[Page] [Page 1] COPIES OF Some few of the PAPERS given into the House of PARLIAMENT in the time of IAMES NAYDERS Tryal there, which be­gan the fifth of December, 1656.

To the SPEAKER of the PARLIAMENT of ENGLAND, these to be read.


ACt nothing cōtrary to that which doth cōvince you, though bound with an Oath, although you bring your selves in never so much disgrace in breaking your Agreement; for in such a case you may reject the Counsel of God against your own Knowledge, and so appearing to please the world that looks upon you, the unjust acts against the Just; herein you'l do despite to the Spirit of Grace, wilfully acting that which he knows he should not: So here comes mans condemnation just from God; therefore before you do act consider; and be­fore you do give Sentence fear; for Blasphemy proceeds from the root of Transgression; and see that you be first out of it before you of it do judge: There is no Blasphemy in the Light which is truth. And to witness the light is not Blasphemy. And to witness the Prophets Life, and the Apostles Life that had the Life of Jesus made manifest in his mortal flesh. And to witnesse the Life of God, and God dwelling in man, is not Blasphemy. And to witnesse the second Adam, the Lord from Heaven, and as he is, so to be in this world, is not Blasphemy; but not to witnesse this, and to be in the transgression, he is in the Root that will blaspheme; and for a man to say he witnesses these things, and himself in the transgression, he blasphemes, and is the Synagogue for Satan, who did transgresse, and not abide in the truth, who is in the transgression. Now it is not because men can speak the Scriptures of truth, therefore they are able to judge of Blasphemy; for the Jews could speak the Scriptures of truth, but judged the Truth Blasphemy; Now if you would know what's Blasphemy, this is blasphemy, and these were out of the life of the truth that judged the life blasphemy; and you do not read that any that was in the life of Christ, did whip, banish, prison, put to death any for blasphemy▪ Alas! here is blasphemy heard all up and down the streets, men professing what they are not: Now the Jews which had the Scriptures, and out of the spirit of Christ, did put to death for blasphemy: Now with this examine and judge your selves, that you may not be judged of the Lord: Although Darius could not change after seal­ed, yet 'twas much grief to him: consider what Act that was, and Law that [Page 2] was not to be changed after sealed. And consider Herods Oath against Iohn Baptist, and the counsel and chief Priests against Christ for a blasphe­mer. Is Christ in you? Now where is this councel and chief Priests against him? It is better to judge of things which you truly understand, pertaining to this life (but that you cannot) till you come to the Light that enlightens every man that comes into the world, and so leads into the Kingdom of God and Christ that is not of this world; for there is a Kingdom of the world which is not become the Kingdom of Christ, which is in the transgression; and there are the blasphemers in the transgression of the life which the Scriptures of truth is given forth from, which judges the truth blasphemy. Now wait in the Light that you may receive the wisdom of God which comes from Christ, by which all things was created, that with it you may come to use the creatures with the wisdom by which they were created to the Glory of God. I know the Lord is striving, that innocent blood you bring not upon your heads, and hath opened your understandings for to see more then at the first; and in many of you hath he wrought a noble Principle of tendernesse and moderation, in which if you abide faithful to act what it requires, the arm of the Lord you will see revealed, and great things brought to pass; and so will you be clear (whatever becomes of the Innocent) in the day of Gods visitation when he makes Inquisition for blood; you whose understandings the Lord hath opened and moved to plead the cause of the Innocent; be faithful to God; be your talent never so small, take heed of hiding it, least your sin become greater then you will be able to bear.

It concerns no man farther to judge then he is judged, and is in the truth.

This in tender love to all who are of an upright heart that sits in Parlia­ment,
from Robert Rich.

There was several copies of the Letter given to particular Members, be­sides this little paper given to many that had not the Letter.

In a Letter of mine given to the Speaker this morning (which I desire may be read amongst you) is written at the latter end thereof these words, viz.

If I may have Liberty of those that sit in the Parliament, I do here at their doore attend, and am ready out of the Scriptures of Truth, to shew, That not any thing James Nayler hath said or done is blasphemy, or worthy either of death or bonds.

These were delivered the 15. of December, being the eleventh time the whole House had set about this businesse; so when I had given the Speaker the Letter, I waited at their door from the time they first sate till they arose, and then I departed in peace.


To you that sit in Parliament, who own the Scriptures, are these [...]r, what is writtten aforetime is written for our admonition, 1 Cor. 10. 11.

Quaery 1.

WHether those that said God was their Father, and crucified him so: blasphemy that spoke the truth, were not [...], and of their Father the Devil, yea or nay? read Ioh. 8. 41. & 44.

2. Whether lyars, covetous or proud men are not the Synagogue of Sa­tan? And if such say they are the children of God, or Christians, whether (by the Scripture) that be not blasphemy? Read Rev. 2. 9.

3. Whether the lyar doth not hate him that abides in the truth? Read 1 Ioh. 3. 12. and there see why Cain slew Abel. And as it was then, is it not so now? Doth not he that is born after the flesh persecute him that is born after the spirit? Read Gal. 4. 29.

4. Whether they that have the spirit of Christ Jesus in them, punisheth the body, or puts any to death for words true or false? And did not Christ come to save life and not to destroy it [...] Read Mark 34. Matt. 13. 29, 30 Iohn 8. 11.

5. Whether Christ Jesus hath not been a stumbling stone, and a Rock of offence throughout all Generations? Read and see Isa. 8. 14. & 18. Luke 2. 34. 1 Pet. 2. 7, 8. Luke 20. 17, 18, 19. Matt. 13. 55, 56. Luke 5. 30. & 33. (read these Scriptures over And did not the very Disciples of Christ oft stum­ble and were offended at him? Read over these Scriptures and consider them well, Matt. 26. 8. to the 14. ver. & the 31. ver. Matt. 28. 17. Ioh. 6. 60. Luke 24. L 1, 15, 16, & 37. ver. Ioh. 11. 39, 40. Joh. 20. 15. Lu. 24. 32. And did not the Prophets do many things that the wisdom of the flesh might count fool­ishness, and to be rediculous? Read Isa. 20. 2, 3. Ier. 13. 3, 4, 5, &c. Ezek. 4. 1, 2, 3, &c. & Ezek. 12. 5, 6. Acts 21. 12, 13. Ios. 6. 6

6. VVhether the Lord in all ages hath not tried the children of men? Read Psal. 11. 4, 5. Rev. 3. 9, 10. And whether the day be not approaching that will try every mans work? 1 Cor. 3. 13. And whether all men be not either the children of God or of the Devil? And whether by their fruits they are not made manifest? And whether those that are the children of God be not lead into moderation, Gentlenesse, patience, mercifulnesse, meeknesse, love, &c. And whether the Devil leads not his into wrath, envy, hatred, emulation, varience, strife, &c? So in this thing you will make your selves manifest which spirit leads you, and whose children you are. Search the Scriptures, and see if these things be not so.

Robert Rich.

AFter the tares appeared, then came the servants of the housholder and said unto him, Wilt thou that we go and gather them up? But he said, Nay, lest while ye go about to gather the tares, ye pluck up also with them the Wheat: Let both grow together until the Harvest, Matth. 13. 26. &c.

This is the Doctrine of Christ Iesus our Lord.

Such care hath Christ Jesus of the Wheat, that he will not that his Ser­vants pluck up the tares until the Harvest, the end of the world, lest they pluck up the Wheat with them; this is his wisdom,

But some men pretend such care for the wheat, that they will have the tares pluckt up before the Harvest; this is their wisdom.

Now minde whose wisdom you follow, and whose Doctrine you obey; for you can do Christ Iesus no service in going contrary to his own Do­ctrine, though some may think they do, Ioh. 16. 2, 3. They shall think they do God service when they are killing his servants, mistaking them for his great Enemies, for else they would not kill them to do him service.

My desire is, that you may be found in the counsel and Doctrine of Christ Iesus, which is safe, and keeps from that danger of shedding inno­cent blood.

Will. Tomlinson.

You have called him a blasphemer, we desire that you would publish what his blasphemy is, that we may know it and take heed of it. Christ Ie­sus himself was called a blasphemer, because he said, I am the Son of God; and saith Iohn, 1 Ioh. 3. 2. Now are we the Sons of God.

W. T.

THE neer relation between Christ Jesus and his Father being owned by him, was counted in him blasphemy, because he said, I am the Son of God.

Take heed lest the neer relation between Christ and his Members whom he calls Brethren, be not now counted blasphemy where it is owned.

And consider these Scriptures.

Now are we the sons of God through Christ, saith Iohn, 1 Ioh. 3. 2. If a son then an heir of God, saith Paul, Gal. 4. 7. If sons, then heirs, heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ, Rom. 8. 17.

Him that overcometh will I make a Pillar in the Temple of my God, and I will write upon him my new Name, saith Christ Jesus, Rev. 3. 12, 13. He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the Churches.

If you be able to see these things, do; but if not, take heed what you do, least you bring innocent blood upon your own heads.

There's none able to judge of these things before the lusts of the flesh, and the lusts of the eyes, and the pride of life be judged and overcome in them, and the love of the world.

That's blasphemy for a man to say he is a Jew or a Christian, and is not, but still is in the old nature, that was a murderer from the begining; he blas­pheams the Name of God, Rev. 2. 9. for God hath no such children in the New Covenant. As it was then, he that was born after the flesh persecuted him that was born after the spirit, so it is now, Gal. 4. 29. But he that is born after the spirit never persecutes him that is born after the flesh.

W. T.

FRiends, your hands have hitherto been held from shedding of blood; consider what it is that hath withstood you, and kept you from it, and [Page 5] do not go on to strive any longer against the Lord; but remember David how glad he was that he was prevented from blood, when he was going with a full resolution, and the thing was gone out of his mouth to destroy the House of Nabal, 1 Sam. 25. 22, 32, 33. Blessed be the Lord God of Israel (saith he) which hath sent thee this day to meet me, and hath kept me this day from com­ing to shed blood, and this was but the blood of a wicked man. So Friends consider, and strive not against the goodnesse of the Lord, which hath hi­therto withstood you, and kept you off from shedding of blood, and that with little force. It will be no grief of heart to you that you have not shed blood, but to shed it may lie heavier upon you then yet you are a­ware. To let the tares (if tares) alone with the wheat, according to Christs own Doctrine; this will not repent you, because it is his own command; but under pretence of plucking them up, to pull up one of the least of his Lambs, this will be a burthen too heavy for you to bear; and though you may think you do God service therein, yet he accepts it not. To seek the harm of one that would not hurt an hair of your heads, consider whence this is, and what acceptance this would have with God, seeing he saith, He that toucheth you (the innocent lambs) toucheth the apple of mine eye; therefore touch not mine anointed, do my Prophets no harm, saith the Lord; and blessed be their work who are made tender of them, for what's done to one of the least of those that belong to Christ, is done to him.

William Tomlinson.

They are very confident, who kill Christs Lambs, to do God service, that those they kill are not his Lambs, but his Enemies, else they would not kill them to do Him service; for they could not think it service to God to kill his children: yet see how far their confident zeal is mistaken, while they think they kill his enemies, they kill the children of the Kingdom. Thus it happened to Christ, the zealous Jews were very confident he was a Blas­phemer, and Seducer of the people, and therefore they durst say, His blood be on us, and on our children; upon the same account the members also of Christ alwayes suffer, as Blasphemers, as Hereticks, as Seducers of the peo­ple. You are now upon this danger, and trial of your spirits. Now why is it that in this confident zeal they kil his Children, taking them for ene­mies? It is (saith Christ Iesus) because they know not the Father nor me, Ioh. 16. 2, 3.

Now examine your selves you that are for killing, or hurting; Do you know the Father? Do you know the Son? Have you communion and fel­lowship with them? Is the Son begot in you? Is He formed in you? Are you come into His innocent nature? if not, your confidence and zeal will deceive you, and you stand in that nature that will kil children for enemies; for you cannot know them til you know his nature brought forth in you. And if His Nature be once brought forth in you, you wil finde a saving spirit raised up in you, not a destroying spirit; for Christ and every measure of Him is a Saviour, not a Destroyer; and so from Christ the Saviour spring up many Saviours, Obad. v. 21. He that is the destroyer and persecutor, is [Page 6] yet in the old Covenant, Hagar, He is but the son of the bond-woman▪ which is yet in bondage with her children, and is to be cast out, Gal. 4. 22, to the end. And if ever you come to witness the new Covenant, and the Law of God writ in your hearts, and the nature of Christ formed in you, you will finde the persecutor in you cast out, and that it enters not the King­dome; for there's nothing hurts nor destroyes in all Gods Holy Mountain, Isa. 11. 9.

Wil. Tomlinson.

Was not the appearance of Christ when He was born glorious, when that the voyce was cryed Hosanna to the Highest? Was not this to the asto­nishing of the beholders, and amazement of the world? did it not stir up all chief Priests, and Herod, was not He puzled about His Birth, and they troubled at his coming? did not the Chief Priests and Rulers gather against Him who was full of grace and truth? did not the glory of Him shew it self forth when He went up unto Jerusalem, when the high voice was spoken, and the songs to him sung, the strength ordained out of the mouths of Babes and sucklings? and was not Jerusalem the highest place of Worship? and did not the strength which was ordained for the Babes and Sucklings, set the Priests and Rulers on rage against Christ, that they crucified and slew him? and did not that make Herod and Pilate friends in the highest place of Worship? did not He say, and tell his Disciples, Hee would come again, the Hosanna, Him that was cryed Glory to the Highest? And did not He come again to his Apostles according to his promise, and make his abode with them, and sup with them? Did not the Apostles say to the Saints that Christ was in them the mysterie, the hope of glory; and if He was in them, the body was dead because of sin? did not the Apostle say, Examine yourselves, prove yourselves, Know you not that Iesus Christ is in you except you be Reprobates, [mark] Iesus Christ in you, the Emmanuel, the Saviour, the Lamb of God, the Hosanna; Is not his appearance in the Spirit as glorious in his second coming, as it was at his first? is it not as much to be admired in the world as it was ever? Answer these things, and satisfie your selves: To the Light wherewith Christ Jesus hath enlightned you all, I speak, that with it you may see when you act against him where he is manifested.

To prison them contrary to the Just is to make them to grow, and to ba­nish them is to shame your Religion, and not to own the thing the scrip­ture speakes of, and to put them to death, is to destroy your selves.

George Fox.

Whether or no you will suffer Christ to have as much honor in the earth, and the world, as the Devil hath? Where Christ is manifested, whether or no he shall not have more honour, or as much, where he is manifested? And whether or n [...] it is offence to bow to man, or to kneel before a Iudge in the world? Whether the [...] [Page 7] be offensive to the world, amongst the world, to bow before such, and among such the truth is not in? And whether or no it would not be offence to such, to bow to Christ where he is manifested, and persecute such as do bow where the thing is in the truth; whether or no such a thing may not be done in the truth, and bee a figure to all the bowings of the earthly Powers which be out of truth, which hath reigned above the seed of God? An example to you all: Therefore take heed and consider, before you act any thing or judge, lest God judge you after­ward, for be assured He will. Whether bowing in the Truth may not bee a fi­gure, that the seed of God shall rise, and reign above the Earthly Powers, and they shall bow to it? And how know you but such things as these may bee tryalls to you, whether you will persecute another, for taking that which is acted among you to your selves, in another way different from this? Now come to do as you would be done by, and do not persecute that in another that is acted in the world, though it be professed otherwayes in the intent, and come to the true measure and weight: and act nothing in your own wils, nor out of the counsel of God, to judge the just upon earth in this world, the just you'l be judged by, that is of the world to come, without end. I receive not Honor of man; Whether or no if any do persecute the seed, which doth take the honor of God, which is over the world and it They themselves do take the honor of the world, that persecutes the contrary. Are these things judged with a just measure, and weighed with an equall ballance, yea or nay?

George Fox.

DID not Christ wash the Disciples feet? Did he not do that as a pattern and example to those that came after him, that they should do so to one another? Have you washed one anothers feet? Have ye anointed one ano­ther with oyle that stumble at these where they are acted? Are not these the expressions of love to one another? And are not these things to be acted amongst the Disciples of Christ? Are not these things wonders amongst you that do not wash one anothers feet, that be out of the example of the Lord? did not the Disciples wash one anothers feet according to Christs example? Were not the Prophets feet washed? Did not Peter desire his head to be washed? Do not wonder and strange at these things where they are practi­sed: Were not the Saints to salute one another with a holy kisse? and was not Peter to be carried whither he would not? Was there not a time that he girded himself? And is it not the Prince of the air that rules in the chil­dren of disobedience, if it be not the Prince of Peace and the Lamb of God? And is it not an expression of love and honor where there is the washing of one anothers feet? And for the washing or kissing of feet, it is but an ex­pression of love and humility? And is not this a patern and example to all you to judge you all how far short ye are of washing one anothers feet, or kissing one anothers feet; and do not wrong one another about these out­ward things, but to come to know the Seed of God, which bruiseth the Ser­pents [Page 8] head, which would destroy and set one at enmity with another; that crusheth down these outward things, and reigns over these outward things; which seed of God comprehends all strife, and comprehends the world; which seed the promise and blessing of God is to; in which seed is the unity, and not the enmity, for that is it which is bruised with it. Therefore do not shew your selves in enmity against these actions, where they are acted in the seed of God in righteousnesse, not in the world, out of the enmity; not as justifying the wicked in these things, nor condemning the righteous. Minde consideration before you do judge of such as are moved to act these things, whether or no they be not examples to you all, to try you all, whether or no you will persecute, or lift up your hands against such; and an act whereby you may search your selves, and see how far short ye come of a Disciple: And come to that good in you all, that is of God, that with it you may over­come, if there be any thing that is evil, and the heaping the coles of fire upon that which is the adversary: And whether or no there be not such things to be acted in righteosunesse and simplicity, as washing the feet of the Disciples, or that some may be carried whether they would not go; and if any should kisse the feet, or wash the feet of another in love and simplicity, is that such a crime? And for Jesus and Christ, and the prince of life and peace; if Jesus Christ be within, the second Adam is witnessed, God with us, which is Jesus; and be not offended with this, if any do witnesse the State reconciled to God, who hath witnessed the State drove from God, the first Adams state, who witnesses the second Adams state, the Emanuel, God with us. Again, Now be not ye offended at this, least you do manifest your selves to be in the first Adams state, driven from God, not witness Jesus Christ, God with you, reconciled to God again. But if you stand against this, it shews your selves to be in the transgression, standing against the Emanuel, which is God with us: Be not hasty in acting these things, but examine and consider before you do act.

Except ye see signes and wonders ye will not believe; but this is come to pass that the Scriptures might be fulfilled, that saith, the time will come, that they shall think they do God good service when they kill you.

Remember the Scripture which saith, His face is more marr'd then any mans, Isa. 52. 14. And whether this be not the same that gave his Cheeks to the Smiter, and opened not his mouth? And see now who tbey are that have spit upon him; but what evil hath he done.

Notwithstanding all these warnings, yet on the 17. day of the tenth moneth, the major part of the House pronounced Sentence on him.


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