By the King. A PROCLAMATION Declaring the Confirmation of the Treaties, and continuance of the Amity and Commerce between the Crowns of ENGLAND and PORTVGAL.


WHEREAS at Our happy arrival in this Kingdom, We found Our good Subjects in a full Possession of a Freé Trade with Portugal, and of many Priviledges and Im­munities granted to this Nation, by some Treaties made with those who were possessed of the Power here. And the Ambassador of the King of Portugal hath applied himself to Us for renewing and confirming the said Treaties; To which end and purpose, We appointed several of the Lords of Our Privy Council to treat with him, who have made a good Progress therein; But the said Ambassador not being able to attend the Conclusion of the said Treaty (which cannot be speédily finished) but necessitated to return home, by which, many of Our Subjects may apprehend that there is some Obstruction in that Alliance and Trade. We have thought fit to Publish and Declare to all Our loving Subjects, That they may without any Fear or Apprehension, continue their Trade and Concern in Portugal and the Dominions thereof, according to the late Treaties; and that We are well assured, that they shall enjoy all the Priviledges and Immunities granted to them by the said Treaties; Albeit, we have not yet proceeded so far as to a full Ratifica­tion thereof, the said Ambassador undertaking to Us for the observation of the same in Portugal.


LONDON, Printed by Iohn Bill and Christopher Barker, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty, 1660.

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