A PROCLAMATION For a General Fast.


WHereas the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons in this present Parliament Assembled, have by their Address to Vs, made known unto Vs, That they are deéply sensible of the sad and calamitous Condition of this Our Kingdom, occasioned by the Impious and Horrid Conspiracies of Popish Party, who have not only plotted and intended the Destruction of Our Royal Person, but the total Subversion of the Government and true Religion established amongst us, and that the same detestable Ma­chinations are still obstinately prosecuted by them, as well by fo­menting Divisions amongst Our Loyal Protestant Subjects, as all other the most wicked Contrivances, notwithstanding the many Discoveries thereof by Gods great Mercy and wonderful Providence lately brought to light. All which dreadful Iudgments are now impending over us most deservebly for our many and grievous Sins, and cannot otherwise in humane reason be pre­vented, but by the particular Blessing of God upon the Consultations and Endeavours of Our great Council now Assembled in Parliament; Have most humbly besought Vs that a day may be most Solemnly set apart, wherein Our Self and all Our Loyal Subjects may by Fasting and Prayer endeavour a reconciliation with Almighty God, and with humble and penitent hearts implore him by his Power and Goodness, to divert those Iudgments, and defeat the wicked Counsels and Devices of Our Enemies, to Vnite the hearts of Our Loyal Posterities, and more especially to bestow his abundant Blessings on our Self and this present Parliament, that our Consulations and Endeavours may produce Honour, Safety and Prosperity to Our Self and Our People: We have to this their humble Request most readily inclined, and do by this Our Royal Proclamation Command a General and Pub­lick Fast to be kept throughout this whole Kingdom, in such manner as is hereafter directed and prescribed, that so both We and Our People may send up Our Prayers and Supplications to Almighty God, to, and for the purposes aforesaid. And to the end that so Religious an Exercise may be performed at one and the same time, We do hereby Publish and Declare to all Our Loving Subjects, and do straitly Charge and Command, That on Wednesday, being the Two and twentieth day of December instant, this Fast shall be religiously kept and celebrated throughout Our Kingdom of England, Dominion of Wales, and Town of Berwick upon Tweed. And that the same may be performed with all Decency and Vniformity, We, by the Advice of Our Reverend Bishops, have Directed to be Composed, Printed and Published, such a Form of Divine Service as We thought fit to be used in all Churches and Places at the time afore­said, and have given Charge to Our Bishops to Disperse the same accordingly. All which We do hereby expresly Charge and Command shall be Reverently and Decently observed by all Our Loving Subjects, as they tender the Favour of Almighty God, and would avoid his Wrath and Indignation against this Land, and upon pain of undergoing such Punishments as We may justly instict upon all such as shall contemn or neglect so Religious a Duty.

God save the King.

LONDON, Printed by the Assigns of John Bill, Thomas Newcomb, and Henry Hills, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty. 1680.

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