HIS MAJESTIES LETTER To His EXCELLENCY THE LORD GENERAL MONCK, To be Communicated to the OFFICERS OF THE ARMY: Brought to his Excellency from His MAJESTIES Court at the Hague,


TRusty and Wel-beloved, We greet you well:

You will easily believe that your Letter of the fifth of this Moneth, by Sir Thomas Clarges, was very welcome to Vs; And that as We must alwayes acknowledge the infinit mercy of GOD Almighty, in disposing the hearts of the Army in such an entire obedience to you, for the promoting and carrying on Our Service, and the Peace of the Kingdom, so We can never be without a just esteem of such a great and well disciplined Army, upon which the eyes of the World are so much fixed. We must desire you to return Our very hearty Thanks to the Officers and Souldiers for their Affection and Obedience to Vs: And to assure them from Vs, That We shall alwayes have an entire confidence in them, and ever acknowledge them to be the great Instruments of restoring Vs to the Nation, and the Nation to Vs, and Peace and Happiness and Security to Vs All: And therfore they may not only with all imaginable confi­dence assure themselves, That We will punctually perform whatever We have promised to them in Our Declaration or Letter, but that We will take them into Our particular Care and Pro­tection. And if the Licence and Distemper of the Time shall so far transport any men, as to pre­sume upon memory of former Animosities, and of what is past, to use any Reproaches towards them, We will look upon such persons as disturbers of the Peace and Security of the Kingdom, and shall cause them to be prosecuted accordingly. And towards this Settlement and Composure, and for the prevention of many Inconveniences which may fall out, We think nothing so neces­sary as Our presence with you, by which (in a very short time) every member of the Army, who shall faithfully adhere to you in advancement of the Publick Peace, would, with the blessing of GOD, finde himself secured and provided for to his satisfaction: And longing for that Blessed Time, We bid you heartily farewell.

To Our Trusty and VVel-beloved General MONCK, to be communicated to the Officers of the Army.

I Do appoint Mr. Henry Muddiman to ca [...] this LETTER to be forthwith Printed and Published.


EDINBƲRGH, Re-printed by Christopher Higgins, in Harts Close, over against the Trone-Church, 1660.

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