A PROCLAMATION For the Discovery and Apprehending of several Persons justly suspected to have Contrived and Acted in the Felonious Burning of Houses in and about the City of LONDON.


WHereas due Information hath beén given, That Morrice Gifford a Popish Priest, Roger Clinton, Derby Molraine, alias Flower, and several other Persons of the Romish Religion, have (out of their detestable and barbarous Malice) conspired and agreéd together to set on Fire the City of London, the Suburbs thereof, and the Places thereunto Adjacent, and have in prosecution of such their Devilish and Wicked Design procured divers Mansion-Houses within the said City, Suburbs, and Parts Adjacent, at Sundry Times, and in Divers Places to be Set on Fire and Burnt; The Kings most Excellent Majesty (at the humble desire of the Commons in Parlia­ment Assembled) Doth by this His Royal Proclamation straitly Charge and Command the said Morrice Gifford, Roger Clinton, and Derby Molraine, alias Flower (who are fled from Iustice, so that at present they cannot be apprehended to be proceéded against according to Law) that they, and every of them do before the Tenth day of this instant Month of May, render themselves re­spectively to the Lord Chief Iustice, or some other of the Iustices of the Kings Bench, who are hereby Commanded forthwith to Commit them to His Majesties Gaol of Newgate, there to re­main in safe Custody in order to their Tryals for such their Offences. And His Majesty doth also Charge and Command all and every Iustices of Peace, Mayors, Sheriffs, Constables, and other His Officers and Loving Subjects, That they and every of them do use their utmost En­deavours for the Apprehending aswell of the said Morrice Gifford, Roger Clinton, and Derby Molraine, alias Flower, as of every other Person or Persons who shall be justly suspected of being Guilty of the said Wicked and Detestable Crimes. And for a greater Encouragement hereunto, His Majesty doth hereby Graciously promise to such Person or Persons as shall Discover and Appre­hend any of the said Offenders, the Reward of Fifty pounds; which shall be respectively paid upon the Discovery and Apprehending of the said Morrice Gifford, Roger Clinton, or Derby Molraine, alias Flower, and immediately after the Discovery, Apprehending and Conviction of any other of the said Offenders. And as an Encouragement to any of the Offenders themselves, to Disco­ver the rest, His Majesty doth hereby further Graciously promise, That if any of the said Offen­ders shall Discover any of their Accomplices, whereby they or any of them shall be Apprehended, that then such Discoverer shall not only be Pardoned his own Offence, but shall in like manner receive the said Reward of Fifty pounds for each Offender so by him Discovered, immediately up­on the respective Conviction of such Offender.

God save the King.

London, Printed by John Bill, Thomas Newcomb, and Henry Hills, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty. 1679.

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