By the King. A PROCLAMATION For the more Effectual Suppressing of Popery.


HIs Majesty being sensible of the great Increase of Popery within this Kingdom of late Years, by rea­son of the neglect of putting in Execution those good Laws which were provided for Suppressing the same, whereby Iesuits and Priests have beén emboldned to resort hither from Parts beyond the Seas, in great numbers, and they and others have openly practised to assert the most pernicious and damna­ble Principles of that Religion, and to perswade and withdraw divers of His Majesties good Subjects from their Obedience to His Majesty, and to reconcile them to the Pope and Seé of Rome; And that notwithstanding the good Laws made to Restrain the same, it hath beén the general practice of the Papists, to send their Children and Relations into Foreign Parts, to be bred up in Popery; By which bold and wicked Practices, and the Impunity that hath followed thereupon, His Majesty apprehends that many of His good Subjects may be ignorant of the said Laws; And therefore hath thought fit by this His Royal Proclamation, by the Advice of His Privy Council, to Publish and make known the Principal and most Penal of the said Laws, as well to prevent and hinder any of His Loving Subjects from being misled into any the said Offences through ignorance, as to guide and encourage all persons knowing of any such Offences, to a Legal Prosecution of the same: The Substance of the said Laws is as followeth.

By Writing, Printing, Preaching, Teaching, Deéd or Act, or by any Speéch to set forth, maintain or defend the Autho­rity or Iurisdiction, or Power of the Bishop of Rome, or his Seé, heretofore claimed, used, or usurped within this Realm, or to attribute any such manner of Iurisdiction, Authority, or Preéminence to the said Seé of Rome, or to any Bishop of the said Seé for the time being, or to aid, assist and comfort any in doing the same: The First Offence is Praemunire, the Se­cond Offence is made High Treason, by 5 Eliz. Cap. 1.

To receive, relieve, comfort, aid, or maintain any Iesuit, Seminary Priest, or other Priest, Deacon, or Religious or Ecclesiastical person made by any Authority, Power, or Iurisdiction derived, challenged, or pretended from the the Seé of Rome, being at liberty or out of hold, knowing him to be such, is Felony without benefit of Clergy, by 27 Eliz. Cap. 2.

By the Stat. 23 Eliz. 1. It is High Treason to withdraw any of the Kings Subjects to the Romish Religion, to the intent to withdraw them from their Natural Obedience to the King, and it is High Treason in the persons so willingly with­drawn; And all Aiders, Avertors and Concealers thereof knowingly, are guilty of Misprision of Treason.

To put in practice to Absolve, Perswade or Withdraw any of His Majesties Subjects of this Realm of England from their Natural Obedience to His Majesty, or to Reconcile them to the Pope or Seé of Rome, or to move them to promise Obedi­ence to any pretended Authority to the See of Rome, or to any other Prince, State or Potentate, is High Treason by the Statute 3 Jac. Cap. 4. whether done upon the Seas or beyond the Seas, or in any other Place within His Majesties Dominions.

To be willingly Absolved or Withdrawn in manner aforesaid, or to be willingly Reconciled, or to promise Obedience to any such pretended Authority, Prince, State or Potentate, or to Procure, Counsel, Aid or Maintain such Offenders, know­ing the same, is likewise made High Treason by the same Statute.

For any Person under the Obedience of the King, to pass or go, or to convey or send, or cause to be sent or conveyed any Child or other Person out of any of the Kings Dominions, into any the Parts beyond the Seas out of the Kings Obedience, to the intent and purpose to enter into or be resident or trained up in any Priory, Abby, Nunnery, Popish Vniversity, Col­ledge, or School or House of Iesuits, Priests, or in any private Popish Family, and to be there by any Iesuit, Seminary Priest, Frier, Monk or other Popish Person, instructed, perswaded or strengthened in the Popish Religion, in any sort to profess the same;

Or to convey or send, or to cause to be conveyed or sent by the hands or means of any person whatsoever, any Sum or Sums of Money, or other thing towards the mainteinance of any Child or other person, gone or sent, or to go or be sent and trained and instructed, as aforesaid, or under the Name or Colour of any Charity, Benevolence, or Alms, towards the Re­lief of any Priory, Abby, Nunnery, Colledge, School, or any Religious House whatsoever.

All persons offending, being convicted, are disabled to use any Action, Bill, Plaint, or Information in course of Law, or to prosecute any Suit in any Court of Equity, or to be Committeé of any Ward, or Executor or Administrator to any person, or capable of any Legacy or Deéd of Gift, and forfeit all Goods and Chattels, and all Lands, Tenements, Hereditaments, Rents, Annuities, Offices and Estates of Freé-hold, for and during their natural lives, by the Stat. 3 Car. Cap. 2.

For the more precise knowledge of which Laws, and all other Laws made for Suppressing the Growth of Popery, in case His Majesties loving Subjects cannot conveniently have the Printed Statutes, or cannot well interpret the same, they are to resort to any of His Majesties Iudges, Iustices of Peace, or other Magistrates, who are hereby required and commanded upon all occasions, to guide and direct them therein, it being His Majesties Resolution, that all the said Laws shall be strictly put in execution.

And His Majesty doth hereby further Charge and Command all and every His loving Subjects, That in case any person shall by any Discourse or Disputation, offer to maintain the Popes Authority or Iurisdiction, or to Perswade or Pervert them to the Popish Religion, or that they know any person guilty of any the Offences aforementioned, or any other Offences against the Laws to Depress Popery, that they do immediately reveal the same to some Magistrate, that the Offenders may be Prosecuted and Punished according to their Demerits.

And for the better encouraging of all persons that shall do their Duty herein, His Majesty will be Graciously pleased by His Letters of Privy-Seal, to Enable all His Iudges of His several Courts at Westminster, to reward all Prosecutors upon the said Laws or other Laws made for Suppressing the Growth of Popery, according to their Discretions, out of such For­feitures as shall from thence accrue to His Majesty, over and above what is already by the said Laws or any of them allot­ed to the Informer.


London, Printed by John Bill, Thomas Newcomb, and Henry Hills, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty. 1679.


By the King. A PROCLAMATION For the Apprehending of Robbers or Highway-men, and for a Reward to the Apprehenders.


WE minding to secure all Our Loving Subjects in Travelling and going about their Lawful Occasions, do hereby Publish and Declare Our Roy­al Will and Pleasure to be, And We do hereby Command all Our Offi­cers of Iustice, and other Our Loving Subjects, That they use their ut­most diligence and endeavour for the Apprehending all Robbers or High­way-men; to the end they may be proceeded against according to Law. And for the Encouragement of such as shall Apprehend and such Offender or Offenders, We are Graciously pleased, and do hereby Declare, That such person or persons who shall at any time before the Second day of March next, Apprehend any Robber or Highway-man, and cause him to be brought into Custody, shall within Fifteén days after his Conviction, Have a Re­ward of Ten pounds for every such Offender so Apprehended and Con­victed: And all and every Sheriffs and Sheriff of the respective Counties and Sheriff wicks where such Conviction shall be had, are, and is hereby Required, upon the Certificate of the Iudge, or Two or more Iustices of the Peace before whom such person or persons shall be Convicted of such Apprehen­sion and Conviction, to pay unto the person or persons who shall Apprehend such Offender or Offen­ders, the Reward aforesaid, within the time aforesaid, for each and every Offender so Apprehended and Convicted as aforesaid, out of Our Moneys received by such Sheriff or Sheriffs in that County where such Conviction shall be, which shall be allowed unto him or them upon His or their Accompts in the Exchequer; for the Allowance whereof, this Proclamation shall be a sufficient Warrant. And last­ly, We do hereby Charge and Command all Lieutenants, Deputy-Lieutenants, Iustices of the Peace, Mayors, Sheriffs, Bayliffs, and other Officers and Persons whatsoever, to take notice of this Our Royal Proclamation, and give due Obedience thereunto, and also to be Aiding and Assist­ing in all things tending to the Execution thereof, as they tender Our Displeasure, and upon pain of being proceéded against as Contemners of Our Royal Authority.

God save the King.

London, Printed by John Bill, Thomas Newcomb, and Henry Hills, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty. 1679/80.


At the Court at Whitehall, April the Sixteenth, 1680.
Present, The Kings most Excellent Majesty • His Highness Prince Rupert , • Lord Archbishop of Canterbury , • Lord Chancellor , • Lord President , • Lord Privy Seal , • Duke of Lauderdale , • Marquess of Worcester , • Earl of Ossory , • Lord Chamberlain , • Earl of Bridgwater , • Earl of Sunderland , • Earl of Essex , • Earl of Bathe , • Viscount Fauconberg , • Lord Bishop of London , • Mr. Hyde , • Lord Chief Justice North , • Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer , • Sir Leoline Jenkins , • Mr. Seymor , and • Mr. Godolphin. 

WHereas Information hath been this day given to His Majesty in Council upon Oath, That John Arnold Esq one of His Majesties Iustices of the Peace for the County of Monmouth, was the last night between the Hours of Nine and Ten of the Clock in Bell Yard, near Jack-an-apes Lane end, maliciously and feloniously assaulted, dangerously wounded, and endeavoured to be assassinated by Three Persons unknown, who are since fled (one of them being hurt in the Leg) After which barba­rous Fact, one of the said Three Persons did utter these words to the said Mr. Arnold, Damme yee Dog, now pray for the Soul of Captain Evans; Which Evans was a Iesuite executed in the County of Glamorgan, and who some­time before his apprehension had threatned to Pistoll the said Mr. Arnold: It is Ordered by His Majesty in Council, That the Lord Mayor of the City of London, and the Iustices of Peace of the County of Middlesex, and City of Westminster, do cause diligent Search to be forthwith made within their several Iurisdictions, for the said persons, or any of them, or any that did Incite, Encourage, or set them on to make that Attempt.

And for an Encouragement to all persons to use their utmost diligence herein, His Majesty is pleased to promise, That there shall be the Reward of One hundred pounds forthwith paid to any who shall Discover or Apprehend the said Threé persons, or any one of them, or any of those who did Incite them thereunto. And if any one of the said Threé Persons, being touched with Remorse for that horrid Fact, shall discover the same, and his Accomplices, His Majesty is Graciously pleased to promise, that he shall have his Pardon for the same, besides the said Reward.

And for the better Notification hereof, It is further Directed, That this Order be forthwith Printed and Published.


London, Printed by John Bill, Thomas Newcomb, and Henry Hills, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty. 1680.

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