For calling in, and suppressing of two Books written by John Milton; the one Intituled, Johannis Miltoni Angli pro Populo Anglicano Defensio, contra Claudii Anonymi aliàs Salmasii, Defensionem Regiam; and the other in answer to a Book Intituled, The Pourtraicture of his Sacred Majesty in his Solitude and Sufferings. And also a third Book Intituled, The Obstructors of Justice, written by John Goodwin.


WHereas John Milton, late of Westminster, in the County of Middlesex, hath Published in Print two several Books [...] one Intituled, Johannis Miltoni Angli pro Populo Anglicano Defensio, contra Claudii [...]nonymi, aliàs Salmasii, Defensionem Regiam. And the other in Answer to a Book Intituled, The Pourtraicture of his Sacred Majesty in his Soli­tude and Sufferings. In both which are contained sundry Treasonable Passages a­gainst Us and Our Government, and most Impious endeavors to justifie the horrid and unmatchable Murther of Our late Dear Father, of Glorious Memory.

And whereas John Goodwin, late of Coleman-Street, London, Clerk, hath also publi­shed in Print, a Book Intituled, The Obstructors of Justice, written in defence of his said late Majesty. And wheras the said John Milton, and John Goodwin, are both fled, or so obscure themselves, that no endeavors used for their apprehension can take effect, whereby they might be brought to Legal Tryal, and deservedly receive condigne punishment for their Treasons and Offences.

Now to the end that Our good Subjects may not be corrupted in their Iudgments, with such wicked and Traitrous principles, as are dispersed and scattered throughout the beforementioned Books, We, upon the motion of the Commons in Parliament now assembled, doe hereby streightly charge and Command, all and every Person and Persons whatsoever, who live in any City, Burrough, or Town Incorporate, with­in this our Kingdom of England, the Dominion of Wales, and Town of Berwick upon Tweed, in whose hands any of those Books are, or hereafter shall be, That they, upon pain of Our high Displeasure, and the conse­quence thereof, do forthwith, upon publication of this Our Command, or within Ten days immediately fol­lowing, deliver, or cause the same to be delivered to the Mayor, Bayliffs, or other chief Officer or Magi­strate, in any of the said Cities, Burroughs, or Towns Incorporate, where such person or persons so live; or, if living out of any City, Burrough, or Town Incorporate, then to the next Justice of Peace adjoyn­ing to his or their dwelling or place of abode; or if living in either of Our Universities, then to the Uice­Chancellor of that University where he or they do reside.

And in default of such voluntary delivery, which We do expect in observance of Our said Command, That then and after the time before limited, expired, the said Chief Magistrate of all and every the said Cities, Burroughs, or Towns Incorporate, the Justices of the Peace in their several Counties, and the Uice­Chancellors of Our said Universities respectively, are hereby Commanded to Seize and Take, all and eve­ry the Books aforesaid, in whose hands or possession soever they shall be found, and certifie the names of the Offenders unto Our Privy Councel.

And We do hereby also give special Charge and Command to the said Chief Magistrates, Iustices of the Peace, and Uice-Chancellors respectively, That [...]y cause the said Books which shall be so brought unto any of their hands, or seized o [...] taken as aforesaid, [...] vertue of this Our Proclamation, to be delivered to the respective Sheriffs of those Counties where they respectively live, the first and next Assizes that shall after happen. And the said Sheriffs are hereby also required, in time of holding such Assizes, to cause the same to be publickly burnt by the hand of the Common Hangman.

And We do further streightly Charge and Command, That no man hereafter presume to Print, Uend, Sell, or Disperse any the aforesaid Books, upon pain of Our heavy Displeasure, and of such further Pu­nishment, as for their presumption in that behalf, may any way be inflicted upon them by the Laws of this Realm.

LONDON, Printed by John Bill and Christopher Barker, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty, 1660.

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