A COPIE OF A LETTER VVritten from his Holinesse Court at Rome, to his Grace of Canterburies Palace now in the Tower.

Deploring his Sequestration from his Liberty, but commending him for his late care in performing his Ho­linesse desires.


LONDON, Printed 1642.

Renowned, yet despicable SONNE,

TO you, as the only accomplisher of our Catholike designes, doe wee send this paper greeting, whose desolations are almost the only object of our present Lamenta­tions, It cannot but extreamly grieve us to heare with what good successe that Hereticall Synod is attended, and what daily oppositions our Episcopall govern­ment receives from them; never were wee more cast downe under the sad su­suspition of the not attaining our ends, then now; formerly when your Grace was in [Page 2] your prosperity, then we liv'd not without a beneficiall expectation of accomplishing our desires, and had not those Puritans, and the rabble, of the multitude beene so cla­morous, the voice of our mellifluous do­ctrines had been heard in your streets, but no sooner did you begin to hoise up our Altars Metaphoricall, but the ignorant vulgar sup­posed them the Romish and Antichhristi­an Mountains; and which is our griefe, one of our sonnes turning Puritan,Lincolne. being then in Quierpo, vented his distillations against them; only we must needs congratulate our hopefull sonne Heylin, who as much as in him lay gave the same a Responsall war­ranted by your grace and favour; at this time were our hopes cherished, and when all things being so fairly carried, and almost fi­nished, behold a Hereticall Synod assem­bleth, and marres all our holy enterprises, and as if this were not sufficient, the mis­zealous and Hereticall Scot must needs pub­lish his Northerne fumes to render us and ours odious to posteritie.The Canter­burian Self-conviction.

But O tis our superlative griefe, to heare [Page 3] that you are sequestred from present liber­ty, and that the Fates have conspired your woe. Cheere my sonne, cheere your selfe with hopes, either of freedome from these afflictions, or else of eternall felicities for suffering in the cause of Christ, and his chiefe Vicar here on earth; Let not these momentarie Castigations chase from your valorous spirit thoughts of happinesse; For notwithstanding the successe of your endeavours hath not pro­duc'd the good you longed for within your Metrapolitanship, yet in Ireland wee hope our deare children will perpetrate all the good they can devise (It yet holds well) and we hope will doe so, untill we have a full possession of the same, only the Hereti­call Citie is in hopes of reliefe and sustenta­tion,Dublin. which we desire may be procrastina­ted, to our great satisfaction.

Such being the condition of that King­dome, that the Inhabitants being for the most part members of our holy See, wee were the better encouraged to lay designes on foot, for the actuating some advantage­ous [Page 4] businesse to our selfe; We resolved, see­ing we could not secretly undermine them, by a professed and open hostilitie to op­pose them, where in a short time they have as yet had good successe, and unlesse the Heretickes of the other Kingdomes contribute their assistancee, wee live in hopes it shall bee our owne.

Notwithstanding the Hereticks inso­lencie is such as doth much trouble us, yet in time we hope, and long to see the houre of redemption, when your Grace shall bee either freed from your present troubles, or else leave the world like a meeke Mar­tyr, and be so cauonized at our Court of Rome, after the holy Order Archiepis­copall.


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