By the King. A PROCLAMATION Touching Passes and Sea-briefs.


HHis Majesty having taken into His Royal Consideration the manifold Evils arising from the Liberty taken by His Subjects Trading into the Mediterra­nean Sea, of imploying the Passes or Sea-briefs granted for the Securing the Ships and Vessels of His Subjects, to the Protecting and Securing Fo­reign Ships and Vessels; to His Majesties great dishonour, the offence of His Allies, and the prejudice of the Trade and Navigation of this King­dom, Is Graciously pleased by this His Royal Proclamation, (with the Ad­vice of His Privy Council) to Publish and Declare, That no Pass or Sea-brief whatsoever, which bears Date before or since the First day of January last, shall remain in force any longer then until the First day of May next coming; His Majesty having been pleased to Direct, That other Passes in the Form now established, shall upon demand, and without [Page] Charge, be delivered forth by the Secretary of the Admiralty of England for the time being, to the parties Interested therein, upon Security by them given, for delivering their former Passes within Six Moneths after their receiving such new ones. And His Majesty doth also further Delare, That no Pass or Sea-brief hereafter to be granted, (saving where the Ships to which the said Passes shall be so granted, shall be bound to Guiny, or the East or West Indies, and so exprest to be in the Body of the said Pass) shall remain in force longer then for the space of one entire Year from the day of the Date thereof; And that all Passes and Sea-briefs from henceforth to be granted to the Ships and Vessels of His Majesties Subjects Tra­ding in the Mediterranean Sea, shall be Printed and Indented in the same Form wherein they were heretofore Issued by His Royal Highness, James Duke of York, when Lord High Ad­miral of England, with the Day, Moneth and Year of their respective Dates expressed there­in, in words at length, and not in figures; And that such Passes or Sea-briefs as shall be produced after the said First day of May next, in any other Form, shall be Deemed, and are here­by Declared void, and of none effect: And His said Majesty doth strictly Charge and Command all persons concerned, to take notice of His Royal Pleasure herein Declared, and to yield all due Obedience thereunto, at their perils.

God save the King.

LONDON, Printed by the Assigns of John Bill and Christopher Barker, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty. 1675.

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