A PROCLAMATION Requiring all Officers or Souldiers that served in the Armies of any the late Usurped Powers, and have been Disbanded, Cashiered, or turned out, to depart the Cities of London and Westminster, before the Twentieth day of this instant November.


THe Kings most Excellent Majesty, for prevention of ill consequences which may ensue by the frequent resort and abode of discontented Officers and Souldiers of the late Army in and about the Cities of London and Westminster, the Suburbs thereof, and places adjacent, hath thought fit (by and with the Advice of His Privy Council) to renew and continue His former Proclamations in this behalf: And doth by this His Royal Proclamation Publish and Declare, and also straitly Charge and Command, That all and every person and persons being heretofore an Officer or Souldier serving in any the Armies of the late Usurped Powers, and have been Disbanded, Cashiered or turned out of the same, who are not under Imprisonment, or other legal Restraint, or have not their constant Habitations and Families within the Cities of London and Westmin­ster, or the Suburbz thereof, or who cannot procure or obtain a Licence from the Council-Board in that behalf, do on or before the Twentieth day of this instant November, depart out of the said Cities of London and Westminster, and the Liberties and Suburbs thereof, and not return again, or come within Twen­ty miles of the same Cities of London and Westminster, or either of them, until after the Twentieth day of May next ensuing: And that they or any of them do not, nor shall not in the mean time wear, use, carry, or ride with any Sword, Pistol, or other Arms or Weapons; And herein His Majesty doth ex­pect from all persons concerned, a due and punctual submission and conformity, at their perils, upon pain of His high displeasure. Willing and hereby commanding the Lieutenans, Deputy Lieutenants, Justices of Peace, Constables, and other Officers and Ministers of and in the several Counties, Ci­ties, and places of this Kingdom, and Dominion of Wales, to apprehend and seize the persons, and take away the Arms and Weapons of all such as shall be found faulty, or offenders in, or contrary to the purport, true intent and meaning of this His Majesties Royal Proclamation, and them to send to the Goal of the City or County where they are apprehended, sending the Lords of His Majesties Privy Council a Note of their Names, and of their particular Offences, that so they may be proceeded against for their contempts, according to Justice.

God save the King.

LONDON, Printed by John Bill and Christopher Barker, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty, 1664.

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