A Congratulary Poem On the most Illustrious WILLIAM HENRY Prince of Orange.

HAIL, Mighty Prince, by whose preventing Hand
The threatned Pillars of our Albion stand!
Hail wondrous Man! that couldst without a Blow,
Retrieve lost Freedom, and new Life bestow,
(Such are the Blessings which to thee we owe.)
And sure such wondrous Cures thus wrought by the Com­mand.
Entitle thee, The Saviour of the Land.
From Fears and Jealousies we now are free,
From Bonner's Logick and Divinity;
England her Faith's Defender sees in Thee.
A William 'twas did England first subdue,
The second Victor of the Name is You:
But with these happy Odds, he us'd the Sword;
You came, and knew to conquer with a Word.
But on, the glorious Work is but as yet half done,
Consummate, Hero, what thou hast begun.
Write, write at length thy Name, and then advance;
A HENRY too it was that conquer'd France.
Auspicious Names! how justly are ye join'd,
To consecrate this Hero to Mankind.
Excellent Prince! how justly mayst thou claim
All Honours, Praises due unto thy Name.
Tremble ye Walls of
Conquest the strongest City of Normandy, ta­ken by Henry the 5th, when he conquered France.
Conquest at the sound,
A Henry 'twas first raz'd you to the Ground.
How will that Monarch's Ghost be joy'd to see
The Ball young Henry lost, rebound to Thee!
On then, Victorious Prince! and mayst thou prove
Successful there in Arms, as here in Love.

London, Printed for Joseph Raven, at Lincolns-Inn-Back-Gate, MDCLXXXIX.

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