A Congratulatory Letter of Thanks from the Corporation of North ALLERTON in the County of YORK to their Two Re­presentatives in Parliament upon the Advice of the late Prorogation; Published for an Example to the Kingdom in General.

THe Unexpected and suddain News of this days Post preventing us from sending those due acknowledg­ments which the greatness of your Services, for the pub­lick good have merited from us: We have no better way (now left us) to express our Gratitude and the high Re­sentments of your Actions, before and in your last Ses­sions of Parliament, then to Manifest our approbation thereof, by an assurance that if a Dissolution of this pre­sent Parliament happen, Since you have Evidenced so sufficiently your Affections to his Majesties Royal Person, and Endeavours for the preserving the Protestant Religi­on, our Laws and Liberties: VVe are now resolved, if you are pleased, to comply with Us, to continue You as our Representatives; and we do therefore beg your ac­ceptance thereof, and farther that you will Continue your station during this Porogation, faithfully assuring you that none of us desire to give, or occasion you the Expence or Trouble of a Journey in order to your Ele­ction, (If such happen) being so sensible of the too great Expence you have been at already in the careful dis­charging the trust and confidence Reposed in you by Gentlemen, Sirs,

Your obliged, faithful Friends and Servants, Thomas Lascels, Richard Lumbly with Sixty more

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