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A PROCLAMATION For suspending the prosecution upon that part of the late Act of Parliament for Enlarging and Repairing of Common High-ways, as concerneth the breadth of the Tyre of Wheels.


WHereas by the Act of this present Parliament, for Enlarging and Repairing of Common High-ways, It is amongst other things Enacted, That no Waggon, Wayn, Cart, or Carriage shall be imployed for the uses therein mentioned, the Wheels whereof are less then four Inches in the Tyre, upon the penalties by the said Act in that behalf provided; whereupon complaints and representations have been made to His Majesty, and His Privy Council, from the Lord Mayor of the City of London, and from divers parts of the Countrey, That many incon­veniencies are like to ensue, if that part of the said Act shall be urged to be obser­ved, or put in execution, concerning breadth of Wheels, by reason in many places the Rutts can­not receive such Wheels, nor Carriages pass, especially in the winter season now approaching, and in narrow passages, and in respect also of the difficulty and charge (if not impossibility) of providing ma­terials for new Wheels, and Waggons and Carts answerable to them at once universally over the Nation, by which means Commerce and Intercourse will be much obstructed, the City of London, and other places deprived of necessary supplies of Provisions, and the Countrey disabled to vend and utter their Goods and Manufactures; His Majesty hath therefore thought fit, by and with the Advice of His Privy Council, to Order and Declare, and doth hereby straitly Charge and Com­mand, That all prosecutions upon that Clause of the said Act, concerning the breadth of the Tyre of Wheels, shall be suspended and forborn until the Parliament re-assemble, and take further Order, And that in the mean time, no Distresses shall be taken, or other proceedings had for that Offence, and that the Horses and Goods therefore already seized, taken or distrained, shall be forthwith discharged and restored, without charge to the Owners. Provided that this Proclamation shall not be taken, nor is intended to suspend the prosecution on any other parts of the said Act, other then concerning the breadth of the Tyre of Wheels only, neither shall continue longer, then until the Parliament up­on consideration thereof shall take further Order.

God save the King.

LONDON, Printed by John Bill and Christopher Barker, Printers to the KINGS most Excellent MAJESTY, 1662.

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