By the King.
A PROCLAMATION Commanding all Masters and Owners of Ships, to stay for their Convoy before they put to Sea.


WHereas His Majesty out of His Princely Care and Compassion of all His Sub­jects Trading by Sea, hath for their better Protection and Security, Ordained and Appointed several Ships of War to be unto them as Guards and Con­voys through their several Voyages; And yet nevertheless, some persons neg­lecting their own Safeties, and being desirous to make more then ordinary haste unto the Forreign Markets, do frequently put to Sea without staying for their appointed Convoys, and that either singly, or in such small numbers, that they very easily, and very often become a Prey to the Turks and Moors, who by such advantages, are encouraged to hold out, and not to yield to Peace upon reasonable Terms, to the great Damage of the Kingdom in general, and the utter ruine of the particular persons thus needlesly exposing themselves. Therefore for remedy hereof, His Majesty by Advice of His Privy Council, hath thought fit to Publish this His Royal Proclamation, and both hereby straitly Charge and Com­mand all Masters and Owners of Ships, which are or shall be Bound for any Voyage, for which any Guard or Convoy is or shall be appointed, That they presume not to depart from the Port, or set out to Sea without having their appointed Convoy in company: And as His Majesty will cause all His Officers to be severely Punished, if by their negligence or default, any of His good Subjects shall be delayed, or hindred of their Voyages, so His Majesty both likewise De­clare, That if any of His Subjects shall presume to adventure out to Sea without, and before the appointed Convoy, and shall afterwards be taken Captives, His Majesty will leave them under such their Misfortunes, nor shall any part of the Charitable Contribution for Redemption of Captives, be at any time hereafter applied to the Relief of such persons, who shall be found to have Broken and Contemned these His Majesties Royal Commands: And hereof His Majesty Requires all His Subjects whom it may concern, to take notice at their utmost perils.


In the SAVOY, Printed by the Assigns of John Bill, and Christopher Barker, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty, 1671.

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