By the King.
A PROCLAMATION Prohibiting His Majesties Subjects to go out of this Kingdom into the Service of any Forreign Prince or State without Licence.


THe Kings most Excellent Majesty being informed that divers persons have, and do presume to List several of His Subjects, in order to Transport them for the Service of Forreign Princes or States, without any Law­ful Authority in that behalf; Therefore for the Redress thereof, and pre­venting the like for the future, the Kings most Excellent Majesty, by this His Royal Proclamation, with the Advice of His Privy Council, doth strictly Prohibit and Forbid all His Subjects whatsoever, to go out of this Kingdom to serve in the Wars of any Forreign Prince or State whatsoever, upon any pretence whatsoever, without Leave from His Majesty in Council, or by Writing under His Royal Signet and Sign Manual in that behalf first had and obtained: Whereunto His Majesty doth and will expect due Obedience and Conformity. And doth hereby fur­ther Publish and Declare, That the Offenders to the contrary, shall not onely incur His Majesties Displeasure, but be proceeded against for their Contempt, according to the utmost severities of Law.

God save the King.

LONDON, Printed by the Assigns of John Bill and Christopher Barker, Printers to the Kings most Excellent M [...]

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