A PROCLAMATION For the prohibiting the Importation of Blue Paper.


WHereas at the humble Petition of Our welbeloved Subject Charles Hildeyerd Esq in­forming Vs, That by his great Industry and Charges he had found out the way and Art of making Blue Paper, never before known, or used in England, We were graci­ously pleased by Our Letters Patents under the Great Seal of England, to grant un­to him the sole use and benefit thereof for Fourteen years, according to the Statute in that behalf: And he having since given sufficient testimony of the Realty and Commodity of such his Invention, by the goodness of the Paper he already hath, and daily doth make; And it further appearing to Vs by the Certificate of the Master, Wardens and Assistants of the Company of Stationers, London, (whose Advice and Assistance herein We thought fit to require) that the said Charles Hildeyerd is able to supply this Kingdom yearly with a greater quantity of such Paper then is usually vented therein, and that at reasonable Rates, and he having since undertaken to Us to do the same (which We hereby require and enjoyn:) And considering that in all times past, it hath been the wisdom and care of Our Royal Predecessors, not only to endeavour the maintenance and improvement of all Manufactures (especially those which tend to the Imployment and Relief of the poorer sort, and the common good of all their Subjects) but also to encourage the Ingenuity and Industry of the Inventers thereof; and resolving to make so good and laudable Precedents the rule of Our Proceedings in like cases: We with the Advice of Our Privy Council do by this Our Proclamati­on straitly charge, prohibit, and ordain, That from henceforth no person or persons Native, Denizen, Alien, or others, do, or shall import, bring, send, or convey, or cause to be imported, brought, sent, or con­veyed into Our Kingdom of England, Dominion of Wales, or Town of Berwick upon Twede, or any part thereof, from or out of any place or parts beyond the Seas, or out of any other of Our Dominions, any Blue Paper of what sort or kind soever by way of Merchandise, to be sold, bartered, or exchanged within this Our Realm of England, Dominion of Wales, or Town of Berwick upon Twede aforesaid, or any of them. And further, That no person or persons whatsoever that now use, or hereafter shall use the Trade or Occupation of retailing, selling, or uttering of any Blue Paper, of what sort or kind soever within any of Our Kingdoms or Dominions, shall at any time hereafter directly or indirectly buy, bargain, or contract for, or concerning the Importation of any Blue Paper of what sort or kind soever made beyond the Seas, or in any other place out of Our said Realm of England & Dominion of Wales, nor shal bargain for, buy, or sell such Blue Paper so imported, knowing the same to be manufacted beyond the Seas, upon pain of forfeiting all that by Law is forfeitable, and such other punishment as by Our Law, or Prerogative Royal may be lawful­ly inflicted upon the contemners of Our Royal Authority; Any Charter, Licence, Power, Authority, or Priviledge to the contrary notwithstanding. And We do hereby further straitly charge and command all Sheriffs, Justices of the Peace, the Farmers of Our Customs, Comptrollers, Searchers, Waiters, and other Officers of all or any Our Ports within Our aid Realm, and all Constables, and other Officers and Ministers of Iustice, and all other Our loving Subjects to be diligent in and about the preventing of the Importation of the said Paper and Manufacture, and discovery of the same, if any such shall be Im­ported, and to cause such the Offenders to be duly punished, as to Law and Justice shall appertain.

God save the King.

LONDON, Printed by John Bill and Christopher Barker, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty, 1666.

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