lets you see what departed, will shew you what must return, and suffi­cient is that of God in you (his grace) whereof ye have all received to save your souls, not any thing of your selves, nor of mans wisedom, or invention. Therefore oh ye People and Nations, behold the day is come, the light of life appeareth, the Saviour of your souls is revealed, the treasure in the earthen vessel is found, that which hath been hid in ages and generations, the great mystery, Christ in you the hope of glory, the light of the Gentiles, Gods Salvation to the ends of the Earth. Oh ye People and Nations, remember and return unto God, for behold the time is come, wherein the vail must be rent, and the covering taken away, and the light of life revealed, who will rent the vail that is spread over all Nations, and he will now arise and gather his seed out of the desolate heaps, for long hath his oppressed seed mourn­ed unto him, and though it be grosse darknesse among the Nations, yet the light of life shall break forth, and in all Nations of the Earth there is shall take hold of it, and come to know the true and living God, and him worship in Spirit and in Truth, for the Lord hath held forth, and is holding forth his scepter of Righteousnesse, his Mercy and his Truth, his light and life to all the inhabitants of the Earth, he will lift up his Ensign afar off to gather them to him to Righteousnesse and Peace, his Call is gone forth to them that have been far from Righteousnesse, from Truth and Peace; Hearken diligently to his voice that calleth after you to do justly one to another, to do as you would be done unto in all your dealings one with another. Oh give diligent heed unto that which in your Consciences cries to put away the evil of your doings, the deceit, the corruption of your trades, your hard-heartednesse, and cruelty one towards another, for the light is come that shews you these things ought not so to be; and therefore oh ye People and Nations against it shut not your eyes, for who [Page 4] turns not to it shall be condemned with it; Therefore to it turn your minds, that the holy just one your Saviour you may come to see, whom ye have pierced, before whom the tribes of the earth must mourn; Yea verily a day of mourning and bitter lamentation must ye witnesse when ye come to be­hold him whom you have pierced by your sins and trans­gressions, that you may be comforted of him who comes to comfort those that mourn, and it's them that feareth him and doth Righteousnesse are accepted in all Nations of him.

P. C.

London, Printed for Thomas Simmons, 1661.

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