By the King. A PROCLAMATION For the better Ordering the Transportation of Clothes, and other Woollen Manufactures into Germany, and preventing the Incroachments on the Fellowship of Merchants-Adventures of England, in relation to their Trading in those Commodities.


WHereas by Our Royal Proclamation of the eighth of April in the fifteenth year of Our Reign, out of Our Princely care and providence for the conservation and restauration of the Trade of Cloth, and all other Woollen Manufactures then made or to be made within this Our Kingdom; We by the Advice of Our Privy Council, on the grounds and reasons in the same Our Proclamation mentioned, did strictly Will and Command that no Person or Persons, Subject or Subjects of this Our Realm of England should from thenceforth Ship, Transport, Carry, or Convey, or cause to be Shipped, Transported, Carried or Conveyed either from Our City or Port of London, or from any other City, Town, Port, Haven or Creek of this Our Kingdom of England, Dominion of Wales, and Town of Berwick upon Tweed; any woollen Clothes, either white Clothes, coloured Clothes Drest and Dyed out of the Whites, Clothes called Spanish Clothes, mixt, or of one colour; or any Bayes, Kersies, Perpetua­noes; or any Stockins, or other woollen Commodities whatsoever then made, or then after to be made within Our Realm aforesaid, unto any the Cities, Towns, Ports or other Places within the Countries of Germany or the seven­teen Provinces of the Netherlands, saving only such Person or Persons as then were, or after should be free of, ad­mitted and continued as Member of the said Fellowship of Merchants-Adventurers of England, and none others. Now for that it hath been made out to Vs and Our Privy Council, that the said Fellowship of Merchants-Adventu­rers of England since the publication of Our said Proclamation have been very much defeated of the Benefit and Advan­tage intended them thereby, As also by the several Grants, Charters, and Confirmations to them by Vs and Our Royal Predecessors heretofore made and granted; And particularly by strangers, Inhabitants of the Town of Ham­burgh in Germany, and their Factors and Agents here, who contrary to the express Concordance and Agreement made [Page] and constituted between the said Fellowship of Merchants-Adventurers of England and the said Town of Hamburgh, have and daily do Ship, Transport, Carry and Convey the Cloth, and woollen Manufactures of this Kingdom in­to the said Town of Hamburgh.

For remedy and prevention whereof, and the like inconveniences and grievances in the future; We have thought fit, and with Advice of Our Privy Council, We do hereby declare our Royal pleasure, and strictly Will and Command, That no Person or Persons, being Strangers, Aliens, or Inhabitants of the Town of Hamburgh aforesaid, or any Person or Persons, Natives or Denizens of this our Kingdom or Dominion aforesaid, for or in behalf of the Merchants or Inhabitants of the said Town of Hamburgh or other strangers, do or shall from henceforth Enter, Ship, Trans­port or carry away any the woollen Clothes or Manufactures aforesaid out of this Our Kingdom of England, Domi­nion of Wales, and Town of Berwick upon Tweed, or any of them, or any the Cities, Towns, Ports, Havens, or other parts or places thereof, unto the said Town of Hamburgh, or any part or parts of Germany on the River Elve, or on this side thereof, under pain of the strictest forfeitures to be taken, and penalties and punishments to be inflicted on all such, whether Denizens or Strangers, as shall presume to violate Our Royal Will and Pleasure herein declared.

And to the end, and by the Advice aforesaid, We further Will and Command all our Searchers, and other the like Officers of the Customs now and for the time being, that they or any of them do not presume to alter any Coc­quet brought to them or any of them from any Custom-house, either in London or elsewhere, for the shipping off of any Clothes or woollen Manufactures without a new Entry made, nor permit any such Goods to be shipt, to be trans­ported to any other Place, Port or Haven, then in the Entry and Cocquet of the Custom-house is or shall be expressed; nor that they or any of them by any other ways or means whatsoever endeavour to elude and prevent the drift and ends intended and endeavoured by this and Our said former Proclamation, under such severe penalties, be it to the forfeiture of their places or otherwise, as by the Law, or by Our Royal Prerogative, may justly be inflicted for the wilful neglect of their Duty, and contempt of Our Royal Commands in this behalf.

And to the end that the Charters and Government of the said Fellowship, and Our Royal Will and Pleasure to that intent herein, and in Our former Proclamation declared, may be the better put in execution, and all Offenders against the same the better discovered and brought to speedy Iustice; We do by and with the Advice aforesaid hereby Will and Command aswell the Iudges of our High Court of Admiralty, as the Marshal and under-Officers of the same, as also all Our Commissioners and Farmers of our Customs for the time being, and the Searchers of our Customs in all Our Ports of England, and the several Officers of what kind soever belonging to and attending the service of Our Customs outwards; As also all Our Admirals, Vice-Admirals, Commanders, Captains, and Officers whatsoever of any of Our Royal Ships, or any of Our Castles, Blockhouses and Forts respectively, and all other Our Officers and Ministers in their several places to be aiding and assisting unto the said Fellowship of Merchants-Adventurers of England, and all such as they shall imploy, in all matters and things tending to the supportation of the Govern­ment of the said Fellowship and regulation of their Trade, and for the preservation of their Priviledges, Iurisdicti­ons and Franchises by Our Royal Predecessors to them granted, and by Our self to them confirmed by Our Letters Patents.

God save the King.

LONDON, Printed by John Bill and Christopher Barker, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty, 1665.

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