WHereas Our Loyal Subjects the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Com­mons in this present Parliament assembled, Have by their humble Petition re­presented to Vs their Fears and Apprehensions of the Growth and Increase of the Popish Religion in these Our Dominions, together with the Causes there­of, and also such Remedies as they conceive may be proper to prevent such Grow­ing Mischiefs.

Which Petition of theirs We have Seriously Considered, and do with much Contentment and Satisfaction, Accept and Approve the great Care of Our said Loyal Subjects the Lords Spi­ritual and Temporal, and Commons in Parliament assembled, for the Preservation of the True Religion Established in this Kingdom; To which, as We have always Adhered against all Temptations whatsoever, so We shall still employ Our utmost Care and Zeal in the Mainte­nance and Defence of it.

And We do therefore by this Our Royal Proclamation streightly Charge and Command all Iesuits, and all English, Irish, and Scottish Priests, and all others who have taken Orders from the See of Rome, or by the Authority or pretended Authority thereof, who are not under any Restraint by Imprisonment, other then such as by Contract of Marriage are to Attend the Per­son of Our Dearest Consort the Queen, or by the Laws of Nations are to Attend Forein Am­bassadors; That they do before the First day of May next, Depart out of this Our Kingdom of England, and Dominion of Wales, upon pain of having the Penalties of the Laws and Statutes of this Our Realm Inflicted upon them: And for their better means to Depart accordingly, We do hereby Declare and Publish Our further Will and Pleasure, That if at any time before the said First day of May, they or any of them shall Resort to any Port-Town of Our said Kingdom of England or Dominion of Wales, and there Declare himself to the Magistrate of the Town, or other Officers of any Port, that he is a Priest, and that he is there to take Shipping for his Passage, they shall suffer him or them quietly to Depart, and shall see them Shipt and sent away for Forein Parts, and give them their Furtherance for their Departure. And to the end this Our Proclamation may be the better Observed and Obeyed, We do hereby strictly Charge and Command all Our Lieutenants, Deputy-lieutenants, Commissioners, Iustices of Peace, Mayors, Sheriffs, Bayliffs, and all other Our Officers and Ministers whatsoever, That they be Circumspect and Vigilant each of them in their several Charges, from and after the said First day of May next, in searching for and discovering all such Iesuits and Priests as aforesaid, as shall presume to remain in this Our Kingdom of England and Dominion of Wales, contrary to Our Laws, and Our Royal Pleasure and Command herein Declared, that so the Laws may be put in due Execution against them.

And for the better Discovery of all others who are Popish Recusants, or justly suspected to be so, We do also further Require, Charge, and Command, That all Our Iudges, Barons of Our Exchequer, Iustices of Peace, and Ministers of Iustice in their several places, do not onely Ob­serve Our Will and Pleasure herein before expressed in all and every of the Premisses; But also forthwith put all other Our Laws in due Execution against all Popish Recusants, and such as are suspected to be so, in order to their speedy Conviction, and cause the said Laws to be publickly given in Charge at all and every their Assises, Gaol-deliveries, and Quarter-sessions respectively, and then and there take order that such Popish Recusants, or persons suspected to be so, may be speedily Presented, Indicted, and Convicted according to Law, and that due Process of Law may from time to time be Issued out upon such Convictions.

And We do hereby Declare, That the Names of such Priests who do Attend the Person of Our Dearest Consort the Queen, shall be set down under Her Great Seal, and such Significa­tion Enrolled in the Court of Kings-Bench: And because there may be some Priests Imprisoned in this Our Realm, yet unknown to Vs, We do Will and Command all Sheriffs, Bayliffs, and Keepers of Prisons, within Twenty days after publication of this Our Proclamation, to Advertise Our Privy-council, or some of them, of the Names of all such Priests that are in their Custody, and by whom, and for what Cause they were Committed, to the End that thereupon We may give Order for their Transportation, as the Case shall require.


In the SAVOYE: Printed by the Assigns of Jo: Bill, and Chris. Barker, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty, 1670/1.

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